Thursday, February 6, 2014

Victoria Nuland "F the EU on the Ukraine"? Political elite or something else?

 I gotta admit a certain term crossed my mind when listening to Ms Nuland. Can't say why it just popped into my head?  It just did. The elites..... phooey

ht karin


Leaked phone tap of Victoria Nuland of State Dept clearly shows depth of US intervention in Ukraine affairs including using "international' celebrities (
Terminator and Rocky) Stalone and Arnold.

It further inplicates UN use as a tool for US operations in Ukraine and mz nuland clearly says "Fuck the EU on Ukraine" at the 3:02 min mark of confab (sorry, just quoting out illustrious Gov appointees ) ;^)

Leaked audiotape appears to have @StateDept's top Europe hand #Nuland saying "F*ck the #EU" on #Ukraine
Anyone who has read here for a while is aware, or should be aware, that I hold the opinion that the UN stinks. I lovingly refer to it as Useless Nations. A Rockefeller creation. A monstrosity. An abomination.
A layer of bureaucracy that was designed to obfuscate the global government agenda. And also to cover for the NATO global army. That the UN would be involved with this destabilization campaign is not a surprise.
They, the UN, have their dirty hands in everything.

Feeling grumpy and tired today. If I am harsh, oh well? Sometimes one just has to tell it like it is.
The powers that shouldn't be simply shouldn't be given any power.


  1. Penny,
    when things get boring I check zerohedge for an offbeat post and then read the comments. Today 'tyler durden' had one about Nuland and FU to the EU

    Sure enough bingo !
    Klitshenko does jewish party Dec3 Smile for the menorah shaped shashimi rolls !


    1. Klitshenko would have to be a zionist to even be considered for this gig

  2. Mz Nuland see info on her heregives a speech in Ukraine professing the US has spent 5 Bn dollars since the break-up of USSR to bring them to the point of "joining" in democracy.

    Nuland's neo-con husband Kagan

    Kagan'sbrother neo-con ?

    Brother's wife Kim from Institute for the Study of War

    nice group of zionists for democracy

    links abt them I found in comments at zerohedge last night late.
    Nuland footage from twitter and global research this morning.

    Also, I dropped off the German leak to Saker and he did a translation of it visable at his blog.

    1. thanks karin
      I did not know Nuland was married to Kagan
      Indeed a nice group of zionists for demonocracy
      I did see something at sakers earlier but have been busy at home and I made it a point of watching the opening ceremony - which I don't do
      but I was very suspicious something would happen but not at the games
      can't put anything past the ptb's ever

    2. Nuland&Kagan

      The Nulands(Nudelman) and the Kagans alight from Russia (the Tsarist), not implausibly from Ukraine. Soviet Russia swarmed with Kogans, Kagans, Nudelmans. Actually all neo-cons derive in their vast majority from Russia (Galitsia, Ukraine, Lithuania)

  3. wizoz

    weren't the kagans some type of political personage in the khazarian crowd
    If I am recalling the 13 tribe book correctly?
    It's been a while since i read it