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Syria- the chemical weapons meme is making another round- Timing?

Two stories and I do not believe they are unrelated in the battle for your mind
Chemical weapons used in Syria appear to come from army stockpile: UN

Notice the use of the word "appear". This is not fact. It just 'appears'
Yet, I am certain where the chemical weapons originated could be confirmed. So, that headline is immediately suspect. We all know that appearances can be deceiving.
Chemical weapons used in two incidents in Syria last year appear to come from the stockpiles of the Syrian military, United Nations human rights investigators said on Wednesday in a report that went beyond previous findings.

Chemical weapons used in two incidents in Syria appear to have come from stockpiles of the Syrian military
Of course, that doesn't mean they did. Therefore we are reading speculation.

The team of independent experts, led by Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro, said that chemical agents used in the Damascus suburb of al-Ghouta on Aug. 21 and in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo in March 2013 bore "the same unique hallmarks".
Then the article is written as if the two incidents have anything to do with Khan al Assal and Ghouta
But, there is again nothing to suggest the connection. Other then an assumption, if you wish to make that? We know the UN 'investigated' more then two incidents. And Khan al Assal was not really one of them. Not until many, many, many months later.

"The evidence available concerning the nature, quality and quantity of the agents used on 21 August indicated that the perpetrators likely had access to the chemical weapons stockpile of the Syrian military, as well as the expertise and equipment necessary to manipulate safely large amount of chemical agents," the investigators said in the report.
This paragraph concerns Ghouta- read how it is written- obfuscation galore. The perps likely had.
So again, speculation. It does not tell us whether or not it was Syrian chems and still does not tell us who the perps were. It infers. It insinuates, but, it does not tell us who.
"Concerning the incident in Khan al-Assal on 19 March, the chemical agents used in that attack bore the same unique hallmarks as those used in al-Ghouta," the report said
 The UN is telling us that Khan al Assal and Ghouta chems bore the same unique hallmarks- So they were related. I don't doubt that. Both of those attacks were clearly carried out by the NATO backed mercs.
Isn't it interesting that the UN can tell us those two attacks were related via 'hallmarks'  that but can still only suggest or imply everything else
And then this-"Without categorically saying which side was to blame, chief United Nations investigator Ake Sellstrom, who led a team of inspectors in Syria, said in January it was "difficult to see" how the opposition could have weaponised the toxins used
 Really Ake Spinstrom? It isn't difficult at all to see how the opposition could have weaponised toxins. They have plenty of help. It's rather pathetic to witness the UN continue it's covering up for NATO

So, we have that chemical weapon spin reappearing. One news item taken alone I might have passed it by, but there is more!

Syria has been making great progress on the removal of it's chemical weapons-
So why this headline and why is the US expressing doubts?
 U.S. Urges Vigilance Over Syria's Chemical Disarmament
The U.S. has reacted to Syria's accelerated removal of its dangerous chemicals with pronounced skepticism, urging international watchdogs to keep up their pressure and vigilance.
Syria has accelerated removal of chemical weapons and the US pronounces skepticism? I smell trouble
The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons reported Tuesday that Syria will have removed 23% of its most dangerous chemicals by end of the week, a significant step up from 4.5% two weeks ago. Syria promised to remove the rest of its chemicals by the end of April
 You would think the US would be jumping for joy? But, no.

Robert Mikulak, the U.S. representative to The Hague-based OPCW, acknowledged "the possibility that Syria may at last be starting to take its removal obligations seriously."

But he warned OPCW members "who might be flush with optimism over the new Syrian plan" that "what counts is not a plan on paper, but actual performance on the ground." Citing "Syria's dismal record of compliance to date," Mr. Mikulak added, "Now is not the time for complacency."
 OPCW announced Tuesday that Syria had accelerated the process and is on track to have 23% of its top-priority weapons, and 63% of the lower-priority materials, out of the country by week's end.
And NATO support of mercenaries is not making this an easy task-

The U.S. has taken on an informal role as enforcer in the chemical removal process, leveling public attacks when Syria falls behind and seeking to keep up pressure. Russia, a co-sponsor of the process and a patron of Syria, has responded with calming statements, insisting the June 30 deadline will be met.

 Mr. Mikulak said March will be a critical month in testing whether Syria is actually committed to eliminating its chemical weapons program

Why is March a critical month? I suspect the US and company are going to do something to slow down the progress.

I have already noticed that Israel is looking to be more active at Golan, likely ahead of that spring surge there have been reports of-  Syria says Israel fires shells into its territory

Israel claims it opened fire on Hezbollah militants- How the heck Israel knew they were Hezbollah is anyone's guess- Which means Israel is lying!

  Israel’s military said its forces fired on what it called Hezbollah-affiliated militants on the Golan Heights and that “hits were identified.” The military did not explain how it knew of the men’s alleged links with Hezbollah
 Even the Washington Post is noting the lack of credibility in Israel's claim!

 Syria’s state news agency SANA, citing a military source, said that Israeli forces fired four tank shells toward the Golan village of Hamidiyeh, hitting a school and a mosque early Wednesday.

It said Israeli forces also fired another four shells toward another area called Houriyeh, and then opened fire a third time, again toward Hamidiyeh.
It said the attacks wounded seven members of the security forces and four civilians.
 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said the Israeli “aggression” against Hamidiyeh in the Golan came because it “felt” the Syrian military had carried out a pre-emptive operation to secure its border with Israel
 So, Syria, for very good reason it attempting to secure it's border and the Israeli military is firing on them.
Of course, Israel wants their Islamic fighters supported by Israel's army to be able to cross the border freely.
Ironically the mercenary NGO is shoring up the Syrian narrative

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that Israeli forces fired several tank shells and two missiles toward the Golan Heights. The group said one missile hit a school in the village of Hamidiyeh, where Syrian troops were concentrated.

It would think they get their info from Israel. Both working to support the NATO/Israeli mercs

Lastly: Syrian Army has been making real progress in ridding the country of NATO filth
This has got to be a cause for concern to the US and co
Which is why I suspect the chemical weapon propaganda has come back into play.
NATO backed rebels loose ground
Syrian government troops are tightening their grip on the last rebel stronghold near the border with Lebanon a day after taking control of a key village in the area. 
The government operation aims to sever the rebel supply routes from nearby Lebanon and shore up its hold on the main north-south highway that runs through the area.
During a government-led tour of the village of Sahel, a Syrian commander told reporters that troops ousted opposition fighters from the village  on Monday (local time), bringing down the rebels' "first defence line" of Yabroud. The officer did not provide his name, in line with military regulations.
 NATO up to no dam good? Connected to Ukraine?


  1. The bankster ghouls are desperately needing a large infusion of Gentile blood, they are starting to get the DT's from lack of nourishment.

    The way the psyops have been stepped up lately must mean that there is some kind of financial problem about to burst.

    China's upcoming declaration of how much gold they really have on hand?

  2. Talk about timing

    Why would Assad being flying rounds to Iran to arm Hamas? Makes 0 sense. Likewise Iran. And so who exactly where these rounds intended for?

    Yesterday Egypt declared Hamas non grata
    Egyptian court bans Hamas amid crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

    And how is the Saudi Qatar (e.g. Centcom) dustup related? Saudi says Qatar agitating (UAE just rounded up bunch of Islamists). Saudis about to break petrodollar...? Russia just threatened a dump and China told you last year no mas on the dinero reserves. With Fed trying to exit LTAP who is buying? Apparently Japan and Bankrupt Belgium per recent data.

    Iran for its part denies involvement

    Once again the Israelis are knee deep offshore Sudan
    Hez hit in Sudan 2011

    2009 airstrikes

    2012 strikes

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    1. thanks greg and anonymous
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      I did notice the news of the missile intercept?
      but didn't have time to delve into it
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