Friday, March 7, 2014

Ukraine: Inflamed? Guerilla war? MSM media silence on the fascism in Ukraine?

2 updates below: 

I have spent quite a bit of time reading this morning. First some recent stuff and then some history.

Tymoshenko warns of guerrilla war
Leading Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko said there was a danger of guerrilla war in Crimea should it be incorporated into Russia and appealed to Germany and others on Friday for immediate economic sanctions against Moscow.

Should this be taken as a threat by the fascist forces in NATO and in the Ukraine that she is allied with?
Is this when the Tatar and friend mercenaries will come into play?

CNN- Why Western Sanctions Against Russia could inflame the Ukraine

There are two reasons why. First, even if economic sanctions were an effective form of leverage, Russia can squeeze us almost effectively as we can squeeze them.

Sergei Glazyev, a Kremlin economist, simply threatened to not repay debt to U.S. bankers in response to American-imposed sanctions.

 Between great powers, leverage is a two-way street.
Is this a reference to bond dumping? Dollar dumping? What is the leverage at stake?

UPDATE # 1- I was asking about bond dumping? What is the leverage?
Came across this-Russian Dollar Dump Could Crash Financial System
I understand China has already been dumping dollars......
 Nobody has wanted to hold the dollar for some time.  The dollar, fundamentally, is weak.  It couldn’t be weaker.  All the major factors are against it.  It’s just a matter of what would trigger the massive selling.  Nobody wants to hold it.  The Russians start selling, and you have China indicating a general alliance here in terms of what’s transpiring.  If the rest of the world believes this is what’s going to happen, people who have been wanting to get out of the dollar for some time very easily could front-run the Russians.
 What would happen if there was massive dollar dumping globally?  Williams says, “It would be disastrous for our markets.  All those excess dollars coming in, with bonds being sold, interest rates would spike.  The stock market would sell off and we’d see inflation.  To prevent that and try and keep things stable, the Fed would tend to buy up those Treasuries.  It would intervene wherever it could to stabilize the circumstance.  It’s going to be very difficult, and it’s going to be very inflationary...........

Back to CNN article-
Putin is clearly prepared to incur economic costs to accomplish his objectives in Ukraine. Even without sanctions, the deployment of troops to Crimea has already affected the Russian economy. On March 3 the Moscow stock market fell more than 10% which, as a Reuters article pointed out, wiped nearly $60 billion off the value of Russian companies -- more than the $51 billion spent on the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Meanwhile, Putin's approval ratings remained high.
By threatening sanctions, Obama is not giving Russia President Vladimir Putin enough credit. Of course the Russian leader has considered this scenario, and it did not deter him from occupying Crimea. (The claim of occupation is extremely subjective_
Furthermore, if we impose sanctions and Russia breaks commitments with U.S. bankers in response, what would be the effect? From a strategic standpoint, none. We certainly wouldn't let Russia use economic threats to dictate our foreign policy, no matter what the economic cost; why should we expect the Russian leadership to budge?
  The key to keeping Ukraine unified is to take away support for Russian annexation. This means solidifying support for the new government in Kiev among the Russian population in the East, especially in Crimea.
That would be key. But, that is now what is happening. In fact everything the West is doing looks to be a move to the worst. And then of course the 'government' in Kiev is not trustworthy and the fascist kooks look to be out of control and actually even worse then I had realized. We will get to that.

Germany says the West and Russia are moving further apart

It's too bad for Germany they suffer from such bad leadership. Same as Canadians.

Someone left a link to this blog: Malorus- World at a Glance
Only a couple of posts that I can see- definitely not a glutton for punishment like myself- hehehe
There is some interesting stuff I want to relink from this post-  Trojan Horse in Ukraine

As I read through the information what was surprising to me was how prominent this sort of fascist-nazi indoctrination was in a good sized segment of  western Ukrainian society- How could this nation be anything but divided? I don't know?  It seems the more divided and divisive vast swathes of the populace are the more divided a nation will be. And of course this is what divide to conquer is all about.
I am curious just how long western nations have been involved in funding and encouraging these irrational movements?

Tell me what you think? The author of this piece believes it is the -ideology- that causes the division as opposed to the language. That makes sense to me, being from Canada. And familiar with the separatist issue in Quebec. It always seemed the language was used as a cover for the ideology. The Pure laine ideology.

 From Malorus-

 This article will help you understand the previous post about Ukrainian ideology. As you can see on the image below – Ukraine is quite an artificial country, since about 90 percent of its land was given to it by Russia at some point in time, (there is a map posted at Malorus explaining this aspect)  last time was in 1954 when the Crimean Peninsula was transferred to Ukraine. This is one of the reasons why the Crimean peninsula has the highest number of ethnic Russians who don’t speak Ukrainian. The other reason is because Stalin was encouraging Russians to move to Crimea after he evicted most of Crimean Tartars that lived there.....
But, it was these videos that really got me thinking about the extent of extremist thinking in the Ukraine -  

RT- May 2011- More then three years ago!?  

BBC-Ukrainian Nationalists marching as organized by Svoboda party- January 2014

 As for Bandera? His family is in Canada and some have put forth the idea that his followers in Canada have influenced the extreme Canadian government involvement in Ukraine. Anyone?

One last item- The CBC in Canada censors anything resembling truth-

" Hmmmm..... interesting.
So the conservative regime is fascist. That is some big news there. And while we are at it, so is the liberal regime. War mongering, oppressive to it's own citizens, kowtowing to multinational business interests... building prisons for all the new 'lawbreakers' once all the new laws to break have been manufactured by the fascists regimes...
And the fascism of the Harper regime extends out nicely to the global tyranny army that is NATO- it's no wonder that Baird (Con) and that liberal lady have hightailed it over to the Ukraine to support the Fascist/Neo Nazis that violently overthrew the elected government
and curiously enough- there were Israelis fighting along side Svaboda in the streets of Kiev
So Israelis fighting alongside fascists in Ukraine and special interest Jewish groups allied with the fascists in Canada- it's starting to look like a pattern?"

Pepe Escobar interviewed by Ryan Dawson

Definitely worth the time!


  1. Mind boggling how Canadians always blame Harper for everything then.........FULL STOP!
    Never a word about liberals and ndp going along with war in Libya, war in Syria and war in Ukraine. Canada is a sick sick nation and denial is at its root.

    1. actually the liberals were referenced in the comment CBC blocked
      Her name just wouldn't come to me at the time I wrote that
      It was in the news about the political cartoon- from out east- the nazi flag flying over Parliament

      Good god no matter the stripe of the idiots at the helm there all warmongers
      I suspect CBC blocked it because of the not so curious bond between fascists and Israel... oh dear!

  2. The bond dump threat isn't idle but it isn't going to crash the system. Remember the Fed is buying $800B or so and could swallow the Russian position in no time. The 138b of Tbonds is chicken feed as compared to the Fed buying of debt

    The greater threat is that the Russia move to dump the dollar - commodity clearing - exacerbates the slow moving process occurring already. The Chinese have stopped accumulating reserves per a statement late last year. The real risk is some form of standard that blows open the Fed's fiat regime. Not a coincidence Russia yesterday called for IMF reforms which were just rejected by US congress. As an aside, Brazil's Dilma is the most vocal proponent of the IMF reforms. She used her UN speech to call for rapid global reforms. Q the protests.

    Putin dismissed the negotiations as a joke. And the Germans by a margin do not support Russia sanctions. The Chinese are backing Russia.

    1. thanks!!!! that is an interesting chart to look at.

      dumping the dollars? now has that not been going on to some extent already?
      Russia called for IMF reforms. Hmmm...
      this article tells us Russia wants IMF reforms without the US-

      Russian officials are pushing for the International Monetary Fund to move ahead with planned reforms without the United States, which could mean the loss of the U.S. veto over major decisions at the global lender, sources said.

      Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov brought up the idea at a meeting of top finance officials from the Group of 20 nations in Sydney late last month, two G20 sources told Reuters this week.

      The failure of the U.S. Congress to approve IMF funding has held up reforms agreed in 2010 that would double the Fund's resources and give more say to emerging markets like China.

      The United States is the only country that holds a controlling share of IMF votes, meaning its approval is necessary for any major decision to go forward.

      Moving ahead on reforms without Washington would likely require complicated changes to the IMF's rules. But the discussions show the level of frustration within the G20 with the Obama administration's inability to win the needed congressional support.

      A third source would not confirm it was Russia that brought up the issue, but said the G20 generally agreed to give the United States until the April meetings of the IMF and World Bank before taking more aggressive measures, a point confirmed by one of the other sources. All three sources spoke on condition of anonymity.

      "It was agreed that in the absence of progress by the United States on the 2010 package by the April meeting of the IMF and G20, that there will be formulated a list of 'bad options,' which will allow to move forward in this matter, excluding the opinions of the United States," the third source said.

      For a year, the Obama administration has been trying to get Congress to approve a shift of some $63 billion from an IMF crisis fund to its general accounts in order to make good on its 2010 commitment.

      The U.S. Treasury is now seeking to attach the funding to a financial aid package for Ukraine that is under consideration in Congress. It argues the reforms would allow crisis-hit countries like Ukraine to borrow more money from the IMF.


  3. I was surprised to see that Russia has so much Amerikan paper because they started dumping it a few yrs ago on Putin orders and yes China just unload hundreds of billions of dollar and the US bought it all back and not a discount. China and Russia do not use the dollar when they trade with one another. There are other countries that have drop the dollar in trade also, most of South America doesn't use it when trading with one another..

    1. hey jo
      I looked at the chart and while they have alot of paper compared to China and Japan....
      China and Russia together though might be interesting?

  4. CrossTalk: Intriguing Ukraine

    Keiser Report: EU Membership Market (E571)

  5. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL supports the illegal regime in Kiev

    Amnesty International
    6 hrs ·
    “Attempting to monitor the human rights situation in Crimea has become a near impossible task. Self-styled Crimean self-defence groups are harassing pro-Ukrainian protesters, journalists and human rights monitors with complete impunity,” said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Director at Amnesty International.

  6. Retweeted MFA Russia (@mfa_russia):

    OSCE should condemn all violent actions committed by Maidan participants and declare the coup d'etat in Kiev illegal

  7. BBC report sniper shooting from media centre Ukraine Hotel, which later became an infirmary for treating the injured.
    Through a Polish national, I found more footage of the black-ops with yellow armbands for recognition. Now I could locate their position: in front of the International Center of Culture and Arts (October Palace). This is the very setting across from the Ukraine Hotel where a group of protesters became victim from snipers.

    Yes, it's clear the opposition groups possessed firearms, pistols and rifles. Later, evidence shows they also possessed sniper rifles seen in BBC report and a local report of a Ukrainian MP from the Fatherland party caught with a sniper rifle in the trunck of his car. Opposition security allowed him to pass. etc;sid=2014/3/7/19224/42766

  8. Вежливые Люди ‏@vezhlivo 8h
    Вежливые 65 тысяч москвичей

    65000 in moscow red square show their support for Crimea

  9. Retweeted Kevin Rothrock (@KevinRothrock): Crimean parliament speaker told Russian Duma that other E.Ukrainian mayors call him reporting secessionist vibes.

  10. oooh, excelllent catch Ms Pen.
    I enjoy Pepe,
    Russian economic's future looks great while Anglo Zio economics looks bleak.
    Egregious incursions in Ukraine and elsewhere speak volumes to these realities. The "West" is a dangerous wounded predator. It's all right there, crystal clear.

    1. Hey Peter :)

      I enjoy Pepe also.

      Agree about the dangerous wounded predator

  11. Penny. The best way to see where the ziowarmongers and neo-cons are heading to, compared to the official US and EU Policy, is to watch what their harper puppet is doing. Canada is always one step ahead these days.

    1. thanks I had noticed some of the time harper was acting 'independently'

      wondered if it was being done to create the perception of a conservative (repub) acting separate from a dem (liberal)

      but then the ultimate war machine is NATO and canada stands with the US?
      I will keep a better eye on Mr Harper

  12. Sorry to post about something else. Laurent Louis the courageous lonely voice in the Belgian Parliament who denounced the pedophilia in the elites has been brutally and arbitrarly arrested in Mons/Bergen this evening.

    1. gallier don't apologize for letting us know about this.

      I am looking at the video of the arrest right now and will bring it to readers attention asap

      merci :)

  13. so what do the poles know?
    Poland evacuates consulate in Crimea: foreign minister

    March 08, 2014 03:37 PM
    WARSAW: Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said on Saturday Poland had evacuated its consulate in Ukraine's Crimea due to disturbances by Russian forces.

    Sikorski said on Twitter: "Because of continuing disturbances by Russian forces there, we have reluctantly evacuated our consulate in Crimea, Ukraine."

    The consulate is in Sevastopol, the home of both Russia's Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian navy, where Russian troops drove a truck into a missile defence post and took control of it overnight.

    The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the consulate in Ukrainian city of Odessa would take over the duties of the Sevastopol unit.

    The ministry called on Polish citizens to leave the Crimean peninsula and avoid travelling to eastern areas of Ukraine.

    1. that's interesting brian...what do they know?
      I wonder

  14. A view of a Russian analyst E.A. Fiodorov: The junta in Kiev is bound to start repressive measures in order to stay in power. It has already positioned its paramilitaries and other elements in southern and eastern Europe. At the same time, a version of the Syrian scenario is being implemented. Foreign mercenaries and contractors have already entered Ukraine. The bulk of them is being concentrated on the old Berkut bases near Kiev. They are being led by Western advisers. This military formation is in possession of heavy weapons. They were to move into the Crimea on March 30 in order to "cleanse it." The fact forced the hand of the Crimean authorities to move their referendum two weeks ahead. The size of this task force is estimated to be presently around 20,000.

    1. I read something to the effect that mercenaries are in Ukraine
      geez, thanks for letting me know brian