Sunday, March 23, 2014

Turkey always partnering with Israel- Shoots down Syrian plane.

Hot on the heels of Israel’s incursion into Syria.  Hope that is not a surprise to anyone? 
Turkey and Israel in cahoots. Shouldn't be a surprise.  Not if you have been paying attention.
Recall? It was just a few days ago the vile Israeli attack on Syria took place
Israel launched airstrikes into Syria- supporting their Islamists, of course

Turkey is doing the same job. Supporting NATO's Islamist mercenaries. Same as Israel
I queried at that time of the Israeli attack on Syria- Where are the western hypocrites? The ones who condemned the referendum in Crimea?  Despite the obvious and overwhelming approval expressed by the people to rejoin their brethren in Russia  Of course, their silence speaks of approval.
Since the US and company totally support ...
*The killing of Syrian civilians
*The destruction of Syria’s infrastructure.
*The dissolution of the territorial integrity of the nation of Syria.
* The completely unwarranted attacks on a sovereign nation.
You will read and hear no condemnation from the usual suspects
Turkish forces down Syria warplane near border

Kasab, Syria
Syria reports the pilot ejected

A Syrian military spokesman says Turkey's armed forces have shot down a Syrian warplane near the countries' border, and called the act a "blatant aggression."
The unnamed spokesman was quoted by Syrian state TV as saying the plane was downed Sunday in Syrian airspace as it was attacking rebels who have been on the offensive in the coastal province of Latakia. The spokesman said the pilot ejected from the aircraft.
Turkey is among the main backers of Syrian opposition fighters trying to remove President Bashar Assad from power.

The downing of the plane came as Syrian government troops were trying try regain a border crossing point with Turkey near the town of Kassab that rebels captured Friday.

Erdogan- the man in the hotseat, in Turkey, at the moment is still promoting the misery NATO is selling. And the Turkish army was very clearly supporting the NATO mercenaries as they moved into Syria.

Turkey has, of course, notified NATOAs if NATO didn't already know?
Ankara has notified the United Nations and NATO, it said.

Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz warned Turkey had the "strength" and "capacity" to protect its borders.

Erdogan also warned Syria against any response saying: "Our response will be heavy if you violate our airspace."

The Turkish military said two Syrian MIG-23 planes approaching its airspace were warned "four times" to turn away and that it scrambled fighter jets when one refused to do so and violated Turkish airspace.

A statement said an F-16 jet fired a missile at the Syrian plane which fell inside Syria.

Israeli media  is reporting that an Assad family member has also been killed
 Hilal Assad had been the head of the National Defense paramilitary force in the province of Latakia, according to Syrian state media, which confirmed his death.


  1. Erdogan has made no secret of the fact - transparent opaqueness - that he thinks the current bank scandals, gezi riots and other assorted scandals are being orchestrated. He was quoted in ft last year saying same foreces at work in Brazil and turkey. Who might those forces be? Erdogan has also been after the suberban virgiania exile. To add insult to injury he agreed the china missle deal and strikes out on his own re energy deals northern Iraq. Erdogan it would appear - recall his reshuffling the security detail last year and he rumors of cancer - is dealing with another faction inside the military? Is this another case of the phantom shoot down? The turks have now threatened Russian shipping lanes and picked off repeated Russian recon planes along their airspace. Now the Syrian shootdown. Either erdogan is a mad genius or more likely on a kamakazie mission. If erdogan is so sure who is sponsoring his spring why would he be so eager to back a Syrian incursion? Does his interest in thwarting assad energy plan supersede his own internal politics and those sponsoring his takedown? And what of the head of Intel who leaked the Iran mossad ring and got him$self a hit piece in the wsj? Is he backing the syria adventurism. Last week it was about protecting an ancient site in Syria. Last year it was hunting rifles. Erdogan is starting to look a lot like a waterboy.

    1. Erdogan is curious, for sure.
      Cause you are right, he has made very clear he believe actions are being orchestrated against him- And of course his former mentor, string puller, Gulen is the one he has been pointing to
      Is he dealing with another faction within the military?
      I am more of the mind that Erdogan rules as the military allows him
      The Turkish military has much in common with the Egyptian military..
      External controls and non nation state accountability
      Is Erdogan being kept in line?
      What is it? I don't know?
      He has Gulen controlling certain state factions- police etc
      NATO pulling strings in the military
      So, what is his game?
      Likely just trying to hang onto power?
      He is a tough nut to figure out
      But he has never waivered on his role in destabilizing/destroying Syria.
      I mean, it is not a coincidence that Israel struck earlier this week and now Turkey crosses the border- that is planned
      between Turkey and Israel
      and at the NATO level
      I saw the talk of protecting that ancient site, any excuse

  2. With all the info about Latakia and Ghouta , one the horrid massacre and the other PsyOp CW poisoning which has been exposed, I never remember seeing a fact I found out today.

    The largest part of the population of Latakia are/were Armenians, not Syrians.

    if you know about the Armenian genocide done by the (jew) Turks, then you see one reason why they are being targeted yet again, today ?

    just a fly bye comment
    which, BTW, they say they have proof that plane was never in Turkey air space. Saw a Turkish news cast supposedly stating that fact just awhile ago.


    1. karin

      isn't that interesting?
      you might be on to something

      LEPPO. – A total of 670 Armenian families from Syria’s predominantly Armenian-populated town of Kessab have found shelter in the school and the church in Latakia city.

      Press service of the Diocese of Aleppo of the Armenian Apostolic Church informed the aforementioned.

      The source added that these Armenians also include those who earlier had moved to Kessab from Aleppo and several other Armenian-populated cities in Syria.

      The Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the Armenian Relief Cross of Syria, and the organization of the Greek Orthodox Church are lending a helping hand to the Armenians who have escaped the terrorist attacks.

      In the early morning on March 21, armed militants from the Jabhat al-Nusra Islamic terrorist group infiltrated into northern Syria’s Latakia Governorate, which is predominantly inhabited by Armenians and Alawites. Two large groups of terrorists had launched the attack from Turkey. Numerous displaced Kessab Armenians are currently sheltered in Latakia city. On Sunday, Turkish fighter planes downed in Kessab a Syrian military aircraft that was conducting a mission against the Islamic terrorists. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad promised Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church to do everything possible to protect the Armenians in Kessab.

      any thoughts to share? anyone?

  3. Latakia is the main transport hub for the chemical weapons shipment.
    Probably telling that one of the major pushes of the insurgency is targeted there, & it is being run from Turkey (NATO).

    "...Almost half of Syria's declared stockpile of chemical weapons has now been removed, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says.

    The latest consignment of the most dangerous chemicals was loaded on to cargo vessels at Latakia on Thursday, according to an OPCW statement..."
    If the chemical weapons are safely removed on time the US loses a major propaganda point, & for what passes to strategic calculations in the west these days that is a major concern.

    1. I would agree Ken, completely.
      And there have already been a number of attacks at the port
      Rockets. But that hasn't slowed the process in any way that the US can cry wolf. If Turkey is upping the ante, then the US can get their war on in Syria
      Or worse

  4. Note that the reporting on the border town capture by hard core rebel elements is Kasab, the same place the plane was shot down - and like that Libyan jet Video grapher on hand

    coincidence? So Turkey explicitly backing a border offensive...

    "with the plane crashing near the Syrian town of Kasab on the Turkish border after it was targeted by F-16s. Syrian ministry said Turkey's "flagrant aggression against Syrian sovereignty in the Kasab border region over the past two days proves its implication in the events in Syria". The Latakia province includes President Bashar al-Assad's family village of Qardaha."

    F-16 shoots down MIg -- how 1980s...

    1. the Libyan jet videographer, can you explain?

  5. I believe the Armenians should ask the president for weapons to protect themselves. If God forbid, the army gets defeated which sometimes it is possible and proved, the Armenians will be beheaded on the streets. They might think that without picking up a weapon, the terrorists will consider them civilians.... That is a huge mistake that they will find out after they take over.

    Pick up weapons and kill the invaders!!!! All Syrian must do this!

  6. Sorry Penny - off topic

    Did you see this? I looked on CBC but couldn't find anything - heard it on the radio though - had to swear out loud in the car :O

    Wahahahahahaha!! Cotler ugh...

    Good ON Russia!!

    Buffers ;)

    1. I saw that Cotler got slapped with sanctions and honestly it couldn't have happened to a bigger idiot.
      Also the new liberal 'star' Freeland. She ran off to Ukraine right
      No one to vote for in this country. No one to vote for

    2. A bigger more deserving idiot