Friday, August 30, 2013

UPDATED Ban Ki Moon & UN. John Kerry to make statement 12:30

UN leader Ban Ki-moon will meet ambassadors from Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States on Friday after cutting short a visit to Europe over the Syria chemical weapons crisis.

"He intends to engage with member states on developments in Syria, starting today at noon (1600 GMT) with a meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council," said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky.

The United States and its allies are considering a military strike on Syria over the attack. Russia and China are fiercely opposed to such a move.

Noon today, yet another meeting?

BREAKING: U.S. to make statement at 12:30 p.m.

 The Spec has a poll for Canadian and anyone else if your interested in voting
Of course, my vote was NO.

I just listened to the second Kerry talk of the week. What struck me was the many and numerous similarities to the first speech.

Here is a transcript of the second diatribe
For your viewing enjoyment and comparative purposes. The first talk can be found in this post from Monday  Use of Force against Syria just days away? It looks that way.

Take note of the sameness of the two speeches. 
The manipulative use of the language etc.,


  1. Hi Penny,
    Just put a post on my place, the source site crashed from the rush. Infowars carried it as did Before It's News but with a vid. An AP journo got interviews that revealed the US UK F axis of evil's insurgents did it by accident with Saudi chemicals.
    B4 it's news -

    1. ty clothcap

      is it my imagination or is the net super sluggish today?

    2. That video is months old off liveleak. It doesn`t bring credibility using old video`s.

      I believe the FSA did it though.

    3. hi anon 1:07

      Being familiar with this video, I understand what your saying
      but, the video has value because it shows that the NATO mercs have done it previously
      and past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour
      In other words if NATO mercs had done it previously they would have no qualms doing it again

  2. price of oil was not high enough

  3. the price of oil is high enough for me

  4. kerry's lies are there now
    compare today to monday's
    appeal to authority
    name calling
    no evidence
    because there is no evidence to implicate the Assad government and the UN has NO mandate to inform us of who undertook this attack

  5. It's very strange that the UN inspection team sent by UNSC to Syria do not have the mandate to say who used the chemical weapons.
    Kerry said that in his speech today, and I read about it few days earlier...
    Why is that...? !!
    It seems it was done not to let the UN team having a say over who did what.!!
    But it will be left to the US, England, and France to decide who was behind the Chemical weapon attack, and they already decided quickly right after the UN team arrived to Syria that it was Syrian government, even before the UN team finished its work in Syria.

    1. the UN team was just window dressing IMO
      the appearance of legitimacy
      Oh look we are doing all we can
      When that is clearly not the case
      Kerry even claimed they were always looking for a political solution
      They could have had one way back at Geneva 1, with the witch Clinton

  6. Notice the "if" comes as an afterthought to the "when" and "how".

    Why doesn't he tell us "how" he knows all these things rather than that he 'just' knows?

    And the reference to Iraq - because they know they shot their bolt with that set of lies?

    And all the emotional appeal over children who should be tucked up in their beds lying in shrouds? What about all the children in Iraq and Libya lying in graves because of these monsters?

    Frankly, I think this man and his comrades in deception are murderous liars just itching to put their plan for the destruction of yet another country and its people into action and tick the next box.

    The Russians have, apparently, presented evidence to the UN which show this man to be a liar. He will have to do much better than "we know" since WE KNOW they lie through their teeth with the greatest of ease.

    1. "He will have to do much better than "we know" since WE KNOW they lie through their teeth with the greatest of ease"


  7. signs an australian warship jas beemn dispatche to Syria waters: no consultation or debate here!

    'Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told the nation yesterday there was now overwhelming evidence that the regime was behind a shocking chemical weapons attack that left more than 300 people dead, including dozens of children, near the capital Damascus last week.

    "Our belief is that the Syrian regime is responsible for these chemical weapons attacks against the Syrian people," Mr Rudd said.

    "We are confident of those conclusions. The evidence in our judgments is now overwhelming."

    An attack is not expected until next week after UN weapons inspectors have released their final report.

    Defence Minister Stephen Smith said Australia could not turn a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons.'

    ive tweeted this to greens MPs Labor and Liberal twitters for an explanation

    1. good for you brian
      you are a tour de force
      or something like that?