Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sniper attack in Crimea- Two dead- Maidan take two?

 Did a sniper  manage to slip through the security checks?
 2 Incidents? NO, just one.
One pro-Russian militiaman was killed and two other wounded on Tuesday in a sniper attack on the streets of the Crimean capital, Simferopol, local media reported.

A unit of pro-Russian self-defense forces came under sniper fire while searching for a group of unidentified gunmen on a tip from local residents, the Kryminform news agency said citing a Crimean police source.

“As a result, one member of self-defense forces was killed and two were wounded,” the source said, adding that the incident could have been a premeditated provocation.
 Meanwhile, the foreign media circulated reports by the Ukrainian military earlier on Tuesday that a Ukrainian soldier was killed and another wounded during an attack on a Ukrainian military base near Simferopol.
The Ukrainian Defense Ministry, however, failed to identify the forces behind the alleged attack.
Western media reporting around the second alleged killing mentioned
Multiple stories on the same incident

"Russian soldiers have started shooting at Ukrainian military servicemen, and that is a war crime," Yatsenyuk said.
Ukraine's interim president Oleksandr Turchnynov later issued a statement placing responsiblity for "the blood of Ukrainian soldiers (on) the leadership of the Russian Federation and specifically President Putin."
Regional defence ministry spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov told AFP the Ukrainian soldier had died after being shot in the neck when a group of gunmen stormed a military base in the northeast of Crimea's main city of Simferopol.
Seleznyov said another soldier was wounded but did not specify whether the base was stormed by Russian soldiers or pro-Kremlin militia who also patrol the peninsula.
But the Ukrainian defence ministry said in a statement the military base was attacked by people "dressed in the military uniforms of servicemen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation."
 I don't find the claim of 'dressed in military uniforms of service men from Russian Federation" credible
Not at all.

But there is this?

A spokeswoman for Crimea's pro-Kremlin police department later reported that a member of the peninsula's "self-defence" force had also been killed in the same incident.
But she blamed both the death of the pro-Russian militia member and the Ukrainian soldier on shooting by unidentified assailants from a nearby location.
"They were shooting from the same location at both the self-defence forces and at the Ukrainian servicemen," Crimean police force spokeswoman Olga Kondrashova told the Interfax news agency.
Now that is a familiar theme. Snipers shooting at both sides. As happened in Kiev.

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  1. Excellent Article Penny

    "Snipers shooting at both sides"
    We know who the criminal trouble makers are.
    we can take everything the zio-MSM states and spin 180 and get the truth nowadays.

    least we forget
    Venezuela unrest toll rises as soldier is shot in head

    Duplicity of ZATO!
    Turkey is zio-criminal to the core "Dönmeh"
    Turkey Warns Russia it Will Blockade Bosphorus if Violence Occurs

    Watchdog group declares United States an ‘enemy of the Internet’
    zio-imperial fascists, purveyor's of "DEMONcracy"

    Venezuela Deals Blow to Bankster Fascists
    Respect Dean Henderson (not all his views but liked his book Big Oil..) but have little respect for VT's Gordon Duff (egomaniac/sensationalist)

    Gilad Atzmon, highly respected author penning articles at VT.
    The Banality Of The Guardian Of Judea

    1. thanks patrick- I like Gilad
      but not so much a fan of Gord Duff...he is exactly as you state

      Turkey is certainly an interesting country- Agree it is zio-criminal to the core
      but look what is going on there? Who wants Erdogan out
      Of course Gulen, who is tied to the US intelligence apparatus
      But why?
      We even had riots over the token dead guy
      and there always is one in every destabilization
      From Tunisia to Egypt to Syria to Ukraine
      Erdogan rules only so long as the law enforcement- gulen
      and the military- nato------- allows him to rule
      and right now he looks to be on the hot seat

  2. It goes like this : the maidan snipers were so successful , why not call them out on another mission : the media like Reuters providing the PR by writing of the Ukrainian and ignoring the Crimean : how better to kick start a war

  3. politicians of the dodgy 'international community' may not, but mapmakers will recognise Krimea as russian
    'US map makers to mark Crimea as part of Russia
    The chief geographer of the National Geographic Society, Juan Valdes, said that once the Russian Parliament ratifies the treaty on accepting Crimea into the Russian Federation, the Crimean Republic will officially become Russian territory, according to the Bloomberg news agency. "We map the world as it is, not as people would like it to be," Mr. Valdes made a point.'
    Details here: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_19/US-map-makers-to-mark-Crimea-as-part-of-Russia-9606/

    also as for the shrill cries from Kiev over one ukraine soldier killed by noone knows who, and lets go to war....this is why Putin is a statesman and these thieves are only conmen

    1. I saw this really over the top headline today

      "Russian annexation of Crimea turns bloody"
      Globe and Mail- over the top sensationalism

  4. There is effectively NO coverage of the attack on 'self-defense' forces in this incident, and death/injury to its members, in the media. Only RT and Independent mention it. And here. Globe and Mail certainly doesn't. Every other article I've seen quotes verbatim ,as gospel, the Ukrainian 'government' sources- at great length. Nor have we heard anymore of the 'inquiry' into identity of 20 Feb snipers- despite BBC coverage of 'protester-snipers' on 20 Feb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQhuD4F1yJ0 and subsequent BBC article on British investigators in Kiev on 24 Feb. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26333525 Keep up the good work, main stream media.

    1. Many years (40) ago I was a Member of the CDN GGHG Military Reserves. Today I still own hunting rifles. I believe it be VERY difficult not to shoot at an obviously invading force. My thoughts, therefore, are with the Ukrainian people. Shoot straight my friends!