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The New Great Game: Why the Ukraine matters to so many other nations

Again a 3 post day. Sigh.....
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So my  3rd contribution for the day below
1st- Op-ed from Israel Shamir The Spectacle In Kiev: The Brown Revolution

2nd-Excellent Interview -William Engdhal with James Corbett: The Western Agenda in the Ukraine

What is going on in the Crimea? The western backed regime change government in the Ukraine is making all sorts of crazy claims- 
From "Russia has invaded" Ukraine pleads for help after Russian 'invasion' including asking for UN Security Council attention Ukraine’s parliament asks for UN Security Council session on crisis and onto the latest which sees reporting using the word 'provocation' 
Ukraine’s acting president urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop “provocations” in Crimea and pull back military forces from the peninsula.
Definitely a climbing down from the over the top claims of invasion. Did NATO install a bunch of drama queens?

I thought this article from early this morning, after one gets through the spin, an interesting perspective- 
No plans to invade but perhaps a plan B

The deployment of trained gunmen in strategic positions like the parliament and airport—whether they’re Russian or just from sympathetic pro-Russia groups—signals an organized mind at work. It allows for a Plan B.

What might be at play is simply a move to secure the region of  Crimea. William Engdhal mentions the moving of Maidan fascists into Crimea, so, this is likely preparation in case of untoward moves backed by the West


The Crimea appears to be pretty much an island. Makes sense to secure access to it. I think that what went on at the airport was more then likely ethnic Russian Crimeans being proactive. With some guidance, perhaps?

Moving along....

After the western backed regime change, the war mongering media is somewhat explaining why the Ukraine matters to a number of nations. Including the EU and the US.
If you read here, you knew that anyway.... But now that masses think the Ukraine is a done deal .You know the will of the people, freedom, democracy and are no longer paying attention the media will allow the tiniest bit of reality to pass through their filters

The New Great Game: Why the Ukraine matters to So Many Nations

Why the Ukraine matters to so many Nations? Who knew? During the Olympics we were supposed to believe it was only Russia that wanted the Ukraine.... that was not true, of course. But, that was all the war mongering media was spinning
Lies being lies and all that kind of stuff...........
The New Great Game: Why Ukraine Matters to So Many Other Nations
Ukraine being torn apart

Ukraine is also a breadbasket, a natural gas chokepoint, and a nation of 45 million people in a pivotal spot north of the Black Sea. Ukraine matters—to Russia, Europe, the U.S., and even China. President Obama denied on Feb. 19 that it’s a piece on “some Cold War chessboard.” But the best hope for Ukraine is that it will get special treatment precisely because it is a valued pawn in a new version of the Great Game, the 19th century struggle for influence between Russia and Britain
The great game. Not my wording. Not when lives are at stake
Russia, which straddles Europe and Asia, has sought a role in the rest of Europe since the reign of Peter the Great in the early 18th century. An alliance with Ukraine preserves that. “Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire,” the American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 1998.

In case you missed it that ZB quote has been featured here previously. And in full reads like this
"without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire."

Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet is headquartered in Sevastopol, a formerly Russian city that now belongs to Ukraine.

Sevastapol does not ‘belong’ to the Ukraine- Sevastapol is in the Crimea. Crimea is an autonomous republic- Business week being  kind of muddy

Last year Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom (OGZPY) sold about 160 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe—a quarter of European demand—and half of that traveled through a maze of Ukrainian pipelines. Those pipelines also supply Ukrainian factories that produce steel, petrochemicals, and other industrial goods for sale to Mother Russia. “Ukraine is probably more integrated than any other former Soviet republic with the Russian economy,” says Edward Chow, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

And China, like Syria, has a trade agreement with Ukraine

Related: Syria and Ukraine: Kindred Nations?
China looks to Ukraine as a secure source to satisfy its ravenous appetite for food and energy. It’s lending the country billions of dollars to upgrade farm irrigation and develop coal gasification. In December, Yanukovych and Chinese President Xi Jinping gripped and grinned while signing a “treaty of friendly cooperation.” According to the official China Daily, in addition to agriculture and energy, they agreed to collaborate on infrastructure, finance, high-tech, aviation, and aerospace
China lent billions of dollars in a loan for grain agreement. Yet, the news as of late reports- China sues Ukraine for breach of 3 billion dollar loan agreement

Definitely related to -Ukraine: Cargill acquires stake in UkrLand Farming/food control = people control

Alert business week baloney below!

Western nations want to keep Ukraine from becoming a failed state and to discourage Putin from retaking the nation by force
I can't help but laugh out loud when reading that. China has agreements with Ukraine. Syria has agreements with Ukraine. Russia made the Ukraine a  sweetheart deal and we are supposed to believe that Western nations wanted to keep Ukraine from becoming a failed state? Not credible. Western nations are going to turn Ukraine into a failed state and there was zero reason to believe that “Putin would retake Ukraine by force” Nonsense. Utter and shameless nonsense.

Repeating- “Ukraine is probably more integrated than any other former Soviet republic with the Russian economy,” says Edward Chow, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington”

Ukraine is integrated with Russia. Ukraine and Russia have a very, very long history together
Russia had no need to use force when it came to Ukraine. All it had to do was make deals, supply gas and conduct trade. Which it was. Same as China. Same as Syria. Those agreements the Ukraine had with Russia, China, Syria and likely others are exactly  why the US and other western nations connived to overthrow the democratically elected government.

Then, as always, there is the private banking scum:

 “The Institute of International Finance, which represents big banks, estimates that with no change in policy Ukraine would need $30 billion in foreign assistance this year alone. The IIF predicts that the International Monetary Fund will insist as a condition for aid that Ukraine cut natural gas subsidies to consumers and industry, and allow its currency, the hryvnia, to fall further, shrinking the trade deficit. The problem: Those measures will be so unpopular that they will jeopardize any new government”

This too has been addressed here previously- Debt enslavement of the Ukrainian people
The IMF’ing of the Ukraine will be so harsh, that no government could put the banker demands in place without serious repercussions from the masses. So, get all the debt enslavement measures in place before any elections-

The risk is that Ukraine will disintegrate. Opposition parties united only in their hatred of Yanukovych range from Europhile democrats to rightist nationalists. If the West doesn’t manage to stabilize Ukraine, Putin could plausibly present himself as the nation’s savior a year or two from now.
And the very last little bit that tells us so much about what is really going on in the Ukraine-

 For those who want a free and democratic Ukraine, says Timothy Ash, chief emerging-market economist at Standard Bank in London, “it’s now or never.”

An economist at Standard Bank in London, speaking of ‘free and democratic’?

One final digression- Ukraine and the West's monopolization of the nuclear industry

William Engdhal with James Corbett: The Western Agenda in the Ukraine

Very interesting interview. Worth listening to. A little over an hour in length.
Thanks to patrick crane for bringing it to my attention :)

In this wide-ranging interview, author and geopolitical analyst William Engdahl of breaks down the history and context of the geopolitical machinations in Ukraine. We talk about the US/NATO encirclement of Russia and the evidence of western intervention in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. We also discuss the breakdown of the Saudi-US relationship and the destabilization of the Middle East, as well as China’s increasing geopolitical influence around the globe.

US, EU meddling in Ukraine battle
“F**k The EU” – US State Department Blasts Europe; Revealed As Alleged Mastermind Behind Ukraine Unrest
What You Should Know About the Ukraine-Style Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela
US missile shield: ‘Russian Bear sleeping with one eye open’
Saudi Arabia – 9/11 Connection With Senator Bob Graham
9/11 Families ‘Ecstatic’ They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Rejects U.N. Security Council Seat in Protest Move
China is Now the World’s Largest Importer of Oil—What Next?

The Spectacle In Kiev: The Brown Revolution

Israel Shamir

ht karin

I am a great fan of Kiev, an affable city of pleasing bourgeois character, with its plentiful small restaurants, clean tree-lined streets, and bonhomie of its beer gardens. A hundred years ago Kiev was predominantly a Russian resort, and some central areas have retained this flavour. Now Kiev is patrolled by armed thugs from the Western Ukraine, by fighters from the neo-Nazi -Right Sector, descendants of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian Quisling’s troopers, and by their local comrades-in-arms of nationalist persuasion.

After a month of confrontation, President Viktor Yanukovych gave in, signed the EC-prepared surrender and escaped their rough revolutionary justice by the skin of his teeth. (It appears that Yanukovych avoided an assassination attempt)  The ruling party MPs were beaten and dispersed, the communists almost lynched, the opposition have the parliament all to themselves, and they’ve appointed new ministers and taken over the Ukraine. The Brown Revolution has won in the Ukraine. This big East European country of fifty million inhabitants has gone the way of Libya. The US and the EU won this round, and pushed Russia back eastwards, just as they intended.

It remains to be seen whether the neo-Nazi thugs who won the battle will agree to surrender the sweet fruits of victory to politicians, who are, God knows, nasty enough. And more importantly, it remains to be seen whether the Russian-speaking East and South East of the country will accept the Brown rule of Kiev, or split off and go their own way, as the people of Israel (so relates the Bible) after King Solomon’s death rebelled against his heir saying “To your tents, o Israel!” and proclaimed independence of their fief (I Kings 12:16). Meanwhile it seems that the Easterners’ desire to preserve Ukrainian state integrity is stronger than their dislike for the victorious Browns. Though they assembled their representatives for what could be a declaration of independence, they did not dare to claim power. These peaceful people have little stamina for strife.

Their great neighbour, Russia, does not appear overtly concerned with this ominous development. Both Russian news agencies, TASS and RIA, didn’t even place the dire Ukrainian news at the top, as Reuters and BBC did: for them, the Olympics and the biathlon were of greater importance, as you can see on these print screens:

This “ostrich” attitude is quite typical of the Russian media: whenever they find themselves in an embarrassing position, they escape into showing the Swan Lake ballet on TV. That’s what they did when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. This time it was the Olympics instead of the ballet.
Anti-Putin opposition in Russia heartily approved of the Ukrainian coup. Yesterday Kiev, tomorrow Moscow, they chanted. Maidan (the main square of Kiev, the site of anti-government demos) equals Bolotnaya (a square in Moscow, the site of anti-government protests in December 2012) is another popular slogan.
 The majority of Russians were upset but not surprised. Russia decided to minimise its involvement in the Ukraine some weeks ago as if they wished to demonstrate to the world their non-interference. Their behaviour bordered on recklessness. While foreign ministers of EC countries and their allies crowded Kiev, Putin sent Vladimir Lukin, a human rights emissary, an elder low-level politician of very little clout, to deal with the Ukrainian crisis. The Russian Ambassador Mr Zurabov, another non-entity, completely disappeared from public view. (Now he was recalled to Moscow). Putin made not a single public statement on the Ukraine, treating it as though it were Libya or Mali, not a neighbouring country quite close to the Russian hinterland.
This hands-off approach could have been expected: Russia did not interfere in the disastrous Ukrainian elections 2004, or in the Georgian elections that produced extremely anti-Russian governments. Russia gets involved only if there is a real battle on the ground, and a legitimate government asks for help, as in Ossetia in 2008 or in Syria in 2011. Russia supports those who fight for their cause, otherwise Russia, somewhat disappointingly, stands aside.
The West has no such inhibitions and its representatives were extremely active: the US State Department representative Victoria “Fuck EC’’ Nuland had spent days and weeks in Kiev, feeding the insurgents with cookies, delivering millions of smuggled greenbacks to them, meeting with their leaders, planning and plotting the coup. Kiev is awash with the newest US dollars fresh from its mint (of a kind yet unseen in Moscow, I’ve been told by Russian friends). The US embassy spread money around like a tipsy Texan in a night club. Every able-bodied young man willing to fight received five hundred dollar a week, a qualified fighter – up to a thousand, a platoon commander had two thousand dollars – good money by Ukrainian standards.
Money is not all. People are also needed for a successful coup. There was an opposition to Yanukovych who won democratic elections, and accordingly, three parties lost elections. Supporters of the three parties could field a lot of people for a peaceful demonstration, or for a sit-in. But would they fight when push comes to shove? Probably not. Ditto the recipients of generous US and EC grants (Nuland estimated the total sum of American investment in “democracy building” at five billion dollars). They could be called to come to the main square for a demo. However, the NGO beneficiaries are timid folk, not likely to risk their well-being. And the US needed a better fighting stock to remove the democratically elected president from power.
Serpent Eggs
In the Western Ukraine, the serpent eggs hatched: children of Nazi collaborators who had imbibed hatred towards the Russians with their mothers’ milk. Their fathers had formed a network under Reinhard Gehlen, the German spymaster. In 1945, as Germany was defeated, Gehlen swore allegiance to the US and delivered his networks to the CIA. They continued their guerrilla war against the Soviets until 1956. Their cruelty was legendary, for they aimed to terrify the population into full compliance to their command. Notoriously, they strangulated the Ukrainians suspected of being friendly to Russians with their bare hands.
A horrifying confession of a participant tells of their activities in Volyn: “One night, we strangulated 84 men. We strangulated adults, as for little kids, we held their legs, swung and broke their heads at a doorpost. …Two nice kids, Stepa and Olya, 12 and 14 years old… we tore the younger one into two parts, and there was no need to strangulate her mother Julia, she died of a heart attack” and so on and so on. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Poles and Jews; even the dreadful Baby Yar massacre was done by them, with German connivance, somewhat similar to Israeli connivance in the Sabra and Chatila massacres of Palestinians by the Lebanese fascists of the Phalange.
The children of these Bandera murderers were brought up to hate Communism, Soviets and Russians, and in adoration of their fathers’ deeds. They formed the spearhead of the pro-US anti-government rebels in the Ukraine, the Right Sector led by out-and-out fascist Dmytro Yarosh. They were ready to fight, to die and kill. Such units attract potential rebels of differing backgrounds: their spokesman is young Russian -turned -Ukrainian -nationalist Artem Skoropadsky, a journalist with the mainstream oligarch-owned Kommersant-UA daily. There are similar young Russians who join Salafi networks and become suicide-bombers in the Caucasus mountains – young people whose desire for action and sacrifice could not be satisfied in the consumer society. This is a Slav al-Qaeda — real neo-Nazi storm troopers, a natural ally of the US.
And they did not fight only for association with EC and against joining a Russia-led TC. Their enemies were also the Russians in the Ukraine, and Russian-speaking ethnic Ukrainians. The difference between the twain is moot. Before independence in 1991, some three quarters of the population preferred to speak Russian. Since then, successive governments have tried to force people to use Ukrainian. For the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, anyone who speaks Russian is an enemy. You can compare this with Scotland, where people speak English, and nationalists would like to force them to speak the language of Burns.
Behind the spearhead of the Right Sector, with its fervent anti-communist and anti-Russian fighters, a larger organisation could be counted on: the neo-Nazi Freedom (Svoboda), of Tyagnibok. Some years ago Tyagnibok called for a fight against Russians and Jews, now he has become more cautious regarding the Jews. He is still as anti-Russian as John Foster Dulles. Tyagnibok was tolerated or even encouraged by Yanukovych, who wanted to take a leaf from the French president Jacques Chirac’s book. Chirac won the second round of elections against nationalist Le Pen, while probably he would have lost against any other opponent. In the same wise, Yanukovych wished Tyagnibok to become his defeatable opponent at the second round of presidential elections.
The parliamentary parties (the biggest one is the party of Julia Timoshenko with 25% of seats, the smaller one was the party of Klitschko the boxer with 15%) would support the turmoil as a way to gain power they lost at the elections.
Union of nationalists and liberals
Thus, a union of nationalists and liberals was formed. This union is the trademark of a new US policy in the Eastern Europe. It was tried in Russia two years ago, where enemies of Putin comprise of these two forces, of pro-Western liberals and of their new allies, Russian ethnic nationalists, soft and hard neo-Nazis. The liberals won’t fight, they are unpopular with the masses; they include an above-average percentage of Jews, gays, millionaires and liberal columnists; the nationalists can incite the great unwashed masses almost as well as the Bolsheviks, and will fight. This is the anti-Putin cocktail preferred by the US. This alliance actually took over 20% of vote in Moscow city elections, after their attempt to seize power by coup was beaten off by Putin. The Ukraine is their second, successful joint action.
Bear in mind: liberals do not have to support democracy. They do so only if they are certain democracy will deliver what they want. Otherwise, they can join forces with al Qaeda as now in Syria, with Islamic extremists as in Libya, with the Army as in Egypt, or with neo-Nazis, as now in Russia and the Ukraine. Historically, the liberal–Nazi alliance did not work because the old Nazis were enemies of bankers and financial capital, and therefore anti-Jewish. This hitch could be avoided: Mussolini was friendly to Jews and had a few Jewish ministers in his government; he objected to Hitler’s anti-Jewish attitude saying that “Jews are useful and friendly”. Hitler replied that if he were to allow that, thousands of Jews would join his party. Nowadays, this problem has vanished: modern neo-Nazis are friendly towards Jews, bankers and gays. The Norwegian killer Breivik is an exemplary sample of a Jew-friendly neo-Nazi. So are the Ukrainian and Russian neo-Nazis.
While the original Bandera thugs killed every Jew (and Pole) that came their way, their modern heirs receive some valuable Jewish support. The oligarchs of Jewish origin (Kolomoysky, Pinchuk and Poroshenko) financed them, while a prominent Jewish leader, Chairman of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of the Ukraine, Josef Zissels, supported them and justified them. There are many supporters of Bandera in Israel; they usually claim that Bandera was not an anti-Semite, as he had a Jewish doctor. (So did Hitler.) Jews do not mind Nazis who do not target them. The Russian neo-Nazis target Tajik gastarbeiters, and the Ukrainian neo-Nazis target Russian-speakers.
Revolution: the Outline

The revolution deserves to be described in a few lines: Yanukovych was not too bad a president, prudent though weak. Still the Ukraine came to the edge of financial abyss. (You can read more about it in my previous piece) He tried to save the situation by allying with the EC, but the EC had no money to spare. Then he tried to make a deal with Russia, and Putin offered him a way out, without even demanding from him that the Ukraine join the Russian-led TC. This triggered the violent response of the EC and the US, as they were worried it would strengthen Russia.
Yanuk, as people call him for short, had few friends. Powerful Ukrainian oligarchs weren’t enamoured with him. Besides the usual reasons, they did not like the raider habits of Yanuk’s son, who would steal other men’s businesses. Here they may have had a point, for the leader of Belarus, the doughty Lukashenko, said that Yanuk’s son’s unorthodox ways of acquiring businesses brought disaster.
Yanuk’s electorate, the Russian-speaking people of the Ukraine (and they are a majority in the land, like English-speaking Scots are majority in Scotland) were disappointed with him because he did not give them the right to speak Russian and teach their children in Russian. The followers of Julia Timoshenko disliked him for jailing their leader. (She richly deserved it: she hired assassins, stole billions of Ukrainian state money in cahoots with a former prime minister, made a crooked deal with Gazprom at the expense of Ukrainian consumers, and what not.) Extreme nationalists hated him for not eradicating the Russian language.
The US-orchestrated attack on the elected President followed Gene Sharp’s instructions to a tee, namely: (1) seize a central square and organise a mass peaceful sit-in, (2) speak endlessly of danger of violent dispersal, (3) if the authorities do nothing, provoke bloodshed, (4) yell bloody murder, (5) the authority is horrified and stupefied and (6) removed and (7) new powers take over.
The most important element of the scheme has never been voiced by the cunning Sharp, and that is why the Occupy Wall Street movement (who thumbed through the book) failed to achieve the desired result. You have to have the Masters of Discourse™ i.e., Western mainstream media, on your side. Otherwise, the government will squash you as they did with the Occupy and many other similar movements. But here, the Western media was fully on the rebels’ side, for the events were organised by the US embassy.
At first, they gathered for a sit-in on the Independence Square (aka “Maidan Square”) some people they knew: recipients of USAID grants via the NGO network, wrote a Ukrainian expert Andrey Vajra, networks of fugitive oligarch Khoroshkovski, neo-Nazis of the Right Sector and radicals of the Common Cause. The peaceful assembly was lavishly entertained by artists; food and drink were served for free, free sex was encouraged – it was a carnival in the centre of the capital, and it began to attract the masses, as would happen in every city in the known universe. This carnival was paid for by the oligarchs and by the US embassy.
But the carnival could not last forever. As per (2), rumours of violent dispersal were spread. People became scared and drifted away. Only a small crowd of activists remained on the square. Provocation as per (3) was supplied by a Western agent within the administration, Mr Sergey Levochkin. He wrote his resignation letter, posted it and ordered police to violently disperse the sit-in. Police moved in and dispersed the activists. Nobody was killed, nobody was seriously wounded, – today, after a hundredfold dead, it is ridiculous even to mention this thrashing, – but the opposition yelled bloody murder at the time. The world media, this powerful tool in the hands of Masters of Discourse, decried “Yanukovych massacred children”. The EC and the US slapped on sanctions, foreign diplomats moved in, all claiming they want to protect peaceful demonstrators, while at the same time beefing up the Maidan crowd with armed gunmen and Right Sector fighters.
We referred to Gene Sharp, but the Maidan had an additional influence, that of Guy Debord and his concept of Society of Spectacle. It was not a real thing, but a well-done make-believe, as was its predecessor, the August 1991 Moscow “coup”. Yanukovych did everything to build up the Maidan resistance: he would send his riot police to disperse the crowd, and after they did only half of the job, he would call them back, and he did this every day. After such treatment, even a very placid dog would bite.
The Spectacle-like unreal quality of Kiev events was emphasized by arrival of the imperial warmonger, the neocon philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy. He came to Maidan like he came to Libya and Bosnia, claiming human rights and threatening sanctions and bombing. Whenever he comes, war is following. I hope I shall be away from every country he plans to visit.
First victims of the Brown Revolution were the monuments – those of Lenin, for they do hate communism in every form, and those of the world war, because the revolutionaries solidarise with the lost side, with the German Nazis.
History will tell us to what extent Yanuk and his advisors understood what they were doing. Anyway, he encouraged the fire of Maidan by his inefficient raids by a weaponless police force. The neo-Nazis of Maidan used snipers against the police force, dozens of people were killed, but President Obama called upon Yanuk to desist, and he desisted. After renewed shooting, he would send the police in again. An EC diplomat would threaten him with the Hague tribunal dock, and he would call his police back. No government could function in such circumstances.
Eventually he collapsed, signed on the dotted line and departed for unknown destination. The rebels seized power, forbade the Russian language and began sacking Kiev and Lvov. Now the life of the placid people of Kiev has been turned into a living hell: daily robberies, beating, murder abound. The victors are preparing a military operation against the Russian-speaking areas in the South East of Ukraine. The spectacle of the revolution can yet turn really bloody.
Some Ukrainians hope that Julia Timoshenko, freshly released from jail, will be able to rein the rebels in. Others hope that President Putin will pay heed to the Ukrainian events, now that his Olympic games are, mercifully, finished. The spectacle is not over until the fat lady sings, but sing she will – her song still remains to be seen and heard.

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Kerry talks with Lavrov about 'respecting territorial integrity' of Ukraine

A concept that is very humourous coming from Kerry. As we can see from his impartiality in the Israel/Palestine situation, Kerry is all about territorial integrity.

 And of course we see how much the US respects the territorial integrity of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Bosnia, Libya, Syria, etc, etc., ad finitum
Yup, the US and company are all about the integrity of territory-
The US who has an agenda of destabilization and balkanization is all about integrity of territory
John Kerry says so, so you had better believe it! ;-)

 It's been a busy day in the Ukraine and the Crimea
So, it's a busy day here. Post 3 for the day. Sorry about that..

1st- Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats" is appointed premier by Ukrainian coup government

 2nd-  Ukraine: Crimea/Russia Tatars, Nazi's and Fascists oh my! History repeats (this post now contains additional info)

Onto the latest-

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday that Washington would be carefully monitoring a commitment by Moscow to respect Ukraine's territorial sovereignty.
Keep in mind that Crimea is an autonomous republic--

The secretary's morning phone call came as an armed takeover of the government offices in the pro-Russian Crimea region of Ukraine and major military exercises by Russian forces near the Ukrainian border stoked concerns that Moscow might intervene in the country.
Mr. Kerry said Mr. Lavrov reaffirmed an earlier commitment by Russian President Vladimir Putin to "respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine" and assured the U.S. that the military exercises aren't related to recent events in former Soviet republic.
The territorial integrity of Ukraine does not include Crimea- and Lavrov will remind the US that the Crimeans are entitled to choose their own path
They discussed the events in Crimea, which have fueled worries that pro-Russian separatists will challenge the provisional government in Kiev and further destabilize the fragile country.

In addition to the U.S. cautioning Moscow, officials in Washington expressed concern that possible missteps by the new government in Kiev could provoke the Russians.
"We believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations," Mr. Kerry said. "We are also making the same point about reducing tensions in Crimea to the Ukrainians. And it is very important that the process continue in a thoughtful and respectful way."
Kerry and co already created plenty of provocation. Including, but not limited to, the overthrow of a democratically elected governemnt.

Earlier Thursday, Ukraine's parliament approved an interim government to replace pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted from Kiev over the weekend.-
 Ousted- No, it was a regime change. Western style and backed

"I think they understand that to keep faith with their affirmation about protecting territorial integrity, you can't be encouraging the separatist movement or some other effort," Mr. Kerry said.
Mr. Kerry said, however, Washington is monitoring the situation to ensure Russian compliance.
"This is not about words, it's about actions and we will look in the days ahead to see the confirmation," he said in a joint press conference with visiting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the State Department.
"We will watch very carefully and very hopefully that Russia will join us in the effort to help shore up the economy, hold the country together and provide a way forward," he said.
The secretary also said the fledgling government should put off considering whether the Ukraine joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the pro-western military alliance cemented in the cold war as a collective defense against the former Soviet Union, until after a more permanent government is elected.

"They would be well served to hold off on some of these other issues until that choice has been made by the people," he said.

Ukraine: Crimea/Russia Tatars, Nazi's and Fascists oh my! History repeats

 The links for most of the info directly below are NYT"s  and IBT's
If it's quoted, it's from there.
But, first, the mainstream media is playing the divide card. In NYT's  article headline
“Protesters’ Clash Shows Region’s Divide”
When the corporate NATO war media uses the word “divide” they want you to believe that the ''divide" is between parties of equals. It isn't. This type of narrative enables the media to present the simplified black vs white story line. My thinking when I read this is boy I need to be wary!

NYT's  “With cries of “Allahu akbar,” ( I don't like to read that...) Arabic for “God is great,” thousands of protesters in the capital of Ukraine’s Crimea region, a tinderbox of ethnic, religious and political divisions”
A ‘tinderbox” oh dear, how combustible! That is what I would call a buzz word- It evokes certain thoughts.

As stated previously, but, worth repeating -Crimea is an autonomous entity within the borders of Ukraine
Once  wikipedia get it censorship in order I am certain what I am quoting will change but here it is for today Feb 27/14
Crimea is now an autonomous parliamentary republic, within Ukraine,[6] which is governed by the Constitution of Crimea
The Crimea has a population of approximately 2.5 million.
Quoting wikipedia “The peninsula thus has 2,352,385 people (2007 estimate)
 So roughly 2.5 million is not a stretch
*Crimean Tatars, an ethnic minority who in 2001 made up 12.1%

 Crimean Tatars make up approximately 12 percent.
Approx 60 to 64 percent are ethnic Russians and approx 23-25 percent are Ukrainians. There is certainly nothing in those stats that would demonstrate a divide- as in equals- as in black vs white. The fact of the matter the vast majority of inhabitants of Crimea are ethnic Russians.

Yesterday we saw clashes in Simferopol

About those cries of Alluh Akhbar? Suspicious. After reading and hearing about  the NATO mercenaries( Syria) chanting that mantra as they committed horrific attrocities  At the end of this article ... Aha... I have good reasons for my suspicions- stay with it, we will get there

News of Russia conducting exercises

Eight hundred miles away, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was ordering a surprise military exercise of ground and air forces on Ukraine’s doorstep on Wednesday, adding to the tensions with Europe and the United States and underscoring his intention to keep the country in Moscow’s orbit.

On the ground- It appears that we have preventative measures taking place. Which are likely absolutely necessary to keep the fascists out of town

In a sign of heightened tension, road blocks flying Russian flags appeared Wednesday on the main thoroughfares leading to Sevastopol, a Crimean city dominated economically and politically by the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. About 25 miles from the city center on the road from Simferopol, men in blue uniforms and others in green camouflage clothing stopped and inspected all vehicles.

The orders ( for exercises) came as thousands of ethnic Russians gathered outside the regional Parliament in Crimea’s capital, Simferopol, to protest the political upheaval.

“Crimea is Russian!” some of the protesters screamed as brawls erupted with rival demonstrations by Crimea’s ethnic Tatars
I particularly like this part of the NYT’s article

The anger of a Muslim community known for its peaceful ways and its general lack of interest in radical strains of Islam highlighted
You know it's odd, in that I mentioned the Tatars to an old gal with some knowledge of this area- handed down from her mother and she said " Ohhh... those are bad people" Hmmmm.....

So, I wonder are the Tatars known for their ‘peaceful ways’ I don’t know, myself? Should I believe the NYT’s when they inform me of this? Most likely, not. Time will tell if the Tatars are peaceful, but judging by the brawling that went on it seems doubtful. And when we get a bit further into this post, you will have even more reason to doubt the peacefulness of the Tatars- (though I am sure like all people there is good and there is bad)

IBT's -Tatars have a natural hostility toward the Russians ....
 Really? Like an inbred hate? Weird.
Stalin expelled them on the basis they collaborated with Nazi’s..
 And then this tidbit

“This would partly explain why the Tatars of today would form an alliance with ethnic Ukrainians against Moscow”

What would explain this? Is he telling us that the Tatars and some Ukrainians are allied now, as then, with the fascists? From the book-History of the Ukraine 2nd Revised Edition

Indeed, it appears as if the Tatar population were more then happy to consort with the fascist/Nazis as they attempted to overtake Russia.
So we see history repeating, yet again. The Tatars and the Ukrainians in bed with  fascist western regimes..
The Tatars greeted the German army as liberators and were more then happy to collude with them
The Germans were happy to have the Tatars as conspirators because they would be more reliable then ethnic Russians

Sigh.... the more things change the more they are exactly the same

Considering the Tatars are related to Turks and the Turks are part of NATO it should come as no surprise that Turkey is upping the ante

Tatars and Turkey Turkey ready to put a claim in for the Crimea

Given the large Tatar diaspora outside of the Crimea, particularly in Turkey and some of the Balkan nations and parts of Western Europe, overseas Tatars are calling for solidarity with their homeland brethren and have asked the governments of Turkey and Western Europe to support the Tatars in Ukraine

HT brian for providing that link in English!

Back to the Russians in Crimea

“I don’t want to live in a country run by fascists,” said Sergei Gaenko, a retired law enforcement official, echoing a widespread view here that Mr. Yanukovych’s ouster was engineered by the political descendants of militant Ukrainian nationalists who, during World War II, sometimes formed loose tactical alliances with Hitler’s invading army.

Love the NYT’s spin ‘formed loose alliances with Hitler’s invading army”
Look, you either form an alliance or you don’t. But by using the 'loose' word before alliances the NYT's is attempting to play down or belittle the cooperation between Ukrainians and Hitler's invading army

And then there is this little bothersome bit, Again from the NYT’s. Second to last little paragraph.

A small number of militant Tatars, encouraged by extremists abroad, have tried over the years to recruit Crimea’s Muslims for jihad, but their efforts have fallen flat

Militant Tatars. Encourged by extremists abroad. So vague. What extremists? How did the extremists make there way into the Crimea? Have their efforts truly fallen flat? Or is this what the NYT’s want us to believe. 
 I don’t believe it. The cries of Allah Akbhar and the history the Tatars have of aligning with fascists along with their reinforced hate tells me that the "foreign" ( Saudi/ Turkish colluders via the NATO terror pipeline) extremists would have lots of brainwashed fruit, ripe for the picking..

More on those check points have been set up in Crimea around the area of Sevastapol &Simferopol

CBC  or G & M

The Interfax news agency reported Thursday that about dozens of men had seized the parliament building and regional headquarters overnight in the Crimean capital of Simferopol. Interfax said many of the men were armed, and that gunfire had been heard, but that no one appeared to have been hurt during the takeovers. Russian flags are now flying over both buildings.

Pro Russian protestor flying Russian and Crimean flags

On Wednesday, The Globe and Mail saw at least a dozen men wearing fatigues – supported by an armoured personnel carrier – standing under a Russian flag at a checkpoint erected roughly halfway along the 80-kilometre road from Sevastopol to Simferopol, putting it close to the administrative border that separates the Sevastopol municipality from the rest of Crimea and Ukraine.
The men did not immediately voice any demands and threw a flash grenade in response to a journalist's questions. They wore black and orange ribbons, a Russian symbol of the victory in the Second World War, and put up a sign reading "Crimea is Russia."
Good map at the end of the CBC piece
I can't post it here or it would be here, check it out
Check this out , though. The Castle of Love in Crimea
Crimea's Swallows Nest (1)

As mentioned Yats is appointed- Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats" is appointed premier by Ukrainian coup government

jo6pac left an interesting read: Agonist 

thanks brian; Yes Tatars are in Syria killing Syrian civilians - confirmed collusion between the Tatars, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and of course NATO- link

Earlier, Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, MP Mustafa Jemilev said that he had been informed that several Crimean Tatars had gone to Syria to fight on the opposition's side.
Jemilev stressed that the Mejlis disapproved of their departure for Syria and called on Crimean Tatars not to travel to the country.
He added that one should not speak about mass involvement of Ukrainian Tatars with the Syrian conflicts, as only several people had gone, of their own free will.
 So, the Tatars are not as peaceful as the NYT's spin doctors would have us believe

Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats" is appointed premier by Ukrainian coup government

For this post we are going to reprise  Victoria (F' the EU) Nuland's  conversation
Yat's was her boy. Favoured by the US. 
From this post, in case you have been under a rock somewhere?

So, here is the latest: Ukraine Parliament approves pro-EU Yatsenyuk as premier

Kiev: Ukraine's parliament on Thursday approved the nomination of pro-EU Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the crisis-hit country's new prime minister until presidential polls are held in May.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

US wrong to confront Russia over Ukraine

Interesting oped-

The crisis in Ukraine has implications for Europe and beyond. Before the situation gets out of hand, it must be settled equitably through diplomatic and political means.

A Western confrontation with Russia over Ukraine serves no useful purpose, and can only lead to revival of Cold War tensions. China's New Silk Road concept, which extends into Eastern Europe, can be undermined by Western-provoked instability in the region.

Should major power cooperation with Russia be set back by Washington's improper interference in Ukraine, it will inevitably become difficult to find diplomatic solutions to pressing Middle East issues.

The situation in Ukraine is complicated. The East-West cultural and political split inside Ukraine turns on matters of ethnicity, language, and religion.

The split has yet to be resolved into a broader Ukrainian identity, and so the country is subject to manipulation by internal and external forces.
3 Scenarios

Some experts say that in a worst case scenario, the present crisis in Ukraine could result in civil war. Should civil war break out, Western and Russian military intervention is possible.

Partition is another scenario.
The question is whether partition could be peaceful as in the case of the former Czechoslovakia.

A third scenario involves substantial compromise that would update the present constitution to allow for more autonomy in the regions within a new federal structure.

In this way, tensions could be diffused by allowing the eastern region more economic linkages with Russia and by allowing the western region to have more economic linkages with the EU.

The EU so far has refrained from economic sanctions against Ukraine in spite of pressure from Washington. But any scheme to turn Ukraine into a deindustrialized vassal state is a nonstarter.

Whatever formulas are chosen for resolution of the current crisis, it is fundamental that Ukrainians themselves work out their own destiny. Neo-Nazi extremism must be suppressed.
The US/Canadian western NATO media doesn't see any fascists in Ukraine....

There are broader international implications. The present crisis could lead to a serious US confrontation with Russia, which would mean that major power cooperation in other parts of the world would be called into question.

US and Russian cooperation in the Middle East on Syria and Iran could well be set back. This in turn could lead to heightened regional tensions and lead to the possibility of regional war.
Considering all that is at stake.. should we really believe that the US is at all concerned with cooperation on Syria, Iran and the ME.? I don't think the US cares

Western media reported the vulgar remarks concerning the EU by Victoria Nuland, who is US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

The media refrained from reporting that Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan who is a key leader of the pro-Zionist neoconservative policy network.
It is well known that the staunchly pro-Israel neoconservatives express deep political and cultural aversion to Russia, and promote Cold War perspectives. Such a mindset undermines US global diplomacy and US national interests.  Thus Ms Nuland is the wrong person for a high US diplomatic position, critics say.
And yet there is Ms Nuland still at play. Despite her questionable allegiances ???

Using the Ukraine crisis to subvert major power relations between the US and Russia and their constructive joint action in the Middle East serves Israeli interests. It helps Israel and its neoconservative allies in the US and in Europe push for unilateral US military action against Syria and Iran.

So far, the Obama administration has failed to correctly "reset" relations with Russia. The White House two years ago unwisely sent an inexperienced and unwelcome academic to Moscow as ambassador. His recent resignation must result in the US sending an experienced professional diplomat to this critical post. 

Many critics say that President Barack Obama has no positive legacy on domestic issues, which indeed are a self-evident mess. They say his only hope for a favorable legacy lies in foreign policy success.

But if Obama is to have any foreign policy success, he must get relations with major powers right. In an increasingly multipolar world, Washington is not in a position to impose its will unilaterally.

Washington must engage in constructive diplomatic dialogue with Russia rather than confront Russia over the dangerous Ukraine crisis.

The author is an educator and former senior professional staff member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Who wrote this piece? Clifford A Kiracofe 
He looks to me to be part of the Military Industrial Complex......
Finger pointing at Israel? Is he an America firster?
I don't know?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Washington calls for 'technocratic' govt in Ukraine

Post # 2 for the day.
Please be sure to read the first post from earlier today you will not be disappointed.
 Regime change success in Kiev. Is the battle for Crimea about to begin?

For this 2nd post, I want to take you back to some news reported on here  February 5/2014
US & EU wade deeper into Ukraine 'stand-off ' with an aid package

From that post

U.S. officials said the goal was to convince Mr. Yanukovych to make a series of political reforms, including appointing a "true" technocratic government that would then start to make the tough economic changes sought by the IMF.
 Clearly Mr Yanukovych was not going to make the dictated political reforms, nor was he going to appoint a true technocratic government. Hence the regime change that took place, completely, over the week-end.
Image from previous post

What is it I spy in the news today?

Washington calls for 'technocratic' govt in Ukraine
The United States Monday stopped short of fully endorsing Ukraine's interim leader Oleksandr Turchynov as its legitimate ruler, but called for a technocratic government in Kiev to promote early elections.
White House spokesman Jay Carney noted that President Viktor Yanukovych was "not actively leading the country at present" and that Washington could not confirm where he was.
Carney said that the White House had seen that the Ukrainian parliament had "lawfully elected its new speaker" and supported efforts to get the political situation under control and "ensuring that the institutions of government are working."
Asked whether the United States therefore saw Turchynov as the legitimate leader of Ukraine, Carney simply repeated the phrase that Washington had seen he had been elected leader of parliament.
 This technocratic government has nothing to do with democratic elections or any other such nonsense.

This is a government of banking scum that will be appointed to sell the Ukraine into debt servitude to the IMF.  

Any 'election' that comes after that is as historical or important as any election that takes place in the US or Canada

If you had any doubt whatsoever that the 'protests' in Ukraine were anything but an overthrow of  the real elected government, backed by the West/NATO/EU and their bankster masters, I hope those doubts are completely dispelled

Regime change success in Kiev. Is the battle for Crimea about to begin?

Meant to get this up yesterday, but, better late then not at all

In this post is a video, taken in the Crimea. It looks to me as if a provocative act aimed at the populace was taking place.  The locals would have none of it. The local population are fully aware the Kiev "protestors" are FASCISTS. Which they are. Fascists backed by the EU, US and NATO. Fascists, whose real agenda is concealed by the spin of  uber zionist Bernard Henri Levy.. a man who never met a fascist he did not love, or lie for. Especially if there was some benefit for Israel.

So, the US/NATO/EU got their regime change in Kiev. As they had planned. The US government, it was reported ,was pleased with the results of their regime change in Kiev. After all they had their parallel government  planned and ready to go. With their sock puppets at the helm they can get the Ukraine to kneel  in subservience to EU/NATO/IMF dictates before the charade of a 'democratic' election takes place

Digression- The US isn't wasting any time in pushing the agenda. Is anyone surprised by this?
U.S. Treasury Secretary urges Ukraine to begin IMF discussions soon

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has encouraged Ukraine to begin discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on an assistance package as soon as possible once a transitional government is in place in Kiev.
Lew spoke with Arseny Yatsenyuk, ( Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats") a member of Ukraine's interim leadership, while returning to Washington from the G20 meeting in Sydney, where there was broad support for an IMF-based package, according to a Treasury official.

Flag of Crimea.svg
The flag of Crimea. Keep it in mind...
As I already mentioned the Crimea is an autonomous state. And it has been for years now. Adopting it's own flag (reminiscent of Russia's, some years ago)

Russia's flag at the Olympics

 The battle for Crimea?

 Crimea, of course, is about as geographically far away from Kiev as you can get in Ukraine. A peninsula jutting into the northern tip of the Black Sea, the strategically located region has been conquered and fought over many times over the course of history. It was the site of much of the fighting in the Crimean War, for example.
Crimea, juts into the Black Sea
 Home of Sevastapol and the Russian Black Sea Fleet.......
From the 18th century on, the region was part of Russia, but that changed in 1954, when the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union passed it from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, a decision that is still controversial in some circles. Today the peninsula might still be a part of Ukraine, but in many ways it is separate from the rest of the country: It has its own legislature and constitution, for example, and it's still very Russian: Some  60 percent of the population is ethnically Russian, ( I think it is slightly higher then 60 percent)with the rest being Ukrainian or Crimean Tatars.
 It appears that some members of this Russian community have regarded the events in Kiev with a mixture horror and opportunism: The chaos in Ukraine could finally be the region's chance to turn back to Moscow.
If Crimeans wish to turn back to Moscow. That is their democratic right, right? To choose their own destiny.
How could the US deny them the very same rights they preached concerning their fascists in  Kiev?
You can bet the US and company will! And that will simply make their double/triple/quadruple hypocritical standards that much more obvious.

A clear provocation by the fascists

Cleared out quite quickly by the locals..

RFE/RL's Robert Coalson recently went to Crimea and spoke to members of the pro-Russian separatist movement there. One politician he spoke to had the novel idea of leasing Crimea to Russia in exchange for a cancellation of Ukraine's debt to Moscow. But what would happen after the lease expired? "After 99 years, I don't think Ukraine will last that long as an independent country," Valery Podyachy, head of a group called the Popular Front, told Coalson. "Russia will exist because Russia is after all a leading global player on a par with the United States, China, and the European Union. So it is obvious that Russia will exist. But will Ukraine exist...? That's why, in principle, this solution would satisfy everyone."

Other politicians have expressed similar hopes. Volodymyr Konstantinov, the speaker of Crimea’s parliament, recently told lawmakers that the region may well secede if Ukraine's tensions begin to pull it apart. The parliament has also suggested that the region's constitution be amended to list Russia as the "guarantor" of Crimea's autonomy
The situation is complicated by the fact that many Russians view Crimea as part of Russia: one recent poll found that 56 percent of Russians view Crimea as a Russian territory –

The real battle for Ukraine has just begun.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Syria and Ukraine: Kindred Nations?

Ukraine tied up with Syria- Russia crucial to them both

From Robert Fisk @ the Independent.
Fisk presents a narrative of dependance on Putin's Russia- and goes through the similarities between Ukraine and Syria that extend beyond Putin
Assad “will instead be dwelling upon the remarkable similarities between Yanukovych’s besieged government and his own Syrian regime, which is still battling an armed struggle against insurgents.

Assad & Yanukovych 
Similarities indeed, and there are so many: Blood in the Streets: Is the west repeating the Syrian model in Ukraine
Fisk- The similarities are "close enough to persuade the Syrian President and his Talleyrand – the Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem – to study the degree of support Putin gives to his ally in Kiev"
Without Russian and Iranian support, Assad could scarcely have survived the past three years of war in Syria. Nor could Yanukovych, without Moscow’s “brotherly” friendship, have withstood opposition forces – and the EU’s flirtation with Ukraine – as long as he has. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been using almost the same words of irritation and anger towards the US over Ukraine as he did towards America when it was threatening to bomb Syria. If Ukraine constitutes Russia’s eastern defensive wall against Europe, Syria – fighting against Islamist rebels every bit as ruthless as Putin has faced in Chechnya – is part of Moscow’s southern flank
There are other, more intriguing comparisons. The initial Syrian opposition to Assad – following revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt – was peaceful, although armed men did occasionally appear even in the early days of the revolt.
Fisk is typically contradictory- if armed men appeared, which they did, shooting at police and others then opposition was not peaceful, ever.
Just as Assad’s first opponents were idolised by the West – and its media – as freedom fighters, so were the Ukrainian opposition regarded as anti-regime rather than anti-constitutional by the same powers and their newspapers. Once Syria’s unrest became weaponised on both sides, the West and its Arab allies sent military equipment to Assad’s enemies. There is no evidence that the West has done the same for Yanukovych’s opponents, some of whom are now also armed.
Again is Fisk witting or unwitting, I don’t know? I can’t see him being unwitting.
He would or should be aware of all the funding poured into Ukraine from NATO, then based on history  recent and otherwise, safely conclude that the west has indeed armed the fascist opposition.

Canada funding Ukrainian armed opposition
Maidan activists trained by NATO in 2006
Nuland and 5 billion

Nuland planning the new Ukraine government- F the EU
I am comfortable with concluding the West has armed the fascists

Fisk then mentions a Syria/Ukraine trade pact:

There have, of course, long been contacts between Syria and the Ukraine. Just before the revolution in Syria, Assad visited Kiev, signed a free trade agreement and heard Yanukovych praise his country as Ukraine’s “gateway to the Middle East”. There are closer ties: the large number of Syrian students who have been attending Ukrainian universities and the larger number of Ukrainian citizens born to Syrian and Soviet parents before the collapse of Communism in eastern Europe. The older Syrian generals also know Kiev well from their early training in Soviet military schools.

Assad visited Kiev and signed a trade agreement?!  I had no idea...
I was, however, aware of the 4 seas strategy that Assad was enacting, that would have set up Syria quite nicely, really- June 2011 Assad's "Four Seas Strategy" Damascus converges with China
 But,Ukraine’s gateway to the middle east– interesting. I was compelled to search
2010- right before the destabilization of Syria began in earnest
Just as Fisk reported.
Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform of the Syrian Arab Republic on protection of plant varieties
 The protection of plant varieties. What would this have included or excluded GMO's?

Considering? Ukraine: Cargill acquires stake in UkrLand Farming/food control = people control

Would the Syria/Ukraine trade agreement have been problematic for Cargill?

Fisk continues.......
The real question for Syria is this: will Putin be able to support Yanukovych if US and EU pressure continues to build? Is the survival of Yanukovych worth a new Cold War? If it is, Assad is safe: the Russians will not abandon Syria since this would demonstrate how easily they might turn their backs on “Russian” Ukraine. But what if the US offered Putin carte blanche in the Ukraine in return for his abandonment of the Assad regime? Obama could once more make his fraudulent claim that it was American military threats – rather than Russian mediation – that forced Assad to hand over his chemical weapons to the UN. And insist that Assad must bow to the transitional government which the Americans and British and other EU nations have been trying to foist upon his regime at Geneva.”
I actually believe the situation in Ukraine has gone beyond the US offering any sort of  'carte blanche' to anyone. So, I don't see this scenario Fisk advances as plausible.

Assad, however, is a survivor. His Baath party was schooled in self-preservation by Putin’s predecessors. Assad may understand Yanukovych; yet he knows Putin better. Not for nothing do the Egyptians admiringly call the Russian leader “the fox”. That’s why Putin has sent his personal mediator to Kiev. Washing its hands of Damascus would do incalculable harm to Moscow’s standing in the “new” Middle East. ( I agree) The Syrians realise Russia is big enough to fight on two fronts. (frightening to contemplate) So Putin will probably just have to go on struggling for his allies – before Ukraine turns as bloody as Syria

The Ukraine turning as bloody as Syria- Entirely possible
We could be looking at certain areas, already operating independently, making it official

The Crimea- I did a post on this area so many years ago  Crimea the pain in the Ukraine's backside
" After several years of negotiations, Crimea became an "Autonomous Republic" within the nation of Ukraine. Crimea has its own constitution, government and legislature and certain other rights that keep it from being just another region (oblast) of Ukraine"
 Ukraine's autonomous Crimea region leans towards Moscow
 This autonomous republic is traditionally close to Russia, and as demonstrations continue to wrack Kiev and other regions more than two months after anti-government protests erupted, local lawmakers have asked Moscow for protection against what they qualify as "extremists."

Extemists? That's not accurate enough in my book. What these protestors are truly is well trained and armed fascist fighters- backed by NATO nations
Check this image out from the Yahoo article linked above and tell me what you see?

Anti-government protestors of the "14 Hundred Self-Defense" group take part in a protest rally in front of the Prosecutor General building in Kiev on February 14, 2014
Anti-government protestors of the "14 Hundred Self-Defense" group take part in a protest rally in front of the Prosecutor General building in Kiev on February 14, 2014

 Protestors? Or an organized urban band of fighters? And Fisk doesn't know that the US and company supplied these obviously well organized, geared up, fully armed  fighters.

I know this is a lengthy post, but, come on your attention span can take it ;)

 The White House protests way, way, way too much...

White House stresses Ukraine conflict is not “proxy” war

 The current situation, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters, “is profoundly different from the Cold War era in that what we’ve seen in recent weeks and months is the express desire of Ukrainian people for a future that they decide on their own -- for themselves, for their nation.”


 During the Cold War, there were “conflicts that were simply proxy conflicts,” he said. By contrast, “The Ukrainian people are not substitutes for anyone in this conflict. They are expressing their desires, not U.S. desires or European desires. 

Double Nonsense.
 If you have to tell people this is not a proxy war it can only be because it is so obvious that it is a proxy war.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ukraine president announces concessions- state sponsored terrorism at work

Ukraine president announces early elections, promises coalition government

KYIV, Ukraine - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has announced early presidential elections and promised to form a coalition government in a bid to defuse a deep crisis in which scores have been killed and hundreds injured. 

There was no immediate comment from opposition leaders, who were meeting among themselves. In a statement on his website, Yanukovych said he would start the process for early elections but gave no date. He also promised constitutional reforms trimming presidential powers, a key demand of protesters.


 Now the West will prepare to stage and steal a 'democratic' election. 

Be sure to check out-"I'm a Ukrainian" smells like western style psy-op

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"I'm a Ukrainian" smells like western style psy-op

You can, if you so chose to, watch the video... here
I am not posting it, because it is a propaganda video. It's purpose is to draw you in emotionally which will cause you to think irrationally and uncritically
 Appealing on an emotional level, most often sadness or fear.  Instead of facts, persuasive language is used to develop the foundation of an appeal to emotion-based argument.
 The face and somewhat pleading voice of an attractive woman is being used to elicit feelings of  sympathy from gullibe dupes
The video hits every meme button being pushed by the NATO media
As I listen, with out looking I hear the words Kiev.
She wants to be 'free'
From a government of 'barbarians'
She uses the words "Soviet Union"
The Soviet Union is long gone.... nonetheless it is a loaded brand It brings up many fearful memories for an older generation of brainwashed person
She tells us 1,000's of people are out in the streets- In a nation of over 40 million? That is not much support!
She does not tell us that 1,000's of armed fascists, mercenaries and other assorted killers are out in the street
 She does not mention the armed fascists in Ukraine. 
She does not mention the damage and destruction these armed thugs have visited upon Ukraine
She does not tell us of the police officers who were killed and kidnapped by the thugs.
What of their Ukrainian families?
She does not concern herself with those Ukrainians
Just the armed thugs at the protests. The ones burning buildings, destroying public property, ruining the roads. Her concern lies with them
"I am Ukraine " supports this
"I am Ukraine"  participates in this
Ukraine: the authorities vs gangsters – Rick Rozoff
"I am Ukraine" endorses destruction of a nation she purports to love?

Well let me tell you "I am Ukraine"
We, here in Canada and the US are not free. And probably less so then Ukraine
We cannot protest here without being caged, kettled beaten and pepper sprayed
And not one of these abused protestors is armed, or burning buildings or throwing molotov cocktails

Occupy pepper spray police pics- US

Notice in the pics of US and Canadian protests the streets are not on fire. Nor are any buildings burning?
Portland, Oregon

Pepper Spray Cop

Canada 1997 APEC Summit
The sight of RCMP officers pepper-spraying anti-globalization and pro-human rights protesters instead became the everlasting image of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' summit.That was in 1997,in Canada.
Are those images of freedom from North America?
In fact in North American protests can only be held in officially approved zones
We cannot cover our faces
We have governments that incarcerate nuns: Mercy Me

think- use the brain you have

So, to the social media dupes that are watching and passing around this stuff, particularly in North America
You all prove your gullibility repeatedly. And the war mongering governments and their agencies that have created this propaganda video to suck you in, have succeeded yet again
I lament the loss of critical thinking skills in the West.  I lament the uncritical acceptance of such management perception. 
Save the Ukraine? Westerners would be better served to save themselves

Yes, I am extremely disgusted with those that would take this latest psyop seriously.