Thursday, August 15, 2013

Obama cancels Egypt Military exercise but continues funding the military

Flashback at the bottom!

So what message shall we take away from that!

President Obama on Thursday canceled a joint military exercise with Egypt while leaving more than a billion dollars in annual aid in place, in a measured response to the government’s violent repression of opposition demonstrations.

Obama said American “national security interests in this part of the world and the belief that our engagement can support a transition back to democracy” has prompted him to maintain $1.3 billion in annual military to Egypt’s interim government.

But after the violence Wednesday against opposition demonstrators, which has left hundreds dead in Cairo and sparked a broader backlash across the nation, Obama said, “Our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual.”

So, as usual Obama speaks from both sides of his mouth. If "our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual"..... Why is it?  Why is Obama leaving the military aid in place? Why is Obama set to
"maintain $1.3 billion in annual military to Egypt’s interim government?"

Reads like approval to me! 

This flashback to a blog post from August 14/2012: Egypts Military adopts Turkish Model to retain power over Morsi . Shortly after the overthrow of Mubarek....


 Field Marshal Tantawi asked for a translation of Turkey’s 1982 constitution, which both endows Turkish officers with wide-ranging powers to police the political arena and curtails the power of civilian leaders.  In the June 17 decree, the military hedged against a Morsi victory by approximating the tutelary role
As a result, President Morsi does not control the budget; has no foreign policy, defense, or national security function; and has been stripped of the president’s duty as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, meaning he has no control over military personnel.  In addition, having dissolved parliament in a move that has no legal basis, the SCAF now also functions as Egypt’s legislature.  Finally, the military will be able to veto articles of a new constitution.  So, for example, if the drafters of the new constitution include civilian control and parliamentary oversight of the armed forces, Field Marshal Tantawi can object, force the Constituent Assembly to review the article, and, if necessary, bring it to the Supreme Constitutional Court.  Although in the abstract, the military has set out a clear procedure for adjudicating disputes over the draft constitution, the Officers clearly expect past patterns of civil-military relations to hold sway.

The military’s June 17th constitutional declaration was predicated on a combination of the Officers’ historic role in the political system, implicit threats, and the assumption that many Egyptians who fear the Brotherhood will support the SCAF’s bid to reinforce its autonomy. It may not work out as planned, however.  President-elect Morsi is pushing back already.  While paying homage to the Egyptian armed forces, his camp has already declared that they do not recognize the dissolution of the parliament or the legality of the military’s decree.  During the heady moments of Sunday’s celebrations in Tahrir Square, the Brotherhood vowed that Morsi would take the oath of office before the People’s Assembly.  Morsi’s supporters, the revolutionaries of the April 6th Movement, and others have vowed not to leave Tahrir Square until the actual handover of power scheduled for July 1st, recognizing it as their only leverage to hold SCAF accountable.  They are also gearing up for a battle to defeat the constitutional declaration.
Updated to add. The June 17th declaration would have provided the mechanism for the NED backed 'freedom' /democractic groups to ask for the military to intercede.

Yesterday when I ended my post, Egypt: Creating a false paradigm to justify death and destruction
 making the contention that Morsi was but a figurehead, it was a correct assertion.


  1. to the anon commenter who mentioned Tantawi????
    he was mentioned in the CFR piece I relinked
    He was the guarantor of Egyptian military supremacy

  2. "Reads like approval to me! "

    Penny, I see it quite different.

    As one who has participated in exercises of this type, I can tell you there is alway a lot of money spent on the hosting party. Food and housing is always contracted to locals. Many 'toys' and 'gifts' are brought along with the equipment that gets left behind. Local security is contracted and paid big. Face to face 'networking' that you just don't get anywhere else secures deals. Payment right and left for things you would just never think of... etc.

    In short, what this cancellation shows is a $100 million dollar slap on the wrist. This is not approval.

    The reason Obummer does not cancel the military aid is because he can't. It's not his descision. Congress has to 'perform' that duty and the descision in made at the CFR. Isobel Coleman has called for it but she is just an ignored babelist.(is that a word?)

    In reality, the CFR knows they can't stop aid to Egypt. Way too much talk, in the streets and well as behind the scenes, of speaking to the Vikings about bullits.

    I also see a lot of 'jumping to conclusion' about how Sisi is under the thumb of the pentagon. We are looking too far west. Sisi was appointed by Morsi around the time Saud sent dollars his way. Sisi built those ties while he was Egyptian Military Attaché in Riyadh.

    Beblawi, current PM of Egypt, worked at the Industrial Bank of Kuwait, Export Development Bank in Egypt, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, Arab Monetary Fund. All Sion. Then a founding member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party. Communist Sion.

    Beblawi gave the order to Sisi for the crackdown.

    Sion controls Saud.

    Most of the deaths from bullits were from snipers, wahabbist snipers. The military is being set up just like Assad.

    Who benefits the most from the crackdown politically??? Al-Nour Party, Sauds bestest buddies.

    This is not a US opp. They are the scapegoat used to furthur decrease their influence. Its a Sion opp. Don't look at the state of isrl, that is just a military base of Sion. Think London, City of.

    Penny, you have mentioned several times about isrl wanting Saini, well it's actually the canal. That is a must control piece of real estate for the 'Red Shield'.

    Many know the story about 'that' state being created to tap into the finances of the middle east. Well, what do you think the Saud creation is? That 'IS' their tap.

    1. babelist: I do not know what you mean by that. Can you clarify?

      "The reason Obummer does not cancel the military aid is because he can't. It's not his descision. Congress has to 'perform' that duty and the descision in made at the CFR"

      Well that is a twist.
      I didn't expect Obama to cancel the aid, ever.
      I however thought he might hide it. Get it to the military via any of the other NATO nations. Britain. France. Germany.
      Or the GCC countries. SA, Qatar

      As for Israel's involvement??? They are involved. Definitely. In fact you may be entirely correct that they were behind the coup. It's possible.
      I mentioned that yesterday in the comments.

      Al Nour and the Saudis would make sense given the consolidating role they seemed to take on just after Qatar fell to the wayside
      I have a post on that situation, somewhere. So many posts over so many years..

      I relinked it

      Some of my commentary regarding Saudi consolidation

      Saudi Arabia positioning itself for major influence in Egypt?

      Though all influence the GCC countries might garner or project would still be subordinate to Israel.

      Allowing Saudi Arabia to move to the head of the line as is being presented via main stream media, the question is, why?
      The answer may just the need for cohesion. This alignment was pushed by outside forces (Israel & US) to create cohesion. Cohesion that is sorely needed to regain all that is lost with regards to Syria.
      It appears as if the gains made in Syria have pushed the US and Israel to get tough on the GCC sycophants.

      As for the Sinai, I should have been more concise, because I am well aware that the canal is cherry on the cupcake

    2. babelist - one who babels or makes no sence. comes from tower of babel. rothschilds are controllers of cfr and devout followers of babalonian talmud.

      Revelation 17 - the great prostitute

      rothschild central - Sion HQ - City of London

      that is Sion central, not that illegitimate state of hell.

    3. Anon: did you ever read the book
      Oh I had it linked here way back ???
      The Empire of the City?
      very good read. The link still looks like it works, if you haven't already it is worth doing so. In the post below
      and thanks for clarifying babelist

    4. Downloaded it. scaned through it and know most of it. will do indepth study later. but just more facts and already know the jest of it.

      just one of the 4 pillars - aka corners of the pyramid.

      Natural Systems - environment/force - DC/Pentagon - world cop

      Economic Systems - money/debt - City of London - center for single monetary system

      Social Systems - mind - Vatican City - will morph into new age

      Who Decides - law/court - UN,Israeli Supreme Court - world gov.

      all 4 have obelisks

      notice the sustainability compass is the symbol for Baal.

      this is the masonic plan. top of the pyramid sits satan.

      You, me, or anyone else reading this choosing to beieve in this or not is a seperate issue. The point is They do.

  3. this shows some of the plan...

  4. re: "Why is Obama leaving the military aid in place?"

    Because they don't want the Egyptian authorities going to Russia and China? It's a big world and all that.

    By the way, a speculative question: Do you think it would have been a good thing if there had been a military coup against the German government in 1935 or '36? One could make the case that the Nazis had a lot more legitimacy than the Ikhwan.


    1. "Because they don't want the Egyptian authorities going to Russia and China? It's a big world and all that"

      That's a bit simplistic, no?

      comment above "The reason Obummer does not cancel the military aid is because he can't. It's not his descision. Congress has to 'perform' that duty and the descision in made at the CFR"

      Myself: Well that is a twist.
      I didn't expect Obama to cancel the aid, ever.
      I however thought he might hide it. Get it to the military via any of the other NATO nations. Britain. France. Germany.
      Or the GCC countries. SA, Qatar

      A lack of imagination to see the multiple options?

  5. Car bomb. One just went off in Beirut. Why??

    2 reasons. One to send a retalitory message to Hez. Second, it's all about intel.

    The incursion by israeli solders into Lebanon that got smacked by Hez. was an embarassment. Retaliation was required. The reason for the incursion was for intel. You always do these things before you invade. You need to test response and find first targets for artillary and air strikes.

    So, the second thing the bomb does it gets a response by defensive forces so you can watch. I wish I had access to satellite tasking orders to see who moved for a clear view. Also, communications are monitored.

    Also note, israeli overflights have increased lately. They monitor air defence radar locations and frequencies to target with bombs and/or jammers. This always happends before attacks.

    Now all this is know by Lebanon, so it is possible it is all just sabre rattling. But maybe not.

    Now, lets look at the signature. Attack was claimed by Brigades of Aisha. Aisha is an arabic womans name. What 'manly' terrorist is going to call himself and Aisha solder? So, this is not a real name but a signature on the message.

    Aisha was the third wife of Muhammed. Irrelevant. They would not call themselve a wife and it can't be a message from a Muslim. For it to be a message of retaliation, it must come from israel.

    Remember the girl on the cover of Time magazine with her nose cut off by the taliban in Afganistan? Her last name was Aisha. The fighters in Lebanon right now are the 'offspring' of the taliban managed by mossad. So are they telling us who they are????

    Here is the signature. Aisha's first name is Bibi.

    Who else do we know named Bibi?

    Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu

    1. You know, before I got side tracked with Egypt I had an article regarding Lebanon and the increase in Israeli overflights
      They had complained to the Useless Nations about it
      I should put up a post with a bunch of links..
      A loose ends kind of post

  6. so who is really behind the violence in egypt? dongt be fooled as so many are:

    'The Egyptian police are quite capable of peacefully dispersing demonstrators, so long as there are no mysterious provocateurs shooting at them.

    In Egypt, on 14 August 2013, "state television announced that a second demonstration site at Nadha Square, near Cairo University, had been cleared with relative ease before midday...

    "ONTV news showed firearms and rounds of ammunition allegedly seized in the raid.

    "The demonstrators fled while some skirmished with anti-Morsi mobs.

    "Witnesses said the police held back as the two sides shot at each other with pistols."

  7. OK, this just pissed me off.

    The Syrian refugies, I'm sorry, guests in Jordan are getting slammed with crime, slavery, rape, etc. and Jordan is just too 'overwhelmed' to help.

    But, they have plenty when bahrain needs some help with 'boot in face' thuggary.

    too many...?

    1. It's a sorry mess, the whole dam thing
      I had read previously of all the troubles in the Jordanian camps

  8. Any discussion about the events taking place in Egypt should take the neocons into consideration:

    Neocons, Selective Democracy, and the Egyptian Military Coup


    While there were definite harbingers for the current neocon support for the overthrow of a democratic government, however, what does seem to be novel is the tendency on the part of some neocons to openly express the view that democracy was not possible at the present time, at least when applied to Egypt. This was hardly a new idea among the Israeli Right where, as pointed out in “The Transparent Cabal,” it was held that most Middle Eastern countries were too divided to be held together by anything other than the force of authoritarian and dictatorial rulers. Oded Yinon in his 1982 article, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" (translated and edited by Israel Shahak in a booklet entitled, “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East”) recommended that Israel exploit this internal divisiveness by military measures in order to enhance its national security. War that would topple an existing authoritarian regime would render a country fragmented into a mosaic of diverse ethnic and sectarian groupings warring among each other. If applied on a broad scale, the strategy would lead to a Middle East of powerless mini-statelets totally incapable of confronting Israeli power. (“Transparent Cabal,” p. 50)

    Read the rest:

    1. Anonymous: I am going to move your comment into the comment section of the newer post, where I hope it will get more attention
      I don;t think you will mind?