Friday, February 21, 2014

Ukraine president announces concessions- state sponsored terrorism at work

Ukraine president announces early elections, promises coalition government

KYIV, Ukraine - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has announced early presidential elections and promised to form a coalition government in a bid to defuse a deep crisis in which scores have been killed and hundreds injured. 

There was no immediate comment from opposition leaders, who were meeting among themselves. In a statement on his website, Yanukovych said he would start the process for early elections but gave no date. He also promised constitutional reforms trimming presidential powers, a key demand of protesters.


 Now the West will prepare to stage and steal a 'democratic' election. 

Be sure to check out-"I'm a Ukrainian" smells like western style psy-op


  1. terrorism wins! youd think those opposed to Obama would use the same very effective methods

  2. Incredible video from Kiev's maiden: A self-declared representative of "an American news agency" threatens members of Ukraine's police: "We have passed the list of the Berkut members to the court in the Hague. You will be pursued ... perhaps for ten or fifteen years. We have distributed cameras to your colleagues in the police to film you. WE HAVE BOUGHT THEM."

    the ideal response is to send email clips of neonazis at the 'rallies, with a message : welcome to 1933....or some such...CC to AntiDefamation League....

  3. transparency Intl has just applauded Amnasty Int in suppporting the 'people of the ukraine:
    Transparency International UK Great work. We have issued a risk alert on corrupt assets from Ukraine which may be laundered into or through the UK. We stand with the people of Ukraine in the fight against corruption. Here’s our message to all British banks, estate agents, lawyers & accountants, & letter to George Osborne. Check it out & share:etc

  4. terrorism wins! youd think those opposed to Obama would use the same very effective methods

    The big difference is that these "winning" terrorists are proxies for the Obama regime and have that regime's full force and finance behind them. If Americans or Brits used these tactics against the Obama or Cameron regimes they wouldn't have that backing and would be cut down mercilessly. The MSM shills wouldn't be backing opposition to the regimes that own them.

    We all know this and have had glimpses of it up to now when people opposing these regimes have stood up to be counted in public. It's that double standard thing at work: they have nothing to gain from backing their own people, as that would lead to something resembling democracy!

  5. I live in Alberta , Canada, on the 54th latitude. A large group of Ukrainian styled people settled here between the two world wars. They are tribal people and material considerations dominate there thinking. Perfect candidates for manipulation by war gaming sophisticates with resources to keep the ball going forward. A good use of hope, would be to hope it does not turn out to be your resources used, for you will not share in their spoils.

    1. thanks rubbell for your comment
      I fear the Ukrainians are in for a shocking wake up
      Or maybe that is what has been needed for them to actually act in their own interests ie- interests of the nation