Wednesday, February 26, 2014

US wrong to confront Russia over Ukraine

Interesting oped-

The crisis in Ukraine has implications for Europe and beyond. Before the situation gets out of hand, it must be settled equitably through diplomatic and political means.

A Western confrontation with Russia over Ukraine serves no useful purpose, and can only lead to revival of Cold War tensions. China's New Silk Road concept, which extends into Eastern Europe, can be undermined by Western-provoked instability in the region.

Should major power cooperation with Russia be set back by Washington's improper interference in Ukraine, it will inevitably become difficult to find diplomatic solutions to pressing Middle East issues.

The situation in Ukraine is complicated. The East-West cultural and political split inside Ukraine turns on matters of ethnicity, language, and religion.

The split has yet to be resolved into a broader Ukrainian identity, and so the country is subject to manipulation by internal and external forces.
3 Scenarios

Some experts say that in a worst case scenario, the present crisis in Ukraine could result in civil war. Should civil war break out, Western and Russian military intervention is possible.

Partition is another scenario.
The question is whether partition could be peaceful as in the case of the former Czechoslovakia.

A third scenario involves substantial compromise that would update the present constitution to allow for more autonomy in the regions within a new federal structure.

In this way, tensions could be diffused by allowing the eastern region more economic linkages with Russia and by allowing the western region to have more economic linkages with the EU.

The EU so far has refrained from economic sanctions against Ukraine in spite of pressure from Washington. But any scheme to turn Ukraine into a deindustrialized vassal state is a nonstarter.

Whatever formulas are chosen for resolution of the current crisis, it is fundamental that Ukrainians themselves work out their own destiny. Neo-Nazi extremism must be suppressed.
The US/Canadian western NATO media doesn't see any fascists in Ukraine....

There are broader international implications. The present crisis could lead to a serious US confrontation with Russia, which would mean that major power cooperation in other parts of the world would be called into question.

US and Russian cooperation in the Middle East on Syria and Iran could well be set back. This in turn could lead to heightened regional tensions and lead to the possibility of regional war.
Considering all that is at stake.. should we really believe that the US is at all concerned with cooperation on Syria, Iran and the ME.? I don't think the US cares

Western media reported the vulgar remarks concerning the EU by Victoria Nuland, who is US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

The media refrained from reporting that Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan who is a key leader of the pro-Zionist neoconservative policy network.
It is well known that the staunchly pro-Israel neoconservatives express deep political and cultural aversion to Russia, and promote Cold War perspectives. Such a mindset undermines US global diplomacy and US national interests.  Thus Ms Nuland is the wrong person for a high US diplomatic position, critics say.
And yet there is Ms Nuland still at play. Despite her questionable allegiances ???

Using the Ukraine crisis to subvert major power relations between the US and Russia and their constructive joint action in the Middle East serves Israeli interests. It helps Israel and its neoconservative allies in the US and in Europe push for unilateral US military action against Syria and Iran.

So far, the Obama administration has failed to correctly "reset" relations with Russia. The White House two years ago unwisely sent an inexperienced and unwelcome academic to Moscow as ambassador. His recent resignation must result in the US sending an experienced professional diplomat to this critical post. 

Many critics say that President Barack Obama has no positive legacy on domestic issues, which indeed are a self-evident mess. They say his only hope for a favorable legacy lies in foreign policy success.

But if Obama is to have any foreign policy success, he must get relations with major powers right. In an increasingly multipolar world, Washington is not in a position to impose its will unilaterally.

Washington must engage in constructive diplomatic dialogue with Russia rather than confront Russia over the dangerous Ukraine crisis.

The author is an educator and former senior professional staff member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Who wrote this piece? Clifford A Kiracofe 
He looks to me to be part of the Military Industrial Complex......
Finger pointing at Israel? Is he an America firster?
I don't know?


  1. turkey and crimean tartar jihadis seconded to Kiev

    According to news of Egalite et Rèconcillation and Russian press, Turkish intelligence MİT linked to PM Erdoğan sent jihadist Crimean Tatars fighting in Syria to Ukraine on a Turkish Airways flight on the 22 November.
    According to a Russian news site, Svobodnaya Pressa, jihadist Tatars are being sent to Kiev in groups consisting of 15-20 militants, after being trained at the camps in Crimea and western Ukraine. The militants who went to Kiev to protect pro-EU protesters were the most highly trained of those who went to Ukraine after giving a break to the attacks they perform against pro-Assad forces in Syria through Turkey. According to the news sources, the last attack carried out by this unit was the killing of 10 doctors who refused to cooperate with militants in the Christian town Deir Attieh.

    turkey may seek to claim crimea? would explain the MIT sent tartars

    1. Hi brian
      thanks for the link regarding a possibility of turkey making a claim on Crimea
      I had seen that discussed but could only find a turkish link and was unable to translate it

      In case the script of the split of Ukraine is implemented, Turkey will put a claim for the Crimea,” the correspondent of “Hürriyete” (one of the most respectable periodical of the country) writes.

      According to the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca dated April 19, 1783, Turkey may put a claim for the peninsula in case of an attempt of the third party to occupy the peninsula or in case of the intention of the Crimea to declare independence,” Nerdun Khadzhyoglu writes.

      Such a possibility appeared in 1991, but then the President of Turkey Turgut Ozal actually exchanged the Crimea “headache” for the restoration of the rights of the Crimean and Tatar minority.
      Thus, this is a hint for Moscow, but not for Kiev.

      Turkey would not even be speaking this publicly unless NATO was behind it

    2. Turkey, wow even though they're nato I would think they would want to stay out of Mother Russia way in the Ukraine but then again it's just Amerika trying to draw in Putin.

      This one has some interesting picture/utube on it and a long history of the region.

    3. Hi jo, yup even Turkey
      I saw some of saker's stuff and sakers blog is linked here
      he too has been doing a good job covering events and with the historical background
      thanks jo

  2. American firster?
    From his blog-
    "Author of Dark Crusade: Christian Zionism and US Foreign Policy (London: IB Tauris, 2009)"
    Now that sounds interesting.

    Likes fishing and BMW motorbikes - can't be all bad then.
    I suspect he is an American firster.

    1. Yeah, his opinion was one that is quite different
      I mean being open about Israeli influence?
      Doesn't happen to often
      fishing and bmw motorbikes? must be a guy thing?

  3. did he say...Cuba?: youre Putin me on! ! ah Cuba! that will awaken some fond memories in the US!