Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pt 2-Kenya: Westage mall seige ends with explosion and floor collapse!

Cripes, almighty! Having just finished earlier today the Kenya post, mentioning the conveniently collapsing mall floors and the cleansing fire......

You truly must read the earlier post for the foundational information, then read on below
Or read below and read back, I don't care, just read all the information together!
Relink: Kenya: The Westgate Mall, Shabab and Israel
briefest of excerpt from previous post

  The Westgate Mall:  Fire and Collapse

Apparently, part of this mall collapsed or was destroyed by security forces? 

         Three floors of the mall collapsed and several bodies were trapped in the rubble, said Kenyatta. His office later said a terrorist's body was among those in the debris.

Expanding on the explosion & collapse at the Westgate Mall in Kenya!
Globe and Mail

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has disclosed in a televised speech to the nation.
“The operation is now over,” he said. “As I had vowed earlier, we have ashamed and defeated our attackers.”

 Three floors of the Westgate mall have collapsed in the final stages of its hostage siege, burying an unknown number of people, including several of the attackers

 Mr. Kenyatta did not explain how the three floors of the mall collapsed, although explosions have been audible in the mall for several days and a huge fire has been burning since Monday.
 Recall the fires as "decoys"? Audible explosions?
 Nor did he explain the fate of the hostages, believed to number at least 30 at the beginning of the siege. It was unclear whether some of the hostages may be buried in the rubble.
 Mr. Kenyatta said 11 suspects were in custody, but this appeared to include 10 people who were detained and questioned at Nairobi’s international airport as they attempted to leave the country. Their role in the Westgate attack, if any, is unclear.

11 suspects in custody- 10 being detainees questioned at the airport?
How to interpret that?!

About 10 to 15 attackers, believed to be from the Somalia-based Islamist radical militia al-Shabab, stormed into the mall on Saturday with guns blazing, shooting dozens of people. The attackers were a “multinational” group, Kenyan officials say.
In his speech, Mr. Kenyatta acknowledged that some of the attackers may have been U.S. or British citizens, but he said forensic experts are still gathering evidence. (Forensic experts from Israel- see previous post linked at top or scroll down)

His Foreign Minister, Amina Mohamed, had earlier told a U.S. television network that the attackers included “two or three” Americans and a British woman.

 Kenyan authorities have been insisting since Sunday that the hostage siege was almost over. They said that their soldiers are in full control of the Westgate mall and are merely “mopping up” and checking for explosives. But its claims were repeatedly contradicted by evidence of persistent fighting, including a huge blaze at the mall that was still burning on Tuesday afternoon, 24 hours after it began. For much of the day, gunfire and explosions continued to erupt.
And perhaps the siege was over, right after it had begun as the soldiers, Israeli and Kenyan, were mopping up- as in cleaning/sanitizing/ evidence in order to create the proper narrative


  1. Wow, just think, an Israeli company owned the mall, Israel just happened to have a special forces team nearby and some of the weapons were stashed in the Israeli owned mall ahead of the attack.

    How many coincidences can there be?

    1. Greg: Israel is all over this one from start to finish
      Narrative inception to the final chapter via the 'forensics'

    2. As the Guardian reports:

      " Israel has taken the leading role" in aiding and advising

  2. "And perhaps the siege was over, right after it had begun as the soldiers, Israeli and Kenyan, were mopping up- as in cleaning/sanitizing/ evidence in order to create the proper narrative"

    Bingo. You nailed it there Penny.

    This was an assasination and used the terrorist theme as cover. Will have a look at how China is reacting and what the diplomats and others 'erased' all tie into this and will post later on findings. Targeting the fiancee is a no brainer though.

    on the Syria CW deal, here are some updates...

    Lavrov presents to Kerry evidence of using chemical weapons by rebels near Damascus

    UN chemical weapons experts resume work in Syria

    Ake Sellstrom - head of instection team

    If you look deep into what this guy does, there are close ties to research in weapons developement and how to hide their after effects.

    Angela Kane - Sellstrom sidekick (handler)

    Department of Public Information for the UN, World Bank in Washington, D.C., United Nations Department of Political Affairs - she handles the perception management.

    The Sellstrom Report: The United Nations’ Syria Inspector Shills for NATO and Israel

    I had an article with an official statement from Russia about how the inspection team needs to have representatives from Russia and China but was getting the cold shoulder from Mr. Moon. Now I can't seem to find the article and google has it burries and does not come up under searches... go figure. Looks like Russia also smells a rat. Will post it later if I find it.

    "We think that this decision is correct. And the report, which will be prepared, should be comprehensive and should not contain any hastily-made or one-sided conclusions, which the initial material given to UN Under-Secretary General Angela Kane contains," Ryabkov said at a round table on weapons export issues.

    Russia and China are making a joint statement showing they are very much on the same page on this issue.

    to go with your previous post Penny, more on perception management
    Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 2

    Here is a good exercise for everyone.

    go to this page

    follow every link on that page associated with the team members. search all the names. do the same with what they recommend or endorse. This is an all-star team for truth. There are many others but this list is a great place to start. Pass this page to whoever you see starting to peek out from under the blanket of lies forced on them since birth.

    thanks again Penny...

  3. People keep saying the fiancé. Was it not the fiancé of the nephew? and if so what was the catalyst for the timing? Is the randomness the point? Or is it the china Russia syndrome? Was it the oil discovery? Was it a failing Somalia strategy. Recollection has it a month or so ago was a failed assasination hit on the us backed Somalia leader. Was it becasue kenyatta went to Russia and china first - see airport fire reference previous thread. was it becasue the lamu port project and associated pipelines are getting under way and the risk of a china (in the Sudan fields) obstacle too much (but china partner in uganda). As an aside the protests kicked up in Sudan past few days as bashir was heading for the UN. Sudan for its part just inagurated a new gold smelter and has been planning to ramp up exports for hard currency.

    Based on the supposition here, exactly what was the point of the attack? Aangirfan was out with the china us resource war meme immediatly. But still what about the timing? Why now?

    Was it land reforms? Interest rate caps? Scaring up the cost of capital into what was planned bond offering at the end of year - Washington consensus in drag?

  4. Hi Penny,

    I thought the whole Kenya thing sounded far to convenient and wrapped up with a nice bow! The timing, wonderful! Certainly it knocked the Syria issue off the front pages here for a while. Well done.

    And the Israeli connections, well what more needs saying? Odd how whenever there is a terrible civilian attack the Israelis are so often there for 'helping' after the fact, for such a small country (wink) the statistical odds are daunting that they would be so involved, so often! They 'helped' with 911, they helped with 7/7, they helped in Madrid, hey they helped in Boston too!

    My aren't they helpful? Oh, and those airport securities too, helpful as well!

    Thanks Israel for helping us all live in more peaceful times.

    End Rant

    Buffy out.

  5. Pen,
    Go to the 52:00 mark on this video

    article here more info: False Flag: Was the Kenyan Terror Siege an ‘Inside Job’?

    I see since earlier they have another article up which I won't read untill tomarror.

    Kenyan Terror Attack Designed to Open Up New ‘War on Terror’ Front in East Africa

    Other topics I wanted to hit on, but too tired tonight to go much more.


  6. Tied to the Kenya mess is Sudan, trouble brewin...

  7. Seems like the cui bono background parties involved are playing this out just like the conclusion to the 9/11 false flag. Doubt there will be any phony investigation that follows unless they need to further control and harden their manufactured narrative.