Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kerry/Lavrov to meet today! - Federated Ukraine on the table

Already mentioned in this post- A federated Ukraine as proposed previously by Russia?

With a flashback to a DW article from February of this year, excerpts below - -Would a federal Ukraine be viable   

Officials, from predominantly Russian-speaking areas, approved a resolution for regional leaders to take full responsibility for constitutional order in their territories.
A few days before the proposal was published, a Party of Regions parliamentarian, Vadim Koleznichenko, spoke in favor of a "federalization of Ukraine," since the country was on the brink of civil war,
 Federalization, he said, would help to prevent the country from falling apart. According to media reports, this would mean Ukraine could be divided into up to seven large states, each with its own parliament.
And then the overthrow took place.

Kerry/Lavrov to meet today- 

Russia on Sunday set out demands for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, saying the former Soviet republic should be unified in a federation allowing wide autonomy to its various regions as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov prepared to meet in Paris in another bid to calm tensions.

 Appearing on Russian television ahead of his talks with Kerry, Lavrov rejected suspicions that the deployment of tens of thousands of Russian troops near Ukraine is a sign Moscow plans to invade the country following its annexation of the strategic Crimean peninsula.
 "We have absolutely no intention of, or interest in, crossing Ukraine's borders," Lavrov said.

He also said, not a direct quote, they would protect Russians in Ukraine.
In his interview, Lavrov made clear that Moscow believes a federation is the only way to guarantee Ukraine's stability and neutrality.

"We can't see any other way to ensure the stable development of Ukraine but to sign a federal agreement," Lavrov said, adding that he understood the United States was open to the idea.
Lavrov is absolutely not going to say this unless he is certain the US is on the same page.
U.S. officials have been coy about their position on a federation and insist that any changes to Ukraine's governing structure must be acceptable to the Ukrainians. Ukrainian officials are wary of decentralizing power, fearing that pro-Russia regions would hamper its western aspirations and potentially split the country apart. However, they are exploring political reforms that could grant more authority to local governments.
The US has been 'coy' about there position on this federation for one reason and one reason only!
This was Moscow's plan. All along.
Even before the US overthrew the elected government of Ukraine. Before the whole Crimean situation happened. A situation that took, I believe, the US by complete surprise. I had an article to that effect, somewhere....
This was Moscow's plan to calm the situation in the Ukraine. The US would have none of it then.
But, they will now.
 The plan that Kerry and Lavrov are to discuss covers Ukrainian political and constitutional reforms as well as the disarmament of irregular forces, international monitors to protect minority rights and direct dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, according to U.S. officials, who say it has backing of Ukraine's government.

Lavrov called the sanctions a "dead-end" strategy that would not achieve results and accused the west of hypocrisy. 
He said it was inconsistent for the west to refuse to recognize Crimea's annexation, which followed a referendum on joining Russia that was overwhelmingly approved, while at the same time accepting the new government in Kyiv, which was formed after the pro-Moscow president fled the country.
"If they are willing to accept the first event as legitimate, then surely they are obliged to acknowledge the second," Lavrov told Russia's Channel One television.
 Lavrov always astute. Speaking volumes using few words.
Unlike, Obama & Kerry, both of whom have demonstrated  the soaring heights of idiocracy inherent in the US politics/politicians. Canada's too! As Harper has been shameless. Simply shameless.
An embarrassment to sensible, intelligent Canadians.  

Idiocracy-a form of government in which a country or territory is run by fools 

The meeting has ended & nothing much is being reported
Just some interesting tidbits-
But he (Lavrov) called on Western powers to back a proposal for Ukraine's Russian-speaking regions to have greater powers in a "federal" and neutral Ukraine.

"If our Western partners are ready, then Russia, the United States and the European Union could form a support group on Ukraine," Mr Lavrov told Russian state television.

This would lead to talks between "all Ukrainian political forces without exception, naturally excluding armed radicals", and would end in a new constitution allowing for a "federal structure" with greater regional autonomy, he said.
 The US has sent it's top General back to Europe

America's top general in Europe has been sent back early from a trip to Washington
 General Philip Breedlove, who is both NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the head of the U.S. military's European Command, arrived in Europe Saturday evening.

It is being reported that Lavrov said to Kerry "Good night and Good Luck"

It appears nothing much is going to be said until a decision is made on how to present this meeting


  1. Well if anything comes out of this meeting I hope Lavrov tells Kerry thanks for getting that imf loan so the Ukraine can pay Russia back;)

    1. Hey jo- it's pretty quiet on the news front
      so.... I think Kerry has nothing to crow about, or he would.
      We shall see, maybe tomorrow?

  2. the west wants Ukraine split up from the beginning so Russia says OK but make it a federation.

    the west wants a new constritution written before the elections so Russia says OK but Russian-speaking regions to have greater powers and regional autonomy.

    all these instances of leaked email and phone conversations showing false flag ops and shut down, if real, due to the leaks. my guess is FSA is the original source on some.

    really does seem to me the west is getting schooled on how to front-run an agenda... LOL

    1. Did the west want Ukraine split up?
      I didn't get that impression at all.
      So the west is happy that Russia still has it's port at Crimea(black sea)
      continuing to have access to the middle east?
      That doesn't make sense.

      The federation will lead to a breaking apart of Ukraine, how does that benefit the US?

      My understanding of the rewriting constitution was to strip the President of powers and shift them to the Parliament..


  3. Hi Penny
    Nice article by Floyd Rudmin over at Counterpunch

    Hillary Clinton, on March 5, said that Putin’s concern for Russians in Ukraine is like Hitler’s concern for Germans in Poland and Czechoslovakia. It is also like Ronald Reagan’s concern for US medical students in Grenada by which he justified his 1983 invasion of that small island nation. Clinton said, “We can learn from this tactic that has been used before.” That is good advice if we consider this tactic of

    a) personifying a nation by its leader’s personal name and

    b) then labelling that leader “Hitler.”

    This is sure way to activate a demon in the American national memory and to mobilize the United States to again fight evil personified by the new Hitler. John Kerry said Assad is Hitler. John McCain said Castro is Hitler. George Bush said Saddam was Hitler. Donald Rumsfeld said Chavez was Hitler. The list of leaders the US has targeted as Hitler includes Allende (Chile), Noriega (Panama), Ortega (Nicaragua), Milosevic (Serbia), Arafat (Palestine), Gaddafi (Libya), Ahmadinejad (Iran), and Kim (North Korea).

    Hitler, in fact, was defeated by the USSR more than by the USA. After the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943 and the Battle of Kursk in August 1943, Germany had effectively lost WWII. D-Day was a year later, in June 1944. Soviet armies caused more than 90% of total German casualties. Nevertheless, Americans remember that it was they who defeated Hitler.
    end snip

    There are far too many Hitlers in this world nearly all of them a Brand name" courteous of the us(less states)

    Nice pointer to a little history lesson though.



    1. hey kamnam

      very true- I had an article about how it is the Hitler meme affects people and the value in it's use. Wonder if it is mentioned in this piece @ Counterpunch
      I will have to read and find out

      thanks :)

    2. so did Kohl's legacy over in Germany (Finmin)

  4. interesting...on the crimean tartars...or rather 3600 crimeans.....fleeing to the land of pravy sektor for fear of russi???????? thats strange behaviour

    grasswire ‏@grasswire Mar 27
    At least 3,600 Crimean Tatars already moved to western #Ukraine …

    @grasswire article doesn't say 3.600 crimean tatars,but 3600 crimeans(includes ukranians&exarmy,etc).not many tatars moved&have no reason to

    1. hey brian

      I suspect the Crimean Tatars are staying right where they are...

  5. Divide and conquer, divide and rule.

    The IMF gets Ukraine and gives it to US and Euro corporate scum. Said scum will deal with Russian oligarchs on big gas deals and all will get rich. Russia gets Crimea for sharing the pie with IMF on Ukraine. The oligarchs and fascists win, the Ukrainian people get screwed.
    Kerry and Lavrov will put on a great show, just like Obama and Putin.

  6. A federated constitution or anything else doesn't necessarily mean this saga is over...


    Who would have thought. Now Saudi has convicted Twitter and Youtube users as photos of the King's Obama spread leaked and calls for women to drive kick up again.

    Opportunists in the Kingdom or something more? The Qatar break would argue forces outside the Kingdom. Who are those forces...Erdogan, Dilma, Sissi, etc

    Qatar weapons deal.

    Qatar also allegedly agrees to fund US ramped up covert action in Syria.


    Thought you might like this, you don't have to post it:)

    1. hahahaha, that is soooo funny
      I loved it!

      I am going to look into that guy
      Aaahhhh Ford Nation-rolls eyes!
      Not being a toronto resident, but, near enough to have heard and seen plenty about Mr Ford...

      The man is a bufoon. And he always was.
      I think him and Stephen Harper, John Baird make it obvious Canada has become that idiocracy I mentioned in the post
      Not that any of our political parties are any different or better one from the other...
      It's really a sad thing :(

  9. off topic sort of but did you see this Penny?

    What is this utter nonsense?? Are they really saying he was poisoned? Really? Does he honestly thing he is THAT important?

    rolling my eyes


    1. I was hoping you would have seen that!
      I read the piece and it is a load of shit!
      Cotler importance is all in how mind....
      first thing I noticed was the timing of the story- why tell it now after 8 years have passed

      and the statement from Cotler that makes the lie obvious

      "I didn't know what it was because they only spoke Russian. Something was mentioned about a poison, but I didn't know. I did not pay any attention to it, other than I felt sick," Cotler said.

      If Cotler doesn't know what is being said, because Russian was spoken, how would he, how could he know the word 'poison' was mentioned


      And the the picture of Litvinenko- What a perfect touch... a perfect perception management meme

      He isn't that important. He isn't even credible. Period
      notice no comment allowed? typical of bullshit media in Canada

    2. Cotler importance is all in how mind- should read

      Cotler's importance is all in his deluded mind

  10. for some media , every day is aprils fools day

    1. absolutely brian, absolutely
      and a perfect example is the story on uberzionist Cotler and his bogus poisoning story