Thursday, December 19, 2013

Turkish PM Erdogan threatened/challenged by Fethullah Gulen?

Very, very curious. I have long felt there is something, can’t quite put my finger on it, going on in Turkey.
Turkey is an interesting nation. Lots of coups. A military largely externally controlled.
Similar, very similar to Egypt.
Did Erdogan get too comfy?  Is Erdogan not wanting to see Turkey balkanized for a Kurdish state?
Are we witnessing a narrative change? One I have mentioned in numerous previous posts? From Arab Spring to 'terrorism' fighting or otherwise?

Fethullah Gulen. What about Fethullah Gulen? Someone who reeks of ties to western intelligence

Remember this interview? I had it posted previously. It’s time to give it a relisten if you did then or catch it now for the first time. Fethullah Gulen gets some good coverage

Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (born 27 April 1941) is a Turkish writer,[3] former imam [4] and preacher [4] and Islamic opinion leader. He is the founder of the Gülen movement. He currently lives in a self-imposed exile in Saylorsburg,[5][6][7] Pennsylvania, USA.

 Gulen who is in a ‘self-imposed exile’ in Pennsylvania, USA????

Now onto the news that the future of Turkish PM Erdogan may be in question

Two of Turkey’s most influential figures are in the middle of a power struggle that could pose a serious challenge to the rule of its Prime Minister.

The country is gripped by its biggest corruption scandal in recent history. But many see the investigation as the first punch in the “ugly divorce” between the two leaders of Turkey’s Muslim electorate: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the exiled Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, who heads a powerful religious movement in Turkey and is seen as holding sway over the police force.
A religious movement in Turkey? From his home in Pennsylvania? 

It began with a series of dawn arrests on Tuesday. The sons of three cabinet ministers were detained by police. A little while later, Turkey’s state-run Halkbank was raided and its chief executive detained. By Wednesday evening, 52 people connected in some way to Mr Erdogan were also held. The raids and detentions are reportedly being led by Zekeriya Oz, a police commissioner said to be sympathetic to the Gulen movement. The suspects are accused of accepting and facilitating bribes to secure building permits for protected areas, the Turkish media reported. Mr Erdogan’s government hit back at the corruption investigation by dismissing 43 senior police officers for “abusing their power” – among them Huseyin Capkin, Istanbul’s police chief.

Those arrested are casualties in an acrimonious feud between Mr Erdogan and Mr Gulen that erupted when Mr Erdogan’s party announced plans to transform Turkey’s prep schools – many of which are administered by the Gulen movement. The changes would deprive the movement of revenue and influence.

Mr Gulen, a charismatic Muslim preacher who has lived in exile since 1999, has widespread support in the Turkish judiciary and police force. He allied with Mr Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the early 2000s and was instrumental in helping him win three elections. Over the past decade, they have worked together to reduce the influence of the Turkish military.

Gulenists hold considerable sway and insight in the workings of the party. Ahmet Sik, a journalist who was imprisoned for writing a book about Mr Gulen, describes his movement as “ghosts: they are everywhere and nowhere”. His influence in the Turkish police and legal system is seen by many as a threat to Mr Erdogan’s power. The recent feud between Mr Erdogan and Mr Gulen has raised the question of who has the support of Turkey’s Muslim majority – a potent question months before Turks are set to go to the polls.

Speaking on Tuesday after the first round of arrests, Mr Erdogan blamed “dark circles” for the investigation and hinted at an anti-government conspiracy. “They can use whatever ugly methods they like or turn to dirty alliances,” he said. “Neither the nation nor we will give permission to those who seek to settle their scores outside the ballot box.”

Though he claims support of about 50 per cent of the electorate, analysts have suggested the scandal may damage Mr Erdogan’s chances in elections next year. “AKP’s election campaigns are all based on mega-construction projects and relentless development. The same government is now being accused of having established a system of corruption in these very sectors,” said Yasar Adanali, a sociologist.


  1. Erdogan will fall because he was close to the Muslim Bros in Egypt and forced Nethanyahoo to apologize for the killing of Turks on that boat. Likudniks want their revenge and they'll get it.

  2. nice article, Mr Erdogan knows all about “dark circles”

  3. Penny,
    I caught this out of the gate also. Turkey's centuries old history willl never be washed clean. Erdogan and Gulen ? Gulen will win and with US backing all the way.
    Just recently ran across info of his part in the dispersal of all that Afghan Heroin. He unloads the bulk of it. Have to remember to look that info up. He has his hands in plenty of dirt and for an old man, he keeps on giving it seems.
    More on Turkey later.

    Came by quickly to drop off aang's pedaphilia article today. Certain areas this person excels occassionally and today is one.
    Negroponte ( our friend Robert Ford is back in the Syria picture, btw ) is right in the pedophilia nest of bottom feeders in Gov and beyond.
    Down in the article where Schwartz and Krishner are discussed


  4. sorry about a second drive throuogh, but Sharmine Narwani has a new article today and with the ME just getting more of a powder keg, thought I should drop it by also.

    "Security Arc" forms amidst Mideast terror

    Assad evidently recently stated Saudi KSA is enemy #1, but of course we know that vaulted place is reserved to isreal deep in the hearts of MENA.

    All this Saudis did this and saudis did that stuff coming out leads me to think they are set for a big fall to shield growing dislike for isreal's dirty deeds. Growing daily are the claims that these inbred idiots are indeed masterminds of all skullduggery practically and even 9/11 !!

    Who would have thunk it ;^)

  5. The Chinese missile buy may have been the ultimate tell. Or the Q4 crash in Florida that shut down the highway in the wake of their own F4 loss.

    The common thread through the Brazil article and the recent purge - recall Erdogan swapped out his security detail last year - is the very overt reference to an outside organization looking to ignite tensions. The Energy tensions visavis US policy in Iraq are palpable. Now with Hayden coming out and all but saying that an ongoing Assad tenure is probably the best scenario Ergodan has got to see the writing on the wall - especially if the Kissinger Syria breakup plan is pursued with any vigor. Recent statement coming from Kurd factions inside Syria appear to be following the path carved in Iraq.

    It would seem that the Israeli/Saudi axis is turning their sights to Lebanon where important energy auctions are slated to occur in early 2014 (insofar as they bring into focus the Tamar fields and Israeli first mover take) . Israel is building up its offshore assets with patrol boats (German?) and more diesel submarines (German). They just got expedited Ospreys from the US in return for? Iran payoff?

    The Hariri faction just got hit with an article quoting a former UN official on the investigative team highlighting that the recently assassinated security Chief (Oct-12) had bowed out of the convoy and explicitly requested that the convoy take one of three routes. Hariri called the accusations preposterous, from his home in Saudi Arabia/France.

    The investigator worked for the original prosecutor (who also presided over the Berlin disco bombings) Detlev Mehlis. At the time of the bombing in Lebanon Jeff Feltman was the ambassador. He is now undersecretary for political affairs at the UN but spent time in Iraq circa 2004 and State. The trials of the Hez operative indicted are set to begin in Jan, which will surely have uniting effect iside Lebanon as they push for a coalition gov't

    Hezbollah just said this past week that Israel will pay for its (Saudi?) recent assassination.

    Lebanon looks to be on the brink as a united gov't pursuing a uniform energy policy raises to many questions.

  6. Greetings Penny,

    I refer to the CIA backed Gulen movement in my following blog commentary about the Tsarnayev brothers and Islamic terrorism:

    And here is an article about Gulen from the Canada Free Press:

  7. thanks Arevordi and karin and everyone else
    still kitchen reno-ing
    getting closer...