Thursday, April 3, 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Claims of Chemical Arms use in Damascus

Heads up! 

I have been warning and expressing concern about this happening. This morning there was news of a mortar attack on Syria
Right now Israeli media is reporting:

The Syrian army used chemical weapon in an attack in Damascus, Al Jazeera reported citing Syrian opposition sources.  The network further reported that casualties were sustained.

In recent weeks the Syrian rebels claimed that Syrian regime ahs also used chemical weapon in Latakia and Damascus areas. The report has yet to be confirmed by other sources. (Roi Kais)
 Reporting is spreading..

There will be updates, check back!!!! 

Update 1- Reported 6 hours ago.. Early reports on mortar fire hitting near Damascus- (from the NATO backed rebels)

Syria's state news agency said four mortar rounds slammed into Harasta, a district northwest of Damascus, killing six children and wounding five more. Another five people were wounded when a mortar struck the upscale central neighborhood of Maliki, the agency said.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said shells also struck central Damascus, including Ummayad Square, which is close to the state TV and radio stations, as well as the army command. It said there were no casualties.
The mortar fire came as activists reported heavy clashes and government air raids in the Damascus suburb of Mleiha, as well as the capital's Jobar neighborhood. Both areas are controlled by the rebels.
The Observatory said at least 10 rebels were killed in the Mleiha fighting
Update 2-  Reported 2 hours ago- Wall Street Journal

Syrian army units and other forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad stepped up their offensive on Thursday against several towns on the eastern edge of the capital Damascus, after Islamist factions controlling the communities rejected the government's truce offers.
Rebels responded to the fresh offensive by showering government-controlled sections of Damascus with mortar shells, in barrages that have killed 14 people and wounded nearly 50 others since Wednesday, according to city police officials.
The thump and pop of the artillery and rocket launchers that have been deployed by regime forces to pound the capital's rebellious suburbs echoed throughout Damascus, accompanied the buzz of military jets flying overhead.
 So Assad offers the killers a truce, they reject, and the killers shower more civilians with mortar shells.

Update 3- SANA:  Terrorist mortar attacks claim lives of 6 children
Provinces, (SANA) (Update3) Terrorist mortar attacks continue to claim more innocent lives as six children were killed Thursday in Damascus...Read more
Update 4 - Reuters is pushing NATO backed mercenary video displaying dead Syrian soldier


Update #5- don't know if this is related? But, seems it could be?

Another US warship is headed to the Black Sea- this sets all sorts of alarm bells ringing!

The US Navy officials have refused to identify which warship is taking part in the mission, reported Stars and Stripes, a website close to the US Armed Forces.

They said that the warship is being sent as a replacement for the guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun. Truxtun sailed to the Black Sea from the Middle Eat to take part in military maneuvers with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies.

This as the USS Donald Cook and the USS Ramage are now stationed in the eastern Mediterranean. The two American destroyers are taking part in a military drill with the Greek and Israeli navies. 

“We are making plans to meet the intent vocalized by (US and NATO officials) to lay out a sustainable maritime presence in the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, but we do not have anything to announce at this time,” said Capt. Gregory Hicks of the US European Command.

Hicks added that the US Navy routinely operates warships in the Black Sea in a show of support to its allies in the region.

The development comes as Russia on Thursday denounced the US for the deployment of its warships in the Black Sea.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a joint press conference with Kazakhstan’s foreign minister, called on American and NATO officials to explain about their increased military activities in the region.

“We have posed these questions to the North Atlantic Alliance. We are expecting not just any answer but an answer fully respectful of the rules we have coordinated.”

Russian Foreign Minister also criticized the US for what he called violating the Montreux Convention which is an international agreement signed in 1936. It restricts the passage through the Bosporus Straits and the Dardanelles of naval ships not belonging to Black Sea states.

UPDATE 6- 4/04/14:

The Nation is reporting the accusations made by the opposition

Opposition activists again accused President Bashar al-Assad's forces of using poison gas in Syria's civil war on Thursday, showing footage of an apparently unconscious man lying on a bed and being treated by medics.

The alleged attack on the neighborhood of Jobar in the capital Damascus comes a week after the Syrian government sent a letter to the United Nations claiming it had evidence that rebel groups were planning a toxic gas attack in the same area.
Jobar seems familiar. After the Ghouta false flag there was some noise out of Jobar that didn't go anywhere...
If am recalling correctly? Anyone?

AHA! Did a search through the blog and yup Jobar has been mentioned here previously- September 2013 Syrian Opposition via Saudi media claiming another chemical attack 

Next question is this yet another rehashing of a previous incident?

FLASHBACK! Just two days ago I put this post up- Hope you read it then? If not, read it now.

Turkey at war with Syria. Prepping a chemical attack on Damascus

Militants in Syria prepare chemical attack in Damascus – UN envoy  (Yes, the Security Council has been made aware......)

Armed gangs in Syria are conspiring to stage a chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs in order to later lay the blame on the Bashar Assad’s government, Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari has warned the Security Council.

Competent Syrian authorities intercepted a wireless communication between two terrorists in the Jawbar area of the Damascus governorate,” Jaafari said in a letter addressed to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council. The letter was published on Tuesday on the UN website.
In that communication, the diplomat said, one “of the terrorists said that another terrorist named Abu Nadir was covertly distributing gas masks.
The Syrian security services, Jaafari said, also intercepted another communication between militants one of whom was called Abu Jihad. During that conversation, the latter indicated that toxic gas would be used and “asked those who are working with him to supply protective masks.
Back in March, Jaafari informed the Security Council that a person named Haytham Salahuddin Qassab transported chemical substances from Turkey on behalf of the terrorist organization known as Ahrar al-Sham.” He allegedly purchased the chemical agents from Turkey’s Dharwa Import and Export Company.


  1. Just keeping track of what is forthcoming
    The claim is coming from the opposition "sources"
    Whoever they may be?
    Any excuse? I sincerely hope this does not turn into a full blown attack on Syria
    The one the US/Israel and company have been prepping for in/near Jordan

  2. Yep, another false flag event to start a full blown war. Putin isn't going to be happy about this and just might end Russia section vote on Iran and send the S-300 as promised to Iran and Syria.

    1. Hopefully this won't fly jo
      Hopefully- sigh..
      I am adding another story to the post, one I find interesting and wonder if it related?
      give me a minute?

  3. I have added another news item
    reporting that the US is moving another warship to the black sea
    They already have two warships present in the Eastern Med, conducting war games with Israel and Greece?

    So, the question is will the US and co be launching attacks from the sea?
    Is this the plan?

  4. On the CW affair being reported, the Syrian Government and Un Ambassador Jaafari gave an official letter to the UNSC Militants in Syria prepare CW attack and the link to the official letter is in that article.

    US is supposed to only be able to have 2 ships for a given amount of time in the Black Sea. This is stated in treaties and that dipshit in Turkey, ErdaGONE has control (to a degree) as a gatekeeper to the Bosphorus allowing ships through.

    There is a time limit, I forget how long, but not very long, so that is why they are switching ships possibly. "Somewhere I have the link " lol says the keeper of links who can't find them 1/2 the time. I still have a fairly good memory tho, thank goodness :)

    This 'attack' of chem weapons has been spoken of all over news, and is supposed to be alighned with a trained front being trained in Jordan by US/ NATO/ isreali instructors. I hope not

  5. they can only go to the well do many times before it runs dry

    meanwhile: now for a really daring and successful mission into the heart of darkness in Raqqa, syria to free 48 persons soldiers and civilians!

  6. for a war game with israel..i recommend pretending to sink a US boat

  7. A widely publicized incident in the office of Ukrainian National TV broadcasting company, when the DG Alexander Panteleymonov was beaten up and forced to resign, is now uploaded to YouTube with English subtitles and description:
    "On March 18, 2014 a group of delegates of Supreme Rada (Ukrainian parliament) from the ultraright Svoboda (Freedom) party broke into the office of the Director General of National TV broadcasting company of Ukraine Alexander Panteleymonov, bet him up and forced to sign the resignation letter. It happened a couple of hours after the First National TV channel of Ukraine broadcasted live translation of the ceremony of readmission of Crimea to the Russian Federetion in Kremlin.
    Among the group of Svoboda MPs participating in the incident were:
    Ihor Miroshnichenko - deputy head of the Ukrainian parliament's committee on freedom of speech (!);
    Bohdan Benyuk - 2nd nominee on the election list of the Freedom Party in 2012;
    Andriy Ilienko (dob June 24, 1987) - Ukrainian politician, one of the principle ideologists of the Ukrainian nationalism, Svoboda party member since 2004 (at the age of 17)."

  8. how to get rid of McDonalds...krimea knows the way: good news: McDonalds at the call of the masters has decided to pull out of Krimea....pity lying Guardan still speaks of the reunification of Krimea with russia as a 'annexation'....which is what stupid readers will now believe
    positive side effect....maccas wll now sevice the neonazis of kiev only

    1. take 2!

      Mcdonalds is no great loss, seriously
      If I was fortunate enough to go to Crimea- I would never eat there
      I prefer local restaurants to multinationals even in Canada
      Which is why I go to
      my local pizzeria- no chain
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      Yes, that means I do not spend money at
      pizza hut- yuk
      I don't even go to Tim Hortons because their coffee is repulsive
      I also avoid starbucks
      the keg
      and all those huge multinationals
      I vote with my dollar, everyday
      I wish more people would do that too

  9. Truth about situation in Ukraine
    6 minutes ago · Edited

    Employees of the auto market, who after the coup are imposed exorbitant fees, blocked the Perov boulevard.

    Participants of the rally put barricades of tires and went on strike. According to them, everywhere in the Ukrainian capital prices for leasing raised several times.

    It is known that they have already been threatened by the security forces and militants of the "Right Sector." However, according to the entrepreneurs themselves, they are ready for anything and have arranged their own self-defense unit.

    the video on youtube:

  10. “What’s the difference between David Cameron and Winston Churchill? Churchill supported the Russians against the Nazis whereas Cameron appears to be supporting the Nazis against the Russians.” (Daily Mail, 12th March)

  11. regarding allegations of chem usage
    the nation is reporting this today, I added it to the post above
    but I was thinking Jobar seems familiar and it should because allegedly in September/13 there were claims of chems at that time
    So.... recycled news story
    recycled video and pics
    likely all staged?
    Or reused
    rebel attrocities blamed on the Syrian Army?