Monday, December 2, 2013

Canada to file claim to dramatically extend Arctic boundaries

This article is interesting for a number of reasons, but, I will focus on three of them-
Feel free to comment on what ever it is you think about this move.

1st: Looking at the map, I would almost wonder why the US didn't make this claim?
Or is Canada making this claim as an expansion of the NAU?

2nd: I will highlight the fact that all this Arctic ice had to be dealt with to undertake this mapping. In direct contrast to all the AGW spin informing us that the Arctic is devoid of ice. Yet, whenever one reads an article that is not pushing the AGW perception management, lo and behold the Arctic has ice and a lot of it!

3rd: Is this claim to dramatically extend Canada's Arctic boundaries part of the encirclement of Russia agenda? As part of the NATO war machine?

Some time this week, Canada is expected to make its case to the world to dramatically expand its boundaries by an area equivalent to the size of all three Prairie provinces.

Canada's deadline is Friday to apply to a United Nations commission for exclusive rights to what is likely to be another 1.7 million square kilometres of Arctic seafloor. The application under the Convention on the Law of the Sea will be the culmination of a decade of work and more than $200 million in public money.

The lines on the map will have been drawn by scores of scientists working everywhere from Ottawa labs to ice camps off the northern shores of Ellesmere Island, peering under the stormy black waters to discern the shape and composition of sea floor thousands of metres below.

The effort required more than a dozen icebreaker voyages, as well as trips by helicopters, airplanes and an unmanned, remote-controlled submarine that spent days under the ice.

 A dozen icebreakers. Days spent under the ice.

With the co-operation of three Arctic neighbours — Denmark, Russia and the United States — more than 18,000 kilometres of sea-floor data was collected from a part of the globe less familiar than the surface of the moon.

"It was a huge effort and enormously challenging," said Michael Byers, an expert on Arctic and international law at the University of British Columbia.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea governs which nations exert what kinds of controls over their surrounding waters. In addition to the 22-kilometre territorial waters and the 370-kilometre exclusive economic zones, coastal countries are allowed to claim additional sea floor if they can show their continental shelf extends beyond the economic zone.

Canada has previously released maps on the likely boundaries of its claim. Russia filed its claim in 2002 and Denmark released its last week.

The U.S. has not signed the convention, but has agreed to follow most of its articles. Its boundary dispute with Canada involves the exclusive economic zone and doesn't directly impact Friday's claim.

Conflicts are likely to be few. One calculation puts the amount of overlap between claims at a mere 75,000 square kilometres out of millions and millions.

Rob Huebert, an Arctic expert at the University of Calgary, will be watching to see if Canada stretches its claim past the North Pole. The geologic justification — an undersea mountain range called the Lomonosov Ridge that stretches north from Ellesmere Island — is there, he said.

"I don't think there's something magical that stops (the claim) at the North Pole," he said.

Canadian officials have acknowledged mapping flights over the top of the world and into Russia's claim, which does stop at the pole.
But Byers said there's no evidence that Canada has collected the kind of data it would need to challenge Russia.
Perhaps Canada was collecting other evidence? Or data?
"We may have some small overlaps in the middle, but for the most part there will not be any overlap between the Russian submission on the one side and the Canadian and Danish submissions on the other," he said.
It all depends on how valuable Canadian officials think that real estate is, said Huebert.

"Maybe it's simply not worth it. Maybe we said, 'You know what, for the sake of international peace and stability, it's not important. We'll only do our science up to that and that will be the basis of our claim.'

"(But) it means we didn't go as far as we could."

Whether or not Canada will claim the North Pole, a decision on its fate is still probably 20 years off. Just checking the science on Canada's claim will likely take five years, said Huebert.

And there isn't any particular rush, said Byers. These claims cover some of the remotest and harshest points on the planet and commercial exploitation of resources is a long ways off.

But just getting to the point where countries have filed claims is a triumph, he said.

"In this former Cold War frontier we have an agreed set of rules. That has a huge payoff."

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  1. I am going to try to get another post up today, since, I see tomorrow as a non blogging day

  2. Penny,
    I read this yesterday and started to comment. Our minds think alot at times, only you are more analytical, disciplined.

    PressTV has this up today about the Artic.
    US military buildup in Arctic irks Putin
    lol you bet your sweet bippy it does !! :))

    Before Canada and US threw their paperwork to the UN on the Artic and who 'owns' what recently, Russia was one step ahead of them. Small article of no mention by 'mst, I tweeted it tho, because, like you, I saw the implications.

    A stratigical and resource rich area they sure don't want Russia to get. This is why too, they are bringing in Norway, Finland, and Sweden into the 'NATO family'. The jewish 'multiculturism' in Finland especially has brought discord and radical bases and funding right at another door to Russia.

    Oh how the jews hate Mother Russia still. Few know that Vladmire Putin has a degree in International Law. I sure hope that the seeds of dissent being sewn in Russia don't poison the people enough to get him outted. It will be the death of Russia again if so. In my opinion.

    I do rattle on when the coffee takes hold :)
    thanks for the ear

    1. Thanks Karin

      Will read it.
      I was wondering where all the 'greenpeacers' are
      protesting the Russian capture of certain greenpeacers
      "hands off our arctic" and all that
      what do they think is really going on?
      do they understand that Canada along with the US are undertaking this for resource exploitation and war making

      useless placard waving that simply feeds the NATO agenda only displays the gullibility of people, too bad

  3. I'll put this here, as we are into NATO games and territorial boundries etc.

    One of my favorite ppl today on the stage is Lavrov. What an interesting man and another top choice for Russia interests. Sometimes he has this 'cat ate the mouse' look on his face that just cracks me up, but other times, he really can be stern and I know, and it seems they do also, that you don't push him too hard then.

    NATO, US Afghan missions must have solid legal basis after 2014 - Lavrov

    He has that 'cat' look and take a good look at that pic with the younger ppl heads turned with smiles on their faces. Probably wasn't taken today, and is a stock photo, but it says SO much.

    That's a great article and lets you know that Russia has no intention of being railroaded by either the UN or NATO. They are full aware of the dirty games, but are taking advantage, along with China, of their status and are going to MAKE the UN work the way "it was supposed to".

    Gosh I love this part of living today and seeing Russia bitch-slap these warmongers.

    I know U will enjoy that article and his comments, priceless