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Saudi Arabia to supply anti-aircraft missiles- US to pay 'rebel' salaries

Saudis Agree to Provide Syrian Rebels With Mobile Antiaircraft Missiles

U.S. Also Giving Fighters Millions of Dollars for Salaries

Feb. 14, 2014 8:31 p.m. ET

AMMAN, Jordan—Washington's Arab allies, disappointed with Syria peace talks, have agreed to provide rebels there with more sophisticated weaponry, including shoulder-fired missiles that can take down jets, according to Western and Arab diplomats and opposition figures.
Who have Washington's Arab allies agreed to this with?
The answer is obvious in the statement-  it is Washington. Therefore Saudi Arabia along with their Washington allies have agreed to supply anti-aircraft missiles to rebels/AQ/ Al Nusra/ISIS terrorits

Saudi Arabia has offered to give the opposition for the first time Chinese man-portable air defense systems, or Manpads, and antitank guided missiles from Russia, according to an Arab diplomat and several opposition figures with knowledge of the efforts. Saudi officials couldn't be reached to comment. 

The U.S. has long opposed arming rebels with antiaircraft missiles for fear they could fall into the hands of extremists who might use them against the West or commercial airlines. The Saudis have held off supplying them in the past because of U.S. opposition. A senior Obama administration official said Friday that the U.S. objection remains the same. "There hasn't been a change internally on our view," the official said.
The U.S. for its part has stepped up financial support, handing over millions of dollars in new aid to pay fighters' salaries, said rebel commanders who received some of the money. The U.S. wouldn't comment on any payments.
The focus of the new rebel military push is to retake the southern suburbs of Damascus in hopes of forcing the regime to accept a political resolution to the war by agreeing to a transitional government without President Bashar al-Assad.

But if the Manpads are supplied in the quantities needed, rebels said it could tip the balance in the stalemated war in favor of the opposition.(NATO backed opposition-NATO backed terrorists) The antiaircraft and Russian Konkurs antitank weapons would help them chip away at the regime's two big advantages on the battlefield—air power and heavy armor.
"New stuff is arriving imminently," said a Western diplomat with knowledge of the weapons deliveries.
Rebel commanders and leaders of the Syrian political opposition said they don't know yet how many of the Manpads and antiaircraft missiles they will get. But they have been told it is a significant amount. The weapons are already waiting in warehouses in Jordan and Turkey.

Rebel leaders say they met with U.S. and Saudi intelligence agents, among others, (Israel & Turkey?) in Jordan on Jan. 30 as the first round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva came to a close. That is when wealthy Gulf States offered the more sophisticated weapons.

Verifying that it was an agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia that is making this  nightmare for the Syrian people possible.

At the meeting, U.S. and Gulf officials said they were disappointed with the Syrian government's refusal to discuss Mr. Assad's ouster at the talks and suggested a military push was needed to force a political solution to the three-year war.
Because the US and company are all about 'democracy'
President Barack Obama this week acknowledged that diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian conflict are far from achieving their goals.
"But the situation is fluid and we are continuing to explore every possible avenue," Mr. Obama said.

The weapons will flow across the border into southern Syria from the warehouses in Jordan and across the northern border from Turkey, the Western diplomat said. Rebel leaders said the shipments to southern Syria are expected to be more substantial because opposition fighters are more unified in that area and there is a lower risk the weapons will fall into the hands of al Qaeda-inspired groups—a big concern for the U.S.
With the rebels still deeply divided and infighting growing, the new aid is aimed squarely at the more moderate and secular rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that the U.S. has always favored.
There are NO moderate rebels. There never have been.  
The NATO  nations are not paying for moderates. 
They are paying for cut throat terrorists.
There is a presentation/perception creation of differences in rebels. However, there is no more difference between rebels then their is Chiquita or Dole bananas. 

The plan coincides with the reorganization of rebel forces in the south, where 10,000 fighters have formed the Southern Front. The new front aims to break the government's siege of the southern suburbs of Damascus.
Western and Arab support for the new groups won't go to the Islamic Front, an alliance of conservative, religious rebel factions that is helping the northern front rebels fight the more radical ISIS.
And that is bullshit- Because as you have already read The weapons will flow across the northern border from Turkey...

The Southern Front is under the leadership of Bashar al-Zoubi, who has a direct line to Western and Arab intelligence agencies in a military operations room in Amman, rebels say. 
The operations room hosts officials from the 11 countries that form the Friends of Syria group, including the U.S., Saudi Arabia, France and the U.K. Mr. al-Zoubi was also among a select group of rebel commanders who joined the political opposition in Geneva for the latest round of peace talks.
The Southern Front has captured a string of government-held areas and military bases since it launched its first offensive in late January.

But any push toward the capital from the south faces formidable challenges. An arc south of the capital is the domain of the army's Fourth Division, elite troops led by Maher al-Assad, the president's brother. Closer to the capital, Syrian forces are fortified by elements of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia from Lebanon.
The regime has been ruthless in snuffing out any hint of escalation by rebels in the south.
"The Saudis and Emiratis at the same meeting said that their priority is to lift the siege on the entire southern area of Damascus," said an aide to a rebel leader who attended the meeting in Amman on Jan 30. Once we reach this stage, it will become political pressure and Assad will have to listen to the international demands," the aide said.

At the meeting between leaders of the Southern Front and Western and Arab intelligence agencies last month, rebel leaders said they were given salaries for their fighters and equipment such as military rations and tents.

Rebels said the U.S. spent $3 million on salaries of fighters in the Southern Front, delivering the payments in cash over two meetings in Jordan—one on Jan. 30 and the other late last year.

The opposition will also ask Congress next week for weapons to help rebels fight al Qaeda. That mandate would give the opposition a better shot at securing arms than previous requests for support to topple the regime.

Congressional aides confirmed there are scheduled meetings with opposition leaders next week to discuss their request for more advanced weapons. But Congress remains sharply divided about the conflict in Syria. Some lawmakers favor stepped-up support to moderate opposition groups, but others question the wisdom of providing heavy weapons.

"We're trying to assure the international community that they can support moderates without the threat of arms falling into the hands of al Qaeda," said Oubai Shahbandar, a senior adviser to the Syrian opposition.
Additional info @ RT

And h/t anonymous commenter who reminded me just how well the military industrial complex hums along- General Dynamics Canada wins $10 billion dollar contract to spill Saudi blood and the blood of innocents in the region- Go Canada!

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  2. Hand-held SAM's looted from Libyan weapons bunkers, transported to Turkey and Jordan with CIA help, the distributed to 'moderate' terrorists?

    This will make matters much worse for the suffering Syrian people, but make the Wall Street bankers and Israel happy.

    1. "This will make matters much worse for the suffering Syrian people, but make the Wall Street bankers and Israel happy"

      worth repeating

  3. The US is paying millions of dollars in salaries, blood money.
    Of course Canada is making Billions, yes BILLIONS in a new deal with Saudi Arabia to supply vehicles that slaughter civilians. Between 10 and 13 billion dollars in which General Dynamics was 'assisted' by the Canadian government. Wonder how much of our tax money was used to grease the wheels on that one? I

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  4. The Sauds are also paying McCain millions, according to SyrPer.

  5. Will if this turns out to be true I can hardly wait until the thugs down the first civilian airliner. Sad day indeed

    1. hi jo
      while i believe the upper echelons are controlled I do think there are enough wildcards in the lower levels of these recruits
      but I hate to use the term 'blowback' because that seems so unintentional
      the fact is what the US is doing is insanity
      the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result