Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is NATO prepping to launch guerilla/irregular war attacks into Russia?

The hordes are coming? 

Maybe the hordes are coming, but, from which direction? And, where will the hordes be heading?
There is information contained in this CNN article that really get’s ‘my spidey senses tingling’

You may wonder- why? My response is as follows-  I have read the type of narrative presented in the CNN piece countless times regarding the NATO backed mercenaries in Syria.

Just ordinary persons. Who were forced to take extraordinary measures. Knowing how much it is that humanity loves a good hero tale the propagandists are  all too happy to indulge our gullibility.
And we do so badly want to believe....
That said, there are times we should question what is being presented. So, here we all are. Questioning.
I will highlight that which appears problematic

Keep in mind that CNN delivers propaganda on a very regular basis- Who can forget Syria Danny? And his special rapport with CNN. Refresh here

Fool me once. Shame on you
Fool me twice. Shame on me.

Back to “the hordes are coming” CNN
“ this rag-tag band of civilian volunteers know they could be the first, last and only line of defense”

"We can't expect help from anybody else. Our own government is too passive. But hopefully we can rely on support from ordinary Ukrainians," Vladimir Fedorok told CNN close to the Ukrainian border village of Senkivka”
If this was a 'rag tag' bunch in Syria the story would be the government is too oppressive, but, this is Ukraine and this is a government installed by mostly the US.
I looked at the map to see where Senkivka is? There are two areas by that name.
I suspect we are talking this area- Sen'kivka, Horodnyans'kyi district, Chernihivs'ka oblast
Looks to be just a few kilometres from the Russian border and right on what looks like a major thoroughfare. Check it out for yourself, please?! 
Location, location, location?
In more peaceful times, Fedorok runs a farm supplies company.

Why not a bakery? How about being in import/export? A butcher, baker or candlestick maker?

 Federok now “ finds himself marshaling a newly formed self-defense committee”.

From farm supply to forming militias?

They're setting up an outpost along the highway that cuts from the Ukrainian-Russian border to the Ukraine's interior.
He and his closest aides, Younis and Olec, are clad in British Army-issue uniforms from the Iraq "Desert Storm" campaign. They still bear the Union Jack insignia on the left sleeve.
"We picked them up at the bazaar. I've no idea how they got there. Including my boots, I paid around 100 euros," Fedorok said. Other members of his self-defense unit are sporting surplus combat jackets and pants from other European militaries.

Well after all they are 'rag tag'. Really?
Ukrainians are poor, largely, 100 euros for a pair of boots seems a lot?
Combat jackets and pants from other European militaries, eh?
I suppose all these European military uniforms came from bazaars also?

All of the volunteers say they have some army training from time spent doing military service. (where, when?) Fedorok said they've also been getting refresher courses from friendly Ukrainian army officers in recent days. Two members of the group claim -- like an unspecified number of other Ukrainian nationalists (nationalists? So were talking the fascist thugs that destroyed Kiev)-- to have fought alongside Muslim insurgents against the Russians in Chechnya.
Fought alongside Muslim insurgents against Russians in Chechnya- Simply reeks to high heaven of NATO involvement! Wondering if Dmitri Yarosh is around?

"I shouldn't be telling you this but our plan is to break down into five-man units and we will launch a guerrilla-style partisan war against the Russians," he added, declining to specify how many volunteers he has under his command.
But these paramilitary militias may not be entirely alone. Fedorok drives a few kilometers up the highway closer to the border to introduce us to a detachment of Ukrainian soldiers.(allegedly)
For now they're coordinating operations. A fresh-faced army major (A young major? Not believable) with a Russian-made AK-74S assault rifle slung over his shoulder told us his men are on high alert.
"These are military times," he said as he showed us a little of his hardware: three armored personnel carriers mounted with heavy-machine guns, dug into the earth and camouflaged with branches from birch trees.
A few yards away stood a Russian-made T-80 tank. The major said there were more tanks half-buried behind berms in the forest.
All the vehicles are pointing toward a bridge. The major, who declined to give his name, said the order was to defend the bridge or blow it up if the Russians advanced across the border.
I have serious doubts that any Ukrainian military is present in this area. The odds of there being a 'freshfaced' major are extremely low. The mention of the nationalists. Militias. Tanks buried in berms. Makes me think of guerilla or irregular warfare. Fighters who had fought covertly with the Chechens.... The presence of snipers and mercenaries in Ukraine leads me to believe that some covert ops are going to be undertaken into Russia, possibly Belarus.


  1. progressive or regressive? my letter to Raw Story on being blocked from commenting

    hello Raw Story
    You posted an article on Steven Segal and Russia:
    Steven Seagal favors Putin over Obama and says he may emigrate to Russia | The Raw Story

    and on your FB page this appears:
    The Raw Story
    7 hrs ·
    We'll help you pack, hairball!
    is this your idea of progressive journalism? to nastily libel a public figure?
    'Raw Story is a progressive news site that focuses on stories often ignored in the mainstream media. While giving coverage to the big stories of the day, we also bring our readers' attention to policy, politics, legal and human rights stories that get ignored in an infotainment culture driven solely by pageviews.

    I posted some comments criticising your view that Segal was wrong to support Putin over Obama as well as the barrage of vitriol your other readers endulged themslves: sample:
    aceshigh • an hour ago
    What a treasonous, un-American piece of shit.

    Get the fuck out of my country, you lowlife right-wing cretin, and take Nugent with you, you douchenozzle.

    Yet i was blocked and none of these libelous posters were. : 'We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Raw Story. Find out more.'
    care to explain?

    and while at it, why is Raw Story supporting a fascist regime (Svoboda was rebuked in 2012 by EU for its fascism) that took power in Kiev by force?
    Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape
    Shame on Raw better than Fox


    1. that was allowed at Raw Story?!

      Have I ever mentioned I am not a fan of that place?
      Sorry to read about that happening to you
      Did they respond?
      I will be not.

  2. those fascists who illegally seized power thru a coup, are charging Krimeas attorney general with the same crime

  3. "In more peaceful times, Fedorok runs a farm supplies company.

    Why not a bakery? How about being in import/export? A butcher, baker or candlestick maker?"

    Hi Penny,

    The first thing I thought of when I read this was that if Fedorak is in the farm supply business he wiill have ready access to lots of fertilizer and diesel which can be used to make bombs. Which leaves the question why are they telling us he is in the farm supply business? Are they setting up a storyline?

    1. Hi McJ

      good thinking-
      But, do wonder if that was what they were going for at CNN?
      don't know?
      (I wondered if they were provoking the straw in the mouth/straw hat/overall image of the farmer with that inclusion?)
      Looks as if CNN was setting up a story line


  5. Few other things to consider as far as insurgency:

    1. Serbia and the greater Balkans have been undergoing a kind of modified spring. The recent elections in Serbia usher in a dichotomy. On the one hand the former nationalist is touting EU and economic reforms (IMF) while on the other promising to support the Serb minorities carved up under Dayton. It was only a year plus ago that the Serb minority in Kosovo was calling for Russian passports (in spite of the EU deal / Kosovo recognition rammed down the throats)

    2. Another Bosnia mass grave allegation in the context of the NATO bombing 15 year anniversary. Note the analog occurring in Sri Lanka and the UN/US backed initiative for a inquiry. Port handover last year, Us ship detained in India with weapons (had Ukrainians on board. What became of them as allegedly the Italian sailor incident was on Obama agenda in Italy?), the alleged illicit activity out of Sri Lanka going back to the war and the heavy Israeli involvement

    3. In Germany, the broader business community is ignoring the US led sanctions. More NSA leaks this weekend serving to highlight an ongoing drift. It was Germany and Brazil discussing a separate internet backbone to circumvent the US. Then there is the German gold repatriation, the leak about the manipulation of the gold markets, the banker deaths and the DB pullout of the London gold pool. Now the Germans are making headlines with China about trade deals.

    4. BRICs: Curious that the Saudi crown prince was just in Pakistan, India and China? Then there are the rating agency downgrades of Russia and Brazil. China is seeing pressure from the escalating attacks internally - note this week China and Russia in context of SCO are holding border exercises (in view of Kyrgz infiltrations and Kazak strange border incident last year ending with the head of border security going down in a plane crash). The later speaks to the Malaysian incident still a mystery.

    5. Obama goes to Saudi to try and gloss over the split. Saudi sends 70% or so of its oil to Asia. China being its largest importer. With Obama in town Qatar launches a massive arms deal. Obama there to warn about oil flows as China and Russia launch follow on gas deal? That probably explains all the coddling and assurance about a US security umbrella which the Pak loan and rumored nuke pursuits put the lie to. Saudi also probably watching the Pakistan model including the base attacks, the leaks in the WAPO years ago about transport of nuke arms and the US leak about flash teams to "lock up the weapons." More WAPO leaks last year. Then there are the drone strikes that ended the first round of Taliban talks against US warnings of growing threat. UN just ruled in Pak favor. In other words, US assurances only go so far.

  6. 6. Saudi just signed an oil storage extension deal with Japan Okinawa which ensures supply in case of disruption (actually an extension of a deal)

    7. FWIW Brookings may be right about some faction inside Saudi, but it is would appear convincingly that another faction has long since broken with the US in view of the Aramco hack, the nayef (crown prince) death (vehement anti brotherhood stance juxtaposed against the King's liberalization push), the nayef (younger) promotion, the King's son building a national guard force internally, the spring like characteristics of the Saudi twitter bans (convictions), the IEA reports on US shale overtaking Russia and Saudi, Citibank (Prince and Forbs dust up), the IMF reports warning about Saudi fiscal deficits (which the Saudis refuted), the flooding in country, the virus afflicting the country, the Saleh assassination attempt (which Saudi papers said was a US munition), the Oman back channel to Iran and the GCC bust up after Saudi calls for security force among other things. Maybe it is all one big disinformation ploy but I doubt it. There are clearly forces - like those in Japan and Germany - which are looking over the horizon to what comes next. For all intents and purposes the US relationship is broken.

    1. thanks for all the info
      helps to fill in the blanks!

  7. 'Anti-fascists build resistance

    In the cities of southern and eastern Ukraine, the leftist Union Borotba (Struggle) is one of the groups organizing anti-fascist resistance.

    Borotba’s central office in Kiev was ransacked after the coup and its activists forced underground. Outside Kiev, Borotba and other anti-fascists work in a hazy state of semi-legality, operating more or less openly depending on the level of organized resistance in each city.

    This creates special challenges for organizers. For example, print shop owners refuse to print flyers or newspapers due to threats from the fascists. However, Borotba has managed to get help from sympathetic workers to publish its materials.

    A 10,000-copy run of “Front,” the first issue of a newspaper published by Borotba and the Antifascist Resistance Center, sold out in just three days.

    Borotba activists have set up tents and information tables to spread their message and recruit people to local anti-fascist defense committees composed of activists, workers, youths and former Red Army soldiers.

    In Kharkov, where the Right Sector murdered two anti-fascists on March 14, Borotba plays a leading role in organizing mass resistance.

    On March 22, some 2,000 people defied a ban and rallied at Freedom Square for a people’s speakout initiated by Borotba. A major goal of the event was to recruit supporters for the local defense organization, People’s Unity.

    The following day, hundreds marched down Rymarska Street to remember the two slain activists. They chanted: “Fascists kill! Power covers up!”

    Police then charged Borotba leader Denis Levin, a convener of the rally, with violating the ban and ordered him to appear in court on March 26. After a crowd of supporters picketed the court during his hearing, the judge dismissed the charge as “baseless.”

    In Odessa, Borotba activists took up the case of Anton Davidchenko, a local resistance leader who was seized by the “Alpha” special police unit on March 17 and kidnapped to Kiev, where he is being held incommunicado.

    Some 1,000 people defied fascist threats and rallied at Odessa’s Kulikovo Field on March 23 to demand a referendum on autonomy. Led by Regional Council Deputy and Borotba activist Alex Albu, they marched to the prosecutor’s office to demand Davidchenko’s release and an end to the regime’s political repression.'

    1. ty brian
      let us know if you receive anything from anyone at rawstory in the way of clarification or enabling your comments?