Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ukraine’s " opposition" keeps getting “ Zelyonka”

The one very clear message that we can take away from this is the so called 'opposition' is not supported by everyone.  That is... not everyone in the Ukraine is supportive of the western puppets or EU subversion.
I also like the disinfectant aspect- like house cleaning?
And we can have a chuckle! Or two?

Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats' get Zelyonk'd
Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the chairman of Ukraine's opposition Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) faction, donned a crisp white shirt before traveling to Kharkiv on February 12 to visit jailed ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

That might have been a mistake.
 As usual I am omitting the spin terms that fill this article

Yatsenyuk's shirt, and much of his face, was left dripping in deep-green liquid after he and his first deputy, Oleksandr Turchynov, were confronted by a pair of government supporters carrying spray bottles and more than a dozen vials of a  topical antiseptic known as "zelyonka."

Zelyonka, which is frequently translated as "brilliant green," has been used for years in Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere to treat minor cuts and scrapes, often giving its wearers a slightly ghastly, zombie-like aspect.
How fitting is that? A ghastly zombie like aspect.

But in recent months, zelyonka has also enjoyed a resurgence as an extremely distinctive form of nonlethal aggression in Ukraine's Euromaidan protests. Pro-government activists -- mainly young people and the so-called "titushky" enforcement brigades -- have repeatedly used the antiseptic to  highlight/draw attention to prominent members of the political opposition and even protesters themselves.

 Another recepient of the Zelyonka treatment is..

Yuriy Lutsenko, Tymoshenko's former interior minister

---- calmly continued a late December speech in Kharkiv after three men and a woman sprayed the crowd with brilliant green.

And still another recipient is a Tymoshenko associate and her lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko, who has probably received the worst of the zelyonka  highlights he has been splashed numerous times

 He was also doused with a jug of brilliant green in July 2012.-
July 2012- So Zelyonking has been going on for quite a while......
Video below of 2012 highlighting...


  1. That's a great color of green :) Good for them, if supplies run short there is always kool aid or similar less expensive stuff.

    Doubt you have time, but before Manuel Ochenreiter has an interview with Russian Prof Alexandr Dugin on the Ukraine fiasco which is quite enlightening not only about Russia views, what he sees happening in Ukraine and how they have managed to ally lgbt and neo-nazi groups together.

    United by Hatred


    1. "how they have managed to ally lgbt and neo-nazi groups together"

      lgbt and neo nazis- together!
      I will make time to read that
      It's an interesting idea because it shows how easily people can be manipulated
      when they believe the enemy of their enemy is their friend
      interesting indeed

    2. I would guess the pairing of lgbt and neo nazis has more to do with the money they are receiving than ideology.

      I'm sure the Ukraine government has its fair share of corruption but at least they are not suicidal enough to go with the EU. I'm glad that some of their citizens see through the paid staged theater of the "opposition."

    3. hey kenny
      thanks for stopping by here
      and yeah, the money is likely the common denominator, but, still it demonstrates a lack of shame

      as for the Ukraine government, yup, I would say their is corruption
      same for the EU and my government here in Canada

      " I'm glad that some of their citizens see through the paid staged theater of the "opposition."
      It 's heartening

  2. Libya chemical weapons secretly destoyed bya joint contract German and Swedish. Sweden and Saudi arms plant scandal. Swede link to burgas bombings. Sweden mock raid by Russian jets. Explosives found at Sweden nuke plant. Sweden ethnic protests last year. NGO epicenter.

    1. thanks.
      I have noticed Sweden looms large, which I always find strange

  3. Croatia the only particulate to not go up in smoke despite the rating downgrade last week. Why?