Tuesday, January 28, 2014

US invokes holocaust in Syria aid spat with Russia

How low can you go? How low can you go.............
Samantha Power- pathetic

Samantha Power - Remind you of anyone?

When the hand you hold is a loser. The holocaust card can always be played.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations has called on Russia to use its influence with the Syrian regime to help get humanitarian aid to the besieged city of Homs.
Tense negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition entered their fifth day Tuesday, focusing on the transfer of power and helping besieged parts of Homs.
The emphasis on Homs and release of detainees are meant as confidence-building measures. A tentative agreement was reached in Geneva over the weekend for the evacuation of women and children trapped in Homs before aid convoys go in. Central Homs has been under siege for nearly two years.
U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, in a speech during international Holocaust commemoration day on Monday, said that just as Russian soldiers liberated Auschwitz in 1945, "the world again needs Russia to use its influence, this time to ensure that food reaches the desperate and starving people imprisoned in besieged Homs, Yarmouk, the Damascus suburbs and elsewhere."

"The horrors of the Holocaust have no parallel but the world continues to confront crimes that shock the conscience," Power said during an event where film director Steven Spielberg gave a keynote address and a survivor of the Nazi genocide also spoke. "In October, the Security Council spoke with a united voice about the need for action to address the humanitarian devastation in Syria. There are people who are imprisoned in their own neighborhoods." "They need food desperately and yet food cannot reach them because the regime will not allow it."

Oh, I can think of plenty of parallels, but, let's pretend the Holocaust (TM) is the only one that counts.
So valued for so many reasons:
Crushing free speech
Playing the victim card
And let's not forget- Used to traumatize young Israeli's- I saved this one knowing the time would be right to use it!   'Holocaust journeys' can cause mental health problems

Think of the value in traumatizing the populace. Fear and trauma allows for mass manipulation and ease of control

Back to the invocation of the high holy holocaust meme
Russia's mission to the UN criticized Power for bringing the Holocaust into the Syria issue.
"We regard such analogies as entirely inappropriate," said Alexei Zaitsev, a spokesman for the mission, in an e-mail.
 And these are inappropriate analogies. But, Samantha Power has always shown herself to be willing to stoop to the way down low level.
Sick. Considering the US and Israeli involvement in the ruin of Syria. Absolutely sick!


  1. Actually, these theatrics are quite du jour for these greatest crime of the universe and all time, inheritors. I am a bit of a fan of the Russians but it is hard to believe the players, in any of these set piece, news generating confabs.


  2. Even Memri can be useful ! This Muslim spokesman sees Islam as having a divine right to supersede nation states and he advocates war on Syria because he believes the media lies about what is happening on Syria . He manages to be both rational, in the interview, and insane in a way only religious fanatics can manage . The media has made him believe president Assad is killing Muslims : which I've long been saying that this I'd a media driven war : and that he believes it is just And l
    Halal to go to war against Syria . He is outraged that the Saudis haven't sent troops to Syria to aid the mujahideen . He hates democracy and secularism like any good religions of the books fanatic , while managing to live in one : classic case of what Syria is facing

  3. what do Pussy Riot and islamic terrorists from Dagestan have in common? both wantr President Putin gone:

    .now why would muslim terrorists want President Putin gone? a question, as usual, noone is asking...after, all any russian leader would be unacceptable to the jihadis right?! #strange