Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ukraine Aflame- Another coup attempt?

By all accounts the violence was abundant in Ukraine
A round up:

A video of the 'peaceful protestors. The ones applauded by the governments in the US, Canada, EU etc.
The NATO crowd.. You must watch this video

EU/NATO backed protestors set government building on fire

Anti-government protesters in Ternopil have set the building of the Interior Ministry's Ternopil Regional Department on fire.
Ukrainian News learned this from a statement of the Interior Ministry.
"The premises of the municipal police located on the first floor of the building, which borders on the building of the regional main department, is on fire," the statement reads.
The protesters are throwing bottles with fire mixtures and smoke pots into the building.
As Ukrainian News earlier reported, anti-government protesters have seized the building of the Interior Ministry's Main Department in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

NYT's  Europe: Kiev Protesters Set Square Ablaze to Thwart Police

Protestors Set Square Ablaze- not police

 With hundreds of riot police officers advancing from all sides after a day of deadly mayhem here in the Ukrainian capital, anti government protesters mounted a final desperate and seemingly doomed act of defiance late on Tuesday evening, establishing a protective ring of fire around what remained of their all-but-conquered encampment on Independence Square.
Feeding the blazing defenses with blankets, tires, wood, sheets of plastic foam and anything else that might burn, the protesters hoped to prolong, for a while longer at least, a tumultuous protest movement against President Viktor F. Yanukovych, a leader who was democratically elected in 2010 but is widely reviled here as corrupt and authoritarian.
Ukrainian riot police stood back from burning barricades around Independence Square in Kiev.

Did they establish a protective ring of fire?
Not according to the protestors..
“It is called the tactic of scorched earth,” said a protester who identified himself as Andriy.

Scorched earth is a military tactic used prior to fleeing.  It leaves nothing behind to be gained. It leaves nothing behind that can be used against the fleeing group. Like evidence of collusion etc.,

At least 25 killed in Ukraine as president alleges coup attempt 


Ukraine unrest
scorched earth- peaceful protestors?

 “Without any mandate from the people, acting illegally and violating the constitution of Ukraine these, so to say, politicians tried to seize power by resorting to pogroms, arsons and murders,” Yanukovich said in a televised speech. “They crossed the line when they called upon the people to take up arms. This is a flagrant violation of law.”
Yanukovich called upon the leaders of the opposition to immediately dissociate themselves from the radical forces. “In case they don't want to go, they must admit that they support the radicals,” he said. “In this case we will deal with them in a different way.”
City authorities said 25 people were dead and 341 injured. Police said the death toll included nine of their own. Some 300 police officers were injured, 74 of them with gunshot wounds, authorities said

DW . DW journalist Yuri Rescheto, in Kyiv, explains the ambivalent mood in the country's capital. 

Clearly not a city fully participating in the 'protest' movement

 DW: While on assignment for DW in Kyiv, you spoke with many Ukrainians. What was your impression of the situation in the city?

Yuri Rescheto: It's very contradictory. One the one hand, I experienced a Kyiv filled with a romantic revolutionary feeling. It's a city where there's seemingly only one issue and a single demand: President Yanukovych must go. But then there's the riddle of how things should proceed on Independence Square and in the rest of the country. Many people are disappointed with the opposition.

 What is the mood like among the protesters?
I spoke with people at Independence Square who have been camped out there for two-and-a-half months now - they sometimes seem completely disoriented. The situation appears to be stagnating.

Continue protesting, even when the future is uncertain. How do the skeptics see the demonstrations?
Some people in Kyiv say that the revolution doesn't make sense because they are leading a comfortable life, thanks to their good income, and don't see a need for reform. Or because they experienced other revolutions, like in the 90s, and they fear that their country will never align with Europe. The leadership is perceived by them as being corrupt in general, regardless of who is in power.

Vitali Klitschko, one of the main opposition figures, is very popular in the West, above all in Germany. How is he perceived in Ukraine?

Klitschko's party has no influence in parliament because it's very small. In contrast to his image in the West, he is not popular and he doesn't have any weight or a real platform. He's one of the opposition leaders, but they are rarely seen in public these days. They are not present on Independence Square, or in the media. Furthermore, there are also completely contradictory directions within the opposition. The people don't know who they should follow.

I found that most interesting. The opposition is nothing in the Ukraine. Unlike the media darlin's image we get here. How is that possible? (rhetorical question) The opposition leaders are rarely seen in public.
Not present in Independence square- To busy posing if front of cameras for scripted photo ops I suppose
The people don't know who to follow? Why follow any one?

The opposition leaders Klitschko and Aresni Yatsenyuk are slated to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel in the next few days. How much involvement do the protesters want from abroad?
I've spoken with a lot of people on Independence Square - intellectuals, normal people, women in mink coats. All of them reject more involvement by the EU and US. They want to move their country forward on their own. A Ukrainian rabbi said: "We don't want to move toward Europe, we are in Europe." That means that Ukraine should be European, but that Europe shouldn't tell Ukraine where to steer itself.

The reporter has spoken to a lot of people, but, curiously quotes a Ukrainian rabbi?
Whose allegiance would be with Israel, anyway. I find that so odd. The reporter couldn't find someone from the Catholic or Orthodox religious institutions to give the last word to?

And two last news item, older, but still worth considering when thinking about the 'opposition' and their scorched earth policies...

Gunshot kills Ukraine judge who sentenced protestor
Shots Kill Ukraine Judge Who Sentenced Protesters
Government Suggests Critics Were Behind Murder; Opposition Cites Smear Campaign
The Judge died last Wednesday---- so reminiscent of Syria

Injured Ukraine activist to visit relatives in Germany
Recall this fellow- the mascot of the movement- there always has to be one
 I do wonder if Mr Bulatov was imported into the Ukraine from Germany....
Leaving to meet his father and grandmother who are both in Germany
So is he leaving his children behind? Or were they in Germany anyway? Curious
"Dmytro Bulatov is leaving to meet his father and grandmother in Germany," Agne Ignataviciene, spokeswoman for the Vilnius hospital where he was treated, told AFP. No departure date was given.
The 35-year-old father-of-three said last week that he was abducted on January 22 in Ukraine, "crucified" to a wooden door, had part of his ear cut off and was beaten until he was made to say he was an American spy.


  1. fellow canuckies

    I tried to post a link to this video at the CBC and imagine my complete non surprise at it being disabled
    Censoring Because they Can
    if you can get that video past the censorship there, that would be great
    if i try again, I will likely get the boot for the second time
    spread the facts, not the fiction

  2. If there was a probability of Russia fold on Syria there is zero chance in Ukraine. Note the concerted selloff in the Russian currency BONY...

    Worth considering the view over at giza death star that Germany and Russia have an accomidation tying into a bunch of other German developments like their recent pullout from gold pool (and repatriation). Also suggested it was Germany releasing the youtube on noland. Merkel a few days ago called for a seperate EU tech infrastructure. She also likewise announced no agreement with us on Nsa snooping (see flare up over us facility expansion in souther Germany). Finally consider us lecturing Germany on economic model and Germany firing back that production and savings a better model. Also this morning the German bundy's wiedman once again wanred ecb on bond buys after the German court deferred to the EU court on OMT legality. Itallian yields at 8 year low gives you a sense of how the market is betting this turns out this as the new Italian PM promised growth initiatives.

    1. hello anonymous 6:58

      if you are the same commenter that left a previous mention of giza death star
      I went over there and tried to find something related to the comment left
      but couldn't
      likely a lack of time to spend searching on my part
      but, if you wouldn't mind terribly?
      could you leave a link to this point of view
      I am definitely interested


      Also consider that Germany broke off negotiations with the US over no spy/nsa agreement. Merkel called for a separate infrastructure in a nod to Brazil's Dilma (also seeing escalating protests...if Sochi is any indication Brazil should expect some kinetics into World cup/elections...)

      German Tech separation

      DB banker dies 28th
      Ex-Deutsche Bank manager found dead in apparent suicide

      His close associate co CEO of DB cleared in Libor 4 days earlier

      a week before that, DB leaves the gold pool London after Bafin says manipulation in gold worse than FX/rates

    3. Germany, Russia want to 'avoid escalation' in Ukraine: Merkel


    Thanks, censorship:(

  4. Amnesty and HRW can fight it out for the Gold medal for Double Standards in ethics: here is Amnesty
    Amnesty demands:

    '"Venezuelan authorities must either present solid evidence to substantiate the charges against L√≥pez or release him immediately and unconditionally,” said Guadalupe Marengo, Amnesty International Americas Programme Deputy Directo'

    meanwhile, with North Korea..evidence is not so important!

    “The gruesome reality of life in North Korea is laid bare in the Commission’s comprehensive report. The gravity and nature of human rights violations are off the scale,” said Roseann Rife, East Asia Research Director at Amnesty International.

    Stephen Gowans tells us:

    'The UN report can hardly be taken seriously. It is a transparent effort to discredit a government that has, for more than half a century, been in the cross-hairs of a US program of military intimidation, economic warfare, diplomatic isolation and ideological assault, targeted for regime change for rejecting participation in a US-superintended global capitalist order. More than that, by passing over regimes that do what North Korea is accused of doing, it sanitizes the behavior of the United States and its allies, buttressing the ideological fiction that anti-capitalist governments are uniquely human rights violators, while upholders of global capitalism are uniquely champions of human rights.;

    Amnesty forgot to mention the historic enmity of the US for DPRK: they did invade them and killed millions and have never forgive the north koreans for having to do that.

  5. Canadas great shame: reviles athlete who took selfie with olympics host president:
    the language alone is revealing of the cold war animosity, let alone hypocrisy (Canada is guilty of genocide of native canadians among other crimes: was this ever menioned at 2010 olympics)

    'The strongman toured Canada's facilities in Sochi on Valentine's Day and thorny questions have been raised over the oddly warm reception he was given by Canadian officials and athletes. Schussler appeared to take the brunt of the public backlash.

    She published the picture to Twitter with the caption: "I should have asked him to be my valentine!"

    Because many of Putin's policies are reviled in the West, the tweet sparked an angry backlash. Schussler deleted it, but also clarified she was trying to be funny.'

    meanwhile, here is what Canada has done and tried to cover up

    to call Putin a 'strongman'(=dictator) only serves to underscore that most canadian leaders are weak nonentiries subservient to Washington

    Canada has no worries with US and its history of wars aggression, overthrowing..had the selfie been with Bush or Obama, thered have been no outcry.

  6. DC, London and Tel Aviv were making a big push before the end of the Russian Olympics, trying to tip over the government so they could send in their 'economic hitmen' and loot Ukraine of its wealth.

  7. Didn't some of these gals just get out of prison for doing these stunts in a church?

    The security guards were in no mood for 'pussy riots!'

    Wonder if 'Boner,' Madonna and other multi-billionaires will ride to their rescue again?

    This should be worth another record contract in the West, no?

    The title is misleading, didn't look like 'horsewhips' to me.

    Guess I'm depraved, since I got a laugh out of watching these paid provocateurs getting their asses kicked.

    Pussy Riot Beaten With Horsewhips In Sochi

  8. All of this terrible escalating violence will of course overshadow the previous news about how the US was secretaly talking about creating a new Ukrainian government hint...hint...hint...