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Libya: The other side of the story

The oldephartte (in training), of course, left this piece for my reading pleasure a little while back
It was an enlightening read. But, when to post it? Just trying to keep up with what is ongoing presently doesn't always leave us much time to recall past occurrences. Let alone take the time to process what really happened. And what was really lost.  But, as luck would have it James Corbett did a most interesting interview! And, the time seemed perfect to link this  Libya: The Other Side of the Story 
 Caveat: I do take exception with some of the language used and some adherence to 'official'  ie: state sponsored narratives. Still, it's a good read!

Tripoli's promenade built on modern lines with high-rise buildings, flyovers and green spaces

The Libyan people were one of the least developed in the world when Gaddafi came to power in September, 1969. Under the Senussi monarchy, Libya was one of the poorest countries in the world with an annual income of less than sixty dollars per capita.

Muammar Gaddafi based his system on Arab socialism and utilised the vast petroleum wealth to remarkably improve the people’s standard of living in the Arab world and Africa. Most Libyan families now own a home and a car. The public health service is free, and is one of the best in the Arab world and so is education, compulsory and widely open to women.

Hospitals and pharmacies in Libya are of international standards and any costs incurred at treatment abroad are paid for by the State.

The country has an impressive urban infrastructure that includes well-built road networks, motorways, telecommunication system, water and electricity and other key amenities.
Can you imagine this? Ghadaffi and his tribal bretheren rid the country of the despotic king and in less then 50 years, less then 50 years builds a thriving modern state for the people of Libya. And it took just a very short time for NATO sorties to destroy it all.

The Great Man made River

A map of the great manmade river in Libya which Gaddafi described as the '8th wonder of the world'.
Muammar Gaddafi initiated a unique Libyan project, the “Great Man Made River”, that brought water from under the Sahara Desert in the south of Libya and made it available to coastal cities in the north. The Libyan dictator believed that wars will be fought over access to water throughout the Arab lands in coming years and its control could become even more decisive than petroleum reserves. Hence came his solution to tap the water reserves in various basins of the desert.
Foundation of this colossal project was laid in 1984 with an estimated cost of $5 billion. Massive machines pump water from aquifers in Sahara desert in the southern part of the country. The ‘Great Manmade River’ consists of more than 1,300 wells, most more than 500 m deep, and supplies 6,500,000 cubic metres of fresh water per day transported by reinforced concrete pipelines to the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte and elsewhere.
The inauguration was carried out by Col. Gaddafi on 28 August, 1991. According to an Executive Intelligence Review article published in September 1991, the Libyan leader underlined the following in his speech: “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double…The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.” Gaddafi presented the project to the cheering crowd as a gift to the Third World and called on farmers from neighbouring countries to come to Libya for agriculture.

Gaddafi knew this achievement would guarantee the US &company would show their true face to the globe.
Not the Hollywood face of cool men who always get the botox women.
No it would be the other face. The face of death & destruction. A face that the world has seen so often but for some reason never seems to recall the look of it?

Gaddafi : Developing Africa

The Libyan autocrat enabled Africa to experience a veritable technological revolution by financing the first African communication satellite. Gaddafi invested $300 million in this landmark project that enabled the whole of the continent to establish telephone links, transmission of television and radio stations, introduction of tele­medicine (remote diagnosis), distance learning and education and many other projects of far reaching implications. Before the satellite’s launch in December 2007, African countries paid a fortune to Europe for using their satellites.
Gaddafi also provided 15% of the budget of the African Union at the Inter­African institutional level. This really explains the reluctance of African Union to condemn Gaddafi, in contrast to the Arab League, which abhors him.
Gaddafi also extended his generosity to South Africa, Liberia, Madagascar, the countries of the Sahel and central Africa where he financed administrative buildings, hotels, restaurants, NGOs, Islamic organisations, a network of petrol distribution, (via the Libyan National Oil Company), shops, entertainment events – like the Malian Festival of the Desert – and charities.
On the other hand, Gaddafi never shied away from supporting rebel movements active in African countries. He extended his support to the Tuaregs in Mali by offering protection and finance during the repression of their movement by Malian government in the 1990’s.
The claims of mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi is hardly surprising as back in 2005, he granted a residency permit to all the Nigerian Tuaregs, Malians and other sub-Saharan Africans and provided them free housing. In 2006, Gaddafi called the tribes of the Sahara, including the Tuaregs, to form a coalition to oppose terrorism and drug trafficking.

NATO's reign of terror

Soon after the voting on the UNSC Resolution 1973 on 19th March, NATO jets started bombarding the military positions of the Libyan army and systematically decimated anti-aircraft radars, tanks, heavy artillery and armoured carriers. Libyan navy installations were also attacked by NATO despite the fact that they were charged to impose a no-fly zone over Libya.
The Western leaders, initially calling on Gaddafi to step down in exchange for a safe passage, took a U-turn and tacitly gave approval to his assassination. NATO jets bombed one of the houses of Gaddafi family where he was present with his son, Saif Al-Arab. His son and three grandchildren died in the attack. NATO blatantly denied any war crime was committed by targeting a head of state present in a civilian compound.
NATO aircraft spared nothing they suspected of being used by pro-Gaddafi forces. Pipeline factories, communications towers, electricity pylons, water and sewerage pipelines, roads and other civilian infrastructure came under the fire of the Coalition forces on numerous occasions which is also a violation of international laws. US President Barack Obama signed an executive order that directed the killing of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his family.

 Recall this?


The Spoils of War

Gaddafi regime took proceeds of the oil money and distributed the wealth among the Libyan people. Critics of the Gaddafi regime accuse it of stealing oil wealth and stashing it in secret bank accounts in Switzerland and other Western countries while Libyan people suffered from unemployment. Skeptics of the rebels claim that the standard of living of Libyan people is one of the highest in Africa as well as among Arab nations with free education, healthcare and state-subsidised housing available to every Libyan citizen.
Libya is the supplier of 2% of worldwide oil production and holds the largest reserves in Africa. Its hydrocarbons are of better quality compared to the Gulf countries, which makes the extraction and shipping easy and profitable. Most of Libya’s high-quality crude flows to European destinations with Italy grabbing one third of its oil exports.
Western countries, especially the US, are not ashamed of their selfish interest in Libya due to its massive oil reserves. A recent Reuters report suggested: “Western companies look well positioned as billions of dollars in oil exploration and construction contracts come up for grabs as part of the reconstruction effort.”

Of course there was the Gold Dinar

Now onto James Corbett's interview-

Podcast: Play in new window | Download
Joining us on the program today are James and JoAnne Moriarty of We discuss their experiences as businesspeople in Libya since 2007 and as eyewitnesses to the destruction wrought by the NATO-sponsored Al-CIAda perpetrated overthrow of that country in 2011


"Let the free people of the world know that
we could have bargained over and sold out
our cause in return for a personal secure and
stable life. We received many offers to this
effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of
the confrontation as a badge of duty and
honour. Even if we do not win immediately,
we will give a lesson to future generations
that choosing to protect the nation is an
honour and selling it out is the greatest
betrayal that history will remember forever
despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise
 Muammar Qadaffi

“Qaddafi website publishes ‘last will’ of Libyan ex-leader”, BBC News,


  1. I have put some additional information in the post beyond the Libya article
    including the videos and the quote from Qadaffi is from a book by Francis Boyle
    it is from Mr Qadaffis final will
    I will add the link to that book later
    thanks :)

  2. Belarusian riots in 2010 ‘were controlled from Kyiv’

    28.03.2014 22:40

    MINSK, 28 March (BelTA) – People in Kyiv controlled the Belarusian “maidan” in 2010. The statement was made by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko in an interview for the Ukrainian TV show Shuster Live on 26 March, BelTA has learned.

    “I had to go through that in 2010 when they came to Belarus, the Right Sector, it had a different name back then, we have pictures of them trying to turn over cars here,” noted the Belarus President. “It was filmed by Ukrainian television, Russian television, CNN, BBC, and the rest”.

    According to the head of state, later on the video records were used as a testimony to rebuke the West’s accusations. “Have a look, it is not our television, you see these people wielding mining picks, crowbars, shivs, spades, breaking down doors, you can see their faces. It all happened”.

    “Only those, who organized it and broke things down, have been imprisoned. The bulk of them have been released. Two or three people are left and the West is unhappy about it and claims they are political prisoners,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

    “Now Belarusians say that if Lukashenko had done what Yanukovych did, things in Belarus would have gone the Ukrainian way. But our secret services have tracked the links. Do you know where the command center for our maidan in 2010 was? In Kiev,” stated the Belarus President. “We have even records of individual instructions for breaking down doors and taking government seats. I still remember these conversations”.

    “Nobody was injured back then, tear gas and water cannons were not involved, no Molotov cocktails. Riot police did the things the way they had been trained. I was involved in the process. Neither Russia nor generals nor admirals. I saw it all in the situation center through dozens of cameras in the square since the seat of government is subject to access restrictions,” said Alexander Lukashenko. “I said right away that if they spit in the face of police or soldiers, god forbid, if they attack, respond immediately”.

    “I don’t know the names of those, who controlled the Minsk riots from Kiev, but the Right Sector was already evolving and operational. By the way, we repulsed these units. One group was being prepared in Polesie, one or two near Brest. We threw them out fast. They were trained in Poland and Western Ukraine. Now we see real pictures. Our KGB archives have many photos and videos like that. We have recorded everything,” noted the head of state.

    1. interesting stuff brian
      would I doubt that there is a connection
      no way in hell!

      By all appearances the right sector fascists in Ukraine, are highly trained, obviously connected already to NATO
      Look at all the connections between the fascists and the Chechens?
      The common bond?
      NATO- gladio a or b, doesn't matter
      It's the left behind armies....

  3. I tried to read the article linked to in this post, but knowing the Libya situation fairly well, found it was overly negative about Gaddafi and at times read like a US propoganda piece. ( you know my aversion ) Finally I quit reading.

    Listening now to the audio over at Corbett Report which is closer to the Libya my research found.

    Don't know if your reading ran across this, but Gaddafi was responsible for spraying for locust across N. Africa making it much better environment much better for farming and the Great ManMade River ( which they bombed w/ DU ) brought water too. I hope history is kinder and more truthful in the future and Gaddafi gets his just reward. He did many wonderful things in his lifetime.


    1. Hi karin

      yes, the piece used much loaded language, but still, what I had found interesting was just how important Gaddafi was in Africa
      He could have changed the future of that continent
      for the better
      He had the foresight and the money to build it up, for Africans
      Look what he had done for Libya in such a short time
      If he really had been looting the Libyans those advances in every way would never have happened
      and he knew the US would destroy him- a foresight not many have
      I still have to link the book by Francis Boyle

  4. the next Vicki Nuland? Next maidan? consul general for USA at meeting Yaekaterinbyurg