Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kerry talks with Lavrov about 'respecting territorial integrity' of Ukraine

A concept that is very humourous coming from Kerry. As we can see from his impartiality in the Israel/Palestine situation, Kerry is all about territorial integrity.

 And of course we see how much the US respects the territorial integrity of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Bosnia, Libya, Syria, etc, etc., ad finitum
Yup, the US and company are all about the integrity of territory-
The US who has an agenda of destabilization and balkanization is all about integrity of territory
John Kerry says so, so you had better believe it! ;-)

 It's been a busy day in the Ukraine and the Crimea
So, it's a busy day here. Post 3 for the day. Sorry about that..

1st- Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats" is appointed premier by Ukrainian coup government

 2nd-  Ukraine: Crimea/Russia Tatars, Nazi's and Fascists oh my! History repeats (this post now contains additional info)

Onto the latest-

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday that Washington would be carefully monitoring a commitment by Moscow to respect Ukraine's territorial sovereignty.
Keep in mind that Crimea is an autonomous republic--

The secretary's morning phone call came as an armed takeover of the government offices in the pro-Russian Crimea region of Ukraine and major military exercises by Russian forces near the Ukrainian border stoked concerns that Moscow might intervene in the country.
Mr. Kerry said Mr. Lavrov reaffirmed an earlier commitment by Russian President Vladimir Putin to "respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine" and assured the U.S. that the military exercises aren't related to recent events in former Soviet republic.
The territorial integrity of Ukraine does not include Crimea- and Lavrov will remind the US that the Crimeans are entitled to choose their own path
They discussed the events in Crimea, which have fueled worries that pro-Russian separatists will challenge the provisional government in Kiev and further destabilize the fragile country.

In addition to the U.S. cautioning Moscow, officials in Washington expressed concern that possible missteps by the new government in Kiev could provoke the Russians.
"We believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations," Mr. Kerry said. "We are also making the same point about reducing tensions in Crimea to the Ukrainians. And it is very important that the process continue in a thoughtful and respectful way."
Kerry and co already created plenty of provocation. Including, but not limited to, the overthrow of a democratically elected governemnt.

Earlier Thursday, Ukraine's parliament approved an interim government to replace pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted from Kiev over the weekend.-
 Ousted- No, it was a regime change. Western style and backed

"I think they understand that to keep faith with their affirmation about protecting territorial integrity, you can't be encouraging the separatist movement or some other effort," Mr. Kerry said.
Mr. Kerry said, however, Washington is monitoring the situation to ensure Russian compliance.
"This is not about words, it's about actions and we will look in the days ahead to see the confirmation," he said in a joint press conference with visiting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the State Department.
"We will watch very carefully and very hopefully that Russia will join us in the effort to help shore up the economy, hold the country together and provide a way forward," he said.
The secretary also said the fledgling government should put off considering whether the Ukraine joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the pro-western military alliance cemented in the cold war as a collective defense against the former Soviet Union, until after a more permanent government is elected.

"They would be well served to hold off on some of these other issues until that choice has been made by the people," he said.


  1. Whew, what a crazy day!
    Leave your comments where you wish and good night :)

  2. Thanks, I have nothing to say about kerry that would nice. Sleep well.

  3. Absolute Duplicity, Hubris, Hypocrisy, BOLD FACE LYING & BULLYING!
    "Do as I say not as I do" is their motto.
    You become subhuman when you care not for the good of humanity & your conscience is completely corrupted. ANIMALS - ideology of "survival of the fittest" so the reptilian part of the brain is dominant & the other parts are only used to support this hedonism. They have no desire or use for spiritual development so we get Human Devolution. That's why we have ABSOLUTE MADNESS from these sociopaths!!!!!

    Great work Penny, always appreciate your hard work & desire to provide the TRUTH.
    Have a Good night, you deserve it.

  4. A deep read, and a bit lengthly, but unless I'm judging you wrongly, I think you will appreciate the information it gives Penny.

    The Spectacle in Kiev: The Brown Revolution in Ukraine

    And yes, quite a merry-go-round the last couple of days have been. Once I got over the initial shock of the coup ( it took a couple of days ) the insanity of the break neck speed that things have been happening has keep the mind spinning trying to keep up with it all.

  5. forget the russians:

    under the radar: NATO troops on the ground in west ukraine? true or false? as usual media is silent

    'Today in the Public Chamber of Russia held a hearing on the situation in Ukraine, where the lawmaker Oleg Tsarev Verkhovna Rada announced information about the appearance of NATO troops in western Ukraine . According to him, in Lviv began landing NATO soldiers , writes business-gazeta citing " Moskovsky Komsomolets" .
    "In March, must undergo exercises with NATO . Contingent of troops on the documents were limited due to arrive up to 1 thousand people. They already fly on airplanes. Served all that you need time to prepare for the exercise , "- said Tsarev .
    Earlier media reported that in the Black Sea water entered two American warships : missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG- 61) and the flagship of the U.S. Sixth Fleet Mount Whitney. Aboard American ships are more than 600 American "sea lion" . Motion vector of American ships suggests that they go to the Black Sea shores of Ukraine. " All this makes the situation in the country is extremely tense," - stated Tsarev .
    Chairman of the Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy Sergei Ordzhonikidze said that the daily cost of Ukrainian Maidan on peak days reached $ 80 million . " It is clear that it can only be a large-scale foreign aid . In the protests in Ukraine involved only 4 percent of the population . So to say that " the people rose up " is not necessary . "
    Tsarev hearings also revealed that this week at the Independence expected provocation. They need to constantly warm interest in Ukrainian events.'

  6. 'The Parliament of Tatarstan and the World Congress of Tatars has appealed to the Crimea Tatars to basically stop the crap (it was said in more police terms). Kudos for the wisdom of these two organizations!'

    the MSM is beating up the 'Russias are Coming' meme for all its worth ,while reports have NATO planting boots in west ukraine ...
    'No takeover' at Crimean capital’s airport, ‘self-defense squads’ on nearby patrol …

  7. from 2005 on crimean tartars....note use of name KYIV...this show the author is west ukrainian

    The Crimean Tatars historically practice a very moderate form of Islam, but in the 1990s both domestic and foreign factors played a role in the appearance there of Wahhabism and more recently followers of Hizb ut-Tahrir.
    Extreme poverty and a sense of hopeless among many Crimean Tatars have contributed, but so too have the activities of Muslim missionaries from the Arab world and Central Asia and of both the Russian and the Ukrainian governments who at various points have shown themselves interested in splitting the Crimean Tatar national movement.
    The number of Crimean Tatars involved in these two movements nonetheless remains very small - no more than 300 Wahhabis and far fewer adepts of Hizb ut-Tahrir are to be found in Crimea - and at least the majority of their leaders currently appear more interested in religious questions than in political action.
    But their very existence, the intensive coverage they have received, and the possibility that these groups could threaten or somehow be used to threaten the Crimean Tatar movement have combined to prompt the Crimean Tatar leadership to distance itself from these groups and seek to limit their activities.
    Mustafa Dzhemilyev, the leader of the Crimean Tatars, has repeatedly said that his people have been glad to get almost any outside help they could get but that they have discovered that some of it from the Middle East either came with strings attached or threatened to divide his people and therefore had to be rejected.
    - See more at:

    anti russian bias of article....but it raises a valid point....failure to aid minorities turns them to extremist groups

    1. thanks brian
      As I read through that all I could think of was divide to conquer
      divide to conquer

  8. The imperialism practiced centuries ago by England and France meant any nation occupied by either master was going to be destroyed and enslaved.
    The modern day imperialism practiced by NATO USA and Russia is similar.

    Ukraine and Crimea will end up beaten down by whoever 'wins' this round. It looks like it will be carved up with the lions share going to NATO.
    The two pimps (Russia and the USA) won't actually come to blows as they fight over this profitable slave girl (Ukraine) as pimps always stop short of hurting each other. They will share in the profit of the slave after they work out a deal.

    Tatars seem to be nothing more than a useful propaganda tool for the NATO block to use against Russia. But still, the Tatars a were conscripted and coerced into serving in the Russian army against the Germans in WW2. They hated the evil Russians who were cruel masters, so in ignorance of what the Nazis stood for, the Tatars sided with the 'enemy of my enemy'. Then in 1944 they were ethnically cleansed by Stalin from Ukraine and scattered to the winds and most who were shipped north in trains ended up dead. The ones who ended up in Crimea had it pretty good compared to most other Tatars. So now they have become a useful pawn for NATO, and Russia has to face up to one of many chapters in its evil history. Not that the NATO block will help the Tatars (they will probably plant a bunch of Al CIAduh goons in their midst to blow off a few bombs) but clearly the Tatars are victims here of both sides.

    The dirty filthy Russians and the dirty filthy NATO block are two sides of the same coin. There is no honor in this fight, no concern for people or democracy.

  9. ' but clearly the Tatars are victims here of both sides'

    Actually, that does not seem to be the case at all- it's just never that simple

    as brian has pointed out there are tatars killing Syrians..
    and I put some information regarding that in the previous post

    I also highly doubt the tatars were naive when they sided with the nazis
    No more naive then the Ukrainians were who also allied themselves with the nazi army

    When is there ever concern for the people?
    The people aren't even concerned for themselves
    Here or elsewhere, to busy believing their government will care for them
    And that is the biggest problem of all

    1. Some messed up Tatars sign up to kill for money..........desperate mercenaries for sure. So do we just make a blanket condemnation of Tatars in general because some of their men choose to kill for cash???
      Mercenaries come from all impoverished regions where basic needs are lacking. Leave the Tatar women and kids out of it!

      The Tatars are being played and used by NATO like pawns.
      Russia sent children women and weak elderly Tatars off on trains without heat or food and many thousands starved and froze to death in 1944.
      It is that simple. Whether one calls that genocide is not simple, but is sure was evil. Blind allegiance to Russia can make some people blind to their crimes.

    2. "So do we just make a blanket condemnation of Tatars in general because some of their men choose to kill for cash???"

      Why, was I? I am only referring to those that are mercs in Syria

      You appear to be assuming way to much. Including your previous statement

      "so in ignorance of what the Nazis stood for, the Tatars sided with the 'enemy of my enemy'."

      It is very doubtful that the Tatars were ignorant. In fact there is no way in hell, those that participated in killing were. They took an opportunity to gouge out the eye of their enemy. Plain and simple

      "The Tatars are being played and used by NATO like pawns."

      The Tatars are allowing themselves to be played.
      Everyone owns their own behaviour- Period
      The mercs that went to Syria went on their own to kill innocent Syrian civilians for money Is that innocence on their part?
      "Blind allegiance to Russia....."
      What the heck kind of comment is that?
      If you don't like it here, don't stop by.