Sunday, March 16, 2014

NATO's killers in Syria: Will Trade Golan in exchange for no fly zone enforcement

Can it be anymore clear that the 'opposition' is not Syrian? Not that I need to remind regular readers here.
Can it be anymore clear that the so called opposition has been supported by, cooperated with and continues to collude with Israel. Israel is not afraid of Islamists for the simple reason they are on the same team.
That fact is abundantly clear!

Haaretz- Syrian Opposition willing to trade Golan claims for Israeli Military support

Top opposition official tells Al Arab newspaper militant groups want Israel to enforce a no-fly zone.

  The Syrian opposition is willing to give up claims to the Golan Heights in return for cash and Israeli military aid against President Bashar Assad, a top opposition official told Al Arab newspaper, according to a report in Al Alam.

"Why shouldn’t we be able to sell the Golan Heights because it is better than losing Syria and Golan at once," Kamal al-Labwani, a prominent member of the Syrian opposition, told the Arab newspaper, according Al Alam, an Arabic language Iran state-owned media outlet.
The Western-backed militant groups want Israel to enforce a no-fly zone over parts of southern Syria to protect rebel bases from air strikes by Assad's forces, according to the report. 

This has everything to do with the fall of Yabroud-

Syrian government forces backed by Hezbollah militants took full control of the town of Yabroud on Sunday after driving out rebels, helping President Bashar Assad secure the land route linking the capital Damascus to Aleppo and the Mediterranean coast on the third anniversary of Syria’s civil war.
The fall of Yabroud, the last rebel bastion near the Lebanese border, could choke off a vital insurgent supply line from Lebanon and consolidate government control over a swathe of territory from Damascus to the central city of Homs. 

Making that planned for push into Damascus more difficult then had been hoped for

A handout photograph released by Syria’s national news agency SANA on March 15, 2014, shows a view of a part of the town of Yabroud in Syria, which lies north of Damascus near the Lebanese border
Yabroud was an important supply line for rebels into Lebanon, and overlooks an important cross-country highway. It is the last major rebel-held town in the Qalamoun Mountains region, where Assad’s forces have been waging an offensive for months to try to sever routes across the porous border. Its fall would come just a week after the Syrian army seized the village of Zara, another conduit for rebels from mountainous northern Lebanon into central Syria. Syria’s state television reported that military forces seized Yabroud early Sunday and were now combing the city, removing booby-traps and bombs and hunting down rebel holdouts.
“Our armed forces are now chasing the remnants of the terrorist gangs in the area,” said a uniformed soldier reading from a military statement on Syrian television. “This new achievement, which led to a collapse of the terrorist groups, completes the successes of the army in the Qalamoun area against terrorist groups and their nests and forms an important link to secure the borders with Lebanon, and cuts supply lines and tightens the noose around terrorist strongholds remaining in the Damascus countryside,” said the soldier. Syrian officials refer to rebels as “terrorists.”
 The rebels are terrorists. They are terrorizing the Syrian people. They are also hired killers, paid for, trained by NATO nations and Israel.


  1. Thanks for the article.
    When I read this I laughed my butt off. Belligerent criminals! The insanity never ends with these subhumans. The sad, destructive & deadly part is, I can see them trying this.

  2. Exclusive Pictures From Yebrooud !!! (nothing spectacular but informative)
    (The ones of the terrorist tunnel & destroyed road are something else)

    1. Hey patrick
      can't put anything past that lot
      after all they are partners in crime with Israel and we see the insanity inherent in Israeli leadership

  3. Hez alleged to have conducted a roadside bombing in and around farms. First since 2006...

    The Israelis a for a fight. Telegraphed for years.

    With all eyes on the Ukraine and Malay, opportunity window? A Spring offensive has already been telegraphed in Syria. Russian reprisal? The Russians just signed on for more reactors in Iran.

    So why is the US in such a hurry to rush ammo and weapons to the Iraqi gov't over the western insurgency? The US has been quite vocal that Maliki isn't on the team. So why the rush of drones and hellfire? The UAE just withdrew its Iraq attache over the Maliki comments impugning the Kingdom for supporting radicals. Maliki is long on the record saying if the Saudis and Turks would go home the insurgency would die. So why is the US - Brennan just said the US and Saudi have differences but common goals - in such a rush to arm up the Iraqi forces? Or is there something else behind this - like the US leaving planers and Patriots in jordan after last year's exercises?

    The Saudi Qatar break is the tip of the US fracture below the surface.

    Iran says it just thwarted sabotage. The Israelis are on a frontal PR over Iran - ship, AIPAC, Netanyahu US visit,etc. Coincident is the escalation in Gaza with rocket attacks - coinciding with the seizure in the Red Sea. Meanwhile the Egyptians just broke ties with Hamas.

    Something is definitely being Q'd up in Saudi and the Kingdom is moving aggressively against it, like the Twitter arrests. It also looks like something is being Q'd up in Syria as Assad forces roll through the rebel strongholds? But what?

    1. sorry anonymous for not responding- I am so dam tired today


      missed the news on Hezzbolah- interesting location the Shebaa farms
      was just speaking of this locale with my other half-my sounding board- the hubby
      thank goodness he enjoys the intrigue of international politics as much as I
      If not it would be difficult

      Been hearing more noise about SA
      Including the interference by Qatar
      also caught the news that Iran had talked about stopping interference with the power stations on more then one occassion
      did not know Russia had made more deals in that regard?!
      so very interesting

      Syria- the spring push? or something else?

    2. No sooner,,,another Golan bombing and Israeli shelling

      NATO breaks off Russia cooperation on Syria chems as the NYT says iran talks could be broken over crimea

      "We planned to conduct a joint operation at sea on providing the security of an American vessel, on board of which Syrian chemical weapons will be destroyed," reminded Rasmussen. "We will guard it, but Russia will not participate in the operation. This is one example of suspending cooperation."

      Yestd the reports of Iran stopping sabotage

      Gaza escalation (Hamas banned in egypt), Golan escalation, lebanon escalation AND...

      Israeli Defence Minister now backs a unilateral Israeli strike, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. Yaalon also accused Washington of "demonstrating weakness" in the Ukraine crisis in comments published by Haaretz newspaper.

      In case you missed it:
      Twitter chief's Shanghai visit may signal growing interest in China - which is sure to rouse the PLA...

      and the growing Sri Lanka humanitarian, mass graves, chemical accusations...after China port handover...

    3. It looks as if something is set to happen in Syria
      though sidetracked with Ukraine
      I tried to keep on top of things and point out the creation of a narrative
      A narrative that can be used to justify some type of action
      heard that there will be no more accompanying ships..
      not good

  4. Syria making great strides despite BS from MSM outlets

    Syrian army mopping up al-Qalamun after re-capturing Yabrud

    Obama Backed Terrorists Release Kidnapped Civillians and Soldiers

    1. definitely got the impression Syrian Army was exterminating the rats
      to quote Ziad, he always makes me smile, so witty
      I don't know how he does it though , seeing his home country being destroyed would be so heartbreaking :(
      But, humour helps, I know that one well