Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ex-Ukrainian troops, raise ships flags and stay in Russian Crimea

 I had to edit the title. Made it more accurate. 
Pretty sure these persons have all applied for Russian citizenship also

Article from Bloomberg: 
Lots of spin. As usual. But, some interesting information can be found
Of course the writers are implying that Russia had to be coerced into agreeing to monitors in the Ukraine
If I recall correctly, Putin suggested the OSCE monitors be put in Ukraine to get a look at what was ongoing with the goon squads and their targeting of all sorts of persons.

Here is an article from 6 days ago, where it is reported Putin welcomed the OSCE monitors going to east Ukraine.

 Putin welcomed the German chancellor's proposal to swiftly expand the existing OSCE presence in Ukraine, especially in East Ukraine.
Eastern Ukraine likely needs some sort of monitoring. Though I don't know how appropriate the OSCE?

Back to Bloomberg-

 Fewer than 2,000 of the more than 18,000 Ukrainian troops in Crimea have said they want to leave, Russian state-run news service RIA Novosti reported, citing the Russian Defense Ministry. Russian flags have been raised over 54 of 67 Ukrainian ships and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered his forces to allow the orderly exit of Ukrainian troops, RIA said.
 So, 16,000 "Ukrainian" troops are staying put!  In Russian, Crimea. An unsurprising number. Given the vote in Crimea? Many of them obviously voted to become part of Russia. Given the long history? Many of them likely being ethnic Russians. This large of a number choosing to stay is not a surprise

Russian flags raised on 54 of the 67 ships? Quite willingly, I imagine. 

And all this despite the fact these soldiers are free to go?

Some interesting maps too

Predominant nationality by province, 2001 national census

2010 Ukrainian presidential election results, by province

Looks like many Ukrainian nationals didn't vote for the gas princess- Tymoshenko
But then she was a corrupt as her cohort and predecessor from the orange revolution Victor Yuschenko
Yanukovych supporters rallied in the eastern city of Donetsk today, urging the Kremlin-backed leader’s return and a referendum to give Ukraine’s regions wider power. More than 2,000 people gathered in the city of more than 1 million, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Russian border, according to the Interfax-Ukraine news service.
“I’m for an integrated Ukraine, but with a federal form of governance,” said Mykola, 58, a retired mining engineer, who declined to give his last name for fear of reprisal. “The East and West of Ukraine for sure should have a common defense, common science, common culture, but most of the region’s revenues should be kept within this region.”

Does that sound at all familiar? It should, if you read this post?  A federated Ukraine as proposed previously by Russia?

One more item! left by kamnam. Thanks kamnam

The new Cold War "shield"

Give it a read and if anything jumps into your head.... tell us about it?
I have mentioned more then once, here and elsewhere, that we are coming up on the 100th year anniversary of the 1st world war and history does have an annoying way of repeating


  1. I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type this
    "Yats" does Harper and wants to sit in Russia spot at G8 I kid you not !!


    On a dark note, I have not looked up this town yet in Ukraine, but attempted assasination of chairman of the People's Council Mirgoroda, Basil Tretetsky at 10 minute mark ( in case it doesn't go there )

    No one acts espcecially upset either. The guy on the bicycle keeps looking for something in his damn pocket ? I'm even laughing at that, because of the absurdity of it all. :) or :( I don't know which.

    I'm not fond of these prediction vids/ articles, but this is Dmitry Orlov ( Russian natch ) and his insight on Ukraine in second portion is very good IMO

    Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S.-Dmitry Orlov <--- Billions of people all over the world can't wait for that to happen. :)
    Only 18 minutes . Very good.

    more later.

    1. karin

      I haven't read all of your stuff, but, Yats putting Ukraine in the G8 is even more absurd then Canada being a member of that group!!

  2. Afghanistans Karzai shows his displeasure at US: Afghanistan respects Crimea's right to self-determination
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai told a US congressional delegation that he respects the decision of the people of Crimea to reunite with Russia. His comment follows the March 16 referendum in which 96 percent of voters opted to join the Russian Federation.

    The events in Crimea and Ukraine were among several issues discussed in a Kabul meeting between Karzai and the group of Democratic and Republican congressmen. The bipartisan delegation was led by Senator Kelly Ayotte.

    Karzai made it clear that Afghanistan respects the free will of the people of Crimea and Sevastopol to decide their own future, the Afghan president's office said on its website.

    Despite Western claims that the accession of Crimea to Russia will never be recognized internationally, Afghanistan and many other nations have backed the decision made by the Crimean population.

    On Friday, Ukraine recalled its ambassador to Armenia after the country's president, Serzh Sargsyan, told Vladimir Putin in a phone conversation that the Crimean referendum was a "model for the realization of self-determination."

  3. Russian military #occupation of #Mariupol. American agents violently chased away! All on #video! March 15, 2014 protest.
    now why would anyonehate the US media?
    NOTE: it began like this:'It began when the crew members were traveling back to their hotel just outside the city of Mariupol, and they decided to stop to film a small pro-Russian rally,'

    but ended up: 'They were swarming, chanting “Russia! Russia!," and as the driver attempted to make his escape, somebody tried to pull two of the crew members out of the van. It crashed into a truck.

    "You look around and there were people everywhere," Hoover said.;'

    so a small crowd it may have begun, but with the awareness of americans, the crowd swelled, clearly americans are NOT popular in east Ukraine

    1. why would anyone hate the us media?
      a facetious question, coming from you
      but, I can see a number of good reasons as you can also

  4. Thanks for the updates on the Army and Navy. It looks like the Ukraine would be hard press to do much harm to Russia and doubt the UN will anything other than fall in line with sending observers.

  5. Replies
    1. how so brian
      can you explain?
      and thanks

    2. the nationality map is suspect, has 90% ukrainian in central ukraine....but the map is misleading in that the issue is language use...Krimea may have 58% ethnic russians but russian useage is up to 90%...nationality is rigid...language use shows more fluidity....the nationality map makes it seem the referendum was we know 97% of the 83 % who voted said yes.....youll find east and south ukraine are more relaxed/fluid...less driven by rigid nationalism than the west..of course the rigid facists have created a very strong pro-russian sentiment in repsonse

    3. it seems US control of EU politicians is a matter of media pressure aks publicity!you never see President Putin worried about media pressure...this serves to show the EU politicians are weak and lack character: the just have nice suits

    4. I see what you are saying
      What I found most interesting about the maps and why I used them was despite the claims in the war mongering nato media about division
      If the number of persons self identifying as 'Ukrainian' voted for the 'pro russian' candidate we are not seeing a population with as wide of a divide in language/ethnicity as the lying media would want us to believe
      Which is why the thugs in Kiev are still in play
      They are widening the divide.... to get people fighting amongst themselves and suspicious of one another while the country is looted
      but thanks, good point brian

  6. my Ukrainian friends just told me(I didn't check the info myself), that those Ukrainian troops who decided not to join Russia in Crimea, but rather come back to the mainland from Crimea are now being accused by coup-government officials in desertion and insubordination and will be under investigation and possibly prosecuted. They are being arrested at the border, on the mainland. My source said its indirectly connected to the order to use firearms in Crimea.

    1. interesting and thank you!

      so that is that sniper attack? Were the troops supposed to undertake some specific action? I wonder?

  7. Video:
    The region of Crimea has decided on a referendum to join the Russian Federation in a vote that was branded illegitimate and undemocratic by the West – even before it took place. But not everybody in Europe agrees and today Sophie talks to somebody who witnessed the Crimean vote firsthand – Austrian MEP Ewald Stadler, an observer on the referendum.
    so some members of the 'international community' dissent

  8. off the edge with Yulia!
    Yulia wants to #NUKE Ukraine's 10 million #Russians!

    #Tymoshenko: I would have found a way to #kill the #morons.

    #Shufrych: And you know...

    Tymoshenko: And I hope that as soon as I can do it I will raise all my connections and alert the whole world so as to turn Russia into a burned field.

    Shufrych: I tell you that I'm your ally here, and even more than that. I want to tell you... well we've had a talk today, this morning there's been a conference of party leaders and then I talked to #Viktor. Vitya asked what we should do to the rest 8 million Russians still living in #Ukraine? They are the outlaws!

    Tymoshenko: Damn, we should fire #nukes at them!

    Shufrych: I wouldn't argue with you here, because what's happened is a dreadful thing.

  9. That woman is insane. Always has been.

  10. I have mentioned more then once, here and elsewhere, that we are coming up on the 100th year anniversary of the 1st world war and history does have an annoying way of repeating

    No Penny, the real goal is the enactment of the khazar empire, control of the 3 desert religions, the subduing of the Rus people. Syria the cross roads of the 3 religions was meant to be finished by start 2013, remember all those Ban Ki Crap predicting Assad is finished, while Syria is in a stalemate the Rus are being setup, followed by the Iranians and Shiasm.

    1. And how does Turkey figure into that?
      Thinking that the Khazars were basically Turks who had converted?
      The Rus are being set up?
      can you expand on those thoughts?

  11. some sensible ukrainian canadians speak out against Bandera worship

  12. Retweeted Steiner (@Steiner1776):

    Law and order completely breaking down in #Ukraine. #Nazi #Bandera robbing #russia'n train passengers