Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't attack Syria- World leaders tell Obama at G-20

Is this related to the previous post UN talks at G20, Chemical weapon reality vs illusion & Israeli missiles

 President Barack Obama faced growing pressure from world leaders not to launch military strikes in Syria on Thursday at a summit on the global economy that was eclipsed by the conflict. 

The Group of 20 (G20) developed and developing economies met in St. Petersburg to try forge a united front on economic growth, trade, banking transparency and fighting tax evasion.
But the club that accounts for two thirds of the world's population and 90 percent of its output is divided over issues ranging from the U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to end its program of stimulus for the economy to the civil war in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to use the meeting in a seafront tsarist palace to talk Obama out of military action against Syrian President Bashar Assad over a chemical weapons attack which Washington blames on government forces.

 The first round at the summit went to Putin as China, the European Union and Pope Francis - in a letter for G20 leaders - aligned themselves more closely with him than with Obama over the possibility and legitimacy of armed intervention.

"Military action would have a negative impact on the global economy, especially on the oil price - it will cause a hike in the oil price," Chinese Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao told a briefing. 

The Pope urged the leaders to "lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution". He has also invited the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics and people of other faiths to join him in a day of prayer and fasting on Saturday to end the civil war.

European Union leaders, usually strong allies of the United States had this to say "There is no military solution to the Syrian conflict."

Only France, which is preparing to join U.S. military action, rallied behind Obama Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, portrayed the "camp of supporters of a strike on Syria" as divided and said: "It is impossible to say that very many states support the idea of a military operation."

There is more pertaining to economy and banking issues. Read them at the link.

UPDATE: Another one?! 
Pressure mounts on Obama over Syria at G20 summit
  U.S. President Barack Obama faced growing pressure from world leaders not to launch military strikes in Syria on Thursday


  1. Russia released Key Findings of Chemical Weapons Probe into the chemical weapons use incident in Khan al-Assal on 19 March 2013.

    1. thanks freethinker

      I made mention of this in the preceding post
      noting the CBS spin "most likely" wrt the NaTO mercs
      but your link expands on that so thank you!

  2. Penny,
    James Corbett podcast with:
    Phillip Giraldi on turkish isreal lobby and black market operations

  3. interesting troop movements.

    Turkey quietly sending troops to south east border.

    Italy moved warships off coast of Lebanon.

    China sends 'more' warships to med.

    add destroyers to Russian fleet.


    is this a hidden message???

    Late night phone call from New York calls halt to Golan Heights mission

    though the real warning will be when the Isabel is seen in route.

    1. hmmm... not the greatest news is it?

      I like the hidden message one

      and interesting about the halt to the Golan heights
      I had that one bookmarked but there just was not enough time or space for getting it up

    2. note also the Russian ships in Latam and the Chinese fleet just set sale for Brazil and Argentina

  4. Penny,
    Going to ck out the links in the morning in comments. Looks like intel I'm short on.

    Started reading Bill Enghdahl's A Century of War just the other day. The exact, and I mean exact, scenerio of debt, the drawing in of Germany, the whole thing matches to a tee.
    Britain called it The Great Game. The War to end all Wars.
    We know it as WWI but they planned it long before ( as we know)

    I'm following this blog The New Great Game
    James Corbett has an interview with him ( the first) and I'm interested in his viewpoint. Hoping for time to listen tomarrow.

    The end prize is Russia, this Middle East action is just the carrot to them even though Iran has to fall first. The need the resources because Russia had more than enough.

    It's uncanny.

    Not read it all, too tired, but dropping off this internal game they are playing with the different sects within the region.
    Wayne Madsen. Don't know if you agree, like him or not, I've stated before that I glean info whereever I can but try to know the source isn't connected to ZOG.

    Obama Administration Stoking Sunni Violence Against Alawites and Shi’as in Syria

    The article title is right as are the first few paragraphs which I scanned. Will read it tomarrow when fresher.

    Guess we will know if Syria has the S-300 or S-400 for sure when we see it working ? Russia and Syria hold close to the breast on strategy.


    1. Karin, good stuff. Listened to Corbett for a few hours just before I came here.

      "The end prize is Russia" - well sort of. It's not just business when it comes to Russia with these guys, it's a personal thing. Goes back over 1000 years. They just want Russians to bleed.

      "Wayne Madsen" - straight disinfo front, always has been.

      "Guess we will know if Syria has the S-300 or S-400"

      S-400, no. Russia will not export that to anyone until they have at least 1 generation better which will be a few years yet.

      S-300, some parts. So many are so confused at what the missile 'SYSTEM' is. Yes the missile itself is good, but that is not the systems best asset. When you are protecting a large area, such as a county, the entire network of air defenses need to work as a unit. They need to be able to share radar data as some will be blinded by ECM(jammers,chaff,etc). Some radars can will be destroyed but still have missile launchers that can be used by other assets if the system is networked. Operators need to communicate to prioritize and assign assets to targets so missiles/bullits are not wasted. These types of things are what the S-300 system does for Syrian defenses and much more important that just the missile.

      If you just look at the S-300 as being just a good missile, you miss the big picture. The missile itself would have little effect, if any, in Syrias situation right now. If they get attacked, they will be hit by a barrage of electronic warfare people would not believe. This will seriously degrade their detection, tracking, targeting ability unless they have a well networked system with overlapping coverage and the ability to share data and communicate. This is what the S-300 command and control system does better than any other on the planet and its 'real' strength.

      Does Syria have the missiles, I don't think so. Do they have the command and control portion of the S-300 system, yes. Putin and others have said multiple times that parts of the S-300 system has been delivered. This is what they meant.

  5. Pres.Assad's adviser- "Victims kidnapped from Lattakia, ppl of Ghouta village say" #Syria "USA claima are lies" …....this is my view to s the children in the videos photos look like propaganda tools

    also i throw down the gauntlet to AUS laboe party on eve of elections


    Obama's plan for nuclear WW3. Best documentary of 2013.

    I can see no reason for the zionist hubris other than to ignite a thermonuclear world war.

    Why I do not know. The story of the scorpion stinging the frog so that both perish comes to mind. The scorpion's only answer to the frog after injecting it with the lethal poison that will kill them both is: "It is my nature - I can't help it."

    At this Syrian point in history, with Russia and China saying no clearly, is the zionist empire the scorpion which is going to kill us all because it is its "nature"?

    Sometimes one has to cut off a gangrenous foot to save the patient. Is zionism dead, rotting flesh that will by its nature kill the whole world if not amputated?

    That is the dire question with only days to answer.

    I care very little for myself, but I have three daughters who I love very dearly and want to protect from thermonuclear war.


  7. Anaughty, take a deep breath and step back from it to get a better picture. This whole thing has very little chance of going nuclear. The whole point of this is to make money. If they blow it all up there is nobody to profit off of.

    There would be a lot of other things happening if we were that close. Such as access to Afganistan being shut off. Trade restrictions. Currency restrictions. Major asset damage, such as canals, pipelines, refineries, factories, etc. None of that stuff is going on.

    4 days ago a major nuclear asset was retired. A typhoon class nuclear missile sub. entered port for the last time to be decommissioned and dismantled. You would not see that happen if there was any chance it may be needed soon.

  8. Some light relief from Fox News - Putin just flatout calls Kerry a liar, and Rumsfeld kicks Obama in the nuts, hilarious: