Friday, March 14, 2014

Lavrov and Kerry have spoken- What about Israel's annexation policy ?

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Just watched the BBC live press conference. I will post something asap
Lavrov said that Crimea is more important to Russia then the Falklands is to the UK
(not exact quotes)


Lavrov told a news conference after the lengthy session with Kerry that Russia would respect the result of a referendum Sunday in Ukraine’s Crimea region

Lavrov also said that Russian remains deeply concerned about law and order in Ukraine, asserting that measures to ensure security were not being taken by the new pro-Western government in Kiev.

 “We have said more than once that the authorities that came to power in Kiev ought to disarm the militants and ensure the security of the population,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, referring to the provisional government that took power last month in Ukraine. “Regrettably, as the events in Ukraine have shown, this is not so, and the Kiev authorities are not controlling the situation in the country.”

I have a real beef with Kerry's nonsense! 

As I listen to Kerry speaking at this moment, he is condemning the Crimean vote. Their own vote to
choose to join with Russia. He speaks of  how Ukraine must have it's territory respected.

Here is my issue- Why is Israel allowed to annex Palestinian land?
Why has Israel been allowed to do this, with no international condemnation?
Why is it, Israel is still presently allowed to annex Palestinian Land?
Why is it Israel still occupies Syria? - Golan Heights.
Why is it Israel has annexed parts of Lebanon
etc. etc.,

Recently-  Israeli ministers back Jordan Valley annexation ahead of John Kerry visit
The proposal to extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley – a de facto annexation – was passed by a ministerial committee with the support of eight members of the government.
 The impending arrival of the US secretary of state was marked with Hebrew graffiti in a Palestinian village saying "Regards to John Kerry" and "Blood will be spilled in Judea and Samaria" (the biblical names for what is now the West Bank). Police said they suspected extremist Jewish settlers were responsible for the graffiti as well as the torching of villagers' cars.
During his press conference Kerry reiterated how big the US is on protecting all peoples.

Do the Palestinians vote to have their land taken? Of course not!
Their homes demolished? No way!
I simply cannot get over the stunning hypocrisy of John Kerry and the US administration. It absolutely boggles my mind. And the Canadian government too. Platitudes. Hollow words
In the case of Crimea, there is no doubt the vote is a foregone conclusion. No doubt whatsoever. And the US is painfully aware of this.

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