Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crimea: Massive turnout/votes overwhelmingly in favour of joining Russia

With a turnout the western governments could only dream of. The turn out does indeed make legitimate the decision.
I believe the last election in Canada saw about 50 percent turn out?
Unsure of the US? Making the government, at least in Canada, quite illegitimate in their claims of representing the people of Canada.

Early Count Shows 95 Percent of Crimea Voters Want to Be Russian
With fifty percent of the ballots counted, an overwhelming 95.5 percent of voters in Crimea are in favor of joining Russia, a preliminary tally indicated Sunday.

Only 3.5 percent voted to remain part of Ukraine and 1 percent of the ballots were invalid, said Mikhail Malyshev, chairman of the Crimean Election committee
Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Barack Obama (they talked on the phone) on Sunday that a Crimean referendum was legal according to international law.
An election official watches voting in a referendum at a polling station in Simferopol

About 93% of voters in Ukraine's Crimea region supported union with Russia, Russian state news agency RIA quoted an exit poll as showing.

Polling stations in Crimea closed at 6pm GMT. Another Russian news agency, Interfax, said voter turnout had exceeded 80%.
White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer also says supporting the new Ukrainian government “in every way possible” is at the top of the Obama’s administration’s priority list.
But action on $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine is on hold because Congress is on a break now.
Really? Are the thugs of Maidan being hung out to dry? Anyone?

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  1. thanks to everyone who supplied me with the info I had requested a couple of posts back
    patrick crane
    Have been unable to get a response to you,but, I want you to know it is appreciated
    so thanks again!

    1. Penny, you are more than welcome for the small part I did.

      These zio-imperial fascist leaders (employees) are totally naked (exposed). Only complicit willfully ignorant people(?) are still feeding from the BS trough.
      Gotta say their spin/framing machine has been working double time.

    2. you are so right patrick the spin cycle has been on super high

  2. hi! HOORAY FOR CRIMEA!! check out MOA; b's kinda happy about something...

    1. thanks bfrakes
      I definitely came away with the suspicion something was going on when I read the times article, linked in my post above and my comment

      "But action on $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine is on hold because Congress is on a break now"

      Really? Are the thugs of Maidan being hung out to dry? Anyone?

      After all that the US did and pushed for?
      Congress goes on break and the funding doesn't get passed?
      That does not add up
      So, something was definitely up
      I will put a new post up regarding what looks to be going on

  3. meanwhile a Ukraine ditto in serbia; wonder id dsk mandate is about to end? serbia = sud stream.

  4. If you check the tweets with 'Crimea votes ' etc you get. A lot of shrill cried of illegality etc 5
    The MSM such as Los Angeles times speaks of a Russian invasion and. Ignore the fascists on Kiev . The Crimean referendum and the Ukraine crisis is a litmus test which exposes everyone's true colours

  5. Bravo to the people of Crimea for governing, enforcing & participating in their government. Kudos to Russia for supporting, protecting & allowing them to do so.

    1. hey brian and patrick

      was commenting to my hubby this am about that, he reads news before work
      and I said isn't it amazing, a coup is touted as democratic expression
      and a massive turnout, overwhelming people support is touted as an invasion, an annexation etc
      crazy rhetoric- but it tells us much about western leadership and media

  6. meh, they are voting for russia to back their pensions.

    1954 GMT: Reuters reports on the storming of a Ukrainian cultural centre by pro-Russian activists in Kharkiv. The activists then began burning Ukrainian history books and texts on the Holodomor, the terror famine from 1932-33 that killed at least 3.3 million Ukrainians:

    In Kharkiv, Reuters Television footage showed pro-Russian activists scaling an iron gate, smashing a van and breaking into the offices of a Ukrainian cultural center. Two policemen stood nearby, examining the van.

    The footage then showed young men seizing Ukrainian-language books, including a volume devoted to the 1932-1933 man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine, which killed from 7-10 million people.

    “Do you see what they print here?” one activist said to another.

    The activists then took the books into the street and set them alight in small bonfires, along with posters from the extreme-right wing Right Sector group.

    1. I think it's a bit more then their pensions
      They looked at the kooks in Kiev and went no way!