Sunday, February 2, 2014

White House to ‘Make Sure’ Syria Gives Up Chemical Arms

If I may make a suggestion? Get your mercs out of Syria.
Stop supplying arms and assorted other sundries necessary to make war. Kill Syrian civilians.
And impede this process....
Cease the call of  havoc and retrieve the dogs of war  unleashed in your regime change/remake the middle east agenda.

The White House said Sunday it would “make sure” the Syrian regime complies with an accord to give up its chemical arsenal, insisting the deal can still be salvaged despite implementation delays and missed deadlines.
“It’s not falling apart, but we would like to see it proceed much more quickly than it is,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”
Mr. McDonough said the U.S. isn’t dependent on Russia to bring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime into compliance. Moscow is the regime’s main arms supplier and key international backer.
“We’re going to make sure that the Syrians live up to their obligations. They have an obligation to the international community to do exactly what they said they’d do,” Mr. McDonough said.
Mr. McDonough stopped short of saying what the U.S. would do if the Assad regime doesn’t change course. “I’m not going to get into any ‘or whats’ here,” he said.
Secretary of State John Kerry has raised U.S. concerns about the Assad regime’s conduct with international counterparts during a trip to Europe this weekend. “We’ll keep pushing on that,” Mr. McDonough said.
Just 4% of Syria’s 530 metric tons of most-dangerous chemicals have been removed so far, despite a Dec. 31, 2013, deadline for removing all of them. U.S. criticism reflects growing concern in Washington that Mr. Assad isn’t taking his obligations seriously and is about to miss a second deadline for the removal of the deadly chemicals.
Damascus’s foot-dragging could become an embarrassment for President Barack Obama, who backed off plans to bomb Syria over his alleged use of chemical weapons after Mr. Assad agreed to give up his chemical weapons in a deal brokered with Moscow

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  1. Penny,
    The chemical weapons are going out of the port of Latakia. They have been under fire trying to get that last shipment out. This was resported in Russian press and other places, but of course not in US/NATO msm ( at least I don't think so)

    The US knows this, these are their people doing this, so this is just more provocation. It would behoove Syria/ Russia /China to get some damn offical video of this going on and flood the news with it making it impossible for US to hide it.

    The last day of this latest shipment going to port and at port they were under heavy fire and for an an extended period if I read thru the brief report correctly. It was indeed a brief statement, but it also was 'implied' that even Russian troops had to be involved in the fighting to secure them getting on board the ship/s.


    1. karin:
      see what i missed when I was sick!!
      this would explain the nonsense about Israel firing on Lattakia again
      which I do not believe they did (story originating with rebels..felt rehashed- Israel didn't boast about it as they usually do etc.,)

      However I would believe that mercs were present and on the ground impeding the process--

      karin, you wouldn't have that link still would you?

  2. HandsOffSyria _4521 ‏@Hicks_4521 Feb 1
    via #Eretz_Zen
    After #Geneva2 #DrJaafari tells of how #SNC apologized to Syria for lies they themselves told.

    March in Qudsaiya in support of army against terrorism