Thursday, November 28, 2013

Canada cooperated with U.S. spying during G8 and G20

The Toronto Star headline does not accurately reflect the content of the article

"Canada knew US was spying" just doesn't do it for me. However, the news contained within is not a surprise! Considering the melding/harmonization of Canada and the US under numerous despicable ‘trade’ agreements moving towards the unyielding centralized power structure that will be the essence of the NAU.

The federal government let an American spy agency conduct surveillance in Canada during the G8 and G20 summits in 2010, the CBC reports.

Citing secret documents released by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, CBC reported Wednesday evening that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct a six-day operation, turning the American embassy in Ottawa into a security command post to spy as dozens of delegates flocked to Canada during the global summits in June 2010.

The documents said the U.S. plans for the G20 in Toronto were “closely co-ordinated with the Canadian partner” — Communications Security Establishment Canada, or CSEC — but do not reveal the targets of the surveillance, according to CBC’s report.

A spokesperson for the prime minister declined to comment on the report.

We do not comment on operational matters related to national security,” Jason MacDonald, Harper’s director of communications, told the Star in an email.   
 No comment? In other words, citizen, taxpayer, voter, you have not right to know!

“Our security organizations have independent oversight mechanisms to ensure that they fulfil their mandate in accordance with the law.”

MacDonald’s comment was echoed by a spokesperson for Communications Security Establishment Canada, who said they do not comment on the “operations or capabilities of Canada or our allies.”
 No comment? Again. How is that freedom and democracy working out for Canada and the US?
 Oh yah, it isn’t!

Lauri Sullivan said that the agency “does not target Canadians anywhere or any person in Canada through its foreign intelligence activities.

“CSEC cannot ask our international partners to act in a way that circumvents Canadian laws,” Sullivan said in an email.      
 Maybe they “cannot” ask but does that mean they don’t?

She said that all of the agency’s activities are subject to review by the CSE Commissioner, “who for 16 years has reported that CSEC continues to act lawfully in the conduct of its activities.”

As if the CSE commissioner would report anything different?
The documents released by Snowden don’t indicate what CSEC’s role was in spying on the G20 but the agency’s co-operation was vital to allowing access to telecommunications systems, CBC reported. The bulk of the document involves security details surrounding the protection of sites and leaders against potential terrorist threats.

Recently, Snowden documents suggested Canada worked with the U.S. and Britain to spy on high-powered attendees at the G20 Summit in London in 2009.

Another leak last month showed CSEC had been spying on Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy, a revelation that outraged the South American country.

Canada’s CSEC is part of a five-member spy organization called “Five Eyes,” consisting of parallel agencies in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia and Britain. It’s responsible for gathering foreign intelligence “from the global information infrastructure” that’s of interest to Canada, according to its website.
 Five very creepy, big brother, authoritarian. Still believing we are free in Canada?


  1. What about the "free" national press? This morning, there's no mention of this news in the Globe and Mail, National Post and La Presse Websites. They're afraid of what? Of whom?

    1. No G&M?
      Or National Post?
      At least TS reported on it, even though their headline "canada knew" was totally lame
      The contents make very clear Canada cooperated, complied and was complicit
      very different then just being aware of

  2. Heck, I could have broke this story while it was happening using the big brother concept of pre crime. We have a weak as water concept of what traitorous behaviour is.

  3. 'Canada cooperated with U.S. spying during G8 and G20'
    did the canadian regime have any choice? its not as if the leadership has any spirit, independence or character

    1. "its not as if the leadership has any spirit, independence or character"

      hammer meet nail
      you got it brian!