Thursday, April 3, 2014

Obama worry free on low NATO 'defence' spending -Asia pivot a GO!

As over the top rhetoric can be used to convince NATO nations to impoverish their people further in order to enrich defense contractors!

President Barack Obama says he's concerned that some NATO allies are reducing their spending on defense.

Obama says for collective defense to work, everybody has to pitch in. Obama says NATO can't just be a U.S. or British exercise.

 Obama says the situation in Ukraine, in his words, "reminds us that our freedom isn't free.
 Explaining why it is the media is pushing the alleged threat from Russia. Though there doesn't appear to be any real threat.

"Freedom isn't free"-  Statements such as 'freedom isn't free' reinforce the necessity for war- which has nothing to do with freedom

Ukraine to overhaul military- 
Ukrainian tanks sit on a train as they prepare to depart from Crimea to Ukraine

350 Ukrainian tanks in Crimea dated back to the 1970s and would be of little use to Russia's armed forces. 

Recall this video being passed around as proof of an imminent Russian invasion? It would seem more likely the tanks shown on the train tracks, in the video, are the very same tanks being moved from Crimea, Russia back to Ukraine.

Besides the rusting tanks, Ukraine also retained two highly trained special ops units
Igor Sutyagin, a research fellow at the London-based Royal United Services Institute, said in spite of the personnel drain, Ukraine scored a notable coup in retaining its crack Interior Minister troops.
"There were at least two highly trained, highly effective special operations units deployed in Crimea, and they are terribly dangerous for anybody," he said.

Wonder if they were dangerous for protestors and police alike at Maidan. Just a thought?

NATO plans to send 'military advisers' to Ukraine

NATO’s former Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen did not rule out sending mobile groups of military instructors to Ukraine. However, he excluded the possibility of sending NATO’s armed forces to Ukraine.

If they haven't already? Along with those European military uniforms?
Recall?  Is NATO prepping to launch guerilla/irregular war attacks into Russia?

 Meanwhile... Chuck Hagel: Asia Pivot is still on

 After his meetings in Hawaii, which will include soft-power sessions on trade and disaster relief as well as military cooperation, Hagel will head to Japan and China for thornier talks about security problems, including territorial conflict over islands in the East China Sea.

Hagel’s trip is a deliberate statement to those who think the crisis in Ukraine means the administration should delay its long-promised pivot to Asia or even pivot back toward Europe again.

That won’t happen, Hagel insists. The U.S. will stand by its NATO allies in any confrontation with Russia, he said, but there’s no plan to increase American troop strength in Europe.
 The White House has ballyhooed its actions in ordering U.S. military units to bolster Eastern Europe after Russia’s seizure of Crimea. But in fact, they haven’t amounted to much: 18 fighter jets deployed to Poland and Lithuania, an extended Black Sea cruise for a Navy destroyer and about 300,000 prepackaged field rations (but no weapons) for the Ukrainian armed forces.

U.S. support for Ukraine “has not pulled any assets away” from Asia or any other region, Hagel noted.
 Even if Russia moves troops into eastern Ukraine, Hagel said, the United States is staying out.
Why would the US need to bolster troops?  They are plenty of Ukrainian nationals who are more then willing to fight. An ability already amply demonstrated when they overthrew an elected government and   other Ukrainians can simply be drafted? 

Because "freedom isn't free" 

  Ukraine has declared general mobilization. Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Andrey Paruby, reported that mobilization would be conducted across the whole country. All people liable for military service will receive draft notices and will have to come to local military committees on March 2


  1. 'President Barack Obama says he's concerned that some NATO allies are reducing their spending on defense.'
    defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence defence

    when will someone honest use the word WAR..this is WAR spending!


    1. thanks!

      I keep thinking I should look into that magically disappeared plane, but, just don't have the time to do so

  3. I am so sad about all this right now.

    I am going to answer with a picture.

    Penny if you can work it into a post, that would be great. If not I do hope that at least you can enjoy it and appreciate it.

    Dr. Buffy

    1. Thanks Dr Buffy
      I can surely work that into a post at some point in time
      because War does indeed murder the future!
      Don't be sad....

      The atoms keep turning..

  4. What about the leak?
    Ukraine Accuses Russia of Helping Yanukovych in Protester Deaths

    So when does the next youtube "leak" happen?


  5. Gallier: are you about?
    Any updates on la quenelle? Or Dieudonne?
    Let me know?

    1. Some anecdotes here and there but nothing big.
      - Anelka (the football player that did one) had a recent interview where he showed again how a good friend of Dieudonné he is.
      - The World Jewish Congress thing as mentioned by Anonymous

      He had a video after the municipal elections but it didn't make many waves.
      I think he's busy working, doing his show and preparing something.

    2. thanks gallier for stopping by
      how are you liking the new wave of AGW propaganda
      As I continue to chill under well below normal temps April 04
      My crocus flowers and tulips have not come out yet
      they are planted south facing so they are fairly early, but, this year they are well behind the times
      The great lakes got to about 92 percent frozen solid it is going to keep it dam cold around these parts
      Ice breakers working over time along the Atlantic coast to get ships through the canals and locks
      Other river systems are having ice breakers run through them to prevent? Hopefully. Mass flooding
      Global warming? MY Arse!

    3. The noise about AGW comes probably from Europe as we had an exceptionnally mild winter and spring start. My tulips are on the verge of blooming.
      Speaking of Dieudo, he just released his new video
      wearing his Super(quenelle)man shirt and thanking his "PR-agent" Manuel Valls, who has been nominated prime minister.

    4. not from Europe, it is the new IPCC report that was out
      I see the spin is some parts can have warming and others cooling but that claims seems sort of absurd...

      Any thoughts?
      and I will check out the new dieudo, right now I must put something up about protests in Canada that got zero coverage here, but, fortunately Armenian news picked it up

      Canadian government is putting out their usual useless talking points

  6. Google translate does a better job than usual as this was written well I guess.

    Some info on Right Sector sasha billy who was taken out in a covert operation last week. Would love to blame it on Berkut, but that isn't working real well.

    Reason I bring that article about him, is that he was an avid reader of History and also Editor of a newspaper at one time before going to Chechnya. All we had seen of him didn't come close to alluding to any of that info. Interesting seeing his background I thought.

    On Dieudonne, He was a topic at the World jewish Congress biannual meeting March 31 link I left in comment.