Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Israeli embassies shut doors as diplomats go on strike- Really?!

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Hat tip to HHQ for this tidbit.

Poor little 'Gas Princess" Yulia, go grab a US supplied Armalite and parachute into Moscow and show us what a brave little Neo-Nazi Barbie you can be. You can be an instant martyr for your rubbish West-driven cause when your remains come back promptly in a Russian bin liner.

By the way Penny, I don't know if you or the other readers caught this bit of very suspicious behaviour, but Israel just closed its embassies around the world. Israel closes embassies around the world as diplomats strike
They report that it's due to a sudden and prolonged strike by diplomats (who almost always double as spies, or other intel assets) but that just seems rather specious. The terror state with a flag is renowned for pulling stunts, false flags and various other acts of fifth column activity internationally, and this just seems like it could be a preparation for something rather nasty. Hope I'm wrong, but the False Flag vigilance alert should now be on full red. Especially since in October of 2006, during a aerial radiological survey of New York City, officials conducting the study discovered a very suspicious radiation spike in the direct proximity of the Israel Embassy. Was a dirty bomb crafted there to be used as a blackmail tool or perhaps a future false flag? It's difficult to discern but worth remembering.

Israel closes all embassies worldwide because diplomats are striking? 
Admittedly, I find that a stretch.
As HHQ points out 'diplomats' often double as spies or other intelligence assets.

Israel's diplomats called an out-all strike over a long-running pay and conditions dispute on Sunday, shutting the country's 103 foreign embassies and jeopardising a forthcoming visit by the pope.
The foreign ministry employees union said it was ordering its 1,200 members to stop work indefinitely from 3pm (1pm GMT) after accusing the finance ministry of failing to take the diplomats' grievances seriously following nearly a year of haggling.

A year of haggling? Odd word in this context? But perhaps it was haggling as opposed to negotiating?

An extended strike has the potential to cripple Israeli diplomacy since the foreign ministry is responsible for organising visits of incoming foreign dignitaries, as well as Israeli ministers' trips abroad.
Can't Israel be diplomatic without it's embassies? There is something surreal about this news
It could force the Vatican to call off a two-day visit by Pope Francis to the Holy Land, scheduled for May 24 and 25. A Vatican advance team has already postponed a visit intended to finalise arrangements for the the pontiff's arrival.

Maybe the Pope should just stay home? 


  1. Vatican angle:
    Putin visits Vatican (Syria nun nexus)
    Hollande visits Vatican
    Obama visiting Vatican post nuke summit
    Queen visiting Vatican in April...

    Yesterday more of the anti western capitalism banter out of new pope
    Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Have Become Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’
    Some at Vatican felt 'enemies' behind abuse claims: Australian Cardinal

    Vatican spied on for "threats to the financial system"
    "NSA Tapped The Pope", Spied On Vatican To Prevent "Threats To Financial System"

    Vatican swift ban
    Crisis of faith over Vatican ATMs

    Of course if you believe in tooth fairies from the world bank there is Hudes and the ET angle

    1. thanks
      as for karen hudes, I will take a pass.....not passing judgement or anything
      just taking a pass

  2. Cheers for the information spotlight Penny. Something a bit interesting just happened today during Obama's speech at the Hague (which received absolutely no discernible applause at its conclusion by the way). Obama may have either slipped up or is portending a planned nuclear false flag in New York City. When he stated in his speech "So my response then continues to be what I believe today, which is: Russia's actions are a problem. They don't pose the number one national security threat to the United States. I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan"

    One might take that statement at face value, however it seems to be oddly specific and perhaps worth remembering if some bit of nastiness is unleashed by these same executive serial murderers who engineered 9/11. Guess they may decide to set-off that alleged nuclear weapon at the NY Israeli Embassy now that it has rather conveniently been vacated of its personnel.

    Source with video here: Obama: I'm Concerned About a Nuke Being Detonated in Manhattan

    1. well thanks for bringing that to my attention!
      I saw the obama nuke in manhattan?
      shakes head
      the curse of living in interesting times
      and people wonder why I have almost no use for tv?

    2. Maybe he's thinking of this- ISRAELI EMBASSY IN (Manhattan) NYC A RADIATION HOT SPOT
      Remember Bibi and his cartoon bomb?

      I wonder how many other Israeli consulates would show up as radioactive hotspots if surveyed?

  3. Don't forget Da Plane Da Plane

    being touted all over alternate media as a highjack and not a crash
    Possible scenerios are mostly hinged on it ending up doing same damage or worse at 911

    Penny, you and I have both spoken on the way language is used subtly to sway or downright brainwash the masses.

    James Corbett tweeted this article earlier today and it's a perfect example the ex-Guardian author sights on his blog post.
    More Guardian ‘brainwashing’ on Putin


    1. mind control, magic and spelling

      as in... grimoir
      as in grammar
      mind control through language manipulation
      Should I relink that Jose Barrarra interview?
      I saved that one!