Monday, September 16, 2013

UN Report regarding Chemical attack at Ghouta


Pg 18- The time necessary to conduct a detailed survey of both locations as well as take samples was very limited. The sites have been very well travelled by other individuals both before and during the investigation. Fragments and other possible evidence have clearly been handled/moved prior to the arrival of the investigation team.

Very limited thanks to the US. Who wanted the investigation team out of Syria promptly.

And an east, south east. trajectory?
Rockets arriving from the northwest?
Consistent with an unguided rocket? 
There is a description of the munitions allegedly used.
Can anyone read through this and offer up any incites?
No casualty numbers validated. Still haven't a clue where the US got the figure from they have used?
As I have already mentioned there is no documentation of that alleged casualty count.

Problems already being noted with this UN report

Shortly after the attack, some analysts said they doubted if the identified rockets could have carried enough nerve agent to have caused the mass casualties. 

There is no indication that the mass casualty figure given by the US is true or correct or factual.

Rockets launched by NATO mercs

NATO mercs aka 'rebels' shooting rockets

Are these unguided rockets? They look to be.


Turkey Shot down a Syrian Helicopter 
  Allegedly in Turkish airspace- which seems doubtful
Especially when it is being reported the helicopter came down in Syrian territory.
 "The helicopter strayed 2 kilometers into Turkish airspace, but crashed inside Syria after being hit by missiles fired from the jet"
So, the Syrian helicopter had turned back into Syrian territory and the Turks shot it down with a fighter jet.
"rebel fighters captured one of the pilots, while the fate of the other one was unclear"
NATO fighters captured the one living pilot and given the track record of the NATO mercs, I expect this guy will wish he died in the crash.

US welcomes election of Syrian coalition PM
 Yet another leader???


  1. I read through quickly and the report is poor
    The sites as it is mentioned are 'well travelled'
    And evidence has been moved and handled
    Lack of time
    unguided rockets
    sort of home made

    All said and done, this just doesn't seem much of an investigation at all
    To short of time. possibly tampered evidence?
    no confirmation of casualties
    no indication of it being the government and more likely the nato mercs
    the north west origin is interesting, depending on how far these rockets came?
    This could put them right into rebel held territory in the north/west?
    Looking for some help from you all on this

  2. Also Sarin does not leave a distinct chemical footprint- it leaves traces of organophosphates yes, but then so do many other forms of toxic substances inclusing pestcides and CR Gas. I this was military-grade Sarin, then almost all the people filmed in the videos presented as 'evidence' would have already been dead, and so would those supposedly giving them aid. Anyone who is 'lightly' exposed to Sarin can expect severe neurological damage, but then even a 'light' exposure to something so toxic usually kills- it also lethally contaminates the surrounding environment. The report makes no comparison with the known effects of military-grade Sarin, or the possiblity of the use of homemade so-called 'kitchen Sarin'. On the TV report I saw they were also talking about lettering on the crudely made, unsophisticated missiles being in the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet...Apparently the victims of these missiles were restricted to men of military age and children between the ages of 5 and 8, where were the female victims, if any? Why do the estimated numbers of victims vary so much? How come Human Rights Watch had diagrams of these missile in the public eye two days ago, with detailed photos? It stinks, all of it.

    1. How come Human Rights Watch had diagrams of these missile in the public eye two days ago, with detailed photos?

      Pre-sell of a shitty report
      catapulting the propaganda and the big lie
      Ban Ki Moon was spinning hard also
      but the report is garbage and the talking heads no, no one save for a few are going to read it

    2. Correction- Human Rights Watch released their information (details of rockets, detailed photos and maps) on 10/09- Six days BEFORE the UN report- see here-

      Today on the BBC they have provided another map of the attack sites, though this time with alleged ranges and trajectories of the CW missiles- here

      Open both pages in their own windows and compare and contrast- some interesting omissions in terms of Syrian gov. and 'rebel' held/contested areas. A propaganda fail I think. Somebody somewhere really wants their war, and aren't that bothered as to the sophistication of their disinformation, that or they are just plain sloppy...

  3. The investigators' remit was limited to establishing whether bio-weapons had been used, yes or no, nothing more. Not where they came from, nothing else. The idea was that Assad's culpability was a given and the world would buy it. Mainstream media is careful not to mention anything about such nit-picking stuff like chain of evidence or oddities of the weapons sparing women, or the coincidence of children kidnapped weeks before Aug 21 and then children's corpses.... No, a yes or no answer on the use of bio-weapons was all they were required to give.

    1. I realize that.
      however the establishment of bio weapons is pretty shaky
      as the commenter above mentions a number of chems will leave organophosphates residuals in the blood, hair and skin.

      one part of the report the claims go between the identification of 'organophosphates'
      in some sentences and 'sarin' in other sentences

      this seems non credible for a report that is supposed to be done by professionals.

  4. Not trying to be rude here, what has happened to A.P. at twelfth bough? Ive sent messages and she doesn't respond. Where is she?


    1. questioning!

      I didn't want to leave the message way back because I am unsure if you regularly read here, so I was hoping you would be back.

      AP is on hiatus.
      I did let her know you had asked about her. She thanks you for your concern and is hoping to be back to blogging by the end of this year. She is ok, though.

  5. Whether we like it or not, a major war is coming, and while the effect on public opinion by anti-war protests against the Iraq invasion and the c*ck-block by the Russians will give the Imperium pause before it strikes- it will strike. The effects will be rapid and global, here in Europe we'll no doubt see a spike in inflation, fuel prices will rocket as Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz and the US occupies the Suez Canal, with all that that implies- power cuts too (add in Europe's dependence on Russian LNG) and we're looking at a very cold winter, which could lead to outbreaks of social unrest in poor communities, acts of terror by homegrown jihadists, revolt in areas with moderate muslim communities, followed by internment of 'subversives' and 'potential subversives'- peace activists, trade unionists and all and any leftists. In the UK one MP is not only pushing for the reintroduction of conscription (the Draft to you yanquis) through Parliament,but he's also calling for a 'national debate' on the niqab (veil)- coupled that with the activities of the Ultra-Nationalist, para-fascist EDL attempting to stir up religious and ethnic hatred ( a domestic instrument for foreign policy goals- to generate hate towards 'the other') and you can see we are being primed for a wider war- I just hope that the US's provocation of Russia and attempts to undermine their economic power won't turn into an exchange of thermonuclear ICBMs...There's no favourites here- Al-Ciada, the Dictator Assad, the authoritarian Putin, the elitist Etonian Cameron and the Corporate puppet Obama. We are powerless so long as so many of us remain asleep or oblivious to what is being done 'in our name'. The rich elites are our misfortune.

    1. We are powerless so long as so many of us remain asleep or oblivious to what is being done 'in our name'

      I am doing my darndest to wake people up!

  6. wikipedia has Japan sarin attack kiled 13 people...yet we have frm 300 to 1429 and beyond in syria!

    clearly something is not right

    1. hey brian
      lots of stuff is not right and you and i are on the frontlines of getting out the truth!

  7. Faked/staged/manipulated video evidence of Aug 21 attacks in Ghouta. (Contains images of dead children- deal with it or stick your head in the sand)based on report by Christian Nun in Syria (NB- Christian commnuity there is allied with Assad regime)

    Despite that fact the 'evidence as sited by Kerry et al. stinks to high heaven.

    Share widely.