Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gunman opens fire in Orthodox Cathedral on Sakhalin Island, Russia

Why am I mentioning this shooting at all?

One main reason- Location

1- Obviously because of the Olympics
2-  An Orthodox church
3- Sakhalin Island. Very interesting
4- The age of the shooter
5- The manner in which the crime was conducted- the victims

The Olympics in Sochi have been attacked viciously via msm talking heads over the alleged human rights concerns for the humans, branded  lgbt- self branded or media campaign
Divide to conquer, is all I can say.
Moving on-

Cathedral of the Resurrection in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Image from
Cathedral of the Resurrection in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

A gunman burst into a cathedral on the Russian island of Sakhalin, opening fire on churchgoers, killing two people and wounding six others. The suspect was apprehended onsite.
The news of the attack was first circulated on the website of the local Diocese of Southern Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.
News of the attack was first circulated on the website of the diocese.
“Around 14:00, a gunman stormed into the main cathedral of the Diocese of Southern Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands (Cathedral of the Resurrection) and fired several shots,” it reads.
The nun, Lyudmila Pryashnikova, and the churchgoer, whose identity is still being worked out, died on the spot. The lives of the six people who were wounded are reportedly not endangered.
“The wounded have been taken to hospital, their wounds are to the legs, their lives are not in danger,” archbishop Tikhon said, adding that at 5pm local time (0300 GMT) there will be a service at the cathedral where the deceased will be commemorated.
An investigation is currently underway.
The attacker’s motives, who is said to be in his mid-twenties, are still unknown. Russia’s Investigative Committee added that the suspect worked as a guard at a private security agency. He will undergo a mental evaluation prior to the trial. The shooter will face up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.
The cathedral has a capacity of 450.
The part of the cathedral where blood was spilt will be consecrated.

1-The Olympics- An opportunity to positively present a nation on the world stage, good for Russia.
The motivation to ruin that- Huge for NATO

2-The Orthodox church- a western target- Think the pussy/skank riot "protest" -
BTW a skank update: Pussy riot is going to Brooklyn- perfect place for them
I won't put the image of the skanks here, but, notice the product placement of Amnesty International?
Just another No Good Organization

3-The Sakhalin Island is part of the island chain that is disputed with Japan
Sakhalin has been the subject of territorial disputes between Russia and Japan since the 19th century.

 This map comes from a Carnegie Endowment article called -Russia's Pacific Future
There is a comment that mentions the silliness of the proposal that CE put's forward
This specific proposal for resolving the Kurile Islands' territorial issue I suspect would not be supported by the Sakhalin Region (the Kurile Islands are part of the Sakhalin Region). The issue of the territorial waters and vast fishing grounds, a major concern on Sakhalin, is not mentioned in the article and should be considered.......
  The article proposes a solution with a loss of territory and territorial waters for Russia, and insufficient guarantee of benefit in broader Far East development.
I suspect and hope that the Russian Federation will seek a better deal than that proposed in the article.
4-The age of the man- 25 and an ethnic Russian.
You may recall that the younger ethnic Russians have been recruited into the insane NATO backed Wahabbi killer cult . I  believe this phenomena was mentioned around the time of the last two terror attacks in Russia
First ,   Second,  Third
Particularly mentioned in the third post linked above

Or was he a mercenary- because this report is interesting also
An employee at a private security firm was detained at the scene in the main city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
The motive of the man, who is said to be about 25 years old, were not clear.
Perhaps the motive was money?

5- The Nun, Lyudmila Pryashnikova was killed at the church along with another person? Unsure at this time. The rest of the parishioners were shot in their legs. Reads to me as if a message was being sent directly to the church.

Perhaps I am reading to much into this? But.... I can see so many reasons that this would line up nicely as part of a western/NATO terror campaign. So, I gotta call them as I see them

Lastly the US says "Sochi security risks far from over"
Does that mean they won't stop trying?


  1. Russia presently evaluating moving capital to far east.

    Sakhalin is sight of major drilling project. Few years ago Japan and Russia agreed to a major lng facility on site. Pipelines are being discussed. Abe is scheduled to go to Russia within months.

    Why is the church curious. Putin was at the Vatican a month or so ago and the catholic facility in Syria was attacked shortly thereafter. The orthodox Vatican convergence. See comment on Vatican in previous thread re putin then Kerry (as Vatican bank was being reshuffled), obama in March, Hollande last week and queen Elizabeth in April (when is the Scotland vote...).

    Finally a very off article appeared covered over at giza death star regarding Russia predicting a major earthquake in far east. As GDS writes since when were earthquakes predictable. A message?

    1. Russia to move the capital east?
      I would be stunned if they did

      I will have to go over to GDS to read that article regarding this earthquake?? interesting.....



    1. ok, I recall this comment

      I noticed the protests in the bosnia area and wondered ok, what the heck is going on there
      there was even an article I saw called 'bosnian spring'
      definitely recall the croation weapons...
      haven't got any feel for what is going on there
      very familiar with the north and south stream pipelines...

      anything else you can add to help me fill in the blanks?
      would be good

    2. Bosnia violence orchestrated by same choreographers as Kiev protests

      One perspective



  3. Wow, almost forgot about Salkahlin Island. Remember when that Korean Air Flight 007 was shot down by the USSR, for supposedly violating their airspace, back in 1983?

    That passenger jet just happened to have onboard Congressman McDonald, who was trying to get the gold owned by the US audited every year to make sure it was where it was supposed to be.

    Senator Jesse Helms was supposed to join McDonald, but changed his plans at the last moment and took another flight to Korea.


    1. Greg: Is this the same magic bullet Senator Jesse Helms?
      Am I thinking of the right person?

      Senator Jesse Helms was supposed to join McDonald, but changed his plans at the last moment and took another flight to Korea.


      sure reads as if someone had insider knowledge

    2. This is interesting- Helms' Foreign Policy
      "He proposed an act in 1974 that authorized the President to grant honorary citizenship to Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
      He favored prohibiting foreign aid to countries that had recently detonated nuclear weapons: aimed squarely at India, but also affecting Israel should it conduct a nuclear test.[43] He then worked to support the supply of arms to the United States' Arab allies under Carter and Reagan, until his views on Israel shifted significantly in 1984.[39]"

      Unfortunately the citation link has been removed.

      Looks like he was 'got at' around the time of KAF007.

  4. Greg: Is this the same magic bullet Senator Jesse Helms?
    Am I thinking of the right person?

    Helms was just your typical Southern bigot, it was Warren Commission staffer--later US Senator--Arlen Specter who came up with the 'Magic Bullet' theory, or as it was called, the "Single-bullet theory."