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US closes Syrian embassy, expels diplomats & appoints an Ambassdor...

The ambassador is a 'Jewish/American' not my wording. And the UN is busily being NATO's shiny happy face 

 All of a sudden- The U.S. closes Syrian Embassy in Washington, orders diplomats out

The Obama administration on Tuesday closed the U.S. Embassy in Syria and pulled all American diplomats out of the country.

The Syrian Embassy in Washington and its consulates in Texas and Michigan have also suspended operations, and diplomats who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents have been told to leave the country, Reuters reported.

“We have determined it is unacceptable for individuals appointed by that regime to conduct diplomatic or consular operations in the United States,” U.S. special envoy for Syria Daniel Rubinstein “Consequently, the United States notified the Syrian government today that it must immediately suspend operations of its embassy in Washington, D.C., and its honorary consulates in Troy, Michigan and Houston, Texas,” he said. a statement.

Why now? Is something set to happen? What has changed?
One possibility and you may have noticed this in the above news. Terrorist kingpin Robert Ford has been replaced by.......Daniel Rubenstein

Daniel Rubinstein in Jerusalem in 2010. (photo credit: US State Department)
Daniel Rubinstein in Jerusalem in 2010
Daniel Rubenstein, one of the State Department’s leading “Arabists,” will fill the sizable shoes of retired US Special Envoy to Syria Ambassador Robert Ford, the State Department confirmed Monday.

Rubenstein, a fluent Arabic speaker and Mideast expert, was tapped for the position in 2009, when the US renewed diplomatic ties with Syria, but was passed over as he had just taken up a key Jerusalem position months earlier.
So, he has been in Israel since the destabilization campaign in Syria began.... making it pretty obvious why he was appointed. Continuity.  He speaks Arabic. So he can communicate one on one with the Islamist mercenaries that run between Israel and Syria- Heck, he's likely talked with many of them already!
In a statement Monday morning, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that he was certain that Rubenstein will be an “outstanding successor” to Ford. Kerry said that Rubenstein, who has held several positions in Arabic-speaking countries, is “widely respected in the region” and that he is “among our government’s foremost experts on the Middle East.”
Rubenstein, a Jewish American who is married to foreign service officer Julie Adams, most recently served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. From 2009 to 2012, he served as Consul General and Chief of Mission in Jerusalem, a position that includes functioning as Washington’s principal mission to the Palestinian Authority.
So far we have the US shutting the Damascus embassies and giving the boot to diplomates
We have a new destabilizer at the helm in Syria. One who has been in Israel lo these past few years. Israel, of course, the provider/supporter of a stable of Islamic mercenaries. Yabroud fell to Syrian Army the other day. Covered here - NATO's killers in Syria: Will Trade Golan in exchange for no fly zone enforcement

The fall and subsequent detoxification of Yabroud will likely result in additional foreign aid to prevent the collapse of NATO/Israel's islamist army-

*President Bashar al-Assad's strategy is to capture enough territory to hold elections in July 2014. 

*Saudi and Turkish support for the insurgents is likely to increase to prevent such an outcome

 *The Syrian war is unlikely to end in the coming two to three years.


Syrian government forces have improved their position in Aleppo and, aided by Hizbullah, captured the town of Yabroud near the border with Lebanon on 16 March 2014.

Syrian government and the Lebanese Shia militia, Hizbullah, forces captured the town of Yabroud in the Qalamoun region, forcing some insurgents to withdraw to Lebanon.

NATO's mercs keep attacking chemical weapons stores, making the process of removal ever more difficult

Five rockets were fired at the main transit point for Syria's chemical weapons this month, with one landing near to where experts overseeing the destruction of the toxic stockpile were staying, sources said on Tuesday.
 One rocket in the March 9 strike on the Mediterranean port town Latakia landed about 500 meters (yards)from the hotel used by the joint mission of the United Nations (U.N.) and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons mission (OPCW)
Who would want to slow down the process? It wouldn't be Syria.

The UN continues to show it's true colours.....UN Panel identifies war criminals in Syria

Nope, Robert Ford is not on the list, though he should be.

What to make of this news?-Disillusioned foreign fighters abandon rebel ranks in Syria

Hundreds of foreign fighters have abandoned rebel ranks in northern Syria as frustration rises over bloody infighting there – a trend that suggests declining enthusiasm among hardline Sunni Muslim militants participating
Does it suggest a decline in 'enthusiasm' Or are there simply other battle fields that need fighters
More than 4,000 people have died in three months of rebel-on-rebel clashes across opposition-held territories
“These fighters feel they came to fight an oppressive regime, not rebels. The numbers are not huge, but this is important because it shows the level of resentment among foreign fighters over what is happening,” said Rami Abdelrahman, the Observatory’s director. “These fighters are asking, what is this cause I’m dying for?”
Oddly enough we are continually being told this is a 'civil' war and yet here we have foreign fighters. In fact as you will read the civil war story line is still being used, but, foreign fighters make obvious the lie of 'civil' war
Syria’s conflict began as an uprising against Mr Assad’s rule three years ago, but descended into civil war after a brutal security crackdown
Activists and rebels say Saudis, Kuwaitis, Libyans, Tunisians, Yemenis and European fighters have been among those who have returned home, with a few headed to other battlefields.
“Since the second week of January until now . . . hundreds, if not more than two thousand, went back to their home countries,” said a co-ordinator for the Nusra Front, a Syrian rebel group affiliated with al-Qaeda that has embraced many foreign fighters.
A coordinator for Al Nusra front? Coordinating schedules for fighters? Coordinating the colours of their head scarfs? PR coordinator- What is the job description for a coordinator for Al Nusra?

Western and Israeli intelligence sources believe Sunni militants seasoned by fighting in Syria could eventually head for jihad in other countries where radical Islamist groups are working – such as Iraq, Yemen and Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, where rising militant activity has been warily watched by neighbouring Israel.
 “There are already influences from Syria [in Sinai],” said one senior Israeli intelligence official. “We’re obviously worried about more coming there, joining these groups, inserting themselves into the situation . . . we want to prevent this from becoming worse.”
Why would Israel want to prevent these people from entering the Sinai? It provides Israel with a perfect pretext to push into Sinai
An estimated 11,000 foreign fighters remain in Syria and European intelligence analysts say the number of militants leaving is small – and fighters are still coming. The number of foreigners remains a concern not only for western states, who fear returnees could use their skills to launch attacks at home, but also for Gulf states like Saudi Arabia, which saw a large number of its citizens join the fight in Syria. Riyadh earlier this month gave citizens fighting abroad a two-week deadline to return home or face unspecified penalties.
The infighting among rebel groups began in January when an alliance of moderate and Islamist units launched a campaign against the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Sham amid tensions over the control of lucrative border crossings and oilfields.
ISIS is now focusing its efforts on its stronghold of northeastern Raqqa province and moving further east to Deir Ezzor province, allowing it to contest other rebels’ control of oilfields and connect its territory to neighbouring Iraq.
Aha, as I suspected was more plausible- the fighters are being shifted to another battlefront. Into Iraq
One source close to ISIS, who asked not to be named, said most aligned with the group who “copped out” of Syria were being sent to Iraq instead. 
Iraqi officials have noticed the rising numbers, according to one western security official, and ISIS and Iraqi forces have been battling in majority Sunni areas of the country.
“Syrian jihad was overly romanticised when the revolution began,” the Suqur al-Sham fighter said. “Maybe the foreigners are realising it’s not as great as they thought.”
'romanticised'?It's all about the money. And it looks as if the fighter are following the money where it takes them

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