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Phillip Seymour Hoffman & the Military /Terror/Drug & Banking Complex

So, the actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies of a heroin overdose. And the news drones on- the tragedy. The horror. And, sure it is. For his family etc.,
Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the Big Lebowski

Why am I talking up this celebrity death? As readers here know, I don't do celebrity news. But I will jump at an opportunity when one is so conveniently presented to talk about the far bigger issue that is not being addressed in all the dirt being dished on one drug addicted celebrity.
A subject that others should be more familiar with too.
First of all, generally speaking, the absurdity of the “war on drugs” Usually when there is a ‘war’ on something, anything, really. It is not a war against any one thing. But is really a war in support of something
So the war on terror? Is a war of terror. The war on drugs? Is a war for drugs.  Yes a war for drugs!
Their use. Their global spread. The profits. Money for covert ops and destabilization campaigns. Money for the banksters and the corrupt institution of private central banking.  And all the damage that industry brings. Families destroyed. Communities destroyed. Nations destroyed.
On purpose. By design.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman's overdose is an opportunity to remind persons who may be unaware just where it is this problem originates. I will sum it up in just a few short words- The Military Industrial Drug, Banking and Terror Complex. That's it folks. Without that drug money wars could not be waged, nations destabilized and banks might fail. Hell the world would likely be a much better place...
If we, the masses, want to understand why it is that - Heroin's Resurgence (is) Sparked by Cheap Cost, Easy Access

-We have to look most recently at NATO and the invasion of Afghanistan

Heroin, suspected of killing actor Philip Seymour Hoffman this weekend, has for years been a forgotten drug, overtaken by abuse of prescription painkillers.
Now it’s back, and in a big way.
Heroin-related deaths jumped 84 percent in New York City from 2010 to 2012
 Heroin today is cheaper and more easily obtained than prescription painkillers whose use has been limited by federal and state laws that tighten doctor and patient access. A bag of heroin sells for about $10 on Long Island, while the equivalent amount of Vicodin costs $30, Reynolds said.
“If you shut down the supply and don’t deal with demand, people turn to heroin,” he said by telephone.
Nationally, heroin use increased 79 percent from 2007 to 2012, with 669,000 people in the U.S. reporting they used the drug, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health released in 2013.
Why has heroin become cheaper and more accessible?

Afghanistan: Afghan heroin & the CIA
The World’s #1 Narco-State

Drug trafficking is the largest global commodity in profits after the oil and arms trade, consequently, “immediately following the October 2001 invasion opium markets were restored. Opium prices spiraled. By early 2002, the domestic price of opium in Afghanistan (in dollars/kg) was almost 10 times higher than in 2000.”[15] The Anglo-American invasion of Afghanistan successfully restored the drug trade. The Guardian recently reported that, “In 2007 Afghanistan had more land growing drugs than Colombia, Bolivia and Peru combined.”[16].
The scourge of heroin can be connected to the invasion of Afghanistan by the imperial west...

5. Who Profits from the Drug Trade?

Wall Street and Big Banks

Michel Chossudovsky describes the heroin trade as a “hierarchy of prices,” with the drug’s street price, (what it is sold for in largely Western cities around the world), is 80 to 100 times the price paid to the farmers who cultivate it in Afghanistan.[25] The IMF reported that in the late 1990s, money laundering accounted for 2-5% of the world’s GDP, and that a large percentage of the 590 billion to 1.5 trillion dollars in annual money laundering is “directly linked to the trade in narcotics.” This lucrative trade in narcotics produces profits which are “laundered in the numerous offshore banking havens in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the British Channel Islands, the Cayman Islands and some 50 other locations around the globe.” These offshore havens “are controlled by major Western banks and financial institutions” which “have a vested interest in maintaining and sustaining the drug trade.”[26]


The big banks profit handsomely from the drug trade. This has been reported on more then one occasion
So let's flashback to a couple of my older posts
One from 09- Wow, Drug money flowed into banks!
Really the drug money did more then flow into the banks... it kept the banks afloat
There was so much of it going around. And it still does, today.
This was not a one off.
Then in 2010-  US banks' role in Mexican drug trade

If you have the time to dig a bit more I am quite certain much, much more information can be found linking the banks to the drug trade

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Noel Rodriguez, a team leader with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 6, communicates with an adjacent squad while on patrol in Sangin, Helmand province, Afghanistan,

The images all come from an article at Global Research- American troops protecting Afghan opium- Occupation leads to an all time high in Heroin production

Now let's listen to Part 2 of an interview with Rick Rozoff
Oh and thanks to karin for directing me to this excellent interview last week. I enjoyed it!In all actuality...... you should listen to all 4 parts but for this post I will focus specifically on Part 2
All four parts add up to about an hour of listening time.

Quoting from the transcript for Part 2

 Robles: Two points I’d like to make and then you can continue any way you’d like. You said you wanted to speak about the human toll, the heroin wreaks on the world. The US taxpayers have spent, as far as I know, the figures I saw were about $7 billion in fighting narcotics production; opium production, heroin production – in Afghanistan. I believe that figure is correct, if I’m wrong, please, tell me. So, they weren’t there to stop heroin production. They weren’t there to get rid of the Taliban, while making secret deals with them and they are going to come back in power even more powerful than they were before. So, what was the real point of 12 years in Afghanistan then?
Rozoff: Well, I mean, I know what the answer to that is, but it is not what generally is offered as an explanation for the invasion, the occupation of Afghanistan. To read between the lines slightly all one needs to do, is read Anders Fogh Rasmussen or any other NATO official on their website. I invite people to visit the NATO website, it is where you are going to find out the truth but you may have to decipher it a bit.
And what you hear again and again is that Afghanistan has proven the testing ground or the training ground for a developing interoperability between NATO members and partners. Again, over 50 nations provided military forces for NATO in the ongoing war in Afghanistan. And what NATO walks away from… the Afghans of course have suffered a disastrous period, the region likewise and the world security has certainly not gained in any manner from the spot, NATO has walked away by having fused or integrated military units from 50 different countries.
People without any sense of history may not appreciate the significance of that fact, but for a moment, you know, the act of belligerence, even in WW II, for example, I’d be surprised if formally there were more than 20 on the side of the allies and now you’ve got 50 serving in one country, under one military command – NATO. That’s what NATO used Afghanistan for. It was simply a training ground for consolidating an international military strike force, what is referred to as the NATO Response Force, the nucleus of which will be this 50-nation alliance that NATO was able to put together inside Afghanistan.
On the question of the human toll of heroin, I’ll be brief on that but I’ll be personal. I worked in the past as a substance abuse counselor. I worked at methadone maintenance clinic. I know what heroin addiction does to people. I’ve seen young women out prostituting themselves. I’ve seen young babies left in their own feces and so forth as their parents are hunting down a fix. I know what heroin does to people. And if you multiply that on the level of hundreds of thousands or millions and this is what is happening, this is the untold cost of the Afghan war.
And you don’t have to look too far. The Russian Government will tell you what the figures are in their own country in heroin deaths and heroin addiction. The Iranian Government will tell you the same. I’m sure the five nations of Central Asia can say something similar. I’m sure that Pakistan and India are suffering this as well. And this is going to take generations to rectify.
Robles: It is an insidious cycle, and I’d really like you to comment on this as well, the whole heroin cycle includes the cultivators, the farmers – right? It begins with them, it ends up with somebody dying in a stairwell in Chicago with a dirty needle in their vein or something. But in between you’ve got government officials, you’ve got even US diplomats, maybe, you’ve got the CIA, you’ve got NATO officials and everyone is making money of it. How much do you think the US and NATO have profited from the entire heroin scheme in Afghanistan?
Rozoff: That’s rich ground for speculation. I would reference I think, as you were talking about the golden triangle earlier, Alfred McCoy he is a Professor, or was at least, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He wrote a book on just that topic, about the Southeast Asia during the war in Indo-China.
Robles: I’ve actually read that.
Rozoff: Good, talk about it! Inevitably, all the other plagues follow in the track of war; famine, disease, drug addiction, prostitution, dislocation. It is as sure as the night follows day you are going to find that. However, there is a more insidious side that you are alluding to, which is that one way of in the post WW II period of financing counterinsurgency groups that are artificially governmental in nature is through the drug trade.
This occurred in central America, it has occurred in south America, it has occurred in Indo-China, it has occurred in the Balkans, it is occurring currently in south and central Asia where cutthroat mercenary outfits do the dirty work, particularly for the CIA, and in return are allowed to run narcotics trafficking, perhaps, in conjunction with US military forces, as a way of paying themselves outside of the congressionally scrutinized budget. You know, it is a slush fund or a secret budget of some sort. We just have to assume that’s going on.
There has been discussion, I think there’s even been some degree of proof that there is a drug route that goes now from Afghanistan possibly through the air base in Manas in Kirgizstan fairly directly into the Balkans, probably Kosovo. And we know that criminal gangs or syndicates affiliated with the putative government of Kosovo, of Hashim Thaçi, have been directly implicated in running the preponderance of the drug trade throughout Europe. So, it would seem logical that opium, cultivated, farmed, semi-processed in Afghanistan or even processed into heroin and other by-products would then make their way into the drugs circuit in the Balkans, and from there to the West. It is more than a likely possibility.

Robles: So, this is going through… out of US military installations in Afghanistan to the US base possibly in Kosovo you think or… ?
Rozoff: There has been a discussion about that. And it seems plausible, at the very least. We are talking about the transit center of Manas in Kirgizstan, which is supposed to be closed down finally next year, unless the US raises the bid, as they’ve done in the past to maintain it yet further. But assuming that’s closed down, the US has modernized and expanded several air bases within Afghanistan itself – the Bagram Air Base north of the capital, Shindand near the Iranian border and other places and the US has no intention of vacating those bases ever, I think it is safe in assuming.
So, amongst other things that provide them probably long enough and big enough runways to accommodate strategic aircraft, should the US want to position such in the center of the south Asian region, but also cargo planes – they can bring anything in or out of the country as they choose, much as Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. It is not under any international supervision. The Kosovo force, the NATO military force in Afghanistan is, at least nominally, under the UN mandate but the US military base in Kosovo – Camp Bondsteel, as far as I know, is not inspected by anybody.
There’s been speculation by the Russian officials that if the US chooses to place nuclear weapons, say tactical nuclear weapons closer to the Russian border or the Iranian border, they could do so in Kosovo without anyone being wised up. So, why not narcotics?

Robles: This collusion in narcotics trafficking has been very well documented and proven. And it doesn’t matter how many times Oliver North said “I have no recollection” I mean, this is a fact of their operations.
Rozoff: Yes, war is a filthy business. It is one that by definition really is without ethics. And if Congress puts up even a titular or nominal opposition in any way or demands any sort of supervision of activities, then the Oliver Norths of the world find some way of getting it done otherwise. And that if means arms to terrorist gangs in central America going south and those same cargo planes coming back with marihuana and cocaine coming north, then what is the objection from the point of view of somebody who is willing to kill innocent people. I mean, if murder is justifiable, then what crime is not?
 I could go on. And on. And on, with this subject. It's a huge subject because it is an expansive problem. It's a problem that more people need to be aware of. It is not just a problem of bad people becoming addicted. That's the end result. It's a global corruption issue. And the people who die and the families that mourn those losses along with the society that is destroyed are all casualties of the military industrial drug and terror complex. And perhaps in my naivete or faith in humanity or hope for humankind by making people aware of this issue, people will choose not to become so much more cannon fodder? I don't know? Maybe that is too simplistic? Or maybe I just prefer to see people built up rather then torn down.
Whatever the case may be- here is hoping as always- awareness is empowering

Updated from jo6pac, with thanks!

Sounds like the good o days.

Yup, the ones that never really went away. Because.... there is a history of this type of activity
And joe mentions an important piece of history. One that cost a real investigative journalist his life.
Dark Alliance: The story behind the crack explosion


  1. Sounds like the good o days.


    1. thanks jo6pack

      the good ol days never really went away
      not for the destabilize blackops banking scum

  2. will have to come back to finish reading this blog post.

    2 US ambassadors made announcements today. McCaul of Russia ( and Henry Jackson group) 'misses his family"

    Robert Ford will "resign" end of February.

    1. thanks karin

      So McCaul misses his family does he?
      And Robert Ford is going to resign. Is that his post in Syria?
      And is he going to Egypt?
      If McCaul goes home who will replace him
      I wonder

  3. re McCaul leaving


    U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said Tuesday he would leave his post at the end of February, shortly after the completion of the Sochi Winter Olympics.


    As for uber terrorist Ambassador Ford


    - U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford is retiring at the end of the month, current and former U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

    right around the same time McCaul is leaving

    "Ford had been expected to become U.S. ambassador to Egypt, according to several sources, but Egyptian government officials had objected because they regarded him as too close to Islamist parties in the Middle East"

    Ford to close to Islamist parties?
    well that would be bad for the coronation of el Sisi wouldn't it?

    Love this paragraph in particular
    And i quote

    ""The Egyptians didn't want him. My understanding is that there is an informal query before they ask for ‘agrement.' They didn't ask for ‘agrement' because the informal sounding (from the Egyptians) was ‘We're not interested.'"

    "My understanding from the Egyptian side is that … they felt he had helped foment disorder in Syria by supporting insurgents and …that he was to comfortable with Islamists," said the former official, adding that he flatly disagreed with that view."

  4. Penny,
    No word on either replacement that I've seen.

    info in line w/ your blog post.
    The International Drug Trade and Money Laundering

    Rev Moon bought a big piece of property decades ago (after covering Poppy's arse over the 1st call boys at the white house info leak.( aka Franklin Affair) I read years ago that Rev Moon was laundering money for Poppy and their cabal having lines blocks long of young women laundering 5K amounts ( legal limit) via his orders.

    When W2 was in office, Jeena (sp) took a trip to South America and bought a huge block of lalnd w/ mansion next to Rev Moon's property. Those combined properties sit over the largest, or one of the largest, aquifers in South America.

    Not long after purchase, contractors and probably military were down there for months putting in an airstrip military sized which would accomodaate large aircraft.
    I have to this day believed that this is a main outlet of their drug traffic from South America. It is located in Paraguay on the Brazil border.

    Paraguay is also considered ODESSA stronghold

    I consider those sites for what they are and haave double checked that information over the years. All of it is true. On the second on about ODESSA there are links ot BBC article along with other info revealing more about it.

    (who stayed on topic, even though she's dying to share some Ukraine info ) lol

    1. Forget about the BBC revealing the truth and Godlike is heavily infiltrated with cointel types. The best BBC docos (IMO) were produced by Adam Curtis but as Corbett identifies he's limited and misdirecting- Meet Adam Curtis, Establishment Contrarian

      The Argentinian, Adrian Salbuchi has discussed Patagonia in many articles and talks. He is a straight arrow.

    2. Hi karin
      who stayed on topic ;)
      I am going to have to read up on Odessa. It is not ringing a bell at the moment

    3. Patagonia---now this is a subject I have some inkling about
      I have heard Adrian Salbuchi discuss Patagonia on a couple of occasions
      I am pretty sure I have a post on that topic
      Patagonia- Chock full of Israeli tourists aka soldiers
      interesting place
      resources, fertile farmland- perhaps being scouted out as a new home for members of the tribe??

      and ty for pointing out the Corbett bit on Adam Curtis- going to give a listen shortly

  5. The Opium Wars have been fought for the benefit of the Sassoon family of Bombay (alied with the Rotschilds). Immense profits from the trade were made by the Delano's, ancestors of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (you know who he was).
    ODESSA is BS.

    1. Thank you for reminding me about the Opium wars
      How England destroyed China through drugs---
      Familiar, indeed

      What I did not know about was the Roosevelt connection?
      But yes I know who he is!
      WizOz if you wouldn't mind could you leave some info for me to read connecting Roosevelt family to that opium fortune
      that would be sooo interesting

    2. Dear Penny,

      I can't offer you more than I found at a cursory glance on Google. Just a few entries as a starting point:

      The Opium War's Secret History - New York Times
      Jun 28, 1997 - Even the authors of the Opium War were ashamed of it, and Western ... Sara in marriage to a well-born neighbor, James Roosevelt, the father of ...

      Warren Delano, Resident of China - Franklin D. Roosevelt's Family ...
      Warren took full advantage despite issues of legality. This exploitation by Warren and other traders contributed to the attacks of 1838 and ensuing Opium Wars.

      Source of FDR's family's wealth = Opium trade in China [Archive ...
      www.aznlover.com › ... › The World As You See It‎
      Dec 10, 2009 - 14 posts - ‎7 authors
      Stuff they don't teach you in history class at school. Editorial Notebook - The Opium War's Secret History - NYTimes.com The Opium War's ...

      I am sure you can find more,
      All the best,

    3. Another good one
      龙信明 Blog - Watching China - The Jewish Monopoly on Opium
      Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoons ..... Roosevelt, the father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President.

  6. we live in interesting times! dare i say Thank god for MEMRI? jihad is the only solution for syria? so says islamic cleric Choudary.... note he targets syria iraq and iran....that is shias.,,.he is advocating genocide...no wonder this twisted rationalist thinks the Geneva Conventions are the work of the devil!

    jihad = religious warfare since when has war ever been a solution? the problem with Choudary is he argues for what is the supreme war crime with vigorous reason....how many young muslims has he persuaded to go and kill in syria?

    1. thanks brian

      I know what you mean about Memri
      You have to qualify that place very carefully
      However..... Sunni killing Shia is very beneficial to Israel
      because enemy of my enemy is my friend
      and having irrational clerics preaching violence keeps dumbed down Israelis in fear and malleable
      so it is win/win for Israel

  7. $10 for a bag of quality heroin? Fuck, they're almost giving it away.

    Only some kind of monster drug dealing cartel could afford that kind of product rollout, once again, pointing to the CIA and Wall Street banks as the backers.

    Around 38,000 Americans die each year for OD's, but that's far behind the legal drug deaths of alcohol and nicotine.

    But at 10 dollars a bag, heroin should start catching up.

    1. Hey Greg

      that is exactly what I thought when I came across that article
      10 for a bag of heroin
      wow, talk about your bargain basement prices?!
      However the Military /Terror/Drug & Banking Complex can afford to hook people cheaply, because once they got'em
      They got'em
      And the Military /Terror/Drug & Banking Complex know what will inevitably follow
      the further degradation of society
      and that is exactly what the elite psychos want
      It's a vicious cycle for human kind

  8. The story appears to have legs.

    Today, CBC has a story up on a drug bust in NYC related to the Hoffman OD. It says Chinatown four times in the first few paragraphs to lead its good readers away from connecting any dots to Afghanistan??

    FoxNews will get the people fighting by naming four suspects in the bust (but no Chinatown mention) of which three have obvious Jewish names.

    CTV gets a nice marijuana reference into their story.......cause we all know how pot and smack are basically the same thing ;-)
    They also state that it is 'curious' that the police are concerned about the dealers since the courts have already set precedent that dealers cannot be held criminally responsible for customers OD'ing...........the CIA will no doubt be relieved to hear this.

    All corporate media are united in clearly stating that fentanyl was NOT involved.
    And YES, at $10 per bag cash profits are not the objective. Death and misery are.

    Good reporting Penny and Kenny

    1. Media misdirection.... it never fails
      Three Jewish names so we can play the antisemite card
      And marijuana as if that has anything to do with this entire scenario
      The fentanyl not being involved is to cut the link to big pharma
      you are 100 percent right on with your last sentiment
      "at $10 per bag cash profits are not the objective. Death and misery are"
      When you think about it..it's a perfect sick game for the psycho class
      they can poo poo the druggies- and feel superior
      sick, just sick
      thanks for the comment

    2. Yes and the reason it's so cheap today is because unlike the old days were independent smugglers had pay for planes, pilots, and crews to move it. Today the US taxpayer pays for it to be moved with a better return to govt. with three letter names.

    3. heyjo6pac

      good point!
      taxpayers pay for the heroin to be smuggled into their country
      making it possible to provide the drugs to the very same taxpayers on the cheap
      maximizing profits for alphabet agency du jour
      and degrading the society
      it's win/win for the powers that should not be
      here is a big dose of smelling salts for those that are still walking through life in their stupor-
      wake up

    4. Hello Pen, I like when you do entertainment news, but hey, that's just me.
      I am gonna go in a very different direction here. So forewarned is forearmed. Hoffman, was "offed", IMHO.
      I see you've done yoman's work here Pen but I am gonna have to burst yer bubble.
      Hoffman has been rockin' the boat for the last 10 years or so. Marlena and discussed Hoffman a few years ago with regards to Hoffman's portrayl of Truman Capote, which I thought, was spot on. Needless to say, the gay community was not amused. Hoffman roasted Capote with a whithering interpretation of the... ahem, man.
      Someone at Kenny's mention the Hunger Games too. Which itself has quite negative gay characters in it as well, at least the first one did.
      My guess is, Hoffman may have bitten the hand that fed him, one too many times.
      Oh well, that's my take . Take it or leave it. Just thought it needed an airing. I love goin' againist the grain, don't you know? Call me uselsss but don;'t call me late for diner.

  9. Here another story I found fun and the people responsible were never put in jail. The drugs disappeared and the Fed Agents that did this just a strange events that worked together were sent Fed Serbia. They at lest keep their jobs.


    Today banks that get busted receive a slap on the wrist and the reason I can think that happens is because when BCCI bank went down it caused a lot of problems of moving large amounts of cash around.

  10. Dag nabbit, found a kewl you tube video with Hoffman as Capote talking about, "2 different worlds". One, the conservative world of Herb Clutter, victim , and the other world of the 2 killers(who incidentally were gay prostitutes) This observation is extremely significant to one who knows the hidden story of the 2 killers in Capote's novel, In Cold Blood. I am amazed it was so easy to find.
    HERE is the video.

    1. Watching this video again, I am impressed with all it's content. The first half, has Capote discussing someone named Marilyn. I assume it is Marilyn Monroe.His misogyny on steroids is something I can attest to. Many homos despise women, I have experienced very similar attitudes from homos talking behind the backs of their women "friends".As someone who respects his mother I always found this attitude extremely offensive. Evidently there are others who feel the same way. In this video we hear Capote talk about Marilyn's four Matisse paintings, 2 are hanging upside down. Now this is so typical.
      So, who ever uploaded this short video was real sharp. Capturing two monumentally important points.