Monday, February 3, 2014

Henry Kissinger: Through the Ukraine mirror Russia sees the regime change agenda

 And more

Just a bit more then 7 minutes and extremely informative
FZ: You know Putin well. You've met him more than any American. Do you think he’s watching what is happening in Ukraine and thinking, the West and the United States is doing this essentially as a way of surrounding Russia?

HK- "I think he thinks that this is a dress rehearsal for what we would like to do in Moscow. And so..."

FZ: Regime change?
HK: A regime change issue. And the fact that it's happening so close to the Sochi Games will make him even more suspicious. But Putin thinks that the dissolution of the Soviet Union was a great historical disaster. So, obviously, the largest part of this independence is Ukraine, with 50 million people, and he can't be indifferent.

The map. The map tells us so much.


  1. Yes it is very near hand Sochi Olympics : and with the gay olympics fiasco and puddly riot and Volgogograd bombings by a terrorist group who did it to get rid of Putin ( jihadi bombers have same objective as pussy riot) and now Ukraine Color revolution ..., Putin can see closely the western objective . Item : 2008 Beijing Olympics , first day Georgia attacks South Ossetia . Goal to draw in russia . Now another Olympics is at hand

    1. Oh, yes I heard that germany is sending their athletes with the rainbow colours... how very supportive - eyes rolling
      And yes 08 Olympics Georgia rolls on in and get's kicked to the curb

  2. Flood Russia with Afghan heroin, then CIA money for a 'color' revolution to put Russia into NWO slavery.

    Shakespeare was wrong. First thing to do is to kill all the bankers.

    1. Yup, and Greg you touched on the very subject of my next post
      drug money for colour revolutions black op and all sort of scummy activities
      I can't do the topic just, but, am going to give it a go

  3. The timing is of course of the essence. While the west continue to fan the flames in Ukraine, we have Sochi where US has insinuated that something might happen and have even prepared for it by two warships ready to evacuate US-citizens. Bandar bin Chimpanzee, now under US medical treatment threatened Moscow with attacks, not without US consent and today the infamous US ambassador to Russia McFaul announced his resignment . My bet is that Ukraine will reach a crescendo in the shadow of Sotchi and that the US and Saudi will activate more terror-cells like Volgograd and Beslan. I hope im wrong but if not, nothing should stop Russia from full retaliation on Saudi Arabia. Some Tu-160 loaded by bombs should send them right back where they mentally are, medieval times.Time for Georgia 2.0...


    1. Hi Mikhas
      Bandar bin Chimpanzee is under US medical treatment?
      I didn't know that
      Noticed first thing this am Ukraine had dropped out of the top stories
      so.... a pause in activities
      while the west makes it's next move?
      " My bet is that Ukraine will reach a crescendo in the shadow of Sotchi"
      I have been waiting on something
      I notice the stockmarket is dropping like a rock... and it doesn't looks so far that anyone is propping it up. Is that going to change?
      The curse of living in interesting times

  4. Greg Bacon, I couldn't agree more. Also, HK is scum, and a War Criminal. May he rot in hell.

    1. And yes HK is a scum and a war criminal
      hopefully when he rots in hell, Ariel Sharon will be there rotting with him
      Now that is justice

  5. And before you start an insurgency you need to demonise the leadership of the nation to be destroyed and stolen. Saddam style. Saddam was of course once an "asset" Note the sustained anti Putin campaign in the UK controlled collaborator riddled media. When we see Putin Hitlerised in the media the time will be near.

    Here is the revolutionary leader pictured with Merkel supplier of Dolphin subs to nutty Netanyahoos nuclear armed Israel.

    Lying vermin like HK would like us to believe that the Soviet Union was independent from the Wall St / Military Ind Complex who proped it up to provide their enemy and keep the budget coming. Mig fighter parts were made in the UK despite the "cold war"

    George Bush Sr. and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger were also heavily involved in another illegal covert operation run through an Italian BCCI-linked bank called Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL). BNL was used to covertly funnel billions of dollars to Saddam Hussein. This scandal would become known as Iraqgate. - See more at:

    HK - greatly assisted the escaping Nazis - Operation Paperclip OSS CIA but curiously is welcome in Israel.

    1. HK - greatly assisted the escaping Nazis - Operation Paperclip OSS CIA but curiously is welcome in Israel.

      I did not know that?

  6. Do the letters in the background GPS stand for "The Global Public Square" or Global Police State ?

    1. Ha I like that the Global Police State!
      Even though it is the other
      global police state is better

  7. Way to stop the problem is to come to the Ukraine post and comment ! I amaze myself how damn smart I am sometimes ;^)

    What Links the Threat of a U.S. Default with the Destabilization of Ukraine?

    Just as it is with Syria, it's about regime change in Ukraine also. This time the standing Prez went so far as to offer them seats / positions within the existing Gov and they declined, after a quick gab fest with US EU and mz Ashton. The Russian press was not allowed into the confab to cover the meeting either.

    Leader of this neo-nazi nationalist group flew the coup for UK crossing the border on foot or he claims as charges have been firled in Ukraine against him for being behind the riots that killed some people His family mysteriously decided they needed to fly the coup alsoj ? Given shelter by the UK ? hmmmm

    Here is a Video taken in Kiev (one of a number there) showing the area they are encamped in and going inside the confiscated building where a woman is giving a speech and banners all over the place of the "hero" Banera (sp) who led the people to joing the nazis to drive back Russian troops way back when. The longer they have this stronghold and a place out of the cold to give these speeches more and more people will join them I fear. Propoganda is running heavy in the hall, you can see it everywhere.

    Dmitry Yarosh – the 'commander' of Maidan’s 'Right Sector' who fled arrest to UK

    The other videos at the same Russian culture site that I get alot of Syrian info from, show them marching and continuing the build-up of "their area"
    Today at Voice of Russia there was brief article about a TON of explosives the "opposition" ( new language west is using for maiden group) have stored in taht building. Went back and don't see it now


    1. karin
      I amaze myself how damn smart I am sometimes ;^)

      I do that too!
      and yes, it is regime change, has always been regime change

      the US default linked to the destabilization is interesting
      I hadn't thought of it in terms of the US debt default
      I did hear a bit about that news- but assumed they would just up the ceiling as usual

      "the U.S. is already prepared to send its warships under the pretext of the Sochi Olympics"

      I saw that and believe Mikhas mentioned it too?
      You should here how the so called canadian government is going on and on about the Olympics

      and the pics of Julia- the gas princess

  8. The cabal had gone wild with their plans to destabilize Russia.

    There are no signs of a possible false flag during the Sochi Winter Olympics yet, those criminal Anunnaki aliens apparently decided to change their strategy to ignite WW3 with staged riots through Ukraine rather than bombing the games.

    Belarus is likely considered by greedy reptilian globalists as their next target before the ultimate goal which is none other than a regime change in Russia.

  9. Kissinger's comments in today's WaPo are definitely worth reading. He is mostly correct in his analysis, mostly but not quite entirely: