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Turkish Court Case regarding Syrian 'Jihadis' aka NATO/Israeli mercs procuring chemical weapons

 Once one trudges through the heavy handed spin ,contained in numerous paragraphs, to finally reach the actual subject of this Al Monitor article, dated September 30/13:  Turkish Court Investigates Syrian Jihadist Use of Chemicals we all get to read about NATO/Israel's hired killers ability and success at getting the ingredients to make a noxious, toxic chemical weapon.
 Not that it will be a real surprise to anyone who has read here for quite some time now.
Why? Because, I had covered this incident in Turkey and additional arrests made in Iraq!

So, first the latest! Then it will be time to flashback!

Question? Does anyone believe for one moment that President Obomba and John Kerry are unaware of these arrests and this ongoing court case along with the continuing investigation in Turkey?
Answer: There is no way in hell,  the two aforementioned individuals are unaware. Should anyone feel they are, do take the time to let them know.  

An investigation in progress in Turkey and a court case brought by prosecutors in Adana province in south Turkey also indicate that the Syrian opposition was making efforts to produce chemical weapons. According to an indictment by an Adana prosecutor dated July 22, Syrian national Haytham Qassab —  who has connections with Ahrar-i Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria — along with four Turkish citizens he was working with, tried to obtain the elements needed for production of chemical weapons from a variety of sources.

The 130-page indictment prepared by the prosecutor mainly lists telephone contacts between the accused and with sources of chemical supplies. The indictment says the accused were trying to procure fuses, chrome piping to build mortar tubes and certain chemicals. The chemicals they were looking for were thionyl chloride [SOC12], potassium fluoride [KF], methanol [CH3OH], isopropanol [C3H8O], isopropanolamine [C3H9NO], white phosphorus [P4], medical glucose and buoxite. The prosecutor charges that when these elements are combined, sarin gas can be produced and that was the aim of the accused.

I am going to repeat a specific sentence so it should be abundantly clear, that the hired jihadi/mercs had all they needed to produce sarin gas.
 The prosecutor charges that when these elements are combined, sarin gas can be produced and that was the aim of the accused.
 As has always been obvious the hired killers had the means to produce chemical weapons. But, not just the means they had the 'know how' and the ability to deliver!

 The indictment says the accused were trying to procure fuses, chrome piping to build mortar tubes
A perusal of telephone contacts showed that the accused were trying to obtain chemicals by contacting official organizations such as state-owned Mechanical and Chemical Industry [MKE] and Adana Cukurova University, in addition to many other organizations and people.
In his indictment, the prosecutor narrated not only their efforts to produce chemical weapons, but also how al-Qaeda militants moved to Syria via Turkey. The prosecutor says: "Many organization members, both from our country or who transit through our country, join the al-Qaeda terror organization in Syria as instructed by the leader of the organization. They were also active in propaganda activities to recruit more members and were collecting cash donations to procure food, weapons and ammunition for their members in Syria.”

According to a report in the daily Taraf newspaper on Sept. 26, this indictment, which has the potential of backing claims that the chemical attack in Syria was carried out by the opposition, has disturbed the AKP government.

The first trial session will be in Adana on Oct. 30. Only Qassab is in detention.
Of course, the indictment by the Adana prosecutor does not prove that the Aug. 21 chemical attack was carried out by al-Qaeda, but it does show that al-Qaeda-affiliated forces in Syria are making serious efforts to produce sarin gas.
Yes, they were making serious efforts to produce gas, likely still are at this time. But their efforts paid off and they were successful at producing their poisonous weapons. Using them on more then one occasion. Harming many innocent Syrian civilians and poisoning themselves in the process. For the hired killer/mercs,  I shed not one tear of sorrow

Flashback!  News of the Turkish arrests were contained in a post published June 2013.

 Syria: Syrian Army takes al-Qusayr, Sarin & UN and Condoleeza is back.....

 Of the original links, including one from the Washington Post , two are  leading to dead ends. Big surprise, right? The RT link is still working.

Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian(NATO) militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports.

Original wording from Washington Post

"Turkish authorities are questioning six suspects detained during simultaneous anti-terrorism police raids in four cities, according to the state-run agency .Authorities have refused to identify the suspects, but the private Dogan news agency said all 12 were detained during a police sweep on suspected members of al-Qaida or of Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida linked opposition force fighting in Syria.
 Some chemical materials were confiscated during the raid, but denied a report which claimed that sarin gas was seized during the raids. He said experts were trying to determine what the materials could be used for.

At the time of the Turkish arrests, that Washington Post so conveniently obfuscated, arrests were also made in Iraq amongst the NATO backed terror crowd
The link to the Australian still works, check it at the original post

“The group of five people had built two facilities in Baghdad to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another al-Qa'ida group, government spokesman Mohammed al-Askari said yesterday.

The members of the cell had been prepared to launch attacks domestically, and also had a network to smuggle the toxins to neighbouring countries
The UN said last month that sarin nerve gas might have been used by rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad in neighbouring Syria”

Flashback: Khan al Assal and NATO mercs using chemical weapons

Flashback: Chemical weapons & NATO mercs around the holiday shopping season,  December 2012 NATO mercs who were undoubtedly working with the chemicals and harmed themselves

Stolen Antiquites for sale in Israel and likely America

ht to karin for this article. And yes, I was steaming! This is a subject I have talked on more then once. The sale of priceless stolen artifacts. The effect on the countries having their history stolen and the wider loss to humanity as a whole. I am surely not the only person who understands how disgraceful these thefts are?
As I have mentioned previously most of these stolen items end up in the hands and homes of the moneyed classes.
Shall I say it is not a surprise to see priceless ancient Egyptian artifacts being sold in Jerusalem?

Shameful. Truly, shameful

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon the request of the MSA, asked the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take all required procedures in collaboration with the Egyptian embassy in Jerusalem to stop the sale of 126 ancient Egyptian artefacts. These objects were put on sale in two auction halls, Eweda and Bidoon, in Jerusalem.

Ali Ahmed, director-general of the Repatriation of Antiquities Department in the MSA, explains that the objects in question were traced through a routine web review of all international auction halls carried out by the department periodically.

Eweda is currently exhibiting 110 artefacts while Bidoon is displaying 16 others. The stolen objects include a collection of ancient Egyptian clay vessels, vases, ushabti figurines and stelae.
Thinking of the religious absurdities the Israeli people are inculcated with via the nonsensical 'exodus' from Egypt fairy tale.... And the numerous well heeled persons that live/visit in Israel.  Including but not limited to certain arms dealing Oligarchs........

The illegal sale of stolen Egyptian antiquities in Israel could be seen as an act of retribution.
And a way to further erase actual, true and corroborated Egyptian history...
Which is very beneficial to the bolstering the Israel fairytale.

Thanks to the US/Israel and the other NATO war mongering nations, Syria is suffering the same theft of their past. Their history. Their antiquities. And  of course all of humanity suffers for this.
The long and documentable historical evidence of the people actually in residence, present and living in Syria and Egypt is an affront to the myth of Israel.

To protect Syria's antiquities — don't buy them

Syria is a treasure house of history. Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra and almost 10,000 other archaeological sites there hold the remains of thousands of years of culture. Greeks, Romans, Persians, Christians and Muslims lived and fought in what is now Syria. As the U.N. special envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, explained at a recent UNESCO meeting,

"Few countries are as rich culturally, have had such a glorious past, are so important for what we are, all of us, for all the things that make, have made, human civilization."
I have said as much myself on many  an occasion here.
Coins, jewelry, sculpture and other objects from Syria's archaeological sites can be stunningly beautiful and are eagerly sought by collectors. Recognizing the damage done by amateur diggers who supplied this trade in the past, Syria's domestic law has forbidden unauthorized excavation and export of antiquities since 1963. That essentially means there was no legal trade in recently excavated treasures even before the fighting began. 
 No doubt the looting over the past couple of years has been/is being done by the NATO/Israeli Islamic IDF
There are many images available on line of the hired mercs and their pillaged treasures. It is highly unlikely that the Syrian people, as proud as they are of their heritage, history and culture would undertake these types of despicable actions.

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Deal Struck at UN regarding Syria- NO Chapter 7

The US is spinning this as a breakthrough, however, the agreement is closest to Russia’s original text

“The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have reached an agreement on a draft resolution that would require Syria to turn over its chemical weapons but does not impose severe consequences if it fails to comply.

The resolution is the first time that the world’s major powers have acted in concert”
True enough, but, only because the NATO nutter nations were hell bent on killing as many civilians with their smart bombs as possible

“The main sticking point in reaching a deal was provisions in the resolution on how to enforce the agreement to secure and destroy Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons. The United States had pushed for a text in which the consequences would fall under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which allows the authorization of military force. Russia strongly opposed that.
To secure Russia’s support, Western powers agreed to a resolution that is legally binding but does not contain an automatic recourse to possible military force or sanctions if Syria fails to comply”.
Still, a U.S. State Department official called the deal a “breakthrough.”
“The Russians have agreed to support a strong, binding and enforceable resolution that unites the pressure and focus of the international community on the Syrian regime to ensure the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons,” the official said.”

Since the text for this resolution was closest to the Russian proposal .....why wouldn’t they support it?

Instead, it says the council can meet again and invoke Chapter 7, but that would require another resolution, which Russia could veto.

Who is this Con Coughlin?

His oped while interesting is over the top with spin and pushes the cold war meme, but still, he points out the obvious. The round in this battle went to Russia and China. Both nations, having every reason in the world to not support the heavy handed resolution being pushed by the NATO global army
My comments italicized and in blue. Everything else belongs to Con.

But the key to this disturbing realignment (disturbing realignment? Why? ) in the global power structure is clearly visible in the draft of the Security Council resolution on Syria, which entirely reflects Russia's interests (does it entirely reflect Russia’s interests? How about China’s interests? The rest of the planet? Is it only the US, Britain , France and Israel that matter?)at the expense of those of the Western powers. America, Britain and France, the three Western members of the five permanent members of the Council, wanted the option to take punitive action against the Assad regime if, as most observers expect, Damascus does not fully comply with the U.N.'s requirements. (Nor has anyone considered how U.N. inspectors can be expected to examine and neutralise stockpiles of chemical weapons in the midst of a civil war.)
Well, Con, the Saudi/Israeli partners to kill  can call their dogs off. You know, stop the money and weapons flow. That will dry things up pretty quick, Con.

“But Russia is determined to prevent any form of military intervention in Syria, and to that end insisted that the resolution be watered down to the effect that, if Assad fails to comply, then the issue will be referred back to the U.N. where, as we know from history, it will be subsumed by the organisation's bureaucratic complacency.
In short, Russia has won the diplomatic battle, and the Western powers, after all their threats to bomb Assad into submission, have been made to look weak and impotent”

So, important for perception management purposes that the West project themselves as omnipotent, right?

“Apply this paradigm to Iran and it is not hard to see why Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has decided to embark on a charm offensive with the West. Just like Syria, the Russians have no intention of allowing the Western powers – and that includes Israel – to take military action against Iran over its decade-long refusal to cooperate with the U.N. over its controversial nuclear programme” (?)

Con, is clearly a con man. I guess that’s how he got his name. Iran has complied all along with inspections and has cooperated with the UN, over its uncontroversial nuclear programme

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Pt 2-Kenya: Westage mall seige ends with explosion and floor collapse!

Cripes, almighty! Having just finished earlier today the Kenya post, mentioning the conveniently collapsing mall floors and the cleansing fire......

You truly must read the earlier post for the foundational information, then read on below
Or read below and read back, I don't care, just read all the information together!
Relink: Kenya: The Westgate Mall, Shabab and Israel
briefest of excerpt from previous post

  The Westgate Mall:  Fire and Collapse

Apparently, part of this mall collapsed or was destroyed by security forces? 

         Three floors of the mall collapsed and several bodies were trapped in the rubble, said Kenyatta. His office later said a terrorist's body was among those in the debris.

Expanding on the explosion & collapse at the Westgate Mall in Kenya!
Globe and Mail

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has disclosed in a televised speech to the nation.
“The operation is now over,” he said. “As I had vowed earlier, we have ashamed and defeated our attackers.”

 Three floors of the Westgate mall have collapsed in the final stages of its hostage siege, burying an unknown number of people, including several of the attackers

 Mr. Kenyatta did not explain how the three floors of the mall collapsed, although explosions have been audible in the mall for several days and a huge fire has been burning since Monday.
 Recall the fires as "decoys"? Audible explosions?
 Nor did he explain the fate of the hostages, believed to number at least 30 at the beginning of the siege. It was unclear whether some of the hostages may be buried in the rubble.
 Mr. Kenyatta said 11 suspects were in custody, but this appeared to include 10 people who were detained and questioned at Nairobi’s international airport as they attempted to leave the country. Their role in the Westgate attack, if any, is unclear.

11 suspects in custody- 10 being detainees questioned at the airport?
How to interpret that?!

About 10 to 15 attackers, believed to be from the Somalia-based Islamist radical militia al-Shabab, stormed into the mall on Saturday with guns blazing, shooting dozens of people. The attackers were a “multinational” group, Kenyan officials say.
In his speech, Mr. Kenyatta acknowledged that some of the attackers may have been U.S. or British citizens, but he said forensic experts are still gathering evidence. (Forensic experts from Israel- see previous post linked at top or scroll down)

His Foreign Minister, Amina Mohamed, had earlier told a U.S. television network that the attackers included “two or three” Americans and a British woman.

 Kenyan authorities have been insisting since Sunday that the hostage siege was almost over. They said that their soldiers are in full control of the Westgate mall and are merely “mopping up” and checking for explosives. But its claims were repeatedly contradicted by evidence of persistent fighting, including a huge blaze at the mall that was still burning on Tuesday afternoon, 24 hours after it began. For much of the day, gunfire and explosions continued to erupt.
And perhaps the siege was over, right after it had begun as the soldiers, Israeli and Kenyan, were mopping up- as in cleaning/sanitizing/ evidence in order to create the proper narrative

Kenya: The Westgate Mall, Shabab and Israel

The hostage taking. In a mall, of all places? But, not just any mall, no, an upscale mall.
A mall where white western diplomats from across the globe shopped.
 A mall that was most definitely not for the masses in Africa.  The ordinary people might go to a market.
Or just sustain themselves?
However, this is a mall that would definitely  hold the attention of the main stream western media audience Even the name Westgate would be very easy for the receptive western audience to remember. It would stick in the mind. Right? Of course! WESTGATE. The perfect mall to plant yet another terror meme into the psyche!
The Westgate. A gate to the west.

Recapping 'terrorism'
Add Westgate Mall to the state sponsored/false flag terror file
Thinking about the alleged goal of 'terrorism' which is to force change within a government or nation, through violent means. Does storming a shopping mall seem appropriate? As opposed to the storming of a building/structure/institution representative of the government being challenged?  I don't know? I just find the whole mall thing odd from the perspective of a 'terror group' displeased with a state apparatus.

However, if one looks at the mall storming as a means to terrorize the populace. Both foreign and domestic. Who might then demand some policy/ leadership or security change from the apparatus of the state? Or comply with more lost freedoms for security? While believing all this 'terror' to be organic? A mall storming could make sense.

The Westgate Mall:  Fire and Collapse

Apparently, part of this mall collapsed or was destroyed by security forces? 

 Three floors of the mall collapsed and several bodies were trapped in the rubble, said Kenyatta. His office later said a terrorist's body was among those in the debris.

You are probably wondering how it is that three floors came to collapse onto one another killing hostages and hostage takers alike. And why is it being claimed that 'government forces demolished parts of a mall that was the scene of a four-day stand off '

Does that strike you as odd at all? Because it strikes me as very odd!

 Let's all  think about the fire that led to the collapse that led to the mall being demolished in sections, that lead to evidence being destroyed permanently.  Fire is after all the ultimate cleanser.
Who could have started the fire and why?  Of course the talking head/narrative creators are implanting us with the concepts/idea/meme that the 'terrorists' started the fire. What purpose would be served by the Shabab doing that?

This news story claims: 
Three floors collapsed after the blasts and a separate fire weakened the structure of the vaulted, marble-tiled building. Officials said the blaze was due to militants lighting mattresses as a decoy.
 How does the official know for certain the militants set the fire? (Narrative creation in action?) "As a decoy"  A decoy is a device that serves as a distraction or to conceal something else.
What did the militants have to conceal? Their agenda was plain to see. Terrorize. Storm a mall, scare some people, make frightening statements and largely end up dead. Pretty straightforward stuff.
There need for a decoy doesn't seem strong.
However the special forces, Israeli and Kenyan (we will get to that) could certainly use a decoy or distraction, could they not? Maximize casualty counts. Rid themselves of colluders that might not stay quiet. Hide evidence that could point to a different agenda. Destroy evidence in general. Enabling the state to create a specific narrative.

 Times of Israel:
 Esipisu said floors of the mall collapsed after a fire started by the al-Shabab attackers caused structural weakness in a 3rd floor parking lot, which then came down onto the second floor and brought it down onto the first, or ground floor.
Take note that what is being identified as the 3rd floor parking lot is the second floor parking from the CBC images above. That is the same area that most of the security services entered through. Did Israeli special forces enter the mall in this area?  Did Israeli special forces along with their underlings start the upper level fire?
If you look at the diagram provided to us via the media you notice that the alleged terrorists entered the mall on two floors- Only one group via the ground floor and two groups via the second floor parking entrance   The second floor parking entrance is also the floor that two groups of security forces entered through.
While only one entered via the ground floor. As mentioned, we have Israeli special forces immediately involved at the Kenyan mall?
"Israelis and Kenyan forces have tried to enter Westgate (mall) by force"
The Shabab affiliate claims these forces were unable to enter, I do not believe that claim at all! 
So why would the Shabab claim the security forces failed? Bravado? Maybe. 
To obfuscate/play down the presence of Israeli personnel? And the numbers involved? Possibly.

 One Kenyan security source, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters that the Israeli military was involved in the operation, while a private security official also said they were helping comb the mall.
Why are Israeli special forces immediately involved in this situation?
Why, when this is domestic issue, are Israeli special forces involved at all?

Before we get more indepth into the Israeli aspect of this 'hostage' taking scenario,  the very dominant Israeli aspect of this 'terror' attack, let me remind you all, Israel loves militant Islamists!

 So, we have Israeli special forces immediately at the Westgate Mall. Israeli Times:
 "On Monday, Israeli defense officials confirmed a team was dispatched to Nairobi within hours of the hostage crisis."
The Guardian reports:

 Israel has taken the leading role among foreign countries in aiding and advising Kenyan forces after al-Shabaab Islamist extremists attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, according to security and intelligence sources
  A defence ministry official told the Guardian that a team from Israel's elite counter-terrorism unit had assisted the Kenyan authorities in handling the hostage crisis.

 Curiously, or not,  Israeli 'forensic' experts are involved in helping with the 'aftermath of the attack'  (Think cover up) 
 *Keep in mind.  The mall is partly owned by Israelis. (Insurance claims)
 Israeli forensics experts are helping the Kenyan government comb the site of the terrorist takeover of the Westgate Mall.
 Israel has had a role in helping the Kenyan government handle the crisis, but the extent of Israel’s involvement is not entirely clear.
The Israeli involvement is so deep in this whole saga that one can't help but come away with the idea that this was an Israeli controlled psyop from start to finish. The mall owned partly by Israelis. One of the stores Israeli forces entered through owned by Israelis. The presence of Israeli special forces. And the involvement of Israel in the forensics.

Is Kenya, Israeli occupied territory?

What to make of this? H/T anonymous commenter

Officials warned Nairobi that WESTGATE mall was a target
Of course, it was Israeli officials..................

SECURITY officials in Israel have warned for a long time that Nairobi's Westgate mall was a prime target for a terrorist attack.
Several cafes and restaurants within the complex are Israeli-owned, including the ground-floor Artcaffe, the apparent entry point for the assault by the eight armed militants.

And yes, there will be more

Starting below, though at some point in time I may edit into one piece. Or not?
But the info above and below should be taken together. Enjoy the read and share a thought or two.

 Pt 2-Kenya: Westage mall seige ends with explosion and floor collapse!

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Evil and Power- The Dark Art of Mind Control

If you have been around here for some time you will have grasped at least one constant theme that runs through this blog - 'perception management'. 

How is your perception managed?
 The main stream media. Religion. Popular culture would  also be a means of managing you.
Fashion. Advertising. You get the idea?

 Being aware of how it is you are manipulated, managed and thusly controlled is paramount to knowing how to resist the mind control.
A few weeks back I came across an interesting pdf.  Called "Evil and Power"
It is 27 pages in length. Read it. Print it. Keep it. Share it. While not in depth, it touches on some very interesting facets of the human psyche and how it can be manipulated via situations people are put in.
The author talks about:
-Blind Obedience to Authority
-Ten Traps that Make Good People Go Bad
-Deindividuation and Destructiveness
And more.......................

Shortly after stumbling over the pdf, I heard this interview: Henrik from Red Ice & Neil Sanders - The Dark Art of Mind Control
Mr Sanders touches on some of the information contained in the above linked pdf. And suddenly it seemed the right time to post the two items Enjoy them both. Serendipity?!

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Saudi Arabia Proxy Wars: Past and Present

 This oped piece feels like the perfect follow up to yesterday's post -Israel Sides with Syrian Jihadists
Different author. Same theme.

Saudi Arabia appears resolute: It wants Bashar Al-Assad out of Damascus. The Saudis view the fighting in Syria with the same intensity that they did the civil war in Yemen that raged in the 1960s—as a conflict with wide and serious repercussions that will shape the political trajectory of the Middle East for years to come.

The Syrian war presents the Saudis with a chance to hit three birds with one stone: Iran, its rival for regional dominance, Tehran’s ally Assad and his Hezbollah supporters. But Riyadh’s policy makers are wary. They know that once fully committed, it will be difficult to disengage. And so they are taking to heart the lessons of another regional war that flared on their border 50 years ago.

As mentioned yesterday clearly Saudi Arabia and Israel have common interests & common goals regarding Syria. Hence the tag team approach.
The war in Yemen that broke out in 1962 when military leaders ousted the centuries-old monarchy and declared a republic quickly turned into a quagmire that sucked in foreign powers. The Soviet Union provided the new regime with air support. British airstrikes aided the royalists and the United States offered warplanes in a symbolic show of force.
My how history repeats itself.............. Strange that the US, as an alleged republic, wouldn't support a fledgling republic, instead bolstering what was most likely a despotic monarchy.

More than anything else though, the conflict became a proxy war between Saudi Arabia, which backed the deposed imam and his royalist supporters, and Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, who supported the new republic. Nasser’s vision of a united Arab “nation” free of Western domination and sterile monarchies resonated across the Arab world. The Saudi monarchy, wary of this republican fever on its border, decided it was not going to stand on the sidelines. The kingdom used all available means to try to check Nasser’s ambitions—but it did not send troops.
And wasn't it the adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood that tried to kill Nasser?
More then once, with the help of Israel : Israel loves Islamists.

By some estimates, Egypt sent as many as 55,000 troops to Yemen, some of whom became involved in fighting well inside Saudi territory, while others were accused of using chemical weapons supplied by the Soviet Union. Saudi Arabia provided money and weapons to the royalists. (With Britain and the US on side)Yet neither side achieved its goals. Egypt’s war with Israel in 1967 led Nasser to withdraw his forces, but the Saudis were unable to turn the tide. Riyadh was eventually forced to recognize Yemen’s republican government.

Now as then, Riyadh sees the struggle in Syria as a defining moment. As the leader of the Sunni Muslim world, it perceives an opportunity to check what it sees as Iranian plans to encircle the kingdom with hostile Shiite-dominated regimes. As the war has taken on a more sectarian character, the usually reserved foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, has described Assad’s onslaught against his own people as “genocide” and Syrian lands as being “under occupation”—a clear reference to the presence of Iranian and Hezbollah forces.
It is no secret that the Saudis are supplying elements of the Syrian opposition with weapons. They all but admitted as much when the prince said a few weeks ago that “if the international community is not willing to do anything, then they must allow Syrians to defend themselves.”

The Saudis will use all tools available to oust Assad, while taking measures to ensure that the weapons they’re supplying to the rebels do not fall into the hands of extremists. (Nice spin by the author, but, not true. SA is delivering weapons to extremists)Nevertheless, following the chemical attack on civilians near Damascus last month, the Saudi foreign minister spoke candidly about the inability of the Arab nations to put a stop to Assad’s campaign through force of arms, adding that any military effort to do so would likely involve actors outside the region. Recent suggestions that the Arab League should assemble a military force to check Assad’s aggression do not seem viable. Disagreements among the league’s member nations have prevented it from agreeing to even endorse a potential U.S. strike.

But on Monday, the Saudi Council of Ministers issued a strong statement making clear that it considered preventing another chemical attack by Assad to be only a short-term goal. In the long-term, he must be ousted. (An agenda that works for Israel)

Saudi Arabia will intensify its efforts to arm the rebels and to use its media outlets and diplomatic clout to rally support for a military strike. Although the kingdom is known for using its troops sparingly, it has done so judiciously in the past. Riyadh did, for example, send troops to Bahrain to show its support for the Sunni regime in the face of extended mass protests. Of course, Syria is not Bahrain, but neither is Saudi Arabia the same country that it was in the 1960s, when it failed to achieve its goals in Yemen.

The oil-rich kingdom of today wields far greater influence than it did half a century ago. There is no question that it will wield that influence forcefully, supporting the rebels with guns and diplomacy as it struggles to outmaneuver Iran, outflank Hezbollah and oust Assad.
Also: the battle rages on in Maaloua

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Israel Sides with Syrian Jihadists

Having mentioned my previous post about Israel loving Islamists, more then once and searching repeatedly for it, I am happy to say, I finally found it!
My rediscovery could not have come at a better time!
More accurately, after the news of Ambassador Oren gushing all over the Islamic IDF in Syria and me feeling so pleased
 Ambassador Oren: Israel has wanted Assad ousted since BEFORE Syria war began
I cannot express to you all the level of vindication I feel in reading this news, today.

For two and a half years I have talked plainly and clearly about the involvement of Israel in the take down of Syria. I talked about it because it was so obvious despite the media spin and talking head lies!
I went back to searching, but there are so many posts to search through.... Yet, this morning there it was!?
Sometimes when you  really need something????... It appears!
So, lets go back to November 2012! - Almost a year ago.

 Who loves Islamists? Israel loves Islamists! Israel & FSA work together

Israel and  NATO Islamic mercs-  Work hand in glove

Ok, so we have been noticing the Israeli government and army getting themselves more involved in the destabilisation of Syria. Well.... maybe not more involved, since Israel has been part and parcel of the not so covert war on Syria for some time now. Possibly longer then any of us realize.
Israel is the biggest beneficiary, in the middle east,  of the destruction of Syria.
Which is why Israel is "in bed" with the Islamists.
Israel and the Islamic IDF mercs- Hand and glove. In bed together.  Ambassador Oren gushing.
And an interesting oped to round out the picture. Israel. Saudi Arabia. The Islamic IDF. 

Israel Sides with Syrian Jihadists
The article starts out with the Ambassador Oren announcement. 


 Israel’s pronouncement that it wants Syrian President Bashar al-Assad toppled even if al-Qaeda-aligned rebels replace him puts into sharper focus the intensifying lobbying and P.R. campaigns underway in the United States to get President Obama to engage militarily against Syria and ultimately against Iran.

Until the declaration by Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren on Tuesday, Israel’s precise position on the Syrian civil war was ambiguous, (no, it was not ambiguous)  but now it is clear that Israel again is lining up with its new de facto ally, Saudi Arabia, in a regional conflict to undermine Iranian influence.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

“The greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc,” Oren told the Jerusalem Post

Saudi Arabia, which is spearheading the military and intelligence assistance for the Syrian rebels,is concerned itself about what is called the “Shiite crescent” extending from Iran through Iraq and Syria to the Hezbollah enclaves of Lebanon. The Saudis, who follow an ultraconservative form of Sunni Islam, are now viewed in the region as the geopolitical bulwark against the Iran-led Shiite coalition.

Ambassador Oren, who is considered very close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is cited in the Reuters article as saying that while Israel favors the more moderate elements among the Syrian rebels, it still wants Assad’s ouster even if it results in radical Sunni Islamists coming to power in Damascus.

“We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,” Oren said. Reuters added, “Oren, a Netanyahu confidant, did not say in the interview whether or how Israel was promoting Assad’s fall.”

However, Oren’s decision to lift the veil on Israel’s behind-the-scenes role in seeking Assad’s removal is certain to fuel suspicions that some of the recent events in Syria may have been manipulated by the sophisticated intelligence agencies in Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Saudi intelligence is now headed by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the smooth-talking former ambassador to the United States.

Though Saudi Arabia and Israel have historically been enemies, the two countries – in recent years – have seen their interests align, especially in their hostility toward Iran as well as in their preference for an authoritarian regime in Egypt over the populist Muslim Brotherhood. Now, it appears they also have been on the same page regarding Syria.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have been on the same page for a good long time now- Prior to 9/11

In complementary ways, Israel and Saudi Arabia are masters of soft-power geopolitics, both with world-class intelligence services and with the ability to influence the actions of other global players, Israel through its unparalleled propaganda and political skills and Saudi Arabia with its grip on oil supplies and financial markets.
Israel and it's unparalleled propaganda and SA with its oil.

To the degree that the two countries can cooperate, they present a fearsome coalition, rivaling the hard-power nations like the United States and Russia. President Barack Obama would have to worry about the influential Israel Lobby causing him political trouble in Washington while the Saudis could disrupt oil supplies and stock prices.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin could see pro-Israeli propagandists step up the media attacks on him while Saudi intelligence could increase support to Islamist terrorists in Chechnya and elsewhere in the Russian Federation, including against next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Masters of the Dark Arts

Israel and Saudi Arabia are masters of the dark arts of intelligence. Israel’s intelligence services are legendary in their cleverness and ruthlessness, while Saudi intelligence has had deep experience in financing major covert operations, including the Afghan war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s, an effort that gave rise to the scion of a Saudi fortune, Osama bin Laden, and al-Qaeda.

The Saudis also have a history of financing violent jihadists whose actions are directed against the United States and the West. According to the 9/11 Commission report, 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi nationals and the one part of the report blacked out addressed the issue of Saudi financing for al-Qaeda. (Israel and SA together)
The de facto alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia also should be factored in when evaluating evidence of the Syrian chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21, just after United Nations inspectors had arrived to examine other CW attacks that the Syrian government was blaming on the rebels.

While the major U.S. newspapers and non-governmental organizations are now nearly unanimous in blaming President Assad’s regime for the attack which killed hundreds of civilians, some of those assumptions – especially regarding rebel military capabilities – may not hold if the rebels had access to materiel from Saudi Arabia or Israel. [

Israel is one of a handful of nations that has balked at ratifying the Convention Against Chemical Weapons, a short list of rogue states that Syria has agreed to leave by accepting international prohibitions and destroying its supplies of CW. Israel is widely believed to have a stockpile of high-quality chemical weapons as well as an undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal.

Saudi Arabia, with its near-bottomless pit of money, also could have arranged for the rebels to get Sarin or other chemical weapons along with rockets to deliver them, if that’s what its intelligence agency decided.

Now,with the emerging U.S. consensus that Assad’s forces were to blame for the Aug. 21 attack and Oren’s pronouncement that Israel would rather have al-Qaeda extremists governing in Damascus than the pro-Iranian Assad, the pressure is likely to build on Obama to take ever stronger action against Syria.

Theother option that Obama may have is to opt for further collaboration with Putin, seeking progress in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program (asthe new Iranian government signals an eagerness to compromise) and pressing to get the Syrian rebels to join peace talks in Geneva (so that the killing and disorder finallycan be stopped).

Assad’s regime has agreed to participate in the talks but the fractious rebels haverefused, first demanding more sophisticated U.S. weapons to give them the upper hand and insisting that Assad step down as a precondition to negotiations. [See’s “Who Blocked Syrian Peace Talks?”]

Realizing they now have the backing of Israel as well as Saudi Arabia, the Syrian rebels are likely to resist any U.S. pressure for a cease-fire or peace talks. It’s less clear whether Obama can withstand the political and propaganda pressure that Israel and Saudi Arabia can be expected to direct against him.

Cloned Cow attacks it's 'creator'

This was just such an odd news item, I had to pop it up.
Irony? Poetic Justice? Don't mess with Mother Nature?

A cloned cow attacked its “creator” last week just ahead of the Chuseok holiday, inflicting injuries on the world-renowned embryologist, who will need eight weeks of medical treatment.

Prof. Park Se-pill at Jeju National University had five of his ribs broken and injured his spine in the Sept. 15 attack, the university on the scenic resort island said Sunday.

“Park was video-recording a black cow, which he cloned from species indigenous to Jeju four years ago, and all of a sudden, it charged and attacked him for 15 minutes,” a school official said.

“The 800-kilogram black cow is very strong because its cell donor was the best available. Park could not escape easily because he wore a special suit and long boots. He is now being treated at the university hospital.”
 In 2009, Park cloned the black cow from a frozen cell, which was taken from a deceased animal as part of cloning work to technically “revive” the dead cow through the newly born clone.

Physically the cow is strong, but, mentally is it deranged?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

US Pushes War, Blackmails Russia & Is Generally Disingenuous

In other words, the usual.

Russia Rejects U.S., Europe Plan to Enforce Syrian UN Resolution
Russia rejected a U.S. and European plan to include enforcement in a United Nations Security Council resolution on Syrian chemical weapons’ disarmament, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Western actions are “irresponsible and unprofessional,” Lavrov said in an interview with Russia’s Channel One published on the Foreign Ministry’s website today. They want to “drive through a resolution based on force” and that blames President Bashar al-Assad for everything, Lavrov said.

The U.S., France and the U.K. want a resolution next week that provides enforcement to the terms of the Geneva accord between the U.S. and Russia. Efforts to agree on a resolution have encountered headwinds from Russia, Assad’s strongest ally, which opposes any measure that alludes to a threat of force.

The Security Council is set to negotiate on a resolution next week, as world leaders travel to New York for the opening of the UN General Assembly.
The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said Sept. 20 it had “received an initial disclosure from the Syrian government of its chemical weapons program.” A Sept. 14 U.S.-Russian agreement, which averted an American military strike on Assad’s government, called for an itemization of Syria’s poison gas stocks by yesterday.
So, why after Syria complies does the OPCW play coy?
The executive council of the chemical weapons organization in The Hague, which would oversee Syria’s disarmament, said Sept. 20 it has postponed a meeting on Syria that was scheduled for tomorrow, (Monday Sept.23/13) aiming for a new date in the middle of next week.
Why did the OPCW "postpone’ a meeting"aiming for a date in the middle of next week’?
It would seem there was political pressure, in the form of thumbscrews, from the NATO allied warmongers.
How else to explain the postponement of such an important meeting at such a critical time.

“Our American partners are trying to blackmail us,” Lavrov said. The U.S. is saying that “unless Russia accepts to adopt this resolution under Chapter 7, we will stop the work of the OPCW in the Hague.”

“This is absolutely contrary to what we agreed with John Kerry --- first the decision of the OPCW and only then a resolution in the UN Security Council to support it, but not under Chapter 7,” Lavrov said.

Russia is also resisting any attempt to assign blame to Assad’s regime for an Aug. 21 chemical attack that the U.S. says killed 1,400 people, including more than 400 children.

The U.S. and France hadn’t presented any evidence to Russia that Syria government forces carried out the Aug. 21 chemical attack, Lavrov said in the interview. “All information they have released so far to back up their claim hasn’t been convincing,” he said.
Of course, I concur completely. The information regarding Ghouta is absolutely not convincing at all!
Meanwhile, the Russian embassy was shelled and three people were injured.
 Three diplomats were injured in a mortar shell targeting the Russian embassy in Damascus on Sunday as Syria promptly handed over a preliminary report of its chemical weapons in fulfillment of its commitment made earlier.

In the mortar attack, one shell was fired by militants in the hotspot district of Brazeh onto the Russian embassy compound.
The Russian embassy in Damascus has been targeted several times by the opposition militants who are trying to overthrow Assad's government.

Russia is ready to send a limited number of troops to Syria
Russia is ready to send a limited number of troops and observers to Syria as part of a multi-national force to guarantee security of the international experts on chemical weapons, Russia's Foreign Minister said Sunday.

Friday, September 20, 2013

One Nun puts US/Israeli intelligence to shame over stage managed Syrian footage

Excellent op ed from Mahdi Nazemroya

Also available at Information Clearinghouse - ht anonymous commenter 

Just posting parts of this article, one should truly take the entire piece in and look at all the images presented

The US intelligence community has been put to shame by the dedication and determination of a lone Christian nun. Her modest study of the videos of the Syrian chemical attack shows they were productions involving staged bodies.

Those who take the time to read the report by Mother Agnes and the International Support Team for Mussalaha in Syria (ISTEAMS) will realize that it disgraces the entire US intelligence community for endorsing video footage that is clearly dubious and not credible upon careful study by even a layperson. 
  Dubious nature of videos selected by US intel community
The US intelligence community selected or nominated 13 videos that the Obama Administration used in their case against the Syrian government. These videos need to be carefully looked at. 
The emphasis that US Secretary of State John Kerry put on the videos in his scripted speech that he read out to reporters on August 30, 2013, came across as ingenious. Kerry notably refers to the footage from Syria and constantly uses the words “our own eyes” and “seeing.”  He even asks that the videos be watched by the general public. He should have been taken to task on this, and he was through the study that Mother Agnes has produced.
Undoubtedly there will be those who will dismiss the fact that there is an almost total absence of adult corpses next to the bodies of the children, nor any parents, especially mothers, coming to claim their children. Where were the parents? From a cultural context, this is strikingly odd. It is highly unlikely that the parents, especially the mothers of all these children, would have left them alone or not rushed to where their bodies were.

 If the parents were not killed, then where are they? If the parents, especially the mothers (following the gender script of Syrian society), were with their children, then where are their corpses?
In one video where it is stated that all the bodies are dead, we can see that the some of the corpses are being injected with an unknown liquid. Why?  
The report also highlights the fact that there have been no public funerals or announcements about all the dead children. This is outside of both cultural and religious norms. 
In the footage of one burial, only eight people are buried and three of them are not even covered in white shrouds, which is a compulsory ritual. Were these people murdered by the insurgents and disrespectfully buried without the proper rituals as a sign of disdain? 
Moreover, the identities of the dead have consistently been withheld. There is more to say on this and it should be kept in mind.
Mother Agnes also makes a point of indicating that there is virtually an absence of the sound of ambulances and that in the testimonies that are used the individuals talking claim to have smelled the chemical that was used. Sarin gas, however, is odorless, which raises important questions about the testimonies.  
 A horrible conclusion 
Many bad things have happened in Syria, including the chemical attack in East Ghouta. Yet there many questions that have to be answered. 
There was a massacre in Latakia on August 4, 2013 that went unreported. The mainstream media in the US and the countries allied to it failed to cover this or casually pass it over, obviously because it was inconvenient to change the agenda in Syria.
The study mentions that the relatives of children that were abducted by the US-supported insurgents have begun to come forward to identify their relatives in the videos. It paints an ominous picture that the bodies of these children were prostituted to open the field in Syria for a foreign military intervention.
Regardless of whatever position one takes on Syria, it is their responsibility to analyze the videos from the alleged chemical attack and pay attention to observations of Mother Agnes Mariam’s report.

Part 3: What about Israel's Chemical Arsenal?

Continuing on:

Part 1: Speaking of chemical weapons.... What about Israel's arsenal?

Part 2: What about Israel's chemical weapons?

Israel :
Be sure to check out the little interactive map!
Excerpts below-

Analysts believe that Israel likely initiated a chemical warfare (CW) program at some point between the mid-1950s and the mid-1970s. [1] Intelligence sources have also suggested that Israel has previously developed, tested, produced, and possibly even deployed CW munitions.
Israel maintains advanced national scientific-technical CW research and development (R&D) infrastructure, in addition to well-respected academic and industrial chemistry communities. Israel openly publishes defensive CW research, but does not officially comment on its CW capabilities or policies. [10] According to the Swedish Defence Research Agency, Israel at some point had an advanced CW program capable of producing nerve agents, mustard gas, riot-control, and even "binary" nerve agents (agents comprised of two relatively harmless substances that become toxic when mixed in the field).[11]

Speculation about the dual-capable nature of Israeli chemistry and toxic chemicals research focuses on the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), a highly classified research center operated and funded by the Israel Ministry of Defense (MOD). [18] Karel Knip's 1999 survey of IIBR's publications reveals an overall "extensive effort to identify practical methods of synthesis for nerve gases (such as tabun, sarin, and VX) and other organophosphorous and fluorine compounds." [19] IIBR continues to publish defensive CW research openly, as do several other Israeli institutions, including Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, and the Weizmann Institute of Science. [20] Several prominent foreign institutions have collaborated on and co-authored defensive CW agent research with Israelis. [21]

 A review of patent records illustrates ongoing Israeli commitment to biodefense research. Israeli scientists at the IIBR have conducted research into skin applications such as a decontaminating "gel" to neutralize chemical and biological agents. [22] Other Israeli research has led to European patents for similar technologies designed to prevent the absorption of substances ranging from the oil found in poison ivy to VX. [23] A series of recent Israeli patents concerns research into pesticide/nerve agent antidotes and treatments post-exposure. [24]

Strategic and Operational Aspects of Israel's CW Capabilities
Bibliographical surveys can indicate the general sophistication level of physical infrastructure and expertise. However, assessing strategy or operational status requires additional information. The Israeli government does not comment on speculation about its domestic CW program; declassified U.S. intelligence assessments that mention Israel also edit out their actual Israeli CW assessments. [25] A 1983 U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report, however, revealed that Israel maintained a CW testing facility in the Negev desert. [26] Additionally, the Sunday Times in 1998 cited an Israeli military source in reporting that Israeli F-16 crews received training in loading active chemical and biological warheads onto airplanes; this suggests Israel's intent to maintain both chemical agents and a delivery system.
 The unratified chemical weapons treaty

 In 1992, the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) introduced new questions for Israeli policy. The CWC allowance of short-notice challenge inspections of any member-state facility could threaten the "off-limits" status of Israel's Dimona nuclear facility. [58] Nevertheless, several factors likely encouraged Israeli leaders to sign the treaty. First, the 1991 Madrid Conference and the initiation of the Middle East peace process reconfigured Israel's security outlook. As a consequence "Israel began to reconsider its policy on arms control," and began better understanding and developing its outlook towards multilateral arms control and multilateral negotiations. [59] Second, the recent war with Iraq heightened Israeli sensitivity to chemical weapons proliferation as a security threat. [60] According to Gerald Steinberg, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin considered the CWC a "net benefit," despite the Arab League's plan to boycott the treaty to protest Israel's nuclear policies. [61] Cohen also notes that the Rabin government recognized that signing the treaty, while symbolically important, did not finalize Israel's commitment until and unless Israel also ratified the treaty. [62] Israel signed the CWC on 13 January 1993, the first day it was opened for signature, alongside 65 other countries, including Iran and 5 Arab League countries that abandoned the boycott. [63] By the end of the year, a total of 13 Arab League countries had signed the CWC. At the Signing Ceremony of the CWC, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres issued a rare official Israeli statement on CW, and emphasized that while Israel fully accepted the spirit of the CWC, it would continue to seek greater regional acceptance of the treaty. [64] During the CWC Preparatory Commission, Israeli diplomats participated in talks to clarify and refine how the CWC's verification procedures would operate on site, in addition to the procedures surrounding challenge inspections and the issue of "managed access" to prevent potential abuse of these tools by requesting unsuitable challenge inspections. [65]

 Israel has not ratified the CWC despite its entry into force in 1997. When the ratification issue surfaced in April 1997, a high-level ad hoc ministerial committee headed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and including Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai, Commerce Minister Natan Sharansky, and National Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon re-examined Israel's CWC position. [66] The committee quietly decided not to submit the CWC to the Israeli parliament for ratification

 1997 to the Present: Ongoing Secrecy and Suspicion
In 1993, the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment identified Israel as a probable host to an offensive CW capability. [68] Israel's established scientific community and chemical industry, alongside continued secrecy about the IIBR facility, continue to fuel speculation. A number of well-publicized events in the 1990s brought further attention to this issue. In 1997, Israeli security agents reportedly attempted to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshal using levofentanyl, possibly a modified form of the opioid, fentanyl. [69] In 1998, Dutch authorities publically confirmed that the 1992 El Al cargo plane that crashed in Amsterdam en route to Israel carried 190 liters of dimethyl methylphosphonate. [70] Media reports alleged that the Israelis intended to use it for the manufacture of sarin, and that the amount carried on board could have yielded up to 594 pounds of the nerve agent. [71] However, Israeli officials argued that the IIBR ordered the chemicals for defensive research, and that the U.S. government had approved the shipment. [72] In addition to its industrial applications and utility as a precursor in sarin production, dimethyl methylphosphonate can be used as a simulant for testing the effectiveness of filters in chemical protective equipment. [73]

In the same year, an Israeli military source reported that Israeli F-16 crews received training in loading active chemical and biological warheads onto airplanes, suggesting active stockpiles at military installations, viable CW delivery capabilities, and a continued active role for CW in Israel's military planning. [74]

Etc., read the rest at your leisure at the link provided

Pt.2: What about Israel's chemical weapon arsenal?

Tuesday September 17/13 Part 1:  Speaking of chemical weapons.... What about Israel's arsenal?
Israel has never acknowledged possessing either chemical or nuclear weapons.
 Not acknowledging is not the same as not possessing. From where I am sitting, it looks 100 percent certain that Israel has a substantial chemical arsenal

An article this month in Foreign Policy revealed a 1983 CIA intelligence estimate that Israel was likely developing a nerve agent at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert.
Does Israel have chemical weapons too?

It is almost universally believed in intelligence circles here in Washington that Israel possesses a stockpile of several hundred fission nuclear weapons, and perhaps even some high-yield thermonuclear weapons. Analysts believe the Israeli government built the nuclear stockpile in the 1960s and 1970s as a hedge against the remote possibility that the armies of its Arab neighbors could someday overwhelm the Israeli military. But nuclear weapons are not the only weapon of mass destruction that Israel has constructed.

 Reports have circulated in arms control circles for almost 20 years that Israel secretly manufactured a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons to complement its nuclear arsenal. 
 Much of the attention has been focused on the research and development work being conducted at the Israeli government's secretive Israel Institute for Biological Research at Ness Ziona, located 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.

But little, if any, hard evidence has ever been published to indicate that Israel possesses a stockpile of chemical or biological weapons. This secret 1983 CIA intelligence estimate may be the strongest indication yet.

According to the document, American spy satellites uncovered in 1982 "a probable CW [chemical weapon] nerve agent production facility and a storage facility... at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert. Other CW production is believed to exist within a well-developed Israeli chemical industry." 

"While we cannot confirm whether the Israelis possess lethal chemical agents," the document adds, "several indicators lead us to believe that they have available to them at least persistent and nonpersistent nerve agents, a mustard agent, and several riot-control agents, marched with suitable delivery systems." 

Whether Israel still maintains this alleged stockpile is unknown. In 1992, the Israeli government signed but never ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention, which bans such arms. (The Israeli embassy in Washington did not respond to requests to comment on this article.) 

The CIA estimate, a copy of which was sent to the White House, also shows that the U.S. intelligence community had suspicions about this stockpile for decades, and that the U.S. government kept mum about Israel's suspected possession of chemical weapons just as long.

So the US knows about Israel's stockpile of chemical weapons and yet they stay mum.... why?

These facts were recently discovered by a researcher -- a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous -- at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. He had found, stapled to an innocuous unclassified report, a single page that someone in the White House had apparently removed from his or her copy of a secret September 15, 1983 CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate entitled Implications of Soviet Use of Chemical and Toxin Weapons for US Security Interests.
 Ordinarily this 30-year-old intelligence estimate would have attracted only passing interest from researchers because much of the report, which dealt primarily with unproven allegations of Soviet use of chemical and biological weapons in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia, had been largely declassified in 2009 and can now be found in the CREST database of declassified CIA documents at the College Park, Maryland research facility of the National Archives. But while the CIA was willing to declassify those portions of the report that deal with the U.S.S.R. and some of its client states -- including Syria -- it was far less willing to release any information about the chemical weapons activities of countries outside the Soviet Bloc.
But what makes the single page found at the Reagan Library so explosive is that it contains the complete and unredacted portion of the intelligence estimate that details what the CIA thought it knew back in 1983 about Israel's work on chemical weapons, which the CIA's censors had carefully excised from the version released to the National Archives in 2009.
 The US always covering for Israel.........
You can click on both of the pages to get a better read.

The unredacted page

the redacted page

I had to get the rest of the foreign policy article here

The estimate shows that in 1983 the CIA had hard evidence that Israel possessed a chemical weapons stockpile of indeterminate size, including, according to the report, “persistent and non-persistent nerve agents.” The persistent nerve agent referred to in the document is not known, but the non-persistent nerve agent in question was almost certainly sarin.
But the CIA assessment suggests that the Israelis accelerated their research and development work on chemical weapons following the end of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. According to the report, U.S. intelligence detected “possible tests” of Israeli chemical weapons in January 1976, which, again, almost certainly took place somewhere in the Negev Desert. A former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer whom I interviewed recalled that at about this time, the National Security Agency captured communications showing that Israeli air force fighter-bombers operating from Hatzerim Air Base outside the city of Beersheba in southern Israel had been detected conducting simulated low-level chemical weapons delivery missions at a bombing range in the Negev Desert.
(…)To complicate things further, in January 1976 the long-simmering civil war in Lebanon was beginning to heat up. And the CIA was increasingly concerned about the growing volume of evidence, much of it coming from human intelligence sources inside Israel, indicating that the Israeli nuclear weapons stockpile was growing both in size and raw megatonnage. At the same time that all this was happening, the Israeli “chemical weapons” test mentioned in CIA document occurred. It increased the already-heightened level of concern within the U.S. intelligence community about what the Israelis were up to.
At some point in late 1982, as the Reagan administration strove with minimal success to get the Israeli government to withdraw its forces from Lebanon, American spy satellites discovered what the 1983 CIA intelligence described as “a probable CW nerve agent production facility and a storage facility ... at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert.”
The CIA report, however, provides no further elucidation about the size or production capacity of the newly discovered Israeli nerve agent production facility near Dimona, or even where the so-called “Dimona Sensitive Storage Area” was located.
At my request, a friend of mine who retired years ago from the U.S. intelligence community began systematically scanning the available cache of commercial satellite imagery found on the Google Maps website, looking for the mysterious and elusive Israeli nerve agent production facility and weapons storage bunker complex near the city of Dimona where Israel stores its stockpile of chemical weapons.
It took a little while, but the imagery search found what I believe is the location of the Israeli nerve agent production facility and its associated chemical weapons storage area in a desolate and virtually uninhabited area of the Negev Desert just east of the village of al-Kilab, which is only 10 miles west of the outskirts of the city of Dimona. The satellite imagery shows that the heavily protected weapons storage area at al-Kilab currently consists of almost 50 buried bunkers surrounded by a double barbed-wire-topped fence and facilities for a large permanent security force. I believe this extensive bunker complex is the location of what the 1983 CIA intelligence estimate referred to as the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area.
If you drive two miles to the northeast past the weapons storage area, the satellite imagery shows that you run into another heavily guarded complex of about 40 or 50 acres. Surrounded again by a double chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, the complex appears to consist of an administrative and support area on the western side of facility. The eastern side of the base, which is surrounded by its own security fence, appears to consist of three large storage bunkers and a buried production and/or maintenance facility. Although not confirmed, the author believes that this may, in fact, be the location of the Israeli nerve agent production facility mentioned in the 1983 CIA report.

Part 3 : What about Israel's Chemical Arsenal?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

If Syria has a dictatorship, then what is your government, really?

Recall the helicopter shot down? I mentioned this incident the other day. Here.
"The helicopter strayed 2 kilometers into Turkish airspace, but crashed inside Syria after being hit by missiles fired from the jet"

So, the Syrian helicopter had turned back into Syrian territory and the Turks shot it down with a fighter jet.

    "rebel fighters captured one of the pilots, while the fate of the other one was unclear"

NATO fighters captured the one living pilot and given the track record of the NATO mercs, I expect this guy will wish he died in the crash.

After my brief tirade we are all going to find out what happened to that pilot. And, let me tell you all, once you consider that this was done with mine and likely your freedom loving governments blessing- in your name- you ain’t gonna be so pleased!


Normally I don’t focus to much on the atrocities committed by the NATO/Israeli Islamic IDF. After all they are paid to due great harm. However, I can’t let this pass. You and I have read for years now about these hired killer/terrorists who just murder, maim, rape & terrorize for the NATO/Israeli global tyranny. All done with the backing, collusion, blessing and assistance of western ‘free’ nations. The US, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France etc.,

Yes, the self proclaimed ‘democracies’ send their NGO’s and charities in to cover the dirty work they are really engaged in- Destruction and Decimation. The ‘democratic’ states transfer weapons via other nations and ‘human rights’ groups. Alleged 'freedom' governments engage these other individuals/groups in order hide their dirty deeds and allow an appearance of not being involved.  With a bit of time and energy one can start to unravel that tangled web of deception.

Meanwhile, here in the ‘free west’ it is drilled into our heads, via our constantly manipulating and I do mean  the constantly and continuously manipulating the masses NATO media, that the Assad government is a ‘dictatorship’. If that is true and the Assad government is indeed a  dictatorship, how do we then define  the governments, our free and democratic governments,  the very governments that encourage in every way possible the destruction of a sovereign nation and a peaceful people?

Is there a word that could describe the absolute evil involved in so called ‘free nations’ backing the venal monstrosities that are raping, killing, torturing, beheading and pillaging their way through a nation that didn’t attack any other nation, let alone any of the nations supporting these despicable, callous and disturbing actions?

 Before Syria, it was Libya. And after Syria, what nation will be destroyed ? Whose innocent citizens will be plundered, raped, tortured and killed for the advancing NATO global army?

Earlier this month the US began OVERTLY shipping weapons to terrorists in Syria. That is Al Quada / Al Nusra.

When Obama said “yes we can” Did the American populace realize that included arming terrorists?  Yes we can arm terrorists!

The Obama administration waived provisions of a federal law which ban the supply of weapons and money to terrorists.    
 The Arms Export Control Act (AECA) allows the US president to waive provisions in Sections 40 and 40A, which forbid providing munitions, credit and licenses to countries supporting acts of terrorism. But those prohibitions can be waived "if the President determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States."

President Barrack Obama ordered such a waiver .
US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jewel Samad)
That’s right readers. Obama is openly and blatantly arming terrorists!
This bolsters the claim I have made for quite some time now. A claim that should seem obvious to all.
The ‘war on terror’ is really a WAR OF TERROR. Waged by NATO nations against the rest of the planet. To bring everyone under the global fascist tyranny as dictated by the leaders of the twisted NATO organization.

The other day, Israel showed their hand.

The joker was of course always playing some game. With a deck stacked in their favour.
Israeli involvement in the ruin of Syria has been clear and obvious because Israel has so much to gain and little to lose from being involved.

Ambassador Oren:     “we always preferred the bad guys who weren't backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran."

 This was Israel's position well before the outbreak of war in Syria and had continued to be so, he added”

 If Israel actually did get attacked the uber-victim meme would be ramped up to a cacophony! Israel would be willing to sacrifice a few of the peons.What difference would it make to the bigger goal?

Certainly, Israel doesn’t fear the hired killers! Why would they?
They are part and parcel of the Israeli military complex. And have been for a good long time now.
hat tip: brian!

Israel retains its ability to control the Syrian ‘Islamist’ rebels. Netanyahu is not worried about Syria’s possible disintegration. Despite the received wisdom claiming that Israelis prefer a stable and familiar Assad to the great unknown of Islamic guerrillas, the new and sensational information we received points out to the opposite, namely: Israelis prefer the Somalisation of Syria, its break-up and the elimination of its army
We are all very well aware of Israeli assistance to the hired killers via Golan
It has been mentioned on numerous occasions. Ali at the naked facts had this video up
Thanks Ali!


Let's get back to the Syrian pilot-

As I had suspected, he would surely have wished to die in the helicopter
He was killed by the hands of those supported by our western freedom bringing democracies
The pilot was shot at as he parachuted from the helicopter the Turks shot down. The pilot was then beheaded by the mercenaries  who are not overtly receiving arms from 'yes we can' Obama and all the other alleged democratic government of the free west. The delusion of freedom and democracy is ours and ours only. Syrians can't possibly believe it. Libyans can't either. Nor can Iraqis. Or any others people from any other nation that has freedom delivered to it via a hired killer, a DU missile, white phosphorous or Agent Orange. If our governments were truly freedom loving and democratic would they support these attrocities?



If the Assad government is a dictatorship??? . How then would we actually describe the governments of the US/NATO allied nations and Israel?  How do we describe these governments that create and support terrorists? Our governments. The ones that we allow ourselves to be represented by.
Are they Terrorships?
Tyrant States?
How about Suppressionships?
Restraint States?

Yes, I am feeling frustrated and disenchanted with it all today...............