Monday, March 10, 2014

Syria to miss OPCW deadline so says unnamed official- false flag take 2?

I wanted to get this up end of last week.....
A bit late, but, still important!
Syria to miss deadline to destroy 12 sites- so says an unidentified official

Yes, that is right an unidentified official is providing us with a narrative. But, it's not just narrative creation it's also prognosticating. The unidentified official (who knows who this really is?) is speaking certainties nine days before the said official could/should be certain.
Counting chickens/unhatched eggs. You know?

Syria will miss a major deadline next week in the program to destroy its chemical weapons production facilities, sources at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said on Thursday.

Syria declared 12 production facilities to the OPCW and has until March 15 to destroy them under a deal agreed with the United States and Russia

"That will definitely be missed," said an official involved in discussions with Syria, referring to the March 15 deadline.

So we have gone from 'sources' as in multiple- to one alleged official, albeit unnamed
 The official, who asked not to be identified, said there were seven "hardened" aircraft hangars and five underground facilities. "None of them have been destroyed at the moment," the official said.

Syrian officials could not immediately be reached for comment.- Which suggests we didn't wait for a response- and just hit publish
 "They are not doing things in the timeframe they promised they would," the source said. "The process is in volatile waters."
The sources, the source, the unnamed individual and then finally the war whore Samantha Power is mentioned.

You may recall not so long ago I had posted the news in this post that Syria had been making great progress
in the removal of chemical weapons,but, the US was expressing doubt and urging vigilance

 The U.S. has reacted to Syria's accelerated removal of its dangerous chemicals with pronounced skepticism, urging international watchdogs to keep up their pressure and vigilance.

 The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons reported Tuesday that Syria will have removed 23% of its most dangerous chemicals by end of the week, a significant step up from 4.5% two weeks ago. Syria promised to remove the rest of its chemicals by the end of April

 I am still smelling narrative creation ahead of a widely known about spring offensive- Carnegie Endowment

If at first you don't succeed try, try, try again-

Lessons From Last Year

The idea of a southern offensive by “vetted” rebels has already been tried once, in the spring of 2013. Then, the southern front was boosted by fresh deliveries of Croatian antitank weaponry in conjunction with an effort to reorganize local rebel forces into politically moderate coalitions that would accept foreign guidance.
Syria rebels say planning Damascus spring offensive

 Also indicating false flag potential to justify an onslaught at this time ..................


  1. Malaysia watch:

    1. Massive US naval Intel scandal linking back to Malaysian national late last year costing Vice Admiral Ted Branch, director of Naval Intelligence, and Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless, the director of Intelligence Operations, their commands

    2. Conviction of Anwar upheld same day as flight

    3. Anwar then challenged the election last year and called for protests with notable placards

    4. Malaysia opposes TPP

    5. Big US naval buildup in SKorea for wargames: Four U.S. battleships arrive in S. Korea to join annual drills

    6. Chinese announce another emergency occurred in T Square during leadership meetings

    1. New Jazeera allegations Iran behind Pan Am

      Digress: A few days ago Saudis break with Qatar recall ambassador and air confession of Syrian Jihadist (this after giving deadline for fighters there to return to the Kingdom). Saudis sniffing a sporing of their own.?

      The new Scotland leaks on Iran and Malaysia passports which incidentally where purchased by an agent in Pattaya which also happens to be where the Bangkok bombers circa 2012 passed through come after the Iran arms ship biound for Hamas boarded as Netanyahu meets Obama

      Libyan intelligence operative release linked to Blair and BP offshore bloc wins?

      Does the latest Pan Am scenario (+ the disco bombings) put a bow around Malaysia?

  2. Penny,
    Impossible to keep abreast PROPERLY of late. Sorry I haven't commented, but it's read , read , read it seems.

    I see above comment has build-up info I have not been aware of, will have to look into that after this.

    A person from Europe tweeted this URL to me about 2 hours ago
    concerning the new Ukraine PM Yats

    I used Google translate and it looks to be pretty heavy info connecting YATS w/ Pinchuk and some even more shocking and deep state links. Please take a look when you have time. I've read some about Marshall Plan and how it was used to screw over UK and Germany by US ( Engdahl's Century of War info ) after WWII.
    Was rewritten / changed with orig doc or some such skullduggery.
    I emailed it to Saker, would like James and MoonOFAlabama to get it also to see if it indeed info can be brought forward exposing this coup.

    The people of Ukraine are getting the royal you know what. Leaked docs show all Big OIL and GAS are already in the door to rape w/ little % going to the people of Ukraine. Old pensions will be stripped by 1/2 from 160 mo to 80 bux !!
    And it looks like the damn gold/ family jewels ( or a chunk of them ) went into unmarked , un-plated vans and to the airport-- missing customs all together late Sat night.

    Who ever said that about Syria is full of it !! That "deadline" was extended to June because of Nusra and Syria SAA troops and Russian troops being attacked in Latakia !
    Or that is what I read anyhow !!

    1. U.S. agribusiness giant Cargill said it bought a stake in a grain terminal in Russia's port of Novorossiisk to bolster its access to export facilities in the Black Sea. The port will add to Cargill's global network of grain and port facilities, including a joint venture in the Romanian port of Constantza on the Black Sea, the trader added.

      US meat processor Cargill has acquired a 5% stake in Ukraine’s biggest meat producer and agricultural group, UkrLandFarming (ULF).

  3. I'm still waiting for the Malaya airliner to be tied into Syria, they've already framed Iran.

    Israel is getting very desperate and downright loony--more than usual--when their aren't enough Gentiles kissing her arse.

  4. Via Crimean news agency

    "A Crimean self-defense paramilitary unit formed by Crimean Tatars, caught, in the district "Svoboda" of Simferopol, a suspicious car with three men in uniform, who had weapons and many Crimean passports.
    As reported at the headquarters of the "Crimean Front" movement, in the car (A "Lada," 10th model, number VN6484AP (Sumy region - Ed.)) were a Ukrainian officer and two men in camouflage uniforms. They seized the gun and the passports. It turned out that the officer was serving in a military base near village Perevalnoe .

    The detainee officer was transferred to the military self-defense force's headquarters, and two unidentified persons in camouflage were sent to the nearby police station.
    In the "Crimean front" it was noted that villagers adjacent to the village of Perevalnoe complained of unknown persons in camouflage uniforms who came into their houses and demanded the villagers' passports."

    In addition to news about the fascists who took the passports of Crimean people and destroyed them or ran off with them. The fascist junta is trying to prevent Crimeans from coming to a referendum and joining Russia by any means.
    Also, this news is a good illustration that Crimean Tatars are in mass support of the idea of joining Russia. Only 18% of them are against it. Crimean Tatars are 12 % of the population in Crimea. — in Simferopol, Ukraine.

  5. Reportedly kilometers of Russian military vehicles moving from Rostov na Donu towards the Donbass. Liberation forces coming at last?

    something to match the Blackwater convoy?

  6. thanks for the comments all
    I am reading but short on time for responding, so I do apologize for that
    don't want to be perceived as being rude
    re: carghill purchase in Ukraine I covered that one sometime ago
    yah, greg saw that about Iran being framed- how would you get from faked passport to Iranians- where is the connection?