Tuesday, April 29, 2014

John Kerry has "proof" that Russia is behind rebellion in Luhansk

Or so John Kerry claims? Or so the Telegraph is reporting John Kerry claiming this?
And let's read the claim of proof.. Ukraine separatists push east as UN intercepts Moscow orders

Please take note that this oh so explosive proof  warrants just a few sentences in this entire article.

John Kerry, the US secretary of state, revealed that American eavesdroppers have overheard intelligence operatives being directed by Moscow.
"We know exactly who's giving those orders, we know where they are coming from," he said, in remarks to a private meeting that were leaked on Tuesday.
"Intel is producing taped conversations of intelligence operatives taking their orders from Moscow and everybody can tell the difference in the accents, in the idioms, in the language."

There you have it. Three sentences in an article containing looks like 50 to 60 sentences.
No, I did not count, just going on spacing.

Overheard intelligence operatives being 'directed'? Go five blocks up and hang a left at the intersection?
"Intel is producing taped conversations" Odd language, no?  Does producing mean creating?
I don't know? Loaded language aside still I need more then this 'proof'

John Kerry had this to say also. A direct quote.

"This is insulting to everybody's intelligence, let alone to our notions about how we ought to be behaving in the 21st century. It's thuggism, it's rogue state-ism. It's the worst order of behaviour."

He keeps catapulting the propaganda.

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  1. Yeah! And Colin Powell had evidence that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We all know how that lie turn out...

    1. and of course there was proof connecting Afghanistan to 9/11
      lie, lie and lie again

  2. Penny,
    They have dredged up the Poland plane crash and are insinuating Putin did it.

    James Corbett vid part way throght Here

    1. THANKS karin
      I figured that was going to come back up. Will check that out tomorrow
      and now aren't you glad you spent the time reading that post ;)
      They blamed Putin at that time, it wasn't him or Russian
      nothing to gain from it
      It was IMO internal and I named two of the suspects in that post

      for anyone stopping by going what are karin and penny talking of and what is James Corbett referencing- read here:

      I see someone +'d the post, so that is good hopefully it will get more read as it is a definite piece of the puzzle
      take care karin!

    2. Cool assed blog name, cool assed blog post.

      "Intel is producing taped conversations" - Yup.

      - Helot

      I haven't had any troubles surfing all night, until I hit this blog.
      Funny that.

    3. Hi Penny and Karin, I've been through Corbett's refs and he is relying on the fact that Putin was the head of the Russian side of the investigation. Well, there was no other side actually as the new Polish govt did not investigate it separately.
      James Corbett does not come out and say Putin was mixed up in the crash or the cover-up but alludes to it - unfairly in my opinion.

      What is not taken into account is the fact that this occurred during Medvedev's presidency as did a few other things; joining WTO and the Libyan catastrophe. It is my opinion that Medvedev's fronted for the West and Jewish bankers who definitely benefitted from the crash and mass murder.

      Jews ran Russia before Putin took over and they all didn't just slink away. They had massive influence over the govt and bureaucracies through corruption. To me the only scenario that makes sense is that the bankers through the then Polish opposition and their corrupt apparatchiks within the Russian govt arranged for the mass murder and it's cover-up and set Putin up for the blame should it become unglued.

      Putin had no interest indecapitating the Polish govt. the Vatican run Polish govt was no friend of Putin but the Jewish run opposition (now govt) was infinitely worse. Besides it was Putin that publicly admitted that it was the Soviets that committed the Katyn massacre. To murder the Polish govt on the way to commemorate the crime and on Russian soil makes no sense.

      On the other hand, it makes a lot of sense if you are a Jewish banker who wants to frame Putin and stop the Krazinsky (sp?) govtfrom using their central bank to benefit the Polish economy, refusing to join the Eurozone using the Euro currency and who wants to leave the EEC.

      That govt was also trying to set up a competing trade bloc in Central and Eastern Europe. I am very surprised that James Corbett has not taken these factors into account.

    4. Geopolitically speaking there would have been no benefit to Russia estranging Poland. Zero.
      location, location, location

      Buddying up to Poland in the world of ever encroaching NATO was the best course of action
      same for Ukraine, same for Georgia, same down the line in the neighbourhood

      also Russia and Poland had inked some large energy deals prior to the plane incident-so again, why would Russia endanger those deals

      I haven't yet listened to Corbett's report,but, will be doing so shortly
      thanks James

    5. Hi Pen,
      Here is an earlier show that is devoted entirely to the Polish plane crash/explosion-
      Crashes of Convenience

    6. Hi James

      I just took a couple of minutes of time to contact Mr Corbett and pointed out the benefits to NATO in taking down the Polish government, linked back to the posts because it's all there

      Of course we can say at the top of the pyramid are bankers. But so what?
      JamesC missed the whole NATO expansion angle
      Including into Poland
      The previously inked energy deals(sadly my link for that has gone dead)
      The new banker installed
      The promotion of Radislaw and the greatly improved fortunes of Donald Tusk in being rid of a leader he butt heads with
      The identification of Poland as a most important nation by NATO/US

      And the fact that Russian intelligence went over the plane?
      Well, yah, obviously they would. Since the plane landed in Russia.
      Of course they would take everything they could from it!
      I would expect no less of them
      will listen to the show

    7. Hi Pen,
      Yes, it is interesting to note Sikorsky's rapid promotion into the centre of international affairs through violent upheaval sponsored by the usual suspects.
      Hidden from view is this jewish element in all three parties concerned with the crash. There is the neocon influence within the then Polish Opposition of Donald Tusk's party; the oligarch influence within the Russian administration; and, for the historical dimension, the Bolshevik domination of Stalin's NKVD who carried out the original massacre in the Katyn Forest and may have instigated it out of their own sense and desire for revenge as they did in Ukraine in the 1930's.

      It wasn't just Polish military officers that were murdered at Katyn. It included the intelligentsia, professionals such as doctors etc and church leaders. In short, the educated and organizing force within Polish society.

      The same type of program is carried out today in countries like Iraq and for the same reasons and by essentially the same people. It's a recurring pattern.

      Another recurring pattern is the ritual of blood sacrifice for restoration of jewish land and power. It goes back to Hebrew Bible times with the sacrifice of an innocent party and the blame being carried away by the 'scapegoat'. In this case, we might see the Polish govt as the 'innocent sacrifice' and with Putin being set up as the 'scapegoat' and all for the increasing power of the jewish bankers in their quest for world domination.

    8. Pen, i must be getting old! I forgot to include a fourth party; the Western Press which is controlling/disseminating the view official view of the disaster and is decidedly jewish controlled

  3. the brain parasite in kerrys head must be getting its chew on

  4. The oldest game in the book is to accuse the other of what you are orchestrating yourself..There is nothing new under the sun..VP deserves the peace prize...everywhere the Western leadership has engineered..Iraq Libya and thank God not SYRIA yet...All are in confusion...this has been orchestrated....Hegalion dialectic

  5. very interesting video on ukraine: Andrei Fursov: the Oligarchal Topography of ukraine

  6. Hi Penny
    Well I am Gob-Smaked


    If kerry gets his (well neocon) way the eu will be put into serfdom to the us.
    The gall of the guy, all eu to spend 2% on military , no doubt that money is to come from the social budget, stop buying Russian goods, buy ours, sigh the UBS (You Become Slaves to us) document (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement,) If there any adults left in the EU, please, stop, think, then reject this ridiculous offer. Then do what is in the best interests of your country and it's people.
    Free yourself from he yoke of oppressive dictatorship telling you what you need that is intended to beggar you, and become corporate vassals, lied to, sold and disposed of when there is no profit left in you.

    Wake Up and Act, your future depends upon it.


    1. Couldn't say it better then you have said it
      The TPP is indeed going to enslave the EU residents.
      And all others!
      Most people don't know about the TPP, they are more into celebrities

    2. EU is already a serf to US.,..as the blocking of Morales bolivian plane showed...the EU was a nice idea that fell into the hands of bad people: setting the reigns of power more remote from the people

    3. hi brian

      I think the EU was exactly intended to set the reigns of power away from the people
      as the NAU will do too

  7. http://www.shanghaidaily.com/article/article_xinhua.aspx?id=215302

    Poland to be regional leader in NATO: defense minister
    Apr 29,2014

    WARSAW, April 28 (Xinhua) -- Poland will play the role of a regional defence cooperation leader in NATO, the country's Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak told journalists on Monday.

    According to Siemoniak, the point is to have a stable NATO and U.S. infrastructure in Poland, such as an anti-missile system in Redzikowo or joint Polish-U.S. Aviation Detachment bases in Lask.

    According to Siemoniak, the next NATO summit, to be held in Newport, south Wales in early September, was planned to answer what the alliance would look like once the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan ended.

    The minister added that the answer found was that NATO would have to be capable of countering a threat in Europe.

    This must be a strong defence alliance prepared for fending off an attack on its members, the minister said.

  8. Hey james


    "Jaroslaw Kaczynski lamented that the Polish public is beginning to forget about his brother’s death. President Kaczynski’s daughter, Marta, also appealed for an international investigation.Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk, however, has rejected the assassination theories.

    Of course Mr Tusk did. Because he looked to be one of the biggest beneficiaries