Monday, December 30, 2013

Male bomber behind blast # 2 in Russia's Volgagrad


Another day in Volgograd. Another bombing. Gotta admit this morning's news was surprising even to me.
Very brazen, two bombing in 24 hours.  (First one: Man and/or woman likely to be involved in Volgograd terror bombing) Something that we have read about in Syria, sure.
But then is Russia so different then Syria, really? Superficially the similarities may not seem obvious
But looking a little deeper ,we see lots of commonalities
Both countries, along with others, are on the  NATO 'to do list':
4.Divide to conquer.
Clearly some entity is working through the list. Yesterday's post ended with the observation that these types of attacks are not the work of the mythological 'lone gunman'
 "In my opinion this was not the work of one bomber. That never seems to be the case."
 Or the 'black widow'. Which is a whole lot of nonsense, bullshit and spin. A black widow is simply a female soldier. A female mercenary. Having her 'liberation' Let's just call it what it is and dispense of the word games. At least that is what I intend to do with these manipulations of the thought processes which lead to a manipulation of the mind.

Emergency services working at the site of the blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd.

 Thanks HHQ, you have saved me from writing this all up

[Bandar] also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord. Bandar allegedly stated, “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us”. Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off. “These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.” Link here: Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria

Of course the brute Bandar Bush and this previous meeting crossed my mind yesterday.
As HHQ correctly noted the Saudis and Israelis work hand and glove.

View of wreckage of trolley bus

Monday, December 30
06:25 GMT: Burns and multiple traumas have been sustained by the victims of the trolley blast. Moscow is standing by to receive more wounded, if the need arises, health ministry spokeswoman Veronika Skvortsova told RIA Novosti.
06:18 GMT: FSB director, Aleksandr Botnikov, has been ordered by the President to fly to the scene, RIA Novosti reports.
06:20 GMT: The situation is being handled effectively - no shortage in medicine has been reported and efforts by emergency services are proving to be quite effective.
06:16 GMT: The number of fatalities varies from at least 10 to 15 at this point, as official sources differ on the matter.
06:13 GMT: Ministry of Health spokesperson said a child has been badly injured and is in critical condition.
06:06 GMT: The Emergencies Ministry has strongly tightened security in Volgograd. Teams of psychologists and other doctors are also being dispatched to the scene of the blast, the ministry reported. Their plane is to leave Moscow at 10:30AM local time.
06:00 GMT: "We are terrified. Everyone disembarked from buses and trams to walk on foot. I live 200 meters away from that place, I was just passing it on my way to work," Sergey Stukalov, an eyewitness, told RIA Novosti.
Sergey also said that the blast occurred on the No.15 trolley route, connecting a suburb to Volgograd's downtown area.
Members of the emergency services work at the site of a bomb blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd December 30, 2013. (Reuters / Sergei Karpov)Members of the emergency services work at the site of a bomb blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd December 30, 2013. (Reuters / Sergei Karpov)
05:55 GMT: Panic has spread on Twitter, describing yet another blast - this time in a busy tram. However, the rumors have since been proven false.
05:50 GMT: "The people are in a state of shock and bewilderment. A second terrorist attack in two days....a third in recent months. I was there 15 minutes after the explosion occurred," Artem Tolkachev, an eyewitness, told Life News.
05:43 GMT: The death toll from the blast has risen to 15 people, with a further 23 receiving injuries, the Volgograd Region's vice-governor Vasiliy Galushin told Interfax.
05:41 GMT: "The emergency services have reacted very swiftly. All those injured have been taken to hospitals, as their identities are being determined," he said.
05:37 GMT: According to witness reports to ITAR-TASS, there were many students on the bus.
"There was a loud 'pop', then a flash, everything was enveloped in smoke," one female witness said, describing the sudden realization.
05:34 GMT: The Investigative Committee now puts the number of injured at 15.
05:30 GMT: In describing the character of the blast, ITAR-TASS law enforcement sources have said that it appears to be a suicide attack, "judging from the body fragments characteristic of such a bombing."
05:28 GMT: President Vladimir Putin has met with the head of Russia's FSB, Aleksandr Bortnikov, who has briefed him on the situation, the Kremlin press office reported.
05:25 GMT:
05:23 GMT: The Investigative Committee's spokesman has informed the press the incident is being treated as an act of terror.
05:21 GMT: Bodies were seen scattered next to the vehicle, which has been split nearly in half by the powerful blast, which took place as the trolley was passing one of the city's busy markets.
05:17 GMT: Police are currently at the scene investigating.
05:00 GMT: Authorities have reason to believe the trolley blast may also be a terrorist act, as the signature closely matches the one witnessed in yesterday's railway station bombing, the Investigative Committee told RIA Novosti
05:00 GMT: A trolley bus blast has claimed 10 lives in Volgograd, just one day after 17 lives were lost in the city's railway station explosion in a suicide bombing.

Incoming left a comment referencing historical happenings
Thanks Incoming!

70 years since Operation Ulusy, to the day. I wonder if Stalingrad was the main railhead.
Stalingrad. That's right. Volgograd was Stalingrad and before that Tsaritsyn.

Another terror attack in Russia. A trolley bus also used by tourists blast in the Russian city of Volgograd has killed at least 10 people, emergencies services reported. The explosion comes a day after a terrorist attack in the city killed 10 people and injured scores of others.

Volgograd ,formerly called Tsaritsyn from 1589–1925 and Stalingrad is an important industrial city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast, Russia
The city became famous for its resistance, as well as the extensive physical damage and death toll it suffered during the Battle of Stalingrad against the German Army in World War II. Since February 2013, the city's name is to be commemorated as Stalingrad six days each year.

Why mention this historical stuff ? If there is one thing I have learned, in the years since I have had this blog going, is that history repeats. For the simple reason that people are largely unaware of actual history, since it has been rewritten, covered over and altered to fit specific agendas.

So, we could wonder if there is some type of symbolism or message attached to this location?

Male suicide bomber believed behind blast in Russia's Volgograd that killed 14 

 Russian investigators said they believe a male suicide bomber carried out an attack that killed at least 14 people on a trolleybus in the southern city of Volgograd on Monday.

"It is now possible to preliminarily say that the explosive device was set off by a suicide bomber - a man whose body fragments have been collected and sent for genetic testing," the federal Investigative Committee said in a statement.

 “Terrorists in Volgograd "
The police force in Volgograd has been depleted in recent months as some 600 officers were redeployed to Sochi to tighten security around Olympic sites, a local police officer said.

More attacks can be expected before the Olympics and cities in southern Russia where the Games are not being held are easier targets than Sochi, said Alexei Filatov, deputy head of the veterans’ association of the elite Alfa anti-terrorism unit.

“The threat is greatest now because it is when terrorists can make the biggest impression,” he said. “The security measures were beefed up long ago around Sochi, so terrorists will strike instead in these nearby cities like Volgograd.”

A city of about 1 million, Volgograd is one of the venues for the 2018 soccer World Cup, another high-profile sports event Putin has helped Russia win the right to stage, and which will bring thousands of foreign fans to cities around Russia.
Sunday’s attack was the deadliest to strike Russia’s heartland since January 2011, when a male suicide bomber from the North Caucasus killed 37 people in the arrivals hall of a busy Moscow airport.
Digression:   January 2011. Ah yes.... I recall that news.
Suspect in Moscow Airport bombing, reported dead months ago?!
KavKaz found that post interesting. I couldn't say why? 
 Investigators initially said a woman set off the bomb that filled the front of the railway station building with a massive orange fireball on Sunday, but later said the bomber could have been a man.
As I mentioned in yesterday's post- It seemed the woman 'acting suspicious' was the distraction and the man was the bomber.

 Let us all hope, for the civilians going about their day, that bad things do not come in 3's
Update: Volgagrad bombings terror message to Russia?


  1. Khodorkovsky crowd seeks political capital out of Volgograd bombing #shameful
    Khodorkovsky Center ‏@mbk_center 12m
    Putin's response to back-to-back #Volgograd bombings has been indifferent, but a slow fuse is burning. - @Bershidsky

    1. from what I read today the response has been ramped up
      If it seemed 'indifferent'... it is all in the spin
      Russia has had so many of these types of attacks they do loose there impact after a while which is why the Israeli/Saudi mercenaries of the chechen ilk ramped it up with a second attack
      waiting to see if they will try a third???

  2. The final, ominous tweets of Mohamad Chatah Max Fisher A tweet sent hours before his death warned Hezbollah would try to control Lebanon

    From the SEC filing of twitter
    "People are at the heart of Twitter. We have already achieved significant global scale, and we continue to grow. We have more than 230 million monthly active users, or MAUs, and more than 100 million daily active users, spanning nearly every country. Our users include millions of people from around the world, as well as influential individuals and organizations, such as world leaders, government officials, celebrities, athletes, journalists, sports teams, media outlets and brands. Our users create approximately 500 million Tweets every day. In the three months ended September 30, 2013, we had 52.7 million average MAUs in the United States and 179.0 million average MAUs in the rest of the world, which represent increases of 30% and 41%, respectively, from the three months ended September 30, 2012. For additional information on how we calculate the number of MAUs and factors that can affect this metric, see the section titled “Industry Data and Company Metrics.”

    hmm for all the hype about Twitter, their base - other than the Kardassholes - is almost entirely outside the US?

    An incredible coincidence the anti assad Lebanon minister's tweets?

    Hez accuses outside forces of disrupting govt formation and warns that delaying energy auctions will inure to Israel

    Iran threatens to flood oil market as it returns to 4 million barrels production regardless of price - KSA can't like that

    Assad assaulting Aleppo in relentless bombardments

    Hariri rejects UN investigator (subcontractor?) allegation former assassinated security chief avoided convoy and directed convoy on one of three routes..the one housing the underground explosives..

    Israel threatens unilateral demarcation of maritime zone

    Israel threatens another short and decisive war

    Lebanon army threatens harsh retaliation for any violation of sov.

    Russia signs Syria exploration deal

    Then the Lebanon rocket fire into Israel (similar timeline to August events)

    Yest'd Saudi arms deal

    UN trial of Hariri alleged Hez conspirators starts in Jan

    1. OH yes, the lebanon rocket fire in Israel
      how convenient
      hubby read an interesting article on that yesterday and did I save it?
      let's see... didn't dammit!
      I know Israel 'over responded' as usual..

      the rockets had zero to do with Hezbollah
      these were fired by Israel's Islamic toady boys
      and Israel was ready to let them rip

      and just in time for the Hariri freak show to start at the UN
      along with the tweets before that guy died in the bombing
      or what are alleged to be his tweets
      It reeks of psy op

  3. I'm borrowing some of this!

    - Aangirfan

  4. Replies
    1. I noticed that at Aangs place
      but, didn't pay attention to why this was being included
      That post is from October of this year
      And concerns the earlier bombing in Volgagrad

    2. Oops, I didn't notice the date before I linked. Curious all the same.

  5. An excellent interview with James Corbett. Full marks for him in mentioning the Saudis and Bandar Bush's threat of terrorism. And full marks to RT for broadcasting it.

    1. hey james

      ya James Corbett got a lot of info out in a small bit of time
      always good!

  6. Cheers for the highlight Penny. Glad I wasn't the only one who sussed that out. I noticed today a number of sites (all non MSM) who put the finger square on the most glaring of culprits. Can't wait to see what Putin cooks up for that shit-sorry lot.

    False Flag terrorist bombings are the most cowardly act in the world, and the fact that the major world players covertly utilise this cheap façade, belies just how criminal their enterprise truly is. I always advise people who want to learn about the world and government, to simply watch the Godfather trilogy. At its heart all these bastards are, are nothing more than sanctified gangsters running mobs.

  7. beware: Hizb ut-Tahrir
    Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) with its smarmy ways sees itself as establishing the universal caliphate, whether the rest of us like it or not...#verydangerous

    'What comes after the Syrian regime then? The leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir seems certain that the regime will fall and an Islamic Caliphate state will emerge. Baba believes that the regime has lost its power. “Its extreme violence and the use of military power are nothing but an announcement of the end.” The party was not surprised by the degree of violence, “but by the high spirits of the people and the mujahedeen.”

    Hizb ut-Tahrir “is not a religious party but a political party and the caliphate system is a political system,” Baba adds. “This system has restrictions that can not be violated whereas the democratic system has no restrictions.” Here, there is “hala and haram,” what is religiously permitted and what is religiously banned and that’s it.

    Baba believes that the solution to the sectarian and confessional conflicts in Syria is the caliphate system, where there is no difference between Muslims – Sunni and Shias.'
    read carefully, it can be seen that the fall of Assad would open syria to a lot of conflicting religious (or as he says 'political') opportunists! Chaos would ensue

  8. Hizb ut-Tahrir recruits for jihad in europe and elsewhere:

    'For the U.S. and Western countries, the returning jihadists pose the biggest long-term concern of the Syrian civil war, the official said. Governments are rushing to counter the new terror threat.

    "We monitor very closely people seeking to travel [to Syria]—and also people traveling back—because of the potential risk they may pose upon their return to the U.K.," said Britain's security minister James Brokenshire.'

    'Recruited through a network of mosques across Europe, these jihadists then make the pilgrimage to safe houses in southern Turkey, where they prepare to cross the border into Syria's battlefields.

    The recruiting efforts in Europe's mosques aim for Muslim youth with clean records who aren't on the radar of intelligence services. This makes it easier for them to return home later, the European diplomat said.

    An international Islamic group, Hizb al Tahrir, is at the center of this recruitment in Europe, Western officials say. The group is particularly strong in the U.K. and Denmark, the European diplomat said.

    "They create small groups and form a strong sense of group cohesion with a leader in the middle…surrounded by young, aspiring jihadists," the European diplomat said.

    They also show videos and photos of the war's human toll for emotional appeal.

  9. the death of socialism: once again proving wrong men may take the right way, and the right way becomes the wrong way

    irish socialist workers party : clueless or malign? attack president Putin with tweets
    SWP Ireland @IrelandSWP 13m
    Putins reign of terror produces suicide attacks. #chechnya #volgograd..
    this is a level of nastiness even Netanyahu didnt stoop to

    now who do SWP want to be president of Russia? Khodokovsky?

  10. Gee, more Jew-nazi falseflag terrorism, what a surprise...

    вот так

  11. Bandar-controlled terrorists threaten Russia

    I cannot believe that the Saudis are operating independently of the US in this matter.