Monday, February 24, 2014

Washington calls for 'technocratic' govt in Ukraine

Post # 2 for the day.
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 Regime change success in Kiev. Is the battle for Crimea about to begin?

For this 2nd post, I want to take you back to some news reported on here  February 5/2014
US & EU wade deeper into Ukraine 'stand-off ' with an aid package

From that post

U.S. officials said the goal was to convince Mr. Yanukovych to make a series of political reforms, including appointing a "true" technocratic government that would then start to make the tough economic changes sought by the IMF.
 Clearly Mr Yanukovych was not going to make the dictated political reforms, nor was he going to appoint a true technocratic government. Hence the regime change that took place, completely, over the week-end.
Image from previous post

What is it I spy in the news today?

Washington calls for 'technocratic' govt in Ukraine
The United States Monday stopped short of fully endorsing Ukraine's interim leader Oleksandr Turchynov as its legitimate ruler, but called for a technocratic government in Kiev to promote early elections.
White House spokesman Jay Carney noted that President Viktor Yanukovych was "not actively leading the country at present" and that Washington could not confirm where he was.
Carney said that the White House had seen that the Ukrainian parliament had "lawfully elected its new speaker" and supported efforts to get the political situation under control and "ensuring that the institutions of government are working."
Asked whether the United States therefore saw Turchynov as the legitimate leader of Ukraine, Carney simply repeated the phrase that Washington had seen he had been elected leader of parliament.
 This technocratic government has nothing to do with democratic elections or any other such nonsense.

This is a government of banking scum that will be appointed to sell the Ukraine into debt servitude to the IMF.  

Any 'election' that comes after that is as historical or important as any election that takes place in the US or Canada

If you had any doubt whatsoever that the 'protests' in Ukraine were anything but an overthrow of  the real elected government, backed by the West/NATO/EU and their bankster masters, I hope those doubts are completely dispelled


  1. Yep, and now they'll install some former golden saks bankster and the fleecing will begin. In fact it's going to be a contest between Amerika and Euro world to see who can steal the most and leave the citizens like the Baltic States, Greece, and host of others.
    Thanks for your time on covering this on going sad story. If the East has any brains at all they'll go it on their own before they get taken down with the rest of the nation.

  2. Hi jo

    you are welcome too
    this is so nice to have this display of appreciation
    Sometimes someone like me and likely other bloggers wonder if they are getting through to anyone
    and your thanks lets me know that there are people who appreciate the effort

  3. Hi Penny, I certainly never had any doubt what the Maidan was all about, though I'm amazed the the Ukies fell for it twice in 10 years. After a certain point of stupidity, debt slavery is exactly what you deserve.

    Anyway, I trust the Russians will be patient, give the Maidanskis all the rope they need and then make some very smart moves. In the meantime, the gloating of McCain and Company will be hard to bear, but they wont be the ones laughing last.

    My worry is that the R2P crowd will think they are on a roll and reintroduce some bogus reason for war in Syria. Ukraine has probably only wet their appetite and they are certainly still fuming over the brick wall they smacked into face first last September.


    1. Hi Lysander

      I wouldn't have thought you would be one of the people that believed the protest psyop

      I include stuff like that, and trips down memory lane, for new or potential readers- it helps draw a cohesive line from plot to fruition.

      "My worry is that the R2P crowd will think they are on a roll and reintroduce some bogus reason for war in Syria"

      that appears to already be in the planning, in the south via jordan and Israel
      a no fly zone- humanitarian of course
      the war makers never give up

  4. Government of technocrats, uh? It would be interesting who would they be. Maybe the "oligarchs"?
    Interestingly most of them are Jews. All neo-cons and other "prominent" people (including the F***EU Viki) are descendants of Ukrainean Jews. All Israeli politicians are Ukrainean Jews.

    1. Hmmm...I knew she was a member of the tribe and her husband Kagan

      but, did not know Israeli politicians are Ukrainian converts to Judaism
      ty wizoz

    2. Penny,

      Israeli politicians are not Ukrainian converts to Judaism (some might be). They are Jews from Ukraine emigrated to Israel.

    3. Sorry, from my perspective Israeli politicians would be Ukrainians that practice Judaism-- and then emigrate to the theocratic state of Israel
      There is nothing to indicate the tribe was a people in the usual sense one thinks of 'a people' common language, common practices, common histories, common culture

      This does not apply to people who practice a religion within another culture or ethnicity

      This is the premise behind the 13tribe and also Shlomo Sands book
      "The Myth of the Jewish People"

      A Myth created to justify the creation of Israel based on an extremely censored, redacted and rewritten bible, which is not a historical document

      If you or I wished to convert to Judaism we would become Jews also, yet we have zero common history with vast swathes of that group

      And that should explain why I do not consider the Jews a people in the traditional sense
      They do however belong to the nationality- tied to nation- of Israel

    4. There was a people who called themselves Jews in Ukraine, Poland, Baltics, for a very long time in the past. What was their "real" ethnic origin does not affect their separateness from the surrounding populations and a vivid consciousness of their unity. They were a group related by blood, practising the same endogamy like other Jews, practising a religion which separated them radically from the "others", speaking a language of their own (Yiddish) and having even institutions of their own. The Jews from other countries always considered them Jews and intermarried with them.

    5. Hi WizOz

      I am aware of that history and the Yiddish language. And understand that they believe themselves special, unique and separate.
      Despite all that believing they do
      I don't
      To me they are just a bunch of eastern europeans-

    6. Dear Penny,

      You have a very poor opinion about eastern europeans.

    7. you make me laugh wizoz
      actually I don't
      some of my extended family members are eastern europeans- marital
      and I am extremely fond of them

      you may feel because I lumped the judaics in with them I was insulting them
      I don't know, I am not a mind reader?
      I wasn't insulting the eastern europeans
      I just see the judaics as non tied to the ME and more tied to eastern europe
      that's all

  5.™ ‏@newswatchcanada Feb 22
    RT @shustry 38m
    I'm in #Crimea now, locals talking about a run on the banks, no cash in ATMs, some say they'd welcome #Russian annexation

    Politica Italiana @ItalianPolitics Feb 22
    #Russian Community of Sevastopol asks Russian administration to protect Russians in Sevastopol, #Crimea - Interfax: …

    Lizzie Phelan @LizziePhelan Feb 22
    South and East of #Ukraine and #Crimea refuse to recognize authority of the Verkhovna Rada

    euromaiden has its own twitter

    Euromaidan PR @EuromaidanPR Feb 23
    Early elections and punishment to officials for separatism have been demanded in the #Crimea |PR News #Ukraine

    i guess they will keep the nazis in the background #publicrelations

    1. Of course they will keep their fascists in the background
      they have so far
      wouldn't want the dumbies in the West catching on to the ruse?

  6. hi penny, no legit gov in kyiv,elections won't mean squat! to reiterate comment @saker: the symbolic "reset" of US/RuF relations was declaration of war...only light i see is the imbecillity of neocons who manage to screw the pooch every time!

    1. bfrakes

      The destabilization of Russia has been long in the planning...
      Probably longer then most realize
      But ya know, I never thought of the infamous reset in that way and yet it seems most accurate

  7. This is so utterly depressing...


    (I'll give you a ring this week honey - it's been a while eh?)

    1. was thinking about you last week or so
      and hoped all was ok there
      but, have been too swamped to call and there are a bunch of people I owe phone calls to

  8. what sort of government would the ukrainian insurgents form? here is a clue:
    Vladimir Suchan :
    "Democracy" at a gun point in the hands of the fascist Right Sector in Ukraine. While the Western media and leaders are telling us one thing, this is what is happening NOW on the ground in Ukraine. The video is from the session of the regional government in Roven in Western Ukraine. An armed leader of the Right Sector, Sashko Biliy is explaining the nuts and bolts of the new fascist system: 1) all opposition parties are now outlawed, 2) the Right Sector will not be disarmed, 3) he challenges any unarmed civilian present to try it, 4) force will be used with extreme prejudice; 5) confiscations of property and apartments of all the undesirables will be carried out, 6) the Right Sector will be making all the decisions, 7) no opposition will be tolerated, 8) new order and discipline will be enforced, 8) complete obedience is expected or else. He also fought on the side of the separatists in Chechnya. The video is in Ukraine, though apparently with Portuguese subtitles ...

  9. never piss off the chinese....esp when youre in straitened circumstances!
    'China makes its displeasure of the recent events in the Ukraine clear. China to sue the Banderite-Orangist Putsch occupying Kiev for $3 billion for breach of grain purchase contract.'

    1. good, best news I have read yet
      and that ties right back to that purchase by Carghill?
      I think...
      It's linked here anyway

  10. Hi Penny
    Yup the muck has hit the mistral and it is spreading fast.

    There is a process underway has been for years now. Lately it has come out of the closet and is being worked on openly and with a Nuland said it,,, fuck you,,, attitude

    This article helps to explain a lot more of what is happening using the same process.

    Cheers Penny
    Thanks for all your input

    Kamam .

    1. thanks kamnam
      always glad when you stop by
      always makes me smile