Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jeremy Scahill and Micheal Weiss: Birds of a feather flock together ?

Question: What do Michael Weiss and Jeremy Scahill have in common?
Answer: They both have a big beef with Mother Agnes and TRUTH.
Surprised ? You shouldn’t be.

Excerpts from  William M Boardman at Dissident Voice

Here’s what it looks like when a respected reporter tweets about his blackmail note to an established anti-war organization regarding the organization’s upcoming conference in a tweet on November 15:

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“I’ve informed organizers of @STWuk that I will not participate in their conference if Mother Agnes is on the platform.”
This change of heart on the part of Scahill came about due to twitter pressure??

RT: An ’Assad apologist’ speaking to a large audience in Britain?! Why, in the name of ‘free speech‘ and ‘democracy‘ it must not be allowed! We must Stop the Nun! Two 'A List’ speakers at the Stop the War event – Owen Jones and Jeremy Scahill were urged by Mother Agnes’ enemies via Twitter not to share a platform with the nun. ‘Dear Owen/Jeremy, do you know who you’re sharing a platform with?’ style tweets were sent. The two were sent links to articles attacking Mother Agnes.
And that is all it took for Mr Scahill and his pal Owen Jones to boycott an anti-war conference?
That's too dam easy. Jeremy Scahill meet Michael Weiss. Israeli mouthpiece extraordinaire. That is if you haven't already? You  both appear to have much in common
BTW: Michael Weiss gets around. He is everywhere.

Michael Weiss, editor-in-chief of the Interpreter, an online journal that translates Russian media into English, and a columnist for NOW Lebanon, said in an interview that Mother Agnes appears to support virtually every position held by the Assad regime. She has helped legitimize Assad’s propaganda campaign, which has portrayed him as the protector of Syrian minorities in the face of attacks by jihadists, he added.
Michael Weiss continues with his demonization/name calling, classic propaganda tactic

“It’s clearly a case of someone who doesn’t work so much with the Syrian regime as for them,” Weiss said.
No proof of that claim.

“The woman is a crackpot, but she’s a sinister crackpot,” he added. “She’s supporting what the world has come to understand as a mass-murdering, totalitarian regime, but she’s doing it under the cloak of a nun.”
No proof of that claim. Just Michael Weiss’s obvious name calling propaganda

“She has been co-opted by the Kremlin as a kind of mouthpiece for the regime’s propaganda,” Weiss said. “They love her take on the chemical weapons.”

He just keeps going and going “catapulting the (name calling) propaganda.

Name Calling

 The name-calling technique links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol. The propagandist who uses this technique hopes that the audience will reject the person or the idea on the basis of the negative symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence.
It is very difficult for me to believe that Jeremy Scahill, a' savvy reporter', would so easily succumb to a campaign of name calling on twitter. I just do not buy that simple narrative.

According to the Dissident voice author- French reporters have written a book linking Mother Agnes to the death of a French cameraman in Homs.

 “French reporters have written a book accusing her of conspiring with the government to kill another French reporter  in 2012. She has sued the authors for libel”

The French cameraman? This was a tale I knew. Having blogged on the news surrounding  the French cameraman’s death at that time. The way the reporting was handled, vague, giving as little details as possible in order to put forth the standard western propaganda meme-
Cameraman from france 2 television dies

Also refresh your memory via a link from

 It was pretty obvious, or plainly obvious,  the western backed mercenary rebels  killed the cameraman necessitating the goulish body snatching by France. Damage control.

The dissident voice piece closes:

Mother Agnes is currently on a six-week speaking tour in North America, largely ignored by most media. In Cleveland on November 14, she received a special peace award from the mayor, a congressman, and a senator. The tour ends December 4.
Jeremy Scahill has yet to explain his own behavior, but columnist Neil Clark, writing for Russia Today, blames “liberal hawks and neo-cons” for silencing the nun because:

    Mother Agnes’ testimony reveals that the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is a sham – that in Syria, the western countries and their regional allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel, are on the same side as the extremist Islamic terror groups that we are told are our greatest enemies.

The war on terror is a sham. It is obvious. Jeremy Scahill will never explain his behaviour. He doesn’t have to. He is part of the war machine. He sucks at the teat of a faux news outlet “Democracy Now”  passes nonsense off as sense at other lefty gatekeeping media outlets.
Jeremy Scahill and Michael Weiss. Can you see a difference? I can't see a difference. When it comes to promoting propaganda and pushing the war agenda there is no difference


  1. We must endure every single day the vision of that bunch of crackpots, neocons and likudniks, but no way we are allowed to hear dissident voices. I'm fed up with that.

  2. Not dissident voices, to negative in the connotation for the masses

    I prefer voices of reason, rationality, peace and humanity

    But, isn't it amazing that all these persons such as Scahill & Weiss truly do promote the NATO/Israel war agenda? Presented slightly differently, but, still the same goal

  3. problems with Boardman and Dissident Voice on syrias government: in an otherwise decent defence of Mother Agnes we find this:

    'What makes her controversial to people around Stop the War Coalition is their perception of her as a supporter of the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. Clear reasoning behind this perception is hard to come by. The reality for Christians in Syria is that their choice of friends is limited: the government represses them along with everyone else, but some rebel groups have taken to massacring Christians. With rebel groups numbering 1,000 or more, none is likely to be a reliable protector.'

    reality? ask any syria christian: the syrian govt does not repress them or anyone barring the terrorists. The'rebe groups...aka alqaeda affiliates consist of most other nationlas bar are they 'rebels'?
    People who read that will conclude it must be true.

    Mother Agnes criticises thesyrian govt...but what do we find when she writes: 'But I am shocked to learn from Amnesty International that in the hospitals run by the government '

    how trustworthy is Amnesty?
    Boardman is as misled as Scahill

    1. Amnesty is not trustworthy. Not anymore then HRW is?
      And yes, the paragraph from Boardman you quoted is silly also.
      I haven't seen information about Syrian troops/gov repressing the christians
      He too was sticking to the western propaganda meme regarding Syria
      However, his defence of Mother Agnes was quite good. Especially considering the drubbing she has been taking for talking truth.

      Misled? I don't know brian. I can't believe that scahill and boardman for that matter have not figured out the destabilization game at this point in time
      It is simply inconceivable to me?
      They have the means They have the resources. They have the contacts
      etc., They should have some knowledge of history?

  4. A person has to go pretty low to beat up on a nun.

    I prefer voices of reason, rationality, peace and humanity

    Bless you for that kind thought, but the ghouls running and ruining everything don't respond to kindness.

    1. Hi Greg!
      "the ghouls running and ruining everything don't respond to kindness"

      nor compassion. or love.
      Just control, dominance and money.
      out of whack humans?

  5. btw
    Michael Weiss is cojoined with so many groups, think tanks and more
    I doubt I could list them all
    He is , generally associated with the self labelled right/neo cons
    Director of the Henry Jackson Society

    Writes for the Telegraph
    Associated with all the outfits mentioned in the post above
    I have come across his writings on numerous occasions
    It was interesting that both Scahill (left) and Weiss(right) had the exact same beef

  6. My computer suffers in efficiency via my lack of ability to jump through all the hoops needed.
    Hence I came again this morning early and typed up a comment about -unmentionable- jeremy scahill character and my observance of him over some time.

    I even did the link html and then when I tried to post it the damn thing froze on me.
    All that info on ( You rightly charged him ) arse (take out hte CA (calif) and you get )
    Shill "personality"
    An old term but quite fitting today of these "people" who represent the status quo

    Anyhow, I wanted to give you the link to Pepe Escobar's Op-Ed at RT
    and his link ( very gracious of him btw ) at Saker's blog and Asia Times website.

    All that time and typing was lost
    I have a love / hate relationship w/ internet

    growing on hate more than love
    feel more an more I'm wasting y time trying to fix a centuries old zionist agenda even though I spend hours a day trying to figure out, but am unable to reach people to make any darn difference

    I ramble and should stop trying to even disgus things w/ the bloggisphere who at times plays the elitist game even.

    Why? what does that benefit I wonder?

    don't publish this Penny... please
    I'm only chasing rainbows and feeling insignificant at the end of the day
    I'm human

    1. Hi Karin

      I published this before reading to the end. I can only see a limited amount of the comment via bloggers moderation.
      and I hated to delete it after I did read it
      Forgive me for not respecting your wishes

      I loved the comment. Because it is so human. That is what made it so special. That is what makes the comments all so special.
      All the humans here, trying to make the world better for other humans.
      Not the ptb's passing themselves off as humans who pretend they have our best interests at heart.
      They don't.
      They have their best interests in mind, servitude to the elite banking/corporate scum. The type that never hesitated to see other people's energy as theirs for the taking.

      Instead there is us,ordinary humans trying to alter the course of humanity
      Isn't this exactly what all real humans should be doing. Participating. With love and kindness in their hearts. Chasing rainbows.

      But never insignificant karin. Never. Every single real human person is significant. I learned that lesson. And not in an easy fashion, either.
      you have already caught the rainbow karin.
      And have the pot of gold to boot!
      enjoy the treasure :)

  7. - In #Aleppo massive demonstration for SAA

    if ever someone tells you that 'brutal tyrant' Assad and the syrian army are crushing syrians and need the help of the FSA or USA to cdome to their the videos like this

    i never see videos showing massive throngs of syrians cheering the FSA/aljusra/ISIS

    be nice to have english subtitles tho


  8. 'assad apologist'

    so no head of state is allowed any support by his people? so there can be no Obama apologist, no Harper Cameron apologist etc etc

    accordingly there is no govt on earth to be trusted....why have govt at all?

    1. .why have govt at all?

      good question for another time. IMO we don't need big centralized tyrannical governments....
      But, for the Syrians. It is entirely up to them as a group and they do seem to support the government they have
      And do not support the puppet gov that is being inflicted upon them