Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Canada takes over military leadership of military OSCE mission- Poland

Military is being stressed for the simple fact the NATO media lied about what the OSCE observers were really about... And the real reason why eastern Ukrainians (anti-coup) did not want them in their neck of the woods.

 Canada is stepping into the increasingly tense showdown between Kyiv and Moscow over the future of eastern Ukraine by taking over leadership of an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s military observer mission in the central European country.

Three Canadians from the Directorate of Arms Control Verification are to lead a nine-member team, Defense Minister Rob Nicholson said in a statement released Wednesday.

It is the first time that Canada has led such a mission. Its job will be to monitor the deteriorating security situation across Ukraine until May 11.

Such observer duty does not come without hazards in the current situation. Seven members of another OSCE team were kidnapped and have been held hostage since last week by pro-Russian militias in the town of Slovyansk.

“This mission constitutes a strong show of support to Ukraine and is a concrete demonstration of Canada’s commitment to the security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Nicholson said in a statement.

Canada’s commitment to security, sovereignty and territorial integrity???
I laugh.

Canada’s participation “as lead inspectors constitute a concrete contribution to mitigating the crisis using existing arms control mechanisms

 There were now at least 14 cities and towns in the coal and steel-producing Donbass region where separatists (anti-coup protestors) sympathetic to Moscow who call themselves part of the People’s Republic of Donetsk now appear to control the political destiny of several million Ukrainians.

In each case, Ukrainian police provided little resistance. In a few cases they joined those attacking the buildings they were supposed to be defending.

Like I said- Anti-coup resistance!
 Six CF-18 fighters jets as well as about 250 associated support crew members left Tuesday for Romania, where the aircraft will patrol with allies in a show of strength intended to reassure Poland and the Baltic States
 Back to Poland! Today - Poland to be regional leader in NATO: defense minister

Relinking-  Poland: The largest & most important state on the NATO frontline

 And- US Paratroopers go to Poland/Polish Defence Minister goes to Washington


  1. Webster Tarpley did some investigating in the German language and found out OSCE team in Ukraine NATO spies: Analyst

    but when you listen to the video, he says they are NATO military spies (who should be guilty of espionage ) ;)

    Oh and a new contract on twitter tweeted me this great article from Volatire by French diplomat Pierre Charasse ( I'm reading it now, sorta )
    Ukraine Crisis Accelerating the Restructuring of the World


  2. thanks for the goodies karin!
    be sure to check out the comment regarding the plane crash in POland..
    james left some good input and I hope he pops back by to reply
    good night and go girl!

    1. Thank you, and I did
      I actually got mad at Corbett's statements in that interview on Poland and Putin, and YES thanks to you I had enough knowledge to understand the bigger picture ! :)
      Russia ( and Putin) really had little or nothing to gain from that tragedy, and surely the US puppets installed should be a big clue to who probably was behind it.

      @James, if you see this, been trying to catch you essay series. Great job and I'm sure others al well as myself appreciate the work.

      At Sakers I was reading earlier his SITREP ( have no idea what that means, but ) anyhow he mentioned the GPS being out over Ukraine which I picked up on in an article yesterday. It was just a side statement, but I didn't like the feel of it.
      Saker says this:
      "Russian pilots have reported that the GPS signal over Ukraine appears to have been degraded by the USA. The USA also did that in Libya and during the 08.08.08 Ossetia. Luckily, the Russian constellation of GLONASS satellites is at its full capacity (24) and it can easily take over.

      Glad to know the GLONASS can cover.. sounds ominious to me otherwise. I simply feel that US/NATO realize their back is to the wall totally. They have lost face first w/ Crimea and now not only E Ukraine is falling away , but the junta in Kiev is falling apart.

      My fear is they will do something drastic. I still feel that damn airplane could be for a false flag too :( And we know they can't pull Syria out of the fire without some horrid FF or stunt.

      Got that feeling again uneasy something is in the works. Hope I'm wrong.

    2. Hi Karin, thanks for the thanks! :)
      I left some more comments regarding the plane crash on the other thread that may be of interest. I was going to do a post on it and Poland's place in the European machinations but didn't get to it for a few reasons. Poland was a battle between the Vatican and the bankers for control of Poland with the bankers winning that round.

      The US will have downgraded the GPS as a posturing more at the least. If it is necessary to downgrade the civil system to upgrade the military one, then it would make sense for the US to do that in any case.

      My position is that the US has not been prepared to take on the Soviet military since september last year after the Russians downed the US Navy's two ballistic missiles proving the Russians' missile superiority to all doubters. That hasn't changed. Russia has thousands of troops in place and the NATO countries do not.

      But Russia does not want to invade if it doesn't have to because it is winning over countries to its side by being non-aggressive, law abiding, wishing to have cordial and co-operative dealings with anybody who wishes to reciprocate and generally be honest in its dealings.

      Russia by its behaviour is showing up the US for the bully that it is and modelling another way for international relations to exist. It is particularly appealing to countries that have been traditionally bullied for generations now. Russia is a revelation to them. Plus, Russia and the other BRICS nations are taking away the US preeminence in global finance which is the basis of their power.

      Saudi Arabia and Jordan are now anxious to have good relations with Russia as the US power wanes and we can expect that Syria will resolve itself peacefully by the end of the year just as al-Assad said it would.

      But for this to happen, Russia needs to continue to be seen as trustworthy and it will. That is why Putin will not invade Ukraine unless there is an obvious need to and that it is obvious to everyone.

      There will continue to be lots of sabre rattling by the US (and Poland) but in the end, Russia (and humanity) will prevail. At least, that is how it all looks to me :)

  3. Pen,
    Over the last 3-4 months, after I forget how many yrs of being a Corbett fan ( not all, but majority) I've been going thru a cooling phase. Still get his subscription emails, but have watched very little compared to in the past.

    It's been said that when a man has a child his worldview changes some, and I think there is truth to that with 'upright' people, so for some months I took it as his being less controversial as he has that responsibility. Really enjoy the Geneva Insider and even that was no longer a monthly show. ( even tho, come to find out, he had taken a break and was glad to watch the new segment).

    Don't know if you have ever noticed by Sibel Edmonds is a Russiaphobe. She has blatantly stated time and again that Russia will not live up to Syria committment. The arguments that it behoves them I think are weak, because dammit all these countries throughout history have given support and had alliances because of "interests". Fault one, then fault them all or shut up ! At least Russia has to date lived up to their support ( and I know of things not in mainstream or most alternate ) and they have given countless airplane loads of aide. I've lost count of how many.

    That Poland issue in that link I left still galls me a bit. but maybe he isn't the researcher you are and I do 100% believe he is highly influenced by Sibel. Then, just now my subscriber email show up and I go to read the info on the Ukrainian Perspective only to see this crap !! :

    Roman Skaskiw Gives the Ukrainian Perspective On The Ukraine Crisis From LVIV !!

    Don't miss the "show note" links. I glanced at Putin's Libertarians and skimmed quickly before coming over w/ the link. UGH
    Now, to decide if I want to get really mad today and listen to that and I think the answer is no. I will, but not today. I'm striving for calm today ;^) ( it rained which helps )

    1. Hi karin
      I saw he was interviewing that fellow from Lviv/Lvov
      whichever? Though I have not listened yet

      Sibel Edmonds, I find her very grating. And honestly she has been wrong more often then she has been correct.
      She was so wrong on Syria, so many times I simply gave up listening to her..

      I even went back and listened to James 2012 show on the Polish plane crash, like I said -I even wrote to him- and then checked out where he had gleaned his info- it was in the previous post-

      There did look to be good info but the slant on it was pretty obvious given the guys credentials?
      It is also possible that James C, being from western/central Canada, was exposed to a great deal of anti-russian propaganda
      Believe he is from Alberta?
      The west- west of me, is full of Ukrainian immigrants- don't know how far west it goes but for sure Manitoba and Saskatchewan

      I have no doubt Russia is using propaganda, I mean they all do, but felt James was patronizing people with this program Because if people can discern bullshit they usually can on more then one front

      I did look at the interviewees blog- wasn't impressed

      Yanukovych stole this much money- very unsubstantiated claims though no doubt he did, but, so did the gas princess

      And then using the EuromaidanPR site, ignoring the obvious slant the site would have

      Come on!

      I used the Euromaidan site previously because it is full of indicators of EU involvement in the destabilization
      that's where I got the info regarding Georgians being present on the Maidan

      Mr Corbett should do better then this
      And then the 'anticommunist' spiel... Ignoring the entire history of communism- bolshevism etc
      How exactly is being subservient to the IMF a plus?
      Roman doesn't broach that subject. Why?

      James can do what he wants, but......


    this may explain much?

    Today, Ukrainians make up almost four per cent of the total Canadian population. Out of 31.6 million Canadians, 1.2 million were Ukrainian, according to the Statistics Canada 2006 Census of Urban Centres. To find the biggest Ukrainian population travel to Winnipeg, MB, or Edmonton, AB — a city so synonymous with Ukrainians, some have even nicknamed it “Edmonchuk”.

    Pretty sure James is from Edmonton...
    Where I am from, it's like everyone and their uncle, lol
    Total mixed bag- english, scots and all, Irish, french, polish, ukrainian, italian, russian, hungarian, croation, etc., we have all the ethnic halls here
    so we can eat food from all nations
    you can have cabbage rolls in 4 styles
    you can have pasta and gnocchi
    you can have brit food, I do quite like this one tea from Ireland, but, costs a fortune to buy-
    so there is no dominant culture- in our population

  5. WoW ! That suprises me the number of Ukrainians there. That is a higher persentage than jewish, isn't it ? Another thing, had no idea there was such a mixed bag of cultures. Most large cities have that and I've lived in a couple. Miami back in late 70's was wonderful that way, and Yes, all that wonderful ethnic food. :)

    I'm disappointed on James, but hey, i'ts his game. I'll still watch some things, but he blatantly taking sides strongly on this and as far as the people, the EU deal and NATO is the worst thing and the smart ones know it.
    The East doesn't really want to 'become Russian' and I don't think Russia wants the burden anyhow, at least for now, but they also have alot financially invested in that part of Ukraine and it is the prosperous half.

    Know you're busy with plenty to read, but this is a Russian man's blog and he has contacts in Ukraine and has some good info.
    Keep it as a source or whatever. I have to translate it, but it does well
    Info on Greystone..and there are alot of others pretending to be right sector and Natl Guard as you will read.

    1. The followers of judaism in Canada are over course vastly over represented by the extreme servile/zionist/ government in Canada though they are a miniscule proportion of the population

      Total Jewish population 385,000. In the entire country

      thanks for the blog karin

    2. should of read "of course vastly over represented"

  6. Anna News reporter Aleksander Miroshnichenko received two shots into his stomach during the attack on Slavyansk. Две пули в живот получил корреспондент нашего агентства ANNA-news Александр Мирошниченко

  7. Retweeted by Steiner
    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 8m
    recap via @VoiceofRussia - Sergei Golyadin said Right Sector fighters dressed in civil clothes trying to enter town in groups of 3...

    Retweeted by Steiner
    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 11m
    the reps of the #Western states have succeeded in establishing contact w/ detained #OSCE observers in SE #Ukraine, no further details

    Steiner ‏@Steiner1776 11m
    @PaulaSlier_RT Can you confirm that "national guard" is inside the city?

    Retweeted by Steiner
    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 12m
    3 members of the self-defense forces & 2 civilians have died during the military operation in #Slavyansk, acc to the city’s People’s mayor

  8. L.Jordan ‏@J2Lana 10m
    Right now in Odessa.. stream.. …

    street battles in odessa