Thursday, March 27, 2014

Turkey 'shuts off YouTube" to cover up leaked false flag attack plans on Syria

Lets go back to the news of Turkey shooting down the Syrian plane. Turkey always partnering with Israel- Shoots down Syrian plane.
Exchange of comments below

 Last sentence of that comment below
 "Last week it was about protecting an ancient site in Syria. Last year it was hunting rifles. Erdogan is starting to look a lot like a waterboy"

Last sentence of my reply

I saw the talk of protecting that ancient site, any excuse.

Any excuse indeed! Little did I know that was not just empty talk being bantered about. Rather it was the starting point for a false flag Turkey was cooking up. Who leaked this to YouTube?

Access to YouTube has been cut off in Turkey after an explosive leak of audiotapes that appeared to show ministers talking about provoking military intervention in Syria. Other social media have already been blocked ahead of tumultuous local elections.
interesting, no?!
The latest leaked audio recording, which reportedly led to the ban, appears to show top government officials discussing a potential attack on the tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

 The tomb is in Syrian territory, but protected by Turkish soldiers.
On the tape, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is heard to say that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sees any attack as an "opportunity" to increase Turkish presence in Syria, where it has staunchly supported the anti-Assad rebels. Security chief Hakan Fidan then goes one step further, and suggests staging a fake attack to give Turkey a casus belli to intervene in the conflict.
Turkish officials have recently vowed to protect the tomb as its "national soil."

Original reporting- Turkey vows to respond to any attack on Süleyman Shah Tomb
The claim made seemed completely bogus. Knowing of Turkey's unwavering support for the terrorists killing innocent Syrians, daily. 

 The Süleyman Shah Tomb in Syria is Turkey’s national land and will be protected accordingly, President Abdullah Gül has said, amid reported threats from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to Turkey to lower its flag on the tomb before March 24.
Gül told reporters before his departure to Netherlands on March 23.

Turkey has 25 soldiers stationed at the tomb for its protection.
Turkey has 25 soldiers stationed at the tomb for its protection
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Part 2-Turkey shuts down YouTube - The incriminating audio?!


  1. And the president of twitter just landed in State goes full retard on the social "phenom"

    Also why the big Israeli detente push. First on reparations now on Gaza aid for good faith for Turkey? Last week it was the Israelis shutting down an epic smuggling tunnel.

  2. Interesting, yes!

    A good report from P J Watson

    Channel-4 News (much loved by Guardianistas) is going so far as to say that this was a discussion about guarding the tomb, not attacking it themselves. Truly Orwellian.
    "The conversation appears to revolve around a possible operation to secure the tomb of Suleyman Shah"

    1. hey freethinker
      channel 4, eh?

      If the conversation posted in the newest post is accurate that discussion was about much more then Syria- It looks to me as if their is discussion involving incursions in Iraq and of course Turkey attacking itself
      Syria ain't the worst of it!