Thursday, February 20, 2014

"I'm a Ukrainian" smells like western style psy-op

You can, if you so chose to, watch the video... here
I am not posting it, because it is a propaganda video. It's purpose is to draw you in emotionally which will cause you to think irrationally and uncritically
 Appealing on an emotional level, most often sadness or fear.  Instead of facts, persuasive language is used to develop the foundation of an appeal to emotion-based argument.
 The face and somewhat pleading voice of an attractive woman is being used to elicit feelings of  sympathy from gullibe dupes
The video hits every meme button being pushed by the NATO media
As I listen, with out looking I hear the words Kiev.
She wants to be 'free'
From a government of 'barbarians'
She uses the words "Soviet Union"
The Soviet Union is long gone.... nonetheless it is a loaded brand It brings up many fearful memories for an older generation of brainwashed person
She tells us 1,000's of people are out in the streets- In a nation of over 40 million? That is not much support!
She does not tell us that 1,000's of armed fascists, mercenaries and other assorted killers are out in the street
 She does not mention the armed fascists in Ukraine. 
She does not mention the damage and destruction these armed thugs have visited upon Ukraine
She does not tell us of the police officers who were killed and kidnapped by the thugs.
What of their Ukrainian families?
She does not concern herself with those Ukrainians
Just the armed thugs at the protests. The ones burning buildings, destroying public property, ruining the roads. Her concern lies with them
"I am Ukraine " supports this
"I am Ukraine"  participates in this
Ukraine: the authorities vs gangsters – Rick Rozoff
"I am Ukraine" endorses destruction of a nation she purports to love?

Well let me tell you "I am Ukraine"
We, here in Canada and the US are not free. And probably less so then Ukraine
We cannot protest here without being caged, kettled beaten and pepper sprayed
And not one of these abused protestors is armed, or burning buildings or throwing molotov cocktails

Occupy pepper spray police pics- US

Notice in the pics of US and Canadian protests the streets are not on fire. Nor are any buildings burning?
Portland, Oregon

Pepper Spray Cop

Canada 1997 APEC Summit
The sight of RCMP officers pepper-spraying anti-globalization and pro-human rights protesters instead became the everlasting image of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' summit.That was in 1997,in Canada.
Are those images of freedom from North America?
In fact in North American protests can only be held in officially approved zones
We cannot cover our faces
We have governments that incarcerate nuns: Mercy Me

think- use the brain you have

So, to the social media dupes that are watching and passing around this stuff, particularly in North America
You all prove your gullibility repeatedly. And the war mongering governments and their agencies that have created this propaganda video to suck you in, have succeeded yet again
I lament the loss of critical thinking skills in the West.  I lament the uncritical acceptance of such management perception. 
Save the Ukraine? Westerners would be better served to save themselves

Yes, I am extremely disgusted with those that would take this latest psyop seriously.


  1. ABC news tonight was blatant lies. The majority of people watching probably fell for it. It was all made out to be the west vs Putin and it's frustrating to see this going on.

    1. kenny, hi!

      You know I am finding myself feeling frustrated also
      the endless lies.. day in day out
      the repetition of the same types of activities in every destabilizations
      that play themselves out with only the slightest differences in different nations
      but waytoo many similarities to make them anything but orchestrations
      the patterns are there and they are clearly obvious
      call me grumpy today I guess or maybe just tired and frustrated?
      tomorrow is another day :)

  2. I couldn't watch the damn promo video-the minute that little hussy said I am Ukrainian , I went deep red !! ;)
    I watched a critique of it and that was as good as I could do. I'm overwhelmed with all this horror in so many places at once and it's so very sad.

    Here is a new audio w/ Rick Rozoff on Ukraine and NATO

    This, and Syria are far from the only fronts.. these demons are busy bees.
    Maduro in Venezuela is fighting to keep that county afloat and recent violence just like Ukraine is happening. Here is some info concerning his statement to have to order troops in Tachira Venezuela: Batalion of Paratroopers Deployed in Táchira

    I just saw this article, but have not read it concerning Lopez links to CIA
    Venezuela Coup Plotter, Leopoldo López Mendoza, Works for the CIA You will have to translate it .

    Africa or rather CAR is yet another front they have ratched up all at the same darn time ! Germany and France are sending yet more troops down there :(
    Thousands of Muslims Flee the Central African Republic

    I have other info on Ukraine I wanted to share with you, will have to do it later.,

    1. thanks karin
      just knowing there are sensible people who question and think makes me feel better, boy, yesterday I was disgusted!

      I have noticed Venezuela..

      It's like the idiots in NATO/OWO psychos are pushing for a global war
      100 years ago this year WW1 started
      the psychos are big on numbers and crap
      and the masses are mostly drugged up and asleep
      no wonder I feel stressed
      thanks karin, for being you and stopping by :)


    This blogger regularly and in detail posts on the violent, law-enforcement in the US. Most stories are of 'isolated' cases [ ho!ho! ] , and show how often seemingly innocent people are at minimum criminalised , at worst incarcerated or murdered while very often the violent perpetrators [ called police] get away, backed by, what the blogger feels, a soviet-stle dictatorial legal system.


    1. hi aferrismoon
      ho! ho! I love that
      I shall check that out, thanks
      and thanks for stopping by here :)

  4. P.J.Watson did a pretty good dissection of this and ties it in with the Kony nonsense of a year or 2 ago-
    Exposed: Ukrainian 'Protesters' Backed by Kony 2012-Style Scam
    The Truth About The Ukraine Crisis - Youtube

    1. thanks freethinker. I didn't see any of that so I shall go and look
      I happened to catch the video on CTV and was like 'gone viral'
      'three million views'
      Oh my god, what bullshit
      and it annoyed me to no end...when are people going to stop getting sucked in by this crap

    2. When indeed?
      I'm surprised Avaaz hasn't got in on the act yet. I'm sure they will.

  5. I'd be a bit sceptical about the 3m views personally.

    As for Avaaz, they're clever enough to have enough genuine causes to suck people in. Then people end up signing up to things they wouldn't sign up to if they took the time to read what they were signing up to. Vigilance is required with regards to that lot.

  6. That was an excellent post. Crisp. Cutting. The truth doesn't just hurt it stings.