Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Israel launched airstrikes into Syria- supporting their Islamists, of course

Israel boasts & Syria confirms Israeli attack

Where is John Kerry? Bald headed Hague? Why are these two hypocrites, spewing their usual hyperbole, always missing in action when it comes to Israel?

You know Kerry who utters such stupidities as this regarding Crimea
"You just don't in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext."
 Kerry, where are you? I am waiting for your condemnation of Israel. And for the US to take action against this heinous breach of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity. 
Not the first such breach. Certainly, not the first.  I won't hold my breath waiting.

Hands off of Syria- SANA

Damascus, (SANA) General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said the Zionist enemy committed a new violation of the agreement on disengagement by firing a number of artillery, tank and anti-tank rocket shells near Sehita village and on 1023 hill on Tuesday afternoon, causing material losses.
The Command added in a statement issued Wednesday that the Zionist enemy's warplanes targeted today morning the sites of Koum al-Wissiyeh, Nabe' al-Fawar and Sa'sa' on the outskirts of the liberated city of Quneitra, claiming one life and wounding 7 others.
The Israeli aggression, the statement noted, coincided with an attack by numbers of terrorists on the Central Prison in Daraa city from the direction of Jordan.
"This new aggression came in a bid to divert attention from the successive victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army," the Army's General Command said, citing particularly the "great achievement" in Yabroud city "which dealt a startling blow to the terrorist organizations and their backers, on top being the Zionist entity".
The Command added that the aggression also aimed at "giving a dose of moral support to the terrorist gangs tumbling under the Syrian Arab Army's strikes".
The Command concluded in its statement by saying that while it stresses its resolve and determination to go ahead with its war against the terrorist organizations until eliminating them, "it warns that such desperate attempts at escalation and creating tension under these circumstances through repeating these aggressive acts would jeopardize the region's security and stability and make it vulnerable to all options."

Al- Qaida linked fighters in Syria.
Israel's Islamists in Syria

Israeli air strikes on Wednesday against Syrian military sites near the Golan Heights killed one person and wounded seven others, Syria's armed forces said, warning that the attacks endangered stability in the region.
It is periodically necessary for Israel to take "aggressive action" so that the quiet in the north will be maintained, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday just hours after the IAF hit targets in Syria in response to Tuesday's attack on an IDF jeep on the Golan Heights.
Netanyahu, speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting that was postponed from Sunday because of Purim, said that the targets hit belonged to Syrian elements who not only allowed the attack to take place, but assisted in it.
"Our policy is very clear," he said. "We strike those who strike us."
Netanyahu also said that Israel, to the best of its ability, consistently thwarts the transfer of weapons.
No evidence that Syria struck Israel. None whatsoever! Israel is simply supporting her hired killers. Arming them, treating them, feeding them and more. Killing Syrians to aid the agenda. I am sure visions of stealing Golan permanently dance through their heads in Israel's government

As I mentioned yesterday the appointment of a Jewish/American Ambassador. Continuity of policy.
* US closes Syrian embassy, expels diplomats & appoints an Ambassdor.

An offer of Golan for Israeli support- timing of this attack in light of that offer?

 *NATO's killers in Syria: Will Trade Golan in exchange for no fly zone enforcement


  1. Christ Penny, don't you just wanna' barf over the complete and total lack of criticism towards Israel? I for one, am sick of it....ben

    1. Yes ben, I do want to barf. Because the level of hypocrisy is sickening

    2. yer yer, and Muslims are all jus adorable fluffy lil bunnies of course

    3. why anonymous are you speaking of muslims in a general negative way?
      Must be an anti-semite?

      Israel loves their brainwashed killers in all their Wahhabi glory
      it's irrefutable

  2. WTF: $2.89B costs Israel to strike Iran wow! who’s gonna pay. Saudi Wahabi Mountaingoats! It’s cheaper for Iran to wipe off Israel outta world map. It’s free. Bibi is bluffing when he said: ‘Netanyahu orders IDF to “prepare” for “possible” strike on Iran during 2014. “Prepare” & “possible” its licgan to lie. Bibi fucked his own argument. If you ever think that Saudi, Israel, Iran ain’t friends then you need to shave your legs because you seriously need an undertaker. He ain’t dare to strike Iran, how, where and when. Benjamin Netanyahoo is the thickest pathetic PM in the whole world. He’s trying desperately to get Washington & congress attention and extort American Jews or more money more weapon more votes.
    "The Jew is a great master of lies." Schopenhauer
    "When the Jews step forward as innocence itself, then the danger is great." Nietzsche
    "Telling the truth ain’t anti-Semitic. Am I right?" Joe Wood.

  3. I find your comment a bit rambling... but I can agree with this much
    Though I do not know who Joe Wood is?
    Truth is truth. Plain and simple.


    Russia says US moves on Syria worrying

    1. thanks and yes the us shutting the embassy is worrying and disapointing and childish. Yes, childish too

  5. Hi Penny
    Yes Isrehell is up to its old tricks again and how, mind you they have been put on the back foot a bit by the Syrian forces lately, havent they :-) .
    Back to my pet topic though, an article by Daniel White in Counterpuch explains a lot about where the money goes , interesting.


    1. Thanks KamNam

      the theocracy in the middle east is always up to tricks- and that is the problem
      I will read the article and it looks like a most interesting one
      follow the money, always

  6. Got a few seconds at last.
    Fwiw, my guess is that consolidation is what is taking place. Ukraine has gone tits up and the zios' terrorists seem to be abandoning the Syria "jihad". Maybe the zionist regime is securing its hold on Golan. As the SAA clears and secures areas, it leaves more of the Syrian forces to concentrate on other areas. Soon it may be in a position to threaten a retaking of Golan, possibly even Hatay province.
    Don't forget the Israeli regime has been busy in Sinai too.

    1. CLOTHCAP!!!!!

      so glad you found the time to stop by
      I noticed and had put something up to the affect that the terrorists were leaving, but, they aren't going to far... to Iraq
      Which makes me think they can get back through the Kurdish areas
      which means I take some issue with the kurds fighting muslims
      at least in the big picture, because the kurds and the muslims are both infiltrated heavily by Israel/US(zionist) influence/money etc

      I would love to Syria take back their land and their people to be able to come back home to their nation- The occupied Syrians have been supportive of Damascus, but, don't forget Israel has been building their prison walls through that area
      IN both Golan and Hatay-
      Hatay is the strangest situation?

      Who could forget the Israeli regime is always busy in Sinai
      Playing their support the terrorists game always hoping to expand territory

      take care cc! :)

  7. The US moves I think are to put the frighteners on Putin. But you never know when psychopaths have a world class army at their disposal.But as their chief funder is the US that is in deep doo doo financially, and under increasing pressure wrt the local political situation, NATO must be under financial constraints too.
    The way the zios went for the gold with undue haste, unlike Libya for example, I think demonstrates the state of affairs.

    Thanks for the sentiments, your place is never far from my mind.

  8. Penny, sweetie, could you do me a favour, could you spread the news about the anti NATO activity planned for the September meeting? Details at

    Bless you.

    1. thanks clothcap and no problem on bringing attention to the anti-nato activity
      I shall check it out and help spread the news
      cheers friend :)