Friday, March 14, 2014

Crosstalk: Spinning Ukraine: Pepe Escobar (guest)


  1. does anyone know where a video can be found of Lavrov after the meeting with Kerry?
    I can find Kerry's press conference, but, no luck on Lavrov's

  2. Here you go Penny:

  3. there's clips on RT's twitter page:

  4. snigger....indeed:
    Henry Bature Okelue ‏@4eyedmonk 1h
    When John Kerry says "we wont recognize [Crimean] referendum", isnt he setting himself up? What if Crimeans(by some magic) vote "NO"?

  5. Did you try RT?

  6. Yet more on how "democracy" works in Putsch-occupied #Ukraine, aka #Banderastan

  7. The Crimean authorities have limited arrivals in the Simferopol airport in order to keep provocateurs out, Crimean First Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliyev said. "Bearing in mind the possible influx of provocateurs, we have limited plane arrivals. The measure will be discriminative; all limitations will be lifted after March 17 and the airport will resume its normal operation," he said.

    Crimean self-defense forces have taken control of the Crimean division of state company Ukraerorukh, which, according to Temirgaliyev, hindered the arrival of Tatarstan head Rustam Minnikhanov in Crimea.
    "We had a problem yesterday. Ukraerorukh prohibited the plane of Tatarstan head Rustam Minnikhanov to enter the [Crimean] airspace on the orders from the Kyiv authorities. The Tatarstan head tried to take an S7 flight, but that flight was also denied entry. There was an attempt to arrive by an Emergency Situations Ministry plane, but it was not permitted to enter the Ukrainian airspace either. The situation is under control now," Temirgaliyev said.
    He noted that the Crimean Council of Ministers took charge of the Ukraerorukh Crimean division.
    Tatarstan head Minnikhanov eventually arrived in Simferopol, met with Crimean Tatar leaders and attended a special session of the Crimean Supreme Council.
    Voice of Russia, Interfax

  8. interventions : 'theirs and ours':
    1. Donetsk Daily ‏@DonetskDaily 5h
    Russia claims right to intervene in Donetsk after clashes as talks to solve ...

    2. classic sly liz Liz Sly @LizSly Mar 14
    How much worse could Syria be? The Telegraph's @RichardJSpencer demolishes the anti-interventionists. Powerfully. ….................note this would allow russia also to 'intervene' in ukraine, but would Sly Liz agree?

  9. Retweeted Damien McElroy (@ddamned):

    Loud cheers for calls from Afghan war vet for #donetsk to join Russian Federation

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 22m
    Pro-Russia protest in Donetsk, growing pretty steadily

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 29m
    Protesters in Donetsk: "Your media is only showing the information from Kiev"; "we have an information vacuum here."

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 40m
    From Donetsk:

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 45m
    From Donetsk: "No to Nazism (made in USA)"

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 49m
    At the Lenin statue in Donetsk:

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 55m
    Pro-Russia protester in Donetsk: "those people who are in charge now are from another planet."

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 56m
    "Ref-e-ren-dum!" Pro-Russia protest in Donetsk.

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 1h
    From pro-Russia protest in Donetsk: "Crimea first, Donbass (Donetsk region) next."

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 5m
    Donetsk protester: "the new gov is trying to sell us and our land to Europe + US, and make is into cheap laborers."

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 30m
    donetsk 'we love russia'

    Mike Giglio ‏@mike_giglio 41m
    Protester in Donetsk: "Obama has committed a crime by financing the Maidan. He should go before a court, in America and internationally."

    Retweeted by Mike Giglio
    bruce springnote ‏@BSpringnote 3h
    Donetsk court refuses to forbid pro Russia protests this weekend, says "there is no evidence of them being dangerous" #euromaidan

  10. the 'ukrainians' are alarmed but seem unaware the have caused the problem that now ves them: :Nietsche:'they did it to themselves'
    uacrisis ‏@uacrisis 24m
    Ukrainian language & Ukrainian-speaking ppl under great threat in #crimea at moment. Widespread harassment - Simferopol academic