Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crimea- Terror prevented, communications cut off, protest, gas cuts and more

So, today was a busy day. But I would steal myself away to the computer and search for the latest news when I could. I also took the time to visit Saker's early this a.m.

So, I am going to start at the Vineyard... as I finish up my Cabernet Franc from dinner
Saker had some interesting news about a car bomb being stopped in the Crimea
Saker also mentioned that mostly all communications had mysteriously been cut off to the residents of Crimea

-A car with 400kg of TNT-equivalent explosives was intercepted a a checkpoint yesterday in Crimea.  There is no word on the diver or possible passengers.

-Telephone, Internet and cell-phone connections were re-established in Crimea (they had been cut by unknown people yesterday)

I searched and searched for info regarding the car bomb. Came up empty handed. That said, I DO NOT doubt Saker's reporting on this. Car bombs are practically a NATO hallmark. I cannot even recall how many of these have blown innocent Syrians to pieces. 
The one reason I suspect we did not read or see this reported was due to the simple fact the attack had been prevented

Onto the news of the communications breakdown yes, it's a Led Zeppelin pun too ;)

I did manage to find this!

 Meanwhile, Ukraine's telecom provider, Ukrtelecom JSC, said unknown people seized several communications centers in the Crimea late Friday, knocking out the company's ability to connect the peninsula with the rest of the country. The statement on the company's website said there were almost no landline, Internet or mobile services operating in the Crimea.
I spent a good deal of time mulling this over. Particularly in tandem with the attempted car bombing.
Who was going to be the target of the car bombing? I don't know. The car bombing could be used to play many different hands.  But, I see the communications denial as a means for the western media to control the narrative that would have been forthcoming  had such an incident succeeded in Crimea

I couldn't help but see the hypocrisy in another news story that came out this morning, but, then sort of faded away- Crimeas Pro Russian Leaders Election Illegal
Ukraine’s acting president questioned legitimacy of the Crimean leader, saying his election by the regional parliament on Thursday, when the building was occupied by pro-Russia gunmen, violated the country’s constitution
 Imagine that? From a man who is a coup participant. He wasn't elected. And he violently ousted an actual elected leader

Then we had a number of pro-Russian rallies- Donetsk

Canada is recalling it's Ambassador a move  I can only describe as very unproductive 

 Russia's Gazprom Reconsiders Gas Deal

 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned this week that the current political crisis in Ukraine meant a nearly 45% cut on natural gas from Russia would be reconsidered. And over the weekend, Gazprom, Russia’s state owned natural gas giant, said it is considering canceling the steep discount.   Such a reversal of fortunes for Ukraine would increase its ballooning government debt, and nearly double the price of fuel.
 The country now has at least $1.55 billion in arrears on payments for natural gas deliveries, which Gazprom said on Saturday may force it to cancel the deal it made in December.

A man waves a Russian Navy flag as he stands among pro-Russian armed men blocking access to the Ukrainian frontier guard base in Balaklava, a small city not far from Sevastopol
 There was that Security Council Meeting today... no real news that I could see

What I did notice was Obama posturing. Very strident talk
Including consulting with allies. And no G-8
President Obama made clear that Russia’s continued violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would negatively impact Russia’s standing in the international community. In the coming hours and days, the United States will urgently consult with allies and partners in the UN Security Council, the North Atlantic Council, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and with the signatories of the Budapest Memorandum. The United States will suspend upcoming participation in preparatory meetings for the G-8. Going forward, Russia’s continued violation of international law will lead to greater political and economic isolation.

However- Hollande contacted Putin. Initiated by Hollande

This suggests to me that Obama is going to be all bluster, hubris and bravado while Hollande is going to be the negotiator/mediator?

Where is Merkel?

Vladimir Putin shared his assessment of the situation in Ukraine, stressing that there exists a real threat to the lives of Russian citizens and our compatriots.
The two presidents exchanged views on possible ways of resolving the situation in Ukraine and agreed to continue contacts.

Putin also spoke with Ban Ki Moon and Obama; Same message

Something I find very disgusting-  Dimitry Yarosh- The bully from Ukraine has called on his terror partner Doku  Umarov to wreak havoc in Russia and against the Russian people

Finally- The Tatars, at 12 percent of the population, look to be repeating history--- what is the definition of insanity?

Mr. Chubarov, whose people have had a hostile relationship with the Kremlin for years, has called for Ukraine to remain intact and doesn't recognize the new Crimean authorities appointed earlier this week.
Mr. Chubarov, who said he has spoken with Turkey's foreign minister and the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine about the country's crisis, has urged his people to avoid any provocations that could worsen the situation in Crimea.

I wonder if Ms Nuland has spoken with Mr Chubarov? 


  1. "Canada is recalling it's Ambassador a move I can only describe as very unproductive" we know she is under the ZOG NWO rule.

    You know Putin has to be sick and tired of dealing with these fools. get the feeling a can of whoop a.. is opening :)

    need to make it over to MOA for an excellent article on Ukraine/Crimea/Tatar intrigue.

    look forward to next article

  2. Vladimir Suchan via BERKUT - Ukraine
    A German investigative blogger shows pictures and information that documents previous training of the Ukrainian neo-fascists, who spearheaded the Euromaindan protests in Kiev at a NATO base in Estonia. His report begins at 1:24 (and is in German, but otherwise still quite understandable for the photos speak much for themselves). The beginning of the video is an RT material from the Maidan which shows similar fascist troops training their fight against the police.

  3. Hi Pen,
    This suggests to me that Obama is going to be all bluster, hubris and bravado while Hollande is going to be the negotiator/mediator?

    What the plan might be is that if a deal is struck between Putin and Hollande (on behalf of Obama) it will be presented as Putin making concessions while Obama remained aloof, noble and righteous in the public's eye together with the ability to renege on any deal made.

    But I doubt Putin will agree to any deal with the US unless Obama is seen to be negotiating directly with him. So it's typical weasel politics from the chosen suspects and their puppets.

  4. It seems everyone wants to talk to Putin.

    I guess they are trying to find out how he will respond so they might counter it.

  5. Hi Penny

    How about a reset in thinking ....just for something different?

    How International Financial Elites Change Governments to Implement Austerity
    Many countries around the world are plagued by all kinds of armed rebellions, economic sanctions, civil wars, “democratic” coup d’├ętats and/or wars of “regime change.” These include Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Thailand, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia and Lebanon. Even in the core capitalist countries the overwhelming majority of citizens are subjected to brutal wars of economic austerity.
    The criminal treatment of al-Gaddafi can help explain why imperialist powers have also been scheming to overthrow the populist/socialist regimes of the late Hugo Chavez and his successor in Venezuela, of the Castro brothers in Cuba, of Rafael Correa Delgado in Ecuador, of Bashar Al-assad in Syria and of Evo Morales in Bolivia. It also helps explain why they overthrew the popularly elected nationalist governments of Mohammad Mossadeq in Iran, of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, of Kusno Sukarno in Indonesia, of Salvador Allende in Chile, of Sandinistas in Nicaragua, of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti and of Manuel Zelaya in Honduras.
    The imperialist agenda of overthrowing al-Gaddafi and other “insubordinate” proponents of welfare state programs abroad is essentially part of the same evil agenda of dismantling such programs at home. While the form, the context and the means of destruction maybe different, the thrust of the relentless attacks on the living conditions of the Libyan, Iranian, Venezuelan or Cuban peoples are essentially the same as the equally brutal attacks on the living conditions of the poor and working people in the US, UK, France and other degenerate capitalist countries. In a subtle way they are all part of an ongoing unilateral class warfare on a global scale. Whether they are carried out by military means and bombardments or through the apparently “non-violent” processes of judicial or legislative means does not make a substantial difference as far as their impact on people’s lives and livelihoods is concerned.
    The goal or mission of converting other economies to the U.S.-style capitalism also helps explains why the United States has engaged in so many military operations and engineered so many coup d’├ętats and regime changes around the world. The Federation of American Scientists has recorded a list of U.S. foreign military engagements which shows that in the first decade after the collapse of the Berlin Wall (1989-99) the U.S. engaged in 134 such operations, the majority of which are altogether unknown to the American public [3].

    Its still under my "Its the Process" that's happening all around us. They are all linked by a number of factors,People, System (GFC), Result, Enrich the Rich and beggar the poor.

    There is a bit to work around for you, just for a change :-)



    PS please read the full article, its very good.

  6. "Where is Merkel? " Good question.

    German media making U-turn on Ukrainian tug-o‘-war? Curious.

    A surprisingly good interview (although a bit dated now at over 1week old) and some discussion of Germany/Merkel throughout but especially at 35mins-

    Stephen Cohen: Western Recklessness Could Spark ‘a New Cold War Divide’ in Ukraine

  7. Paul Gypteau ‏@paulgypteau 1h
    Just been through a checkpoint on the Simferopol-Sebastopol road. Foreign journos not welcome. Told us to go away.
    wonder why not!?

    1. Because what they present is pretty much always neocon bullshit?


    Ray M. former cia

  9. OK: israeli 'journalist' currently in Crimea..,says to jews No worries: its mostly Putin propaganda:
    Anshel Pfeffer ‏@AnshelPfeffer Feb 25
    The dilemma of the Jews in #Ukraine - warn against anti-Semitism and play into Putin's hands? my report @haaretzcom … ........................
    another 'journalist' seeks to whitewash the coup, make it seem nobel (prize winning) and legitimate and not full of racists.

  10. Message in Music,,Just for a change

    and .... it's the vinyl version complete is hiss an the crackle and pops .... ohhh how I miss that sometimes :-)

    Enjoy the song and remember the message also it just goes to show nothing has changes in 40 years scary isnt it .

    Think about it




    Here is the link sorry


  12. Well the G8 is now the G7

    like what is russia losing here?


  13. Excellent reporting on the Ukraine coup here: