Wednesday, March 19, 2014

KavKaz confirms the death of Dokku Umarov

Dokku Abu Usman (Dokku Umarov) went to jihad in 1994, as soon as he learned about the invasion of Chechnya by Russian troops. He gave up his lucrative business in Russia and returned home.

Since then, Dokku Abu Usman was forced to leave Chechnya for several months only once, at the beginning of 2000 due to a severe wound. After treatment, he returned home and continued the Jihad.

After the first Russian-Chechen war of 1994-96, Ichkerian President Aslan Maskhadov appointed Dokku Umarov Secretary of the Security Council. After the martyrdom of Chechen Emir Abdul Khalim Sadullayev in 2006, he became the head of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

In 2007, Dokku Abu Usman raised the banner of monotheism and proclaimed the Caucasus Emirate.

This move was met with hostility by secularists of various types but was unambiguously supported by Caucasus Mujahideen, united under the single banner of Oneness.

Dokku Umarov gave 20 years of his life to the Jihad. Huge working-capacity, softness and consistency earned him love and respect of ordinary Mujahideen

KavKaz is a very interesting outfit- As in questionable? Most probably connected to the NATO/Saudi/ Turkish/Israeli fighter pipeline and connected to Finland, of all places. More on that tomorrow


  1. while the new russia is building bridges to people:
    NOVO-OGARYOVO, March 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian government on Wednesday to start preparations for the construction of a bridge linking the southern Russian Krasnodar Territory directly with Crimea.

    the new ukraine regime is seeking to destroy them;
    Violent Video: Ukraine TV Boss Beaten Up, Forced To Resign By Far-Right Svoboda MPs

    Any normal person would no whats good and which to support... but the politicians of the 'international community' are not normal!

    1. a bridge? interesting

      I saw the video of the Svoboda guy beating up on the TV exec.they had it up over at BBC

      This is the people supported by obama and harper
      It says much about Obama and Harper doesn't it?!

  2. It’s nonsense to call the referendum in Crimea illegal when the West recognized independent Montenegro after the referendum in 2006 when only 55.5 percent voted for separation from Serbia, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT.

    RT: Exit polls say 93 percent of Crimeans voted to join Russia. It’s hard for the West to ignore this fact, isn't it?

    Neil Clark: Absolutely. The purest form of democracy is a referendum. You can’t argue with it- 93 percent is overwhelming. And it’s interesting the West have said this is illegal and nonsense. They recognized Montenegro because there was the referendum in 2006 when only 55.5 percent voted for separation from Serbia. So why was that referendum OK and this one in Crimea is illegal? It’s nonsense. This is democracy in action, the Crimean people voted overwhelmingly to say “yes” to Russia.

  3. Vladimir Putin to hold traditional Q&A live phone-in in April

    This is going to be his second "hotline" after he took office for the third term. "Although this kind of question and answer session is safe to describe as scheduled, this time the President will focus on accepting new territorial entities into Russia, namely Crimea and Sevastopol. Crimeans are likely to make live calls during the session", ‪#‎Putin‬'s press secretary Peskov said.
    Details here:


    The Pakistan angle in wake of Israeli ratcheting up Iran rhetoric and US sanctions lift momentum waning:
    Once again Pakistan is being accused of handling the OBL dead horse
    Pakistan received a loan from Saudi last month
    Saudi crown prince first trip to Pakistan
    Nuke QPQ rumored?
    Stories last month of Saudi looking for Pak to supply weapons to Syrian jihads
    Then the stories about the Malay plane being in Pak
    US drone strike halted Pak Taliban peace talks late last year - but US has since pulled back on strikes for latest round (that were called off after attack just as Imran Khan predicted)
    Now Pak denies sending troops to Saudi and Bahrain?
    This after the Saudi Qatar fallout and Saudi call for all Syrian jihads to return to Kingdom (convicts a few for Twitter posts)..
    Saudi crown Prince just in India and China

    Why is Saudi wanting troops? Do they sense recoil on Spring? Or do they know something about possible Iran go? Or more dire: a Petro break coming?..

    Why the leaks on Pak OBL now? 6 days ago US commander was out talking up the Haqqani threat again. Then the plane leak. No US basing in Afghan.And the leaks about the Chinese insurgent leader being housed in Pakistan (after the leaks about the India mujahedin leader being housed in China).

    That LATimes piece on Iran section head being removed; he was the former Islamabad head outed in Pakistan after drone strikes.,0,2858175.story#axzz2wHweZVq8

    The leak is clearly timed to maneuver Pakistan into the spotlight. But why? timing is everything

  5. Penny,
    I saw a statement 2days ago that Russia was unable to confirm the death of Umarov. I'm familair with that publication stating the fact, and for some reason I saw a tweet , I think today, that their website was taken down.

    Didn't check personally. Have a tendency to agree with Russia. Given the CIA is behind all this stuff in one form or another, who could believe it with a simple notice in an obscure website ? Show Russia a dead corpse or give them access to get some DNA, otherwise , it's hearsay.

    hope you are doing well
    Saw the NAU post. First I have heard anything about it recently, but I don't read 'the usual suspects' most people do.

    1. Who knows? I went to check KavKaz to see what they were saying
      they are all about terrorists.... and they had his obit up so I thought it must be true. Thanks and I will keep an eye on that news
      good to see you about karin :)