Friday, April 11, 2014

4 alleged chemical attacks being investigated by US/UK/Israel in Syria

Does this nonsense ever end?
US UK claims/investigating FOUR chem weapon attacks by Assad 
I have not read zerohedge so can't tell you all what they are writing about- but-  Anonymous had to know that was going to pique my interest! Thanks anonymous, with that tip under my hat, I began my own search
That’s the way I like to do things...

I found some site called Mediaite- Spinning on 'New Chemical Attacks in Syria"
Obviously trying to pass itself off as ‘trendy’ or ‘hip’ Whatever?! Looks  to be affilliated with CNN.
Affiliation with CNN says

Mediaite- you know like Meteorite has borrowed from another source.  Mediaite tells their reader the source has compiled credible evidence, or did they say convincing evidence? They wrote "convincing evidence" Problem being...The evidence is NOT convincing. It’s just a bunch of stuff uploaded by the NATO mercs to antisocial media and compiled by Reddit users.

What is with Reddit? I have seen this “compiled by Reddit previously”. I remain completely unimpressed with their compilations

Back to the source used by mediaite- Interpreter magazine I read through their article- despite their heavy handed spin -they do not seem convinced

Example 1

2055 GMT: As we’ve been reporting, there are unconfirmed reports of another chemical weapons attack earlier today in Harasta, Damascus. 5 people reportedly died in that attack. Below we post two videos, though they aren’t terribly helpful. They reportedly show victims of the chemical weapons attack. Someone helps verify the date by showing their cell phone, but the victims don’t appear to have any clearly identifiable symptoms that could help confirm that this was a chemical attack.
 Not convincing

Example 2

2034 GMT: A potentially very important video.(in whose opinion?) This claims to have been taken this evening in Kafr Zita, and it is uploaded by a channel that has posted videos nearly exclusively from Kafr Zita. It claims to show a helicopter dropping a barrel bomb filled with the chemical weapons.

A quick analysis – "there is a clear editing mark right before the explosion"- That’s a huge problem!
"The edit may severely damage the video as a piece of evidence" Ya think?
Example 3
2013 GMT: Before the chemical weapons attack was reported, the town of Kafr Zita was already under attack. Note from the lighting conditions that this was taken earlier than the videos of the reported chemical attack

Are there alternate explanations for the chemical weapons attack? Yes. Incendiary weapons are often used in Syria, and could have created toxic smoke. Similarly, explosives could have hit chemicals that were stored on the ground, creating a similar effect.
The videos for these reports will be included at the bottom of the post.

More issues with the Interpreter article- No credibility on casualty claims- This is extremely sloppy stuff
"Now it’s time for perspective. The highest estimates for the confirmed chemical weapon attack in East Ghouta on August 21st is about 1800, with most estimates running between 1200 and 1600"

The highest estimate for Ghouta is about 1800? Is it really? I don’t think so.
In fact I know that number is wrong

Initial overblown estimates when the story first broke were “up to”1300. The numbers then dwindled down almost immediately into the 100's

FrankenKerry quoted some nonsensical number- he surely had to have pulled out of the empty space between his ears— In this post we have HRW & others tossing around numbers

“The Obama administration says 1,429 people died in 12 locations”
 In 12 locations, 1429 is the number. Not at Ghouta alone, as the Interpreter claims while providing some weird version of perspective
*Syrian National Coalition- When asked for victims' names, however, the group provided a list of 395
*The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it only counts victims identified by name, and that its current total stands at 502.

 *Doctors Without Borders says it has not been able to update its initial Aug. 24 estimate of 355 killed

Bluntly speaking “The Interpreter” is full of shit. Same with Mediaite.

Setting aside the videos that show nothing and the silly numbers game that have already made both  reports non credible. The Interpreter is actually using Brown Moses as a source!  Yup, Brown Moses. Loved by the Guardian and all other NATO news outlets. Touted as a weapons expert. And dismissed by me, always.

Before I end this lengthy post and get to the videos I could not help but notice “The Interpreter” is  “A special project of Institute of Modern Russia” What in the heck is the ‘Institute of Modern Russia”?
Stinks like a NATO funded psyop. Perception Management outfit.  Let’s have a poke around?  Carefully, lest the putrid smell wafting through my computer screen gets any more overwhelming. ;)
Through watering eyes, while fighting the overwhelming urge to vomit, what do I see?!!
The Institute of Modern Russia (IMR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy organization—a think tank—with offices in New York and Washington DC. IMR's mission is to foster democratic and economic development in Russia through research, advocacy, public events, and grant-making.
Look at some of IMR's recommendations...About Us
This one really caught my eye! Khodorkovsky & Lebedev Communications Center
All credibility is shot to hell!


Barrel bomb, allegedly, with clear edit

Aftermath of something, allegedly a chemical weapon, but not necessarily

Man laying in bed with an inhaler mask?

If this is what the US/UK and Israel are "investigating" it's pretty useless stuff.


  1. If you go to hurry yet there is an interview with retired us air force general who warns air strikes or intervention would be a bad idea in Syria very interesting as it echoes Dempsey the last time there was a big push for no fly zones and buffers. FYI one of the best financial sites on the net ht

  2. Although Einstein never said that: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results", it is applicable in this case. Mybe is just plain stupidity.


  3. Nina Byzantina @NinaByzantina · 28m ago
    Lifenews: since #Ukraine's special forces refused to crush peaceful protests, Right Sector mercenaries will be used.
    a chance for Berkyt to get some revenge?

  4. #‎US‬ asks ‪#‎Israel‬ to hit ‪#‎Syrians‬ fighting ‪#‎CIA‬-trained ‪#‎militia‬ - See more at:

  5. The Kahzars are very mystical creeps, they believe in magical dates. According to them something will happen around 14-15 April. This is maybe what they think will drive the ZNATO to attack!

    1. what is a 'mystical creep? many traditional cultures hae sacred calendars...are they all 'mystical creeps'?

  6. Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 4h
    The police and Berkut also told me they're ready to fight anyone who attacks #Donetsk protestors, but won't fire first

    Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 5h
    Police at #Donetsk headquarters tell me it's official: police (& Berkut) are "100% with the people"

    Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 7h
    If Donetsk occupation canceled their anti-alcohol policy they'd recruit thousands more people. They'd be gopniks but still

    Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 7h
    Donetsk governor agrees to rename a square in honor of "fallen Berkut heroes." Same Berkut that Kiev disbanded after clashes with protestors

  7. ‪#‎Syria‬ News 12/4/2014, U.S Defense Department Produced Sarin Gas Used in Syria & Delivered by Turkey By Syria News
    - Austrian citizen, Anton Sarder, liberated by Syrian government from terrorists in Homs recounts horror of four-month captivity - US Defense Department Produced Sarin Gas Used in the chemical attack in Syria & Delivered by Turkey - New information Turkish involvement in chemical attack against Ghouta revealed - U.S forces are supervising the training of terrorist groups in Jordan, urges Israel to attack Syrian Army - Swiss Tv broadcast an interview with a terrorist who was recruited through internet for fighting in Syria - Hama: 2 citizens martyred and 10 injured by truck bomb - Army pursuing terrorists in Aleppo and Dara'a - Army discovers tunnels in Damascus countryside, kills terrorists in different areas - Terrorists' dens targeted in ‪#‎Aleppo‬ and its countryside

  8. Retweeted Roza Kazan (@rozakazancctv):

    "Euromaidan PR" calls for bombing pipelines, flooding #Ukraine with arms & dispersing uranium in Russia. Pure madness

  9. are russians really as bad as the west likes to make out?
    The Western Media paints Russians as villains, evil and robots. Believe it or not there are many out there who still have an image of Russians as Rocky's "Ivan Drago" which is the precise reason many are still anti-Russia and believe the propaganda against Russia and Russians wherever they are

    This Russian dashcam compilation paints a different picture and the video is all about doing good deeds

  10. Truth about situation in Ukraine shared a link.
    2 hours ago
    Donetsk's Berkut officers address the people

    "We don't want any disinformation therefore we want to say that we have always, are and always will be with our people. And if any danger arises, all of Berkut will rise up and will protect you"

    The reaction of the people is amazing

  11. theFutureSoundWaves8 minutes ago

    The neo-Nazi terrorist criminals, who illegally took over in Kiev and killed around 100 people, sent some reservists from the regular army to assault the people of the east who refused to recognize them. The local people negotiates with the armed group and made a deal that they surrender their arms if they don't want to shoot peaceful civilians. Since the reservists confessed they were forced to confront the people against their will, they agreed in the end.
    The South-East of Ukraine demands the federalization of Ukraine, and the Russian language to become a second official language. They refuse to recognize the criminal terrorist neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

  12. It was me who forgot to leave their name. Anonymous works tho :)

    More on the chems US, Turkey, Goorgia behind it
    says Duff
    who I take w/ grain of salt. Not time for me to follow up and ck it out today.